tagBDSMTied & Tried

Tied & Tried


"I see you my child, yet you do not see me."

The darkness of the dungeon could eat away the bravest of souls, and the night vision camera was recording each passing moment as I observed you in the green monitor. Your body secured to the metal frame, your long slender legs spread slightly, ankles strapped with leather bonds, your fingers almost touching the floor on the other side of the midsection bar that held your body is a inverse V shape. Your body stretched and secured, graceful and erotic. You wanted this, you needed this, yet in all your desires you were unable to know what I had planned for you. Only I knew that you would leave with one of two emotions buried in your heart forever. With either endless love or eternal disgust, but regardless what you would feel when that final bond was undone, you'd never hate me for the memories.

I continued to watch you, looking at the genius gadget secured in your hair. The secure grip that allowed me to pull your head back with a rope, yet at the same time leaving your hair to tickle your back and shoulders. I knew I would enjoy your mouth many times before you'd even be able to move your head, knowing you'd have plenty of chances to scream out the frustration before all would end. There was time, plenty of time. No one had to rush, least of all you, because where would you go, what movement could you execute and what good would it all do?

I looked at the screen one final time, before I stood up and walked away, each step included in a ceremonial ritual. I was ready to meet you, just as you had been ready to meet me for several hours. The darkness of the basement was always so peaceful to me. Never once had I felt any fears towards them. I reached for the control panel and pressed a single button forcing the darkness away with a small pale red light over your body. I knew you wouldn't see the light, but feel the rays over your naked back. I continued to watch you, while the rays became apparent to you and I could hear your breath quickening as your mind began to realize that you were no longer alone in the room. With silent steps I moved to your left side enjoying the spectacular view of your glorious body at my will, the naked skin flooded by the warm red light, and the aura of steam around you.

"I have been watching you, little one, does that make you feel special?"

Listening to your breath, noticing how you try to move in your bonds, unable to do so and yet again, for an uncounted time surrendering to the bonds, trying to nod, yet not capable of moving your head much you finally whisper with a weak silent voice.


Placing one fingertip on your lower back, pushing it into your skin just enough to reach the nerve centre, you surprise yourself with a intense scream, before you answer again.

"Yes, Master, yes I do feel special."

Caressing your hip briefly.

"Don't be, because you're not. You're not special, you're a peasant in my kingdom, a piece of worthless filth."

I pick up my first tool of torment from the table standing some distance away, and moving behind you. Your body betraying you as I see the fading lines of juices that slide down your thigh. You were probably waiting for me to claim you, probably had time to think up so many ways that even I would be surprised, yet that was all good. I placed the feather I had in my hand against the sole of your left foot, noticing the immediate reaction to it. Continuing the circular motion, noticing your struggle against your bonds, but the metal structure and leather bonds holding you still. Without a word I continued to lightly brush up and down, listening to your silent moaning as your will breaks in my presence. I moved closer to you, smacking the palm of my free hand against your defenceless cheeks, the blow being so hard that a print of my hand remained for a few seconds before fading. I can hear your breath, hot as the desert wind echoing in the silent room, and once more your body betrayed you by leaking out the juices of your femininity.

The knowledge that your body is in fever from the uncertainty, the intimacy and the conflict of independence and belonging just makes my motions more targeted. Your weak voice coming from the depth of your chest, your unheard scream through your desert dry breath, all clinging to the need of being lost in another persons will. I expected it, and it was instantly there, the wish to move away as the flogger landed on your glittering pussy. The ribbons of black leather, covering each part of your womanhood with a heavy, yet not instantly painful, blow. Each blow moving slightly further up towards your eagerly awaiting ass, yet not stopping there. Each blow covering a new untouched part of your skin, moving over your back until the red lines across your skin is apparent even in the red light. Stand at your side, seeing the first tears running from your eyes, and the wish to make them stop or lower your head, but unable to do so being tied by your hair. I place my finger on your cheek, wiping away the tear, and by doing so acknowledging it's presence.

Walking around you, silently, then raising the flogger again and again, knowing that your back is now just as burning as it is red. Your silence is admirable, yet I know that all you want to do is to scream. I moving to your face with my own naked gender, placing the tip of my erect cock against your lips, and slowly beginning to brush my head against your dry lips. You try to reach out to wrap your lips around me, finally to stretch out your tongue, moaning loudly as you taste me for the first time. I move my hips against you, feeling your warm mouth wrapped around my hard manhood, feeling your tongue moving underneath the thick head. I forcefully place the flogger over your butt down your left thigh, whispering close to your ear.

"I didn't say you could lick. I didn't say you could even move a muscle."

Feeling how your mouth relaxes around my cock, I remain still so you can taste the salty skin of my cock in your mouth. The flogger caressing your back, letting time pass until I feel once more your tongue move in reflex. Knowing your deepest desire is to show me how extremely talented you are with your mouth, but without giving you any such permission, I begin to rock back and forth on your tongue. Teasing us both for a few silent seconds, before I command you.

"Come on, little one, caress your Master with your mouth."

Instantly I feel how your lips are sealed around the shaft, your tongue flickering over my head, as more tears run down your cheeks. You're so good, yet with the flogger I push you further, slapping your naked butt. Your talents are truly blessed, feeling how your tongue is dancing around the tip of my cock, sometimes trying to penetrate the whole at the top. Your lips squeezing franticly around the shaft, sucking me into you. Leaning forward, I feel myself sliding further in, enjoying your talents, your desires to please and taking advantage of that. Your grace is glorious, your high raised behind lays open before my eyes, lifting up a small piece of warm plastic, and caressing your lower back with it.

"This will make you go wild, make you laugh and cry at the same time, loose will and gain strength but most importantly it'll recreate your desires for the rest of your life."

Your wicked little tongue continues even though you know the my words are true, you will not be the same when you see the next daylight rise. I move the piece closer to your butt, lubricating the entrance with some gel at the tip of the piece before forcing it into you. I hear you moan in surprise as the butt plug comes in place, and I bring the pump into my hand. Your magical tongue has come to a halt, but your whisper triggers it again.

"Each time you stop, this will happen."

I squeeze the pump, knowing that the butt plug will be filled with a little bit more air, causing it to widen.

"You want me to pump it up until you split in two?"

The nervous response give me a reason to squeeze again. I hear you gasping for air around my cock before you continue with the only thing that can save your ass. Your intensity increases, almost going greedy, and I enjoy each passion moment. Your mouth gives me such pleasure in your tied up position, and as I approach the edge, I begin to rock against your mouth. Your lips still tightly sealed around my shaft feels so good. I let the flogger repeatedly land on your red cheeks and in my own excitement I squeeze the pump once more. I feel your breath covering my cock as your anal is forced wider, enjoying your greedy lips as I reach for the metal bars, pushing myself deeply into your mouth, feeling how you continue to tease my cock as I hold at the edge, enjoying the feeling and then look down to see your hair and face against my stomach.

"Don't you dare spill a drop."

Before you have time to react, the first shower covers the back of your throat, followed by loads and loads, I hear you moan with your mouth full, and the depth of my pleasure is for a moment all that exists. I withdraw from your mouth, walking away from you, leaving you all alone, leaving the red light on. After another 45 minutes I return, seeing your body in the same locked position, and I move close to your ear.

"Do you think you're worthy of having my cock inside your tight pussy? Do you think you deserve that by pleasing me?"

Your reply is immediate and truthful, yet in that sense it might not be the most thoughtful reply you could give.

"Yes, Master, please."

I stand up, stand before you, unhooking your hair from the bonds, commanding you to make me hard again. Your increased range of motion permitting you to caress and lick me vigorously. Holding your head between my hands, I begin to rock back and forth into your mouth. With a simple maneuver I release all the air from the butt plug, noticing how it falls deeper inside you as its size is decreased. I remove it with a quick pull, and watch your butt open. I walk around you, placing my cock against your red hot pussy, and hearing your pleads as I rub myself against your eager clit. You wiggle your hips before me, and I ask again.

"You really think you are worthy of pleasing my manhood with your tight silk walls?"

You nod, and as you do, I place my cock against your ass instead, hearing your breath get rapid as you understand the consequences. I let my cock guide it's way into your rear path, feeling the tightening of your muscles around it, and when I reach the bottom, I stand still allowing you to adjust to the feeling, but not more then the time it takes me to grab the metal bars and then I begin to forcefully fuck you, feeling my balls slapping your pussy with each thrust.

"Your pussy is not worthy of your Masters cock, so I'm claiming your virgin butt."

I see how your body begins to shake, as you reach a new unfamiliar sensation, not knowing whether it's pain or pleasure you feel, you scream out in fear of your own emotions. Your ass bringing me closer and closer to the edge, but I withdraw in time. Your ass has not received all the intended attention, and I insert the butt plug again, pumping it up to hold you open, as I place a single kiss on the back of your thigh. I see your body shaking in the bonds.

"In the future you'll only be able to reach peaks by having a cock or a vibrator in your ass, nothing else will allow you to peak at all. Your orgasms will be locked, and the key will be something in your ass."

You begins to cry, and I continue.

"The center of your orgasm will be your ass, and the most intense orgasms will be to feel a cock shooting into your ass, it will trigger your highest peaks and you will not want anything else."

I move to your butt again, removing the plug and placing my cock against your open temple gate, and I watch as your muscles begin to work, as if you're nibbling me to come in, and I push my hips against yours, rocking against you again, filling your rear up with the fullness of me, and your voice gets louder as you begin to chant.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes"

Over again each time I reach your innermost areas of your rectum.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes"

"All that you need, all you need, all."

Unlocking your left hand, with a tug of a rope, and I see how you reach for your clit, and scream out even louder.


Noticing how you get closer to your peak, I withdraw from your ass, leaving you empty and you continue to furiously attack your clit, unable to stop, only wanting to come, but I see frustration in your eyes, hear it in your voice as you realize that you've become what I told you would become, and you stop crying out. I remove your bonds, lift you up and carry you to a table where I place you on your back.

"Masturbate for me."

My command is short but you can not disobey me, so your fingers return to your clit, against pushing you towards an orgasm you can't reach and soon you cry out in agony.

"Please Master, help me, I'm burning up inside."

I smile, knowing exactly where I have you, I move to your beautiful face against, and while you continue to please and torture yourself, I begin to stroke my cock before your eyes.

"Would you want this in your burning hot pussy?"

Your eyes are on fire, as you plead.

"No Master, in my ass, please, in my ass, I want you in my ass, I need it. Oh pleeassseeeee."

The sweetness of you laying before me, the sweetness of knowing that I have driven you to this is a kick, and I command you to suck me dry, to drink my creme and swallow every drop of it. Your lips seal behind the cock head, and once more I feel your demanding cock-teasing tongue drive me over the edge, and I shoot white loads of thick creme into your mouth, over and over again, noticing your eyes flash with each powerful shoot down your throat.

"You have done well, little one."

I walk to the door, hearing you pleading for relief, and I turn a switch, highlighting a chair in a dark corner.

"Go sit down, little one."

You stand up on unsteady legs, walking closer until I hear you speak.

"Oh God."

Sitting down quickly I hear the wooden extension of the seat slip into your lubricated loose ass and I hear you scream out your orgasm as I close the door, walking straight for the front gate, to the waiting car and I drive off, knowing that you'll praise and curse this day, knowing that you will reach peaks over and over again with the chair that is the only memorial I leave behind.

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