tagLoving WivesTied and Teased

Tied and Teased


Nell was my favourite girl in the entire world. She really knew how to tease me in the right ways. Sex with her could only be anything but brilliant.

When we met she knew very little about sex and we grew together finding each other's likes and dislikes. Like most men I always enjoy a Lady in stockings, with a garter, or preferably with a suspender belt. The feel of warm silk or nylon rubbing against your ears can never be beaten.

Nell is a blue eyed brunette, who is about five two tall and while she has a small frame, she also has wide hips and a large cup size. Passion flows through every pour of her luscious body and I never fail to enjoy any form of intercourse with her.

My favourite though has to be when we have a tie up session. I love having a sense withdrawn. Sight, sound and smell all add to any occasion, but when one or two are withdrawn the other senses tend to become stronger to compensate.

The Stories you read on this website and elsewhere are always great, but they can sometimes leave a little bit of reality missing. How many guys can really cum more than once in half an hour. We all need a bit of recovery time. I would like to relate a time when my recovery was quick and, when intercourse of the normal kind was completely forgotten.

From time to time we take it in turns to work on the other solely, nothing in the way of pleasure for the person supplying the ecstasy. On this occasion it was my turn.

Nell had called me to the bedroom, and was dressed in a nice pair of black nylons with matching suspender belt, knickers and bra set again in black. The black high heels in patent leather finished the appearance. As I walked in and asked her what she wanted, she just put a finger to my lips then pulled out the blindfold.

You can imagine where this was put and from this moment on I could see nothing at all of what was too happen. This description does include comments about her being without knickers or bra at a later stage, but, once I had the blindfold on I knew not when they were removed.

Next she started to remove my shirt. This is a slow process, and she carefully undoes each button very slowly. As my bare flesh is revealed she scrapes her long nails carefully over the flesh, tickling and heightening the sensations I am receiving. My cuffs are undone and she moves around behind me and slides hers hand sensuously up my back to grab the collar of the shirt.

Gently she pulls down on the shirt collar and as she does so her nails catch my back and tickle, tantalise and tease as she slowly draws off my shirt. To ease the process I hold my arms backward slightly. Having taken the shirt off she ties something silky around my arm and then pulls it behind my back and ties it to the other arm above the elbow. Another silky tie is fastened around my wrists further restricting the movement of my arms.

Having dome this a pair of foam ear defenders are inserted gently into my ears, to prevent me hearing what she is doing as she moves about the room. I am now in pitch blackness and I cannot hear a thing. The only knowledge I have of what is about to, or actually happening is as it does from now on.

I disconnected hand strokes my neck, teases my lips and tickles my sides as she seems to pace about me. My nipples are hard, and they strain away from her touch as strokes them lightly with the tips of her fingers.

She begins to undo my belt and the button at the top of my jeans. Then she deftly slides her hand down the zip as she lowers it and lightly strokes my erection that has been straining for many minutes now against the front of my tight fitting briefs. This makes me jump at her touch.

Having undone the jeans she slides them slowly down my thighs and as they reach my feet, she touches each foot and I raise them and she must have removed them from around my ankles.

For what seems like ages, I stand there unaware of her and what she is doing. The tickling touch of some string like strands is suddenly trailed across my back, causing me to jump. My skin is taught and the sensation caused by the tickling causes goose bumps to rise on my skin as the chill passes over me.

Nell from somewhere starts to tease me with a cold something. Small amounts are landing here and there on my body. I can only assume she is flicking cold water on my body from a fine brush or something.

Next my socks are removed, again after a pause that seems to last a lifetime. The tickling almost makes me overbalance but as my legs are still free, I am able to regain my balance. This is difficult though as I have no free arms to help my balance.

When Nell had taken my sight, I had been facing the side of the bed. The next thing she did was grasp me by the arms and spin me around. Three, four, five times and then I was totally disorientated not knowing where anything was or where I was facing. Something sharp and cold touched my nipples, making me shrink slightly away. It continued to push against them cold and wet, and ice cube possibly. Then a warm sensation passed through them making my erection strain more so against the lining of the briefs, as she gently licked them with her warm, wet and rough tongue.

Fingers slid carefully into the waist band of the briefs and gently pulled them down my shaky legs until they were removed.

Again she spun me on the spot, my turgid cock pointing the way like an indicator on a compass. As she stopped me she left me again to think about what she would do next. My balls hung taught in their sack and the crown of my cocks strained as the blood pumped strongly along my veins.

Nell drew her nails was softly along the sides of my shaft like a feather made from steel, pulling on the nerve endings in my rampant member.

She pulled away each time for only a few seconds but, again her touch came back to the base of my shaft and drew her nails along each side to the tip.

Already I was straining to prevent the sensations becoming too much. After several goes at teasing me like this she stopped. My head span around on my neck, desperately trying to hear or catch sight of what was to happen next. Her tickling touch brushed my bare rump, caught my nipples, my shoulder blades, my stomach and my cock. She repeated this over and over again, but at no time did she repeats the sequence exactly the same.

For those who have never experienced this type of exquisite torture, the sensation is maddening as your entire nerve endings jump at the slightest touch. For those who have not experienced it, try the smallest amount of bondage and tickling to understand what I mean.

Again she spun me around, but this time when I stopped I felt her hand touch my back and with a sudden rush of almost fear, I felt her push hard against my back and I fell forward, landing softly on the bed. The covers had been removed. The cold surface of the sheet was welcoming to me in my warm and heightened state.

The next sensation too come was the feel of her removing the ties from my arms. The ties where then secured to each of my wrists, and then my arms were pulled to the corners of the bed and secured so that I could not pull on my restraints more than half an inch in any direction.

Next my legs where pulled apart and silk ties placed around the ankles and securely fastened to the opposite side of the bed. My whole body was stretched and taught, open to her touch without chance of defence to anything she desires to do to me.

The smell of her sex, which had been percolating my nostrils for some time, became stronger. The next thing I knew was her warm thighs touching my cheeks as she lowered her warm, shaven and liquefied fanny onto my mouth. She sat there for many moments and I licked and sucked the juices from her salivating pussy. I could not hear her reaction but the way she was squirming on my tongue told me I was doing the right thing.

She lifted off after a few minutes and disappeared from my consciousness for a few more minutes. The next sensation I felt was the warm, silky, billowing touch of her breast flesh as she brushed the sides of my cock with first her nipples, then between the pillows of her flesh.

Next warm liquid was dribbled down over the crown of my cock, and along the sides of my shaft. The flood was quite large and it soon became evident that the liquid was oil of some sort as she began to rub it into the skin of my cock and balls.

At no stage did she grip me. This was impossible because of the oil, but she did begin to rub slowly up and down the shaft with varying degrees of grip. The lightest of touch increased he sensation in my cock, drawing the seed from its containers and readying it for release.

All the while I was moaning and encouraging her to bring me to the pinnacle of my climax. But just as I was about to reach the Vesuvius moment her and was withdrawn. My nipples were pinched, and then I was French kissed, her probing tongue pushing in a lovely wet wrestling match against each other.

Again she rubbed my cock, the ring formed by her thumb and fingers closed and making it difficult for my shaft to push through. It did though, stretching the skin and causing sensation upon sensation. She repeats the process time and again until, again I am nearly there. Again she stops.

She plants her pussy squarely on my face and squirms as I lick her to my heart's content. Quenching my thirst for juice on the fountains of her fanny. All the while I am straining at my bonds desperate to get my cock to the ultimate climax. But to no avail.

Again she touches my shaft. Gently tickling around the base with her nails. Sliding them lightly up the shaft and plucking the string at the heart of my crown, rubbing the free flowing pre-cum around that most sensitive of spots. As she does so I again build towards a climax. More easily than before, but equally as frustrating, again she stops before I can meet the ultimate end of her teasing.

This time she strokes my chest and particularly the nipples with equal strength, and just as frustratingly sensitising them beyond belief.

My entire is aflame with jumping nerves. My balls full to over flowing, but the dam is not yet ready to burst and it is therefore almost becoming painful to me the blue of my balls.

Repeat after repeat she teases me to the point of no return and stops just short.

Then just when I am screaming with desire and filled with fread that she will not take me over the edge, she continues and continues and rubs and build the heat in my shaft, such that the friction is too much and I am pushed finally and irretrievably over the edge, beyond the point of no return.

I erupt in a shower of cum. White hot liquid spraying from the end of my shaft causing me almost to black out at the pleasure of the climax.

I am drained and feel that I can take no more. Still she rubs and teases keeping me on the go all the while preventing me from softening. The cum deposits keep oozing from the end of my shaft, adding to the deliciously lubricated friction she is applying to my balls. It is almost too much. Too much for me to stand. But I cannot stop her from continuing and the more she rubs the more the sensation rises and continues in my whole body. I approach the point of no return after more than a decade in my mind - no more than five minutes - of continuous rubbing on her part begins the process of eruption again. The sensation is to great and my body is wracked with joyous culmination of my second climax.

Finally she lets me settle. I am released from the bonds and left to sleep peacefully and soundly next to her in our warms nest of a bed. She does not remove the stockings and at a number of points during the night I become aware of the hard on that will not die and I rise to the occasion of the penetration of her and the bringing of her tumult as she also orgasms.

Neither of us surfaces early the next day, but we are both satisfied with the results of her efforts. I love her more than I could ever have done before.

Over the coming months and years we repeat the experience with each other. Me taking her to similar climaxes. But that first time is the best and one that she always tries to beat each time we do try again.

The restraint of movement, the taking of senses, the teasing of sensation bring me to the point of no repeat save that of newer and greater sensation of each new thing we try.

Authors Note - If you liked my story please let me know and I will tell you more of our adventures together.

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