tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTied and Helpless

Tied and Helpless


She woke slowly. Her brain felt fuzzy, just as her girlfriend said she would. She was reluctant to agree to the sleeping pills, but it did add to what she was feeling now.

She tried to stretch and found herself firmly tied, just as her fantasy always had her, only this time was real. Leather cuffs at her hands and ankles restrained her, stretching her tight over the half cylinder cushion under her ass. She was sure she was fully clothed when she fell asleep, but now she was naked and stretched wide and helpless. She couldn't have moved from this bed if she tried.

Looking around her she found she could see very little. Pale blue walls. A bedside table bare of anything on top. A flat screen TV mounted high on the wall, dark and lifeless.

She called out, receiving no answer. She craned her neck but could see nothing of the room near her feet. The arch over the pillow made it impossible to see anything past her navel.

A click drew her attention to the TV, as it brightened and focused into a close up view of a very pretty pussy. Pale pink and open, moist. The mound above was covered with curly brown pubes. She stared at it fascinated as a hand extended toward it, a dollop of what looked like some sort of whipped cream on the finger tips.

She jumped and screamed as the cream was placed onto the pussy on the screen, and she simultaneously felt something wet and cool spread onto hers. Oh my God, she thought - that's my pussy I am looking at! She stared in fascination as the hand spread the cream all over her pussy. She bent and strained to see the person doing this but could see no one past her own belly.

A deep male voice came from behind her warning that to keep squirming might just become dangerous as the hand on the screen picked up an old fashioned straight razor. She froze, eyes going very wide. She had never shaved her nether regions, let alone let someone else do it, and now she had no choice. It was as she had agreed - her best friend would arrange all the best parts of all her fantasies they had discussed - but there would be no stopping - no safe words - and no choice. What is done to her will be beyond her control - and some of it may not be the most pleasant. Even a stray thought mentioned in passing like "I wonder how it feels to have pierced nips" could be fair game with the way her friend thought.

She felt the first scraping pass of the razor over her mound and shivered just a bit. The hand moved very slowly - taking its time to slowly remove every stray hair from her mound, then moved lower. Her pussy lips and anus were denuded as well. A warm cloth was placed over her mound, and she heard the door shut. She lay there breathing deeply and trying to calm herself. She didn't remember talking about shaving with her friend, but she had mentioned nipple and clit piercing. Oh my god, what have I gotten myself into?

She must have been very preoccupied with what may happen, as she didn't hear the door open softly. Her eyes flew to the TV when she felt something move against her pussy. The towel was removed and the hand disappeared for a moment. She whispered "Who are you?" but got no reply. The hand just continued about its planned business and ignored her murmurs and questions.

Producing an egg from somewhere, the hand modeled it for the camera - and she watched in fascination as it slowly pushed it into her vagina. It was larger than it looked and filled her more than she thought eggs would. Then it turned on and all thought stopped for a long time. The vibrations were so intense she could only lay there watching her pussy pulse, feeling an orgasm build, and whimpering when it was turned off just before she would have exploded.

The camera turned and a large cock came into view. It was hard and hairless, with a huge red mushroom at the top. The same hand that had shaved her and inserted the egg now stroked it slowly. Pre cum showed on the tip and she wondered if she were about to be fucked. That cock would surely feel wonderful where the egg currently was, and it had been soooooo long since she had a cock in her. Then her eyes widened at a thought. Her pussy was currently full, and she had told her friend she was anal erotic. Was she going to lose her anal cherry?

But the cock came no closer - just continued to stroke faster and faster for several minutes, until he could take no more and she felt his cum cover her now bald pussy. It was steamy hot compared to the cool breeze coming from somewhere, and the whole thing made her pussy water for more.

The back of a head appeared on the screen, blocking the view of her now cum covered pussy. The man was lithe and well built, with very dark hair. She continued to stare at the back of that head as his mouth attacked her very hot snatch. He licked and sucked and bit at her womanhood until she was moaning and squirming beneath him. Just as she finally though he would push her over the edge......nothing.

From somewhere behind her someone suddenly covered her eyes and she cried out. Being able to only see what was happening to her on the TV was bad enough, now she could see nothing. The blindfold was tied tightly, and then her breasts were gripped in a pair of large strong hands, each nipple pinched painfully till they stood erect and hard as his cock. Something was wrapped around the right nipple, and then tightened painfully. A nipple clamp. She shivered as it tightened just enough to be firmly there. The other breast was grabbed again and the process repeated. She whimpered and moaned at the slight pain and extreme pleasure that was being lavished on her.

She felt a weight on the bed then. A hand gently pressed on her chin urging her to open her mouth. She did, knowing this was the point of no return, if she took that cock now she was agreeing to take it anywhere they choose to put it later as well. She was hoping being compliant now would help avoid the rape fantasy she had mentioned coming later.

As the cock slid gently into her mouth she closed around it and sucked gently. This was a different cock. Smaller, she was sure, more slender, smaller head. Two men, now she was sure she would eventually be taken anally, and double penetrated besides. But would they continue to be gentle - or would the violence of a rape accompany things later?

She stopped thinking about what might happen and began to concentrate on what was. As she sucked he began to thrust into her mouth, pushing past her gag into her throat, not violently, but not in her control either. He was stressing the fact that she had no control. He held her head still now and began to fuck her mouth, continuing a long time. The buzzing in her pussy began again and she moaned around him. A mouth found her clit and sucked and licked, till she was close. A hand increased the pressure on each nipple clamp - reminding her they were there. She shook and arched and suddenly all stimulation stopped but the cock in her mouth, which exploded. Cum poured into her mouth then he pulled away to cover her face and tits with cum. She cried out with the need to cum herself that she was just denied for the second time today.

"Please" she begged, the first time she had spoken above a whisper since waking.

A gag was promptly placed in her mouth and fastened in place. So much for begging for mercy.

She felt the string on the egg being picked up. As he gently pulled at the egg it felt like it had expanded inside her, and now didn't want to slide loose. He teased her with it for a few min - turning it on again then gently tugging at the string - increasing the pressure against the muscles, but not removing it. Not until she was quivering again and so close to Cumming it hurt. Then a quick yank left her not only unsatisfied again - but now achingly empty as well.

But that was not going to last long. She felt the weight of the man by her feet as he crawled between her legs. That huge cock she had seen on the TV was pushing at her, poking and prodding until he finally found the right angle. Then he thrust hard and deep into her pussy, one smooth vicious movement not stopping till he jammed up against her cervix in an explosion of delicious pain, giving her no time to adjust. It hit the bottom of her womanhood with a spray of fireworks in her head, but didn't stop. He drove in hard and relentlessly, stretching her pussy and striking her cervix with every thrust. His hands gripped her tits and squeezed mercilessly as he pounded into her. Then a hand was felt there too. Wet with something it began to tease at her virgin ass. With no warning the huge cock was pulled from her and the gag removed, and the huge cock went into her mouth.

At the same time the egg went back into her pussy. Turned to high she felt her own fluids oozing everywhere. Then she felt something that after the violent thrust to take her pussy scared her. She felt the smaller cock press hard to her ass. Lube was dripped liberally over both cock and ass and with one sudden thrust she was impaled on his cock. She screamed around the bigger cock in her mouth, which seemed to turn them both on even more. The egg was turned to high and both men began to fuck her harder than ever in her life. Hands removed the nipple clamps and teased her breasts. Other hands held her head and he pounded into her mouth and throat. More hands began to stroke her pussy and clit, and to stroke his balls. My god - how many are fucking me now??????

She shuddered and squirmed as every place that ever turned her on were petted and explored. The kept it up for what seemed hours, till finally they allowed her to explode in the most intense orgasm of her life.

She lay spent and must have dozed off when the hands and cocks retreated and left her blindfolded. She came awake all at once as a sharp pain stabbed thru her privates. The blindfold was gone and she looked up to see a clit ring being put into her. She moaned and groaned and cried just a little.

Then the blindfold was back. Oh god - what was next? Hands at her breasts told that story as rubber forceps stretched the nipple up and away and a needle was forced thru her left nip. A ring was put in place and she wondered if it matched the one throbbing in her clit.

That disembodied voice told her to rest - she has been marked as property and nothing was in her control now.

She was left tied and alone. Her fantasy was apparently not over yet.

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