tagBDSMTied Up

Tied Up


I know your darkest fantasy, the one you describe to me while I am inside you, the one that always makes you come as I thrust into you and because of my love for you I want to make it happen for you, turning your fantasy into reality.

Having made all the preparations I am going to lead you naked to the centre of the room and put a blindfold over your eyes then use a silk scarf to tie your hands tightly behind your back. I want you helpless, my powerless sex slave. You know you will be able to do nothing to protect yourself from whatever I want to do to you and however I intend to use your body to satisfy myself.

First I will gently kiss your nipples, my warm lips arriving suddenly on your sensitive flesh without warning, making you jump with pleasure. I will make your nipples stiffen in my mouth enjoying your succulent breasts before suddenly replacing my lips with an ice cube. The shock sending waves of stinging pleasure throughout your body, you cannot escape the cold burning ice against the soft sensitive skin of your body. You do not know what to expect next or where. My warm lips or the cold ice against your breasts, down over your stomach, your back, your buttocks, your thighs, your mouth or between your legs....

You squirm under my mouth and then the ice, trying to escape the ice one second then pushing against my warm mouth the next, the alternating warmth and burning cold making you tingle with sensation and desire. Suddenly you feel the intensity of the hard cold ice pressing between your thighs, seeking your hot pussy. You try to move away only to feel the ice replaced by the warmth of my tongue easing the burning cold and seeking the throbbing ache between your lips. I alternate the ice and my tongue against the inflamed flesh of your sex, teasing your lips and swollen clitoris, running the ice between your thighs, ordering you not to move away even when I try pushing it into the warmth between your smooth shaven and totally unprotected lips.

Your squeals of discomfort are immediately silenced replaced by moans of passion as the cold is removed and replaced by the feeling of my warm tongue slipping inside you.

I tell you to stand with your legs further apart so I can gain access to your sensitive flesh. Hesitantly you open your thighs, your desire for your aching pussy to be stimulated overriding the knowledge that the ice will also be able to touch and inflame your open body. Again I push the ice between your lips, this time penetrating the tight muscles of your sweet pussy as I probe your arse with my warm tongue.

You squirm back onto my face with a mixture of pleasure and pain before I push you forward and my tongue once again slips from your arse to warm the cold tingling flesh of your pouting sex, but now I am running the freezing ice back along the cleft of your arse to press against your tight anus and attempting to slip it inside you from behind as I continue to lick your warm moist pussy. You cannot help but push back against my tongue helping me to ease the burning ice into the tight ring of your arse to make you gasp with the shock of the sensation.

I let the ice slip from your body and put it in your mouth following it with my tongue, the ice passing between us in our mouths as your engorged nipples press firmly into my chest. I reach down and take a drop of toothpaste on my finger before running it between the lips of your pussy and over your clit, the cool menthol making the delicate flesh of your clit burn but with your hands tied you can do nothing to ease the burn throbbing of your clit and pouting sex.

I make you kneel in front of me and open your mouth, I tease you with my cock, pushing it into your eager mouth and sliding it between your lips before pulling it away. The toothpaste between you legs is driving you wild, the cool burn working its way up inside you, making your clit throb as your hips writhe in an effort to remove the source or stimulate yourself further to release your aching lust. You beg me to ease the burning ache within your body. I decide to help you but only on my terms.

Bringing in a chair from the kitchen I place it behind your legs. Still you are blindfolded so as I tell you to sit you cannot see the big thick black vibrator thrusting up from the chair. You sit down slowly unsure of where the chair is, then as your knees bend you feel the thick rounded tip of the vibrator touch the burning folds of your soaking sex. You feel it and press down onto the cool shaft, the blunt rounded tip splitting the delicate petals of your beautiful vulva and piercing the tight hole of your gorgeous cunt. The vibrator is big and thick, shaped just like my cock with ridges and veins but bigger than me. You feel your beautiful cunt stretch to accept it but have to work your hips to ease it into your body despite the wetness running from you.

Frustrated with the size of the vibrator you ask for something smaller or to get off the chair but I insist that this is the only way that I will let you ease your aching sex. Slowly, very slowly your tight little pussy sinks down onto the massive cock your hips moving in circles as you work it between your tightly stretched lips. I press my own cock back into your mouth filling you with two pricks at the same time, holding you hair and pushing myself in and out of your lips as you sink lower and lower, impaling yourself on the thick shaft pressing into your body. Soon the vibrator is deep inside you and you are beginning to move up and down on it working your mouth on my cock as you fuck the big thick cock stretching your tight little sex to its limit. I reach down underneath you and switch on the huge vibrator, the hard buzzing working against the distended of your sweet cunt, immediately sending you into fits of pleasure.

You start to bounce on the immense cock rapidly approaching an orgasm. You suck on my cock, moaning around it as you edge closer and closer to coming, just as I know that you are going to come I tell you that the couple next door are looking in through your window and that they can see you bouncing on the huge cock, your cunt visibly stretched wide open by the thick shaft, my cock in your mouth, my hips pumping my hard swollen prick between your beautiful lips as they watch.

You are too excited to care and so close to coming that the idea of being seen like this turns you on even more. I tell you that the man has dropped his jeans and taken out his prick and started to wank himself as he watches you and that the woman has lifted her skirt, pulled her knickers to one side and is rubbing her clit then pushing her fingers deep into her pussy as she watches my cock sliding into your mouth and the big thick vibrator disappearing between the open lips of your gorgeous sex. You moan starting to come as I describe the scene, then suddenly the orgasm bursts up from your clit and aching pussy, rippling through your body in waves of pleasure, overwhelming you as I tell your that the man is coming, spraying his thick jets of creamy white sperm over the woman's cunt and rapidly moving fingers.

I let your body relax only slightly before I lift you from the chair, keeping the vibrator buried deep inside you and carry you to the sofa, here I make you kneel over the arm presenting me with your upturned arse. I can see the fat cock stretching the delicate lips of your pussy and hear the buzzing deep in your cunt. I am so turned on that my prick is enormous, red angry and swollen to bursting point, I have never seen it so big, drops of clear nectar are running down it to mix with your saliva. I take a tube of cream and spread it it around your exposed anus, pushing my finger inside a little each time I add some more.

You enjoy the feeling of my finger penetrating your tight orifice in combination with the thickness of the vibrator wedged up your cunt and moan with delight as I push a little deeper each time. Then I stand and rub some cream on the end of my throbbing aching cock, so excited that I am tempted to make myself come as I watch you writhing on the sofa while I finger your tight little hole. Even though you cannot see me you realise what is happening and you struggle to get off the arm of the sofa, but you hands are still tied so I easily hold you in place, you are my sex slave and I am going to use you as I want.

Again I kneel behind you and push the tip of my cock up between your buttocks. You beg me not to but I begin to press the tip of my cock into the tight ring of your arse, forcing myself into your tight hole despite your cries and taking you despite your protests. You squirm and cry out but it is a mixture of pleasure and pain, your movements only serving to help ease the hot bulging head of my cock deeper inside you. You are helpless and you realise that I am going to use you, but use you exactly as you want to be used. My cock slowly works its way into your arse stretching you once again.

I can feel the vibrator in your cunt buzzing through into your arse and vibrating up into my cock and balls, my cock now vibrating in your anus as it pushes up into you. You are being opened up twice over, more so than ever before, the big thick vibrator buried deep inside you making your anus even tighter than ever. The feelings are an intense mixture of pleasure and pain, your soaking cunt and tight arse pushing back at me seeking more despite the pain it is causing you. The added piquancy of your helplessness adds to this and is driving you wild with pleasure, the pain of my brutal entry now increasing your excitement.

You start to beg me to go deeper and fill your arse with my cock. Your beg me to drive into and fill you with my spunk. Soon I am pumping my thick swollen cock into you hard, filling your arse and pressing down on the vibrator filling your cunt. The double sensations pushing you relentlessly towards a second orgasm. Your arse is so tight that I cannot last long and begin to come myself, my balls suddenly releasing their load of creamy nectar deep into the tight depths of your anus in pulsing jets of rich semen, just as I feel your arse beginning to contract and squeeze my pumping cock as you begin to come with me, crying out with pleasure as we explode together.

As I pull my softening cock from your sated body I notice two builders working on scaffolding next door have been looking through the window, watching us intently. Knowing they are watching I reach down and pull the thick vibrator slowly and deliberately from your weeping cunt. Turning it off before starting to run it around the puckered ring of your glistening anus, my wet subsiding cock dripping strands of slippery sperm across the rounded cheeks of your arse and between the open lips of your swollen sex as I play with you.

You moan again expecting me to try to force the huge cock into your tight hole. Instead I turn around and beckon to the two builders indicating your wet holes with the vibrator showing them that they can fuck you. They look at each other then nod and start to climb down the scaffolding heading towards the front door. I tell you that two rough dirty workman have been watching us and are now coming in to fuck you. You moan at the idea not realising that this time I am not making it up and that you really are going to be used by them this time.

They front door rings and I move away from you to answer it telling you again that two dirty workmen are coming to fuck you while I leave you helpless and exposed over the arm of the sofa. I walk over and open the door to them, letting them in while I am still naked and wet with come. They look at each other hesitantly in the doorway but I encourage them in saying "Come on. Do you want to fuck her or not"?

They walk over and look at you, admiring your upturned arse and wet available pussy. You cry out now realising that I had not been making this up. You fight against you bonds knowing that two strangers are in the room looking at your helpless body still wet and open and covered in my sperm from our sex. You cry in shame and the knowledge that you are helpless to resist them in any way. I tell them that they can fuck you as hard and roughly as they want and that they can choose whichever hole they want to fuck, your arse or your cunt.

Both holes are already wet and open, ready for their hard cocks, your arse wet with my sperm and your swollen pussy wet with your own creamy juice. I also tell them that you will suck clean the man who comes in fewest strokes and that I am not concerned about your pleasure, I just want to see you being fucked hard and that I want them using you to satisfy themselves, without any concern for your pleasure.

One man is already hard, his cock bulging inside his dirty jeans, you turn your head sideways and look up at him as he stands beside your, not wanting him anywhere near you but at the same time fascinated by his big meaty cock, obviously swollen inside his jeans. Looking at your arse he starts to undo his stained jeans, pushing them down his hips and then slipping down his pants to expose his big hard throbbing cock.

He is not very thick but has a long thin curving prick, you know it will reach right up inside you if he drives it deep into your body. Suddenly you want him inside you and are more than ready when you feel his rough calloused hands grip your buttocks hard as he moves to stand behind you, lining his cock up with your exposed hole his pants and trousers still round his ankles and his shirt still on. His looks down and admires the view of your wet open sex and then starts to feel you with crude unsubtle movements of his strong rough fingers on the delicate inflamed lips of your cunt. His dirty fingers probe and open you. Helpless to resist, you can only moan into the soft material of the sofa cushions as you resign yourself to his attention and he starts to finger your sex for his own pleasure.

Then his fingers are withdrawn and you feel the hot soft head pf his cock between your open lips. Unable to move you moan softly as his hard cock touches your inflamed flesh, wanting him deep inside you. He hesitates for a second, sliding a thick thumb easily into your slippery arse then grips your hips hard and thrust himself into you powerfully, brutally entering your soft yielding body as he forces his cock right up against your cervix in one powerful thrust. You cry out loudly with a mixture of pleasure, shock and pain, but move back against him wanting more of his cock inside you and desperate now for him to fuck you. Once inside you he begins to thrust his hips at you frantically, driving his long thin cock high up inside you as he pleasures himself with your body.

His hard thrusts are slamming your hips into the sofa as he forces your buttocks wide apart to watch his cock roughly piercing your swollen sex. The other man has moved closer and opened his flies, releasing his cock close to your face. With one hand he has started to wank himself, his dirty fingers sliding backwards and forwards over the bright swollen head of his cock, glistening with the wetness of his excitement. With his other hand he reaches down and begins to feel your soft tits, pinching your nipples into hard throbbing points of desire, pulling your sensitive flesh roughly between rough hard cement covered fingers.

I move to the sofa and kneel by your head, holding your hair and forcing your mouth down onto my cock, already hard again from watching being fucked so hard and so mercilessly. The workman's hammering thrusts are driving your mouth up and down my cock, as you suck off the remains of my sperm, struggling to swallow against the pressure of my pumping cock at the back of your throat. The man fucking you increases the speed of his thrusts and grips the soft flesh of your buttocks even harder, his sharp dirty nails digging into the softy tender flesh of your beautiful rounded cheeks. He is about to come and pumps his engorged meat into you with complete abandon, not caring about you as his balls slam against your clit then contract powerfully, emptying his sperm into your body with powerful spurts against your cervix from his surging cock. You come on his cock as he sprays powerfully against the walls of your vagina, your cries vibrating along and through my cock as I selfishly work it deeper into your mouth, taking advantage of the abandoned movements of your orgasm.

The man inside you relaxes slowly, his cock slipping from you with a flood of thick musky cream. You feel his come running from your body and down your thighs as he steps away from you, only to be replaced immediately by the second stranger.

This one has not even bothered to let his jeans drop, merely opening his flies to let his cock out, the circumcised head looking massive in his clenched fist as he approaches you. He positions himself behind you and pushes his thumb straight into your arse, feeling your tightness. The brutal intrusion makes your gasp onto my cock then cry out in real pain as he pulls his thumb from your body and replaces it with the engorged head of his meaty swollen cock. Wetting the head with his own saliva he insistently pushes at your tight hole, forcing himself inside despite your cries of pain and protest, gripping your hips hard and pulling your body back onto his insistent cock. I hold you still to help him, still fucking your mouth as I enjoy the sight of your body squirming against the probing cock of this stranger.

Relentlessly he pushes into you, forcing himself into your tight hole, deeper and deeper until he is able to start fucking you, enjoying the tightness of your tiny hole and the contractions of your arse as begins to slide himself in and out. Your movements and the sight of him fucking your arse are about to make me come. I grip your hair and force my cock deeper into your mouth, sperm erupting from my cock in powerful jets over your tongue and into the back of your throat. I hold your head keeping your mouth on me as I work my cock between your lips, emptying myself, my balls contracting with each spurt of thick juice and forcing you to swallow every drop.

The sight of me coming in your mouth has the other guy on the brink too. He feels himself start to peak, the familiar urgent contractions starting at the base of his cock and running up to the sensitive tip, so he pulls himself from your arse and drives himself hard into your open sperm filled cunt. Shouting out load as he feels himself sinking up to his balls, the coarse fabric of his jeans rubbing grittily against the open cleft of your sex and the sensitive skin inside your thighs. He thrusts into you hard, opening you wide around his engorged meat and begins to slap your arse painfully with his hard calloused hands each time he rams himself into you, the sharp blows making your tight hole contract involuntarily around his buried cock, squeezing it deliciously and making his cock explode with pleasure, his sperm flooding out of his jerking cock, pulsing deep within the softness of your sex and leaving you sobbing into the soft material of the sofa with abandoned ecstasy.

You are moaning out loud with excitement and more than a hint of shame and humiliation at the way you have been used and the way your body has responded with such obvious pleasure to the pain and being used wantonly by two complete strangers.

He relaxes as his orgasm subsides and pulls his softening cock stickily from your roughly used body. I declare their contest a draw so it only remains for you to suck their cocks to clean away the remnants of sperm trickling from their soft cocks and remove all traces of your own juice before I release you. I bend down and kiss you gently and lovingly on the mouth, tasting my own sperm as our lips brush over each other softly, telling you that that your ordeal is over.

Unless of course you want them again.............

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