tagBDSMTied, Teased and Tortured Ch. 03

Tied, Teased and Tortured Ch. 03


Thank You to those who have emailed. Your support and interest keeps Me writing. If you wish to chat, please leave your email, as a lot of people who leave feedback sound really interesting...

for those idiots who complain about My choice of genre, please grow up - a clear warning was posted at the beginning of chapter one. so its your problem for continuing to read the story.


It has now been six months since I had taken My toy to the warehouse. The previously nymphomaniac has been constantly teased and denied orgasm 24/7 since that day, and tortured almost daily. Jodie, My other slave, has been permitted orgasms, but only when the whore watches. I own two mouths, cunts, and asses, and have a wonderful time teasing and torturing them all. In My opinion, the sweetest and most evil idea I have put into reality, was the condition they were now in. Both bisexual, addicted to pussy and denied orgasms (Jodie for 1 month now, and the whore for 6), I tied their bodies together in a 69 position. Wrists tied to ankles, elbows to knees, shoulders to thighs, and all spread as wide as possible. I also secured each joint to the floor. Slut was on the bottom, her head was caged in a device similar to a head support paramedics sometimes use for people with potential back problems after a fall. This head block was bolted to the floor. Jodie was on top, and her face was forced into the sluts pussy, tied there with rope. Jodie's pussy was also forced into sluts face using straps on the head block.

This basically means both bitches were helpless, immobile, with a beautiful pussy in their face. Aren't I kind? No! I had tied a ball gag in their mouths, so no orgasms could be given. Plus both girls really love pussy, so it was tormenting on two levels. But I did allow them to smell each others scent and feel their wetness, which was nice.

The best thing about this was that the whore had her nipples clamped, so with Jodie on top, sluts nipples were clamped and crushed. Also, the slut had been tease tortured for so long now, that she had broken about two months ago. Now she was truly Mine, craving the abuse I inflict to the point that now it's a worse torture to just be left and ignored.

They have been tied together like this for 24 hours now, only having their heads untied for food and drink. I suspect they must be ready for the loo, but that was tough. I gave them more pizza, then pissed in their mouths. I know Jodie loves it when I use her as My toilet, but as far as I know it was the whores first time. Seemed to enjoy it though. Might, if they behave, never use a loo again, just use them.

I decided to fuck them both. Seeing as they were so desperate for it. I had obtained two fucking machines, and even figured out how to use them. I lined the machines up, and inserted the dildo part into their asses. God the bitches muffled moans sounded beautiful. I turned the machines on, and watched as My two toys had their tight, tanned, peachy asses got fucked hard. After a glorious hour or so of watching them, hearing their moans turn to gasps, gasps turn to muffled screams of desperation, making My cock ache with need. I love Jodie's thick, luscious, full red lips, and obviously, love tormenting them. I knelt on the floor, just in front of Jodie's mouth, untied her head and took out the gag. She automatically begun licking the precum off the head, just like she has been trained. After it had been licked clean, she began licking My inside thigh. I love being in control of a girl, but also quite like a bit of teasing Myself. Jodie is a very competent cock tease, and does pro Domme sessions to pay for all My toys, and hers. Sometimes, I allow her to tease and torment Me before coming deep in her throat. Today, however, I grabbed the back of her hair, and pulled her head back. Then I slid My cock into her mouth, fucking it slowly as she gently used her teeth to scrape against Me. It was a deliberately slow build up, but I fucked her mouth harder as I came, and shot My load down her throat. She cleaned Me up, and I untied her.

Together, arm in arm, we looked down on Our slave, tied and being butt fucked, with a red ball gag tied in her mouth. I took the gag out, and allowed Jodie to get her pussy licked. After her explosive orgasm, I made the pathetic whore lick and tongue fuck My ass, while Jodie sucked Me off again. A mind numbing orgasm took over Me as Julie took My cock out of her mouth and wanked me off over the slags tits. I made Jodie lick the bitches tits clean, then we got the other fuck machine, the one that was in Jodie's ass, and made the bitch lick it clean. We then cleaned it with antiseptic, and set it up in her pussy. Now her ass and cunt are being mercilessly fucked. I have often wondered what it would be like for a woman to be force fucked beyond an orgasm. Jodie says it would be painful and agonising, especially if prolonged. So of course, that's exactly what I planned to do.

After about a minute, the whore began screaming with ecstasy as the orgasm washed over her. She had five orgasms in about 20 minutes, then said to stop. This is where I told her she had been begging to come and be fucked, now she was. I also told her to lie back and enjoy. Jodie and I began kissing, and spent the next hour having some crazed, horny vanilla sex. We teased each other for about an hour and a half, before I slid My cock into her glorious, soft, tight cave. I slid it in as deep as possible, My full six inches, and just kept it buried there until the tension and lust was too much. Jodie began wriggling her hips below Me, something I love, and we lost all control. I began fucking her hard and fast as I could, My hands wildly running through her hair, pulling her head up for frenzied, hard and deep kisses. We both began gasping and screaming as we came together, to the screams of a two hour fucked slut, collapsing on the floor together, holding each other in our arms. Once we had recovered, we kissed again, and untied the slag. The three of us just lay there, spent and exhausted, both My pets' heads on My chest, My arms wrapped around them.

I turned to My wife, My slut, My toy, My whore, and asked if that was everything she thought it would be.

'Even better, darling,' she said. 'You did everything I ever fantasised about, and a lot more besides. I am so happy to spend the rest of our lives together with You as my Master.'

I smiled. What more could a man ask for? I had a gorgeous wife who enjoyed being with Me and My girlfriend, and they were both My slaves for every kink and perversion I could think of. It has been this way for years, since we were all at college together, and we found out about each others desires. Two slaves, and their Master.

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