tagLesbian SexTied to the Bed

Tied to the Bed


It was a good day today. The sun was shining, the temperature was good, there was a little wind, but not too much. The morning had begun very quietly, almost peaceful, at least, as far as you could call waking up in the middle of a city like Moscow peaceful. Nonetheless, the window was open, a light breeze came in, and it seemed that road just below the window of Kristen's apartment was deserted. There only was an occasional car coming by, and there wasn't much talking done either. But usually the most noise didn't come from the street, no, it was her next door neighbors.

It was a family with two small children, who couldn't be kept in line. They would always wake up around 7 and scream and yell their lungs out, which resulted in their mother yelling back at them, basically waking the entire building every morning. But not today, no, today was quiet, not a single sound coming from her neighbors. It seemed they weren't home, or were just not there. Either way, Kristen did not really care, because all she could look at was the face of the girl sleeping next to her.

Ever since Erica had flown in from Holland, Kristen had felt more and more attracted to her. And she cherished this moment to look at her face, so cute and peaceful as she was still sleeping. Kristen rolled onto her side, supporting her head with her arm, and just looked as Erica, as her chest slowly moved up and down, taking slow breaths, breathing through her nose. She was curled up in her bedsheet, looking like a mummy, but because of the summer heat, the sheets where made of thin fabric, more used to feel something covering you, than actually providing any kind of warmth.

It also resulted in her body being very well accentuated by the thin fabric. Erica was lying on her side, one arm under her pillow, and the other pulling on the bedsheet. She was leaning on her right breast, tilted over slightly inclining towards her stomach. She had her left leg pulled up, and her right leg stretched, lying wide, taking up almost two thirds of Kristen's king-sized bed. She had one leg sticking out from under the sheets, showing the smooth skin on her long legs. Her butt could be seen through the fabric, and Kristen needed all her willpower not to grab it.

Kristen got out of bed to get into the shower, she felt gross from all the sweating she had done last night, caused by the lovemaking they had done. It had been a long, slow session, mostly filled with kissing and generally touching each other, opposed to the wild sex they had done on the first night. Kristen smiled at herself. This was the third night Erica had spent here, and in those three days, they had only left the apartment once to do groceries. That had also been the only time that they had had clothes on. They had undressed each other as soon as they had gotten home again, and Kristen still remembered the feeling of lying naked on her kitchen table.

But Erica was sleeping nice and quiet and peaceful, and Kristen didn't want to wake her up just yet. She quietly snuck into the shower, and enjoyed the feeling of the water on her body. She decided not to take a very long shower, as it felt very empty. It was the first shower she had taken alone since Erica had come. She quickly rinsed herself, taking special care on her pussy, making sure it was clean and smelled fresh. She could feel the fuzz of the hair around her vagina, as it had started to grow again since she had last shaved it almost a week ago. She was sure Erica wouldn't mind it.

As she closed off the shower and stepped outside to dry herself, she heard noises coming from the bedroom. It was a noise that had only invaded her apartment recently, but was now a quite regular feature. She smiled as she walked towards her bedroom door, but stopped right in front of it. She had left it open, and could look inside easily, while it was quite hard to see her.

Not that Erica would have seen her, even if Kristen would have been standing right in front of her. Erica was lying on her back, her eyes closed, and stuck in her own little universe, as her hand explored the deepness of her wet folds. She was panting, close to moaning, as her fingers ran up and down her slit. She had thrown off the bed sheets, lying completely naked in the bed, her legs spread wide. She had one hand on her left, as Kristen thought, quite impressive, tit, and the other hand was furiously working her clit now.

Kristen didn't know what she would do. She could either stand there and enjoy the show, or she could hop in and participate. Somehow the thought of watching Erica masturbate, while Erica didn't know she was being watched, excited Kristen. She just stood there, unmoving, watching as Erica started to buckle her hips, humping her hand, trying to let it touch her clit harder. Without realizing it, Kristen's hand slowly moved to her own pussy, and started to caress it gently. She wasn't even aware of it as the display in front of her became bolder and bolder.

Erica's gasps for air become faster, harder, and more audible. As little sounds of pleasure had left her mouth at first, the air was now filled with a constant moaning. She had her hand flatly against her clit, rubbing it as you would rub your hands together to warm them up on a cold winter day. She was still moving her hips back forth, essentially humping her hand, but it became bolder and bolder, raising her ass of the bed further and further, arching her back, pushing her breasts upward.

Kristen had seen Erica do this before, and knew by now what was coming, or better, she knew who was coming. A loud gasp left Erica's mouth, as she pushed her pussy skyward, arching her back as far as it could go. Her hand was working her clit furiously, never loosing contact. She plunged back onto the bed, letting herself fall. A long, loud moan filled the entire apartment, and possibly the ones next to Kristen's apartment as well. Suddenly Erica was humping her hand like a mad man, thrusting her hips faster and faster upward and forward, as far as she could. Then the moan stopped, and she plunged back on the bed, suddenly lying still, her hand was still on her clit, but was only rubbing it slowly and gently now. Erica's face had become that of a warm smile, as she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm.

Erica opened her eyes and tilted her head towards the door, where she saw Kristen standing, leaning against the doorpost, one hand on her pussy and the other on her breast. Her eyes wide with fascination and her mouth opened slightly as she was breathing more heavily than normal.

"Enjoyed the show?" Erica asked with a wide smile.

"Very." Kristen answered back, as she started walking towards the bed.

"I knew you were there, I felt your eyes watching me. It felt so good, and I wanted you to see me. It made it so much better somehow knowing you were watching me."

Kristen sat on the bed, bending backwards, resting her head on Erica's stomach. She could smell the fresh scent of a pussy that had just excreted some of its juices, and it turned her on even more. She had fallen in love with the smell and taste of Erica's pussy, and couldn't get enough of it.

What made it even worse, was that she felt Erica's hand on her breasts, slowly teasing her nipples. She felt a shudder go through her entire body, relapsing back to her breast, just enhancing the pleasure it was giving her. She started breathing harder, with short breaths. Even though she had been horny all morning, this was expanding the way she felt. Knowing herself, it wouldn't take long before she threw herself at Erica again and started making passionate love.

Which was exactly what Erica wanted. Erica started groping Kristen's breasts harder, urging her up on the bed. Unable to ignore what Erica was doing, Kristen complied and crawled up on the bed, until she lay next to Erica. Erica threw her arms around Kristen and rolled on top of her, kissing her passionately. Kristen let her hands roam around Erica's body, paying special attention to Erica's very naked butt. Erica grabbed Kristen's hands and put them above her head, pinning them to the bed, and still kissed.

Kristen was lost in her pleasure, when she suddenly heard a soft click. It was that moment when Erica suddenly stopped kissing her, and lifted her face up just enough so Kristen could see that Erica had a huge smile on her face.

Kristen wanted to pull back Erica again, so she could kiss her again, but suddenly found herself unable to move her hands. She looked up, and saw that her hands were tied to the bed with two handcuffs. Erica had slipped them on the bed while Kristen was showering, and now she was chained to them, her arms spread wide over her head.

Erica moved off Kristen, and before Kristen fully realized what was happening, she found her legs chained to the bed as well, spread wide, exposing her completely. A mingled look of fear and lust appeared on Kristen's face, and she tried looking Erica in the eyes. Erica was still smiling, and comforted her.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. If you feel like it's too much, just tell me to stop, and I'll stop immediately. I know you want this, and I'm gonna make sure you enjoy this. Now, first, let me get some things."

Erica walked out of the room, leaving Kristen alone on the bed, chained to it and spread eagle. She could feel her wetness slowly dripping out of her slit, and she was surprised how turned on she was by laying there, so exposed, completely dependent on whatever Erica decided what they would be doing. She trusted Erica, and knew the coming hours would be filled with pleasure, maybe some pain, but only to enhance the pleasure. She heard water running, and was wondering what the hell Erica was doing there, she tried to look but couldn't see.

After a few minutes, Erica came back into the room. She had put clothes on, saw Kristen, being disappointed at first, until she saw what kind of clothes. Erica was wearing a black, shiny thong, and high leather boots. Her breasts were still uncovered. She was carrying a bowl with water, and set it down in between Kristen's legs. She left it there, stood up and walked out of the room again. It took her only a minute this time to come back, she was carrying a small, black piece of fabric, and some sort of can in the other hand.

She set the can down, and started walking towards Kristen.

"Now, let's make this more fun for both of us, shall we?" Erica said, taking the black piece of cloth, and putting it over Kristen's eyes, blindfolding her.

Kristen suddenly felt her senses increasing, now that her eyesight had been taken from her. She could feel the handcuffs around her ankles and wrists, she could feel the small breeze coming in from the window, brushing her very erect nipples and her wet pussy. She could feel the mattress being pressed as Erica sat in between her legs again. She felt a warm brush of air on her pussy, and suddenly a tongue on her clit, licking it once.

Kristen let out a loud moan as soon as Erica's tongue came in contact with her clitoris. She pushed her hips forward, trying to get more contact, but to no avail.

"Now, that was just a teaser of what's to come." Erica said, "But first, let's do something about this fuzz around your pussy, it tickles my nose."

Without warning, Kristen felt something very wet but very cold around her pussy, as Erica was applying shaving foam on and around her pubes.

The idea of Erica shaving her privates was extremely arousing, and Kristen moaned every time she felt the cold steel of the shaving blade slide over pubes, removing any hairs that had grown over the past few days. Erica started far from her pussy, slowly working her way towards it, until Kristen was fairly certain she was completely bare by now.

Kristen herd the splashing of water, and soon she felt the warm water cleaning off all the excess foam off her pubic area, and then a towel over them, drying her again. Of course, it had no effect on the wetness in her pussy, actually, the whole idea had her dripping again as soon as the towel left her pussy. Kristen felt Erica's tongue again, lapping up the juices of her pussy, going up from the bottom, again, only once.

"hmm, much better now", Erica said. "That will do for now. Give me a second while I clean all this stuff up and get you the next little thing. You're gonna love it, I'm sure of it."

Kristen felt Erica get off the bed, and heard Erica get out of the room. Again, she was only gone for a minute or so, but seemed an eternity to Kristen, her pussy aching for release by now. She was certain there would be a wet spot under her pussy, on the bed, right now. She wondered how much longer she was gonna hold on until she would start begging Erica to lick her pussy. She presumed it wouldn't be terribly long.

When Erica returned, Kristen heard her walking next to her on the bed. A hand tugged at her blindfold, releasing it from her eyes, while still keeping it in place, it would probably be put back soon again.

Erica was holding a small, golden rod, about 8 cm long and 2 cm in diameter. It was thin at the front and broaded out in the back, to have a sudden, rounded end, to where the diameter went back to less than half a cm. at the top, a small red glass heart stood, topping it off.

"See this?" Erica asked, and Kristen nodded, replying with an almost moaning "yes" Kristen felt a sharp pain on her breast, as Erica slapped her.

"You shall not speak to me, unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

Kristen replied again with a small "Yes." She felt another soft slap on her breast. It didn't really hurt, but did help Erica make her point. Kristen was to be quiet, at all times. Kristen nodded.

"Now there's a good girl" Erica said. "See this little thing I have in my hand? And that small little hart sticking out at the end?"

Kristen nodded again "Well, I'm going to find out soon what it's like to see your ass with a little red heart sticking out of it."

With that, Kristen's eyesight got shut out again as Erica put the blindfold back on. She felt a hand raise her hips, and Kristen eagerly complied, as a pillow was shoved under her. Not long after that, she felt Erica sitting on the bed between her legs again, and felt a finger entering her folds. After Erica was sure it was wetted up nicely, she drew it down, and applied royal amounts of pussy juice around Kristen ass.

This repeated itself twice more, and, expecting another finger in her pussy, Kristen tried to widen her legs even more, but was surprised by the cold smooth steel of the butt-plug entering her pussy.

"Now let's just get this one lubed up as well, and then we're all set and ready to go"

Kristen felt the butt plug leave her pussy, and from experience knew she had to relax herself to make sure it didn't hurt. So she tried to relax as she felt the point of the plug spread her tight passage, and the steel invading her back end. It felt good, a mix of pleasure and pain, but it was soon that her ass was used to the size of the thing, and Erica could push it all the way in. It popped in and Kristen felt her ass close again around the small rod holding the heart. She felt Erica grab the heart and twist it to the right position, then wiggle it a bit, making sure it was secured correctly. There was an explosion of pleasure coming from Kristen's ass as Erica tried the butt plug, and Kristen let out a loud moan. Expecting another slap, she braced herself, but the slap never came.

"Don't worry" Erica said "I love your moans, I know you love moaning, you can moan all you want, scream my name if you want to. But no other words. The only words allowed right now are Erica and stop. I don't want to hear any Yesses, go ons, or don't stops either. Got it?"

Again, Kristen only nodded. She got it.

"Good." Said Erica, and spanked Kristen on her left butt cheek. "Now, that was to remind you who is in charge"

With that, Kristen was completely silent. She would have done anything by now that Erica would have told her. And although staying silent was a hard task, especially in this kind of situation, she was sure she could do it. Kristen waited patiently for Erica to start talking again, or for her to take it to the next step. She was aching for a finger in her pussy again, for a tongue on her clit, or for any stimulation at all. She tried to wiggle her butt plug by bouncing her ass up and down, but it wasn't very effective.

"Hmmm," Erica said. "It seems like you're really wet down there. I have to taste that."

With that, Kristen felt a finger slowly going up the inside of her leg, slowly, very slowly towards her pussy. Then, when the finger was almost at her pussy, it stopped, and she started to do the same on the other leg. Kristen could feel a shiver going down her spine. She was aching for that finger. She wanted to beg, but she couldn't. so all she did was let out a soft moan.

Again, the finger almost reached her pussy, but did not touch it. It started to track circles around Kristen's vagina. She could feel her fluids flowing down onto her ass, past the butt plug and onto the sheets. Then the finger started making smaller circles, coming closer and closer to her pussy, to the swollen clit that needed to be touched so badly. Smaller and smaller it became, until the finger brushed the bottom of her slit, and stopped there. Kristen couldn't help but moaning. She tried pushing her hips towards the finger, but that only resulted in the finger being pulled away. The moment she stopped moving, the finger was pushed back again, just deep enough to penetrate her labia. It started moving up and down, just missing her clit. Then, when it was at the bottom, The finger suddenly got pushed in hard, all the way. Kristen let out a large moan when that happened.

"hmmm, I can't wait to taste that." Said Erica. "But you first."

With that, the finger got pulled out of her vagina, and suddenly she smelled it hovering just below her nose.

"Do you smell that? Pussyfingers? Now taste them too."

Kristen opened her mouth willingly, and when the finger entered her mouth, she starting sucking on it greedily, tasting her own juices.

"You like that, don't you?"

Kristen nodded. She hadn't forgotten.

"Do you want some more?"

Again, Kristen nodded. She wanted that finger in her pussy again, and then wanted that same finger in her mouth. She just needed to taste pussy. She didn't care that it was her own. It tasted good either way.

This time, she felt two fingers entering her labia, scooping up as much juices as possible, and bringing it to her mouth. Again, Kristen sucked greedily.

"Now, I don't want to be left out." Erica said.

Apparently she was already hovering between Kristen's legs, because her voice sounded further away.

Then, Kristen felt herself explode before she realized what was happening. Erica had given her clit a strong, big lick, setting off the orgasm that had been waiting so agonizingly long. It exploded with a strength that made her scream. She could feel her pussy ejaculating juice while she thrashed in her chains. Bending her back, leaning on her shoulders, raising her pussy from the bed, into Erica's mouth, as far as she could.

"Hmm, yes, give me more juices! I need them!"

Erica was moaning in Kristen's pussy as well as she was furiously trying to keep her tongue inside Kristen's pussy which was moving all about. Trying to lick up all the juices that flowed from it.

Kristen barely recovered from her first orgasm, when she felt two fingers entering her pussy again, furiously going in and out, trying to get her to cum again. Together with Erica's tongue on her clit, her heightened feeling because she couldn't see anything, made it an overwhelming experience, as she was screaming almost non-stop. "Erica! Erica! Hhunnggh!" was all she could exclaim

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