"I'll just leave you here for a bit while I go and get something from the shop then," Rachel stated, smiling back over her shoulder as she left the bedroom.

"Hang on, you can't do that," Devon replied, his voice pitch rising as she left the room. He craned his neck in a futile effort to see where she was going. The blindfold and handcuffs prevented any success. He called out a couple more times as the sounds of her passage through the house receded, but eventually had to accept as he heard the front door close that she had indeed left him naked and cuffed whilst she ran an errand.


Sandra pulled into the driveway, excited to get home after the semester at college and looking forward to being able to surprise her father who thought she was arriving in town the following day. She wondered whether she'd meet her father's new girlfriend and wasn't sure whether to be excited for her father or wary. Certainly since he'd started seeing her, he'd sounded happier than any time she could remember since her mother's death. She was happy for him in that respect but at the same time, she was always reserved when meeting someone that had the potential to try and 'replace' her mother.

Sandra grabbed the keys from the ignition and her handbag from the passenger's seat leaving the rest of her luggage in the back of the Prius figuring that she'd get help with it later rather than lug it herself. She entered the house, expecting no one to be home and was surprised when she heard her father call out from the direction of his bedroom.

"Rachel! I knew you weren't going to be as long as you threatened." Surprised that her father was home rather than working and wanting the surprise of her early return to come on her terms, not to mention the fact that she clearly wasn't Rachel, Sandra said nothing and went to find the source of his voice. She was more than a little shocked when she glanced in his room and found that he was naked on the bed, arms and legs spread wide and a blindfold covering his eyes.

"Rachel?" he asked, obviously sensing someone was there. Sandra said nothing and found herself frozen to the spot in shock. She wasn't sure what to do. Should she just leave? Did she embarrass her father by letting him know who it was that was standing there watching? Her eyes found their way down to his cock and lingered there. She knew that she shouldn't be looking, but it had been a while since she'd been with anyone and she couldn't help but assess its size. It was neither the biggest nor the smallest she'd seen and she found herself stepping into her father's room to get a better look. He'd obviously been keeping at the triathlons and still looked as fit as many of the 20 year olds that she knew.

Sandra was surprised by herself, both in the fact that she'd entered the room and even more so by the fact that she could feel her body responding to the naked flesh before her, regardless of the fact that it was her father. There was something about the blindfold that gave her just sufficient separation to enable her to draw on her curiosity. Her father had obviously been there long enough for his dick to go limp and she couldn't help but wonder how big it would get.

"Fuck you're a tease," her father said as she moved alongside the bed. His cock twitched too. Sandra watched and then with her heart racing, reached out and traced a finger down the length of it, seeing it begin to stiffen at the contact. Up and down her finger went, lightly touching the soft skin as the shaft beneath hardened and elongated. It was a fascinating process.

She teased the head of his cock a little, licking her finger and swirling it around it, enjoying the changes that she saw as he grew to full size. The whole time that she did this she was thinking and wondering. She knew that she should leave, but something seemed to hold her there. She'd always loved her Dad and in some of her more depraved moments had even fantasized occasionally after her Mother had died about taking care of his 'special needs'. She'd never done more than that though. Yet here he now was, naked and tied, unable to do a thing as she teased at his cock. She licked her lips. He wouldn't know, she thought. Her father moaned as her fingers continued to tease his stiffness.

"I could do whatever I want and just leave," she thought to herself. Her loins flushed at the thought. Then she wondered how long this Rachel would be likely to leave her father like this and panicked a bit. She could come home any second! That thought surprisingly aroused her further. She leant over the bed and blew on her Father's cock. Her hand wrapped around his generous girth and lifted it from where it lay against his belly. She lowered her mouth over it and sucked long and deep, Devon groaning his appreciation. She sucked up and down, bobbing her head for a few moments before releasing him. Then she fled the room quickly but quietly and returned to her car, her father's voice pursuing her, calling for Rachel.

She sped off down the street, her heart beating at a ridiculous rate, her mind whirling. If I don't get home until I'm expected, she realised, he'll never know that I sucked his cock. She pulled over and grabbed her phone, calling her friend Lucy and arranging to stay the night.


"Miss me?" Rachel called out as she entered the bedroom and sat upon the bed, her hand going to Devon's cock.

"Of course," Devon replied as he stiffened again, his mind wondering about what had transpired before when she had sucked him and suddenly stopped.

"I guess I'd better make it up to you then," she said, moving so that she could engulf his hardening cock in her mouth, sucking and slurping until he was fully erect. Devon moaned as pleasure washed through his cock. Devon thrust at Rachel's mouth as she worked him over, her tongue and lips combining to heighten his pleasure until with a loud vocal release, he came, his cum spurting into her mouth. Rachel swallowed his seed eagerly before moving to kiss him, running her tongue into his mouth and exploring.

She removed the blindfold first, then his hands and ankles. Devon rubbed at his skin, helping return a little more circulation to them.


"That was an incredible tease when you came back in and didn't say a word to me," Devon mentioned to Rachel later that night.

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked, her face puzzled.

"You know when you pretended to head off to the shops and then came back in and didn't say a word before leaving again," Devon explained.

"But I didn't," Rachel responded looking thoroughly perplexed.

"Ok, if that's the way you want to play it, it must have been some random stranger that came into the house while you were away, found me in my bedroom, tied up naked, didn't say a word, but played with my cock and sucked me and then left? Suuure it wasn't you."

Rachel tried to explain that it really hadn't been her, but Devon wouldn't have anything of it, fixed with the idea that Rachel was simply trying to continue the air of mystery. She let it go so that he wouldn't make a big deal of it, but knew for a fact that it hadn't been her. Someone actually had come into the house and played with his cock. She couldn't remember now whether she'd remembered to lock the door or not. She desperately tried to recall if she'd needed to use the key when she came back, but it was a bit vague and she couldn't be 100% sure.


Sandra's mind raced through the night at Lucy's place. They stayed up late talking and over and again she considered telling Lucy what had happened. They were close friends and had discussed every detail of their burgeoning sexual experiences even as they moved to separate colleges and different states. She couldn't quite bring herself to do it though. After all, it was her father that she'd sucked off.

"So, what's the one thing you wish you'd done but haven't this year?" Lucy asked her.

"Dunno, hadn't thought about it," Sandra replied.

"Come on, you can do better than that," Lucy laughed.

"Well you've obviously been thinking about it, why don't you tell me?" Sandra countered. She laughed when Lucy blushed. "Come on, out with it!"

"Well, there was one night at a bar when this girl hit on me and wanted to kiss me and I said no," Lucy replied, her eyes flicking down to her feet as she sat cross legged on the floor in front of her friend.

"You wish you'd said yes?" Sandra prompted.

"Well, it left me curious," Lucy said; lifting her gaze to Sandra's, cautious of what sort of a reaction she'd find there. "Have you ever wondered about it?"

"Of course I have, but I've never actually done it," Sandra replied.

"Want to?"

"What, kiss you?" Sandra asked. Lucy nodded, her eyes locked on Sandra's. "I dunno ..."

"Please?" Lucy asked.

"You really really want this, do you?" Lucy nodded, a nervous smile on her face.

"Uh huh."

"Fuck, um ok then," Sandra conceded, wondering if her day could get any weirder. She'd sucked her father's cock without him knowing and now she was going to give her best friend a lesbo kiss. "I just don't want things to get weird between us Luce."

"I promise not to get weird on you?" Lucy laughed as she licked her lips. Sandra playfully slapped her and then licked her own lips as Lucy closed the gap between them. They both turned their heads the same way the first time, giggling before they corrected awkwardly and their lips came together, slightly parted, tongues tentatively seeking each other. That cautiousness was quickly lost though as they dissolved themselves in the kiss, each surprised by the softness of the other's lips and by the passion with which the kiss was exchanged.

It was a couple of minutes before they broke apart, all but panting, eyes locking together.

"Wow," Lucy whispered.

"Fuck," Sandra responded.

"I've got goose bumps." Lucy held her arms out to show.

"Goose bumps? Is that all? You've gone and made my panties all wet!" Sandra said. Lucy leaned in for another kiss in response and Sandra accepted it willingly, their tongues once again dancing together. This time as they kissed, Lucy used her hands, cupping Sandra's head, feeling her silken brown hair, hands running down over her shoulders, her arms, the back of one hand grazing the curve of her friend's breast. Sandra gasped, but didn't break the kiss as Lucy became emboldened, turning her hand to feel her breast properly.

"Want to sleep in my bed with me?" Lucy asked Sandra as they broke apart again several minutes later.

"Yes," Sandra answered, blushing. Lucy jumped to her feet and soon the two girls were snuggled in bed together, wearing their panties and t-shirts, their lips again locked in a loving tussle. Sandra wasn't quite sure how far she wanted things to go and yet at the same time found herself incredibly aroused. Lucy's hand moved to cover her breast and gently squeeze it and she found that she didn't say no. It was a tender squeeze, not the rough grope that was typical of the boys that she'd been with and combined with her friend's tongue twirling around in her mouth ... well ... wow.

It wasn't much longer until Lucy's hands became more adventurous and were brushing against the fabric of her panties. Sandra panicked a little. "Lucy," she started. The hand froze in response.

"I'm sorry Sandra," Lucy whispered, afraid that she'd upset her friend by going too far too soon.

"Its ok, I'm just a little confused right now, can we just sleep?"

"Sure Sandy," Lucy said, giving her friend another kiss. Sandra spun around within Lucy's arms and lay facing away from her, Lucy's arm draped around her as she snuggled close, spooning with her friend. Her hand closed over Sandra's ripe breast and Sandra didn't bother objecting, enjoying the touch as she drifted off to sleep.


The following day Sandra was incredibly nervous as she drove home, thinking about the fact that she was both going to meet her father's girlfriend and that she'd have to look her father in the eye after having sucked his cock. She was terrified that he'd know that she'd done it.

Her parents had been young when they'd had her, being something of an accident. What it meant was that her father was somewhat younger than those of all her friends and as a keen triathlete, he was certainly a hell of a lot fitter than most of them. As to his girlfriend, she had no idea what to expect. Especially considering that she had apparently left him tied naked to the bed whilst leaving the house.

With her mind still whirling with confused thoughts, she approached the front door and rang the doorbell, not wanting to give the impression that she would just walk into the house just because she had a key, thinking that might lead to suspicion about the previous day.

After a few moments, her father came rushing to the door and opened it, his face splitting into a beaming grin as he drank in the sight of her. Sandra barely managed to squeeze out hello and take a step into the house before he seized her in a bear hug, just like he had always done since she was a tiny girl. He spun her around before placing her back down inside the entrance hall where she managed to get her first glimpse of his girlfriend.

Sandra couldn't help but be shocked at first because she looked so young. Sandra was 20 and it didn't look like this girl was very much older than herself, certainly she was less than 30!

"Sandy, I'd like you to meet Rachel," Devon said as he released her. Sandra eyed off the other woman, taking in the details. Bright red hair in a cute pixie cut, Bigger breasts than her own, wide hips but a slim waist, she was wearing a cute floral summer frock. Pierced ears, conservative nail polish, white strappy sandals. All in all, there wasn't anything to fault Sandra quickly realised and only at that moment realising that that was what she'd been looking for.

At the same time, Rachel was taking in the sight of her boyfriend's daughter. It still freaked her out a bit to be involved with a guy who's daughter was almost her own age. At 25, she wouldn't have expected to be dating someone10 years older than herself, but Devon was so much fun that she now couldn't imagine not dating him. She held out her hand tentatively, as much a peace offering as anything as she saw Sandra assessing her just as she herself was doing. Devon didn't yet know that Rachel had been known to fool around with girls and given how hot his daughter had turned out to be, she thought it best that she left it that way, even as she imagined what it would be like to peel Sandra's tight jeans down her lithe legs.

"Nice to meet you Sandra, your Dad never stops talking about you," she offered as an opening. Sandra blushed.

"Nice to meet you too, Rachel," Sandra replied. Devon all but sighed as the reception appeared to go off without catastrophe and asked Sandra where her bags were. Sandra told him they were in the car and the three of them went out to get them, Sandra beginning to fill the others in on her time at school as her father's questioning began.

"No boyfriend?" Devon asked his daughter.

"Nothing serious," Sandra replied, "I dated a couple of guys, but none worth sticking with."

"Yes, finding someone worth that can be a trial," Rachel offered. Sandra wasn't quite sure how to take it. Before long, Sandra was in her old room, unpacking and then joined her father and his girlfriend downstairs for a drink and more catching up.

As they sat down out on the patio, Sandra couldn't help but notice the little touches that kept passing between her father and Rachel, fingers lingering on legs, gentle caresses, a little petting. She had to smile. Clearly the two of them enjoyed each other and Sandra decided then and there to give Rachel latitude and not be picky about the fact that she appeared to be so young.


"What's she like?" Lucy asked her that night when Sandra called to report in.

"She's actually really really nice," Sandra admitted.

"Is she good looking?"

"Yeah, actually she's pretty hot. Young too! She's only 25," Sandra confessed, having managed to get that information out of her during the afternoon.

"Wow, your dad's a stud hey?" Lucy laughed.

"Heh," Sandra grunted.

"As long as she's not hotter than me and you don't get funny ideas," Lucy poked.

"What do you mean funny ideas?" Sandra asked.

"That maybe you should kiss her or something," Lucy said, voice trailing off as she realised that she risked giving away how she felt about Sandra/

"Yeah, sure, like I'm going to kiss my father's girlfriend!"


As the next couple of days passed, Sandra had no more reason to object than before as she spent time with Rachel. It turned out they had very similar tastes in music and clothing and shoes and so it was easy to accept her, if not become outright friends. The fact that Rachel climbed into her father's bed at night really placed the only lingering barrier to their being friends in their own right.

For her part, Rachel was somewhat torn. She was lusting after her boyfriend's daughter. Sandra was, she admitted to herself, fucking hot. And being summer, she kept prancing around the house in tiny daisy dukes and flirty summer frocks that moved so nicely over her athletic figure. That and the tiny lacy thongs that kept cropping up in the washing left her in a constant state of arousal which she took out as often as she could on Devon.


Ever since the conversation that she'd had with Lucy, Sandra couldn't help assessing Rachel in a different way. Was she hotter than Lucy? Would she kiss her if the opportunity presented itself? She couldn't say yes or no. It wasn't that simple. And it made her think of what her Dad would think if she found the two of them with their lips stuck together, which somehow led her to thinking of his hard cock in her mouth. She groaned as her fingers drifted to her pussy. She really needed to get off.

"I'm going to go see a move with Lucy," Sandra announced mid-morning, needing to get away from her spiralling thoughts.

"ok, have fun," her father replied. Sandra couldn't help but notice that Rachel broke out in a grin at the announcement and as Sandra left the room, she glanced back to see Rachel whispering in her father's ear. Devon was grinning.

Sandra left and drove to the end of the street before parking the car and walking back to the house. She quietly let herself through the gate on the side and moved down toward where the window to her father's room was. She peered in. Her father was on the bed, once again restrained, though this time not alone. Rachel was there as well, dressed in a black thong, her large breasts free of restraint. She was leaning over her father and dragging her nipple across her father's chest and up toward his mouth where her pendulous breasts flopped against his face, his tongue seeking to lick at a nipple.

Sandra glanced lower, seeing her father's hard cock, remembering what it had felt like in her hand and mouth. She squeezed her legs together as she watched Rachel dangle her nipples in her father's mouth, teasing him, pulling them back when he'd had but a moment to savour each one. After a while of this teasing, she stood over him before squatting over his face, rubbing her thong against him. Sandra could only see the rear part of the action and found herself ogling Rachel's firm butt as she ground herself against the helpless Devon. The black string of the thong disappeared under her butt and Sandra found herself wondering what the other girl's pussy would look like and if that thong would be as soaked as the panties that she herself was wearing.

Rachel slid her way down Devon's body, breasts dragging over him, lips and tongue working away at his skin until she had his cock trapped in her cleavage. She moved up and down, crushing him whilst reaching with her hands to pull at Devon's nipples. Then with a further movement she was sucking on his cock and Sandra pressed her hand between her legs as she again recalled having that very cock in her mouth. She wanted to stay, curious as to what else would take place, but also didn't want to get caught. Caution won and she quietly made her way back to her car, panties clinging to her sopping pussy.

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