tagLoving WivesTied & Blindfolded

Tied & Blindfolded

byEugene Randall©

I have only written a couple of stories here and have gotten some great feedback and a couple of people wrote that I should embellish my stories by having other guys have a huge cock or have them beat me into submission while they take my wife but that is not my style. Everything I write is the way it actually happened without embellishment. This particular event happened last Sat. night, and involves mostly a friend’s wife and myself, hope you enjoy it.

This all started several months ago when I was chatting on yahoo with the wife of a friend, I’ll call her Ann. I will call my friend Bob, and my wife is Marie, and I am Eugene. Anyway I had been chatting with Ann and flirting quite heavily for some time and really getting both of us pretty hot. Char and I had tried meeting with them for some fun several times and it seemed that the stars were against us, if we didn’t have trouble getting a sitter, either Marie or Ann were indisposed with their monthly. As Ann and I kept up our chats I finally told her that the next time we met I was going to blindfold her and tie her to the bed and cover her body from head to toe with my lips and tongue, to which she replied that she was game for that as she had never been tied up before and being blindfolded seemed like it might be fun.

Sat evening came around and we all met at my house to go out for dinner, then back home for a few drinks. We had some other company as well and as soon as they left I suggested that it was time to get started. Marie and I had been to Wal-Mart that afternoon and bought some silk for the blindfold and bindings and I had fashioned an addition to the adventure as well, which Marie had told Bob about and he agreed that it sounded hot to him.

I came up to Ann with the silk and placed it around her head completely covering her eyes so that she could not see anything. I could tell that she was very excited and nervous at the same time because she asked for a shot of tequila before we went any further. I then got up close to her ear and assured her that I would not do anything to hurt her in any way and she said that she trusted me implicitly. At this point I picked up the phone and pushed the talk button and pretended to dial a number. She froze instantly and asked me what I was doing but I just assured her that it was going to be a fun surprise. I then spoke to my pretend neighbor, who Bob and Ann had never met, and asked then if they were ready, then I said that we would be over in about five minutes. Ann was very nervous and asked what we were doing and I told her that our neighbors wanted to watch what was happening and that we were going over to their house for our little playtime, I also told her that they had been instructed to not say a word but just watch. Marie and Bob calmed her fears and she said that it was ok, she trusted me.

I slowly guided her to the front door of my house and then out on the lawn and around to my back door and knocked. Bob opened the door and we walked in and started through the house toward the bedroom. She wanted desperately to have them speak to her but I reminded her that they would not talk to her yet; she wanted to say hi to them so I told her that she could. She said hi to Bob and Marie, thinking that they were total strangers. When we got to the bedroom and I turned her beside the bed and held her for a few minutes she was shaking like a leaf. I asked her if she was that scared and she told me no, she was more excited than she has ever been. I then kissed her and slowly removed her sweater while commenting to our imaginary friends about her wonderful breasts and how her nipples were standing out so proud and hard. Her breathing told me that she was really getting excited about this little adventure. With her standing there blindfolded I began to kiss and suck on her breasts and kiss all over her stomach. I could tell that her legs were getting weak and sat her on the edge of the bed and removed her pants and underwear. As I was doing this I saw that her legs were trembling like someone freezing to death and asked her if she was cold. She replied to me that she was not; she was just so excited that she could not stop shaking. She was really pumping the adrenalin right then.

She asked me if they were still there and I told her that they were standing right there in the doorway about five feet from her and could see her very well. I made some comments about her being naked there in front of people that she had never met before and probably never would meet again and it looked like she had a small orgasm right there. I then lay her down on the bed and tied her wrists with the silk and attached a silk rope to them and tied the ropes under the bed, and did the same with her ankles and there she was spread eagle on the bed. Several times through the evening she would ask if they were still watching and I would tell her that they were but they looked like it was getting to them as well and they were starting to play with each other also.

I then started at the top of her head and kissed and licked my way all over her neck and face and on down to her shoulders. I spent about 30 minutes kissing and nibbling the upper half of her body then went to her feet. I sucked on her toes and licked between them and then went on up her leg. Just before I reached her honey pot I went to the other foot and did the same with it. Again, just before reaching her soaking pussy I stopped and said that it was now time to turn over so her backside could have some attention.

After I had retied her wrists and ankles I began again at her head and worked my way down, all the time she was moaning and squirming. By now Marie and Bob were in the living room on an air mattress going at it themselves and Ann asked what the noise was and I told her that they had had all they could take and had to go get some relief themselves. I covered every inch of her shoulders and back with my loving lips and tongue and she loved every minute of it. When I reached the top of her ass crack I moved down to her foot and worked it over from the back and then up her legs as I reached the back of her knee she shuddered and moaned quietly. When I reached the junction of her legs I moved down to her other foot and began the same journey. His time when I reached the top of her leg I proceeded to lick and nibble on her glorious asscheeks. After covering them from top to bottom and side to side I reached up and parted them and began at the top of her ass crack and tongued my way down. As I neared her little brownie I could feel her start to get really tense and she said that no one has ever touched her there but when my tongue made its first contact she started to spasm and moan very loudly and say how much she loved that feeling.

After a few minutes of that I again turned her over and proceeded to work her over all around her wonderful little shaved pussy. I worked all around it but never touched her labia or clit. By this time she was ready to go into orbit. I suddenly clamped my lips down on her clit and sucked it into my mouth, as I did this she raised her hips about a foot off the bed and yelled, there was no mistaking that she had had a big orgasm that time. I slowly worked my way all up and down her body while dragging my hard cock all over her at the same time. I then used the head of my dick to play with her clit, rubbing it all over and around it, then just putting part of the head at her entrance and pulling it out again. This had taken about an hour and a half and she said that she was exhausted so I slowly stopped and finally removed her blindfold and she was amazed that we were still in my house. She told me that she had just had the most amazing and erotic time that she had ever imagined. As I was removing the restraints from her legs and wrists she was still trembling almost uncontrollably. She told me that she had never imagined that it could be so exciting to do that and told me that she had stopped counting after her sixth orgasm.

All this time I had not entered her except for part of the head of my dick I told her that we would do it differently next time because we would have to plan it so that it came on a different time of the month so that she would not have that damned string hanging out like that and we had a good laugh about that. I don’t have my red wings and don’t plan to anytime soon. Half an hour later she was still shaking and coming down off her orgasmic high. She said that that was so fantastic that she would have to write about it. I think she may write to Penthouse forum, she said that she reads those letters and always says that they couldn’t be true but will read them in a little different light now. If she does I will try to get her to let me post a copy of her side of the adventure here so you can get both sides.

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