Tied Up


"Get up and follow me," Cindy told me in a harsh tone. She stood over me as I sat in our couch reading a book. She looked so beautiful with her shoulder length blonde hair.

"I'm in the middle of a chapter," I responded, thinking she was joking.

Before I could say anything more Cin took the book from my hands and threw it across the room. "Shut up you prissy little slut!! I said get up!!" she told me with even more force in her voice. I knew I was in for a long frustrating night.

I got up as ordered immediately. "Go to the bedroom and undress as you go," Cin ordered me, "and you better be naked by the time you reach it." We started for the bedroom, Cindy following me. I took off my T-shirt and bra as I walked, dropping them on the floor as I went. When I paused to take off my shorts and panties she roughly shoved me and said "Keep moving bitch!!" I took small steps as I pulled the shorts and panties down together, then stepped out of them. By the time I reached the bedroom I was naked as ordered.

"Lay down on you stomach on the bed, hold your hands above your head, and open your legs," Cin ordered me. I lay down on the bed and spread myself as I was told. Cindy stood over me and grabbed on of my hands, tying it to the bedpost. She moved to the other side and tied my other hand as she did the first. Then she took my feet and tied them to the bedpost. I was securely held in place, unable to move at all. My cunt and asshole was opened and exposed to Cin's whim.

She stood over me, admiring her work. "That's the way I like to see you, tied up and open to me. And I know you like it too, don't you slut?" she said.

"Yes I do ma'am." I replied. It felt good to be used by her, treated as her girl-toy.

"Now lets get you prepared." Cindy said. She went to the play chest and got out an eight-inch dildo and three-inch butt plug. Without another word she shoved three fingers deep into my already wet cunt and slowly finger fucked me. After a couple of minutes, she pulled them out and said, "Look at how wet my fingers are. You are a horny slut!! Now clean my fingers for me." Cin took her wet fingers and placed them in my mouth. I sucked on them, tasting my cum on her beautiful fingers. She stopped and took the dildo and shoved it into my cunt. It felt good as my cunt swallowed it. I let out a low whimper and begged Cindy, "Please fuck me."

"Not yet slut, we haven't even started yet." she told me.

Cin took the butt plug and applied a liberal amount of lubricant to it. She spread my ass cheeks with one hand and slowly entered my asshole with the plug. My ass burned as it opened up, then settled down as it became accustomed to the intruder. I was fully stuffed and loved the feeling it gave me.

"Now you look absolutely beautiful." Cindy told me, further admiring her work. "This is how you belong, tied up, and stuffed just like the slut that you are. Your round ass looks so perfect." My heart fluttered at her words.

Without another word, Cin slapped my ass hard with her bare hand, burning my ass at the impact and making my cunt even wetter. "That's just for starters, cunt!" she told me. She laid our paddle in front of my face.

"I'm going to make a sandwich for lunch. You wait here, I'll be back for you later." Cindy joked. "Get a good look at that paddle, you'll see more of it soon."

With that she walked away, closing the door. Immediately I was aware of complete silence except for my own breathing and heartbeat. It was so eerie to be so completely immobile. I looked at the paddle and my ass burned from the idea that it would be slapping me soon.

My leg itched, but I was unable to scratch. Slowly it grew to torture, then died away, only to be replaced by another itch on my arm. The cycle continued endlessly, driving me crazy with the urge to scratch, yet unable to do even that simple task.

My cunt and asshole screamed for relief too, yet I was unable to do that. I tried to rotate my hips to move the dildo and butt plug, yet to no avail. It was maddeningly frustrating.

After an eternity Cindy returned, a smile on her face. "Have you gotten to know the paddle bitch, because your ass is going to?" she snickered. Cin walked over to me and took the paddle from in front of my face.

She slowly walked around me, looking down at me. Suddenly she struck my ass on my left cheek, pain burning into me. She struck me again, and again, alternating between butt cheeks. The pain poured into me, going right to my cunt. It was excruciating and erotic all at the same time. After the fist half dozen slaps my mind wandered and focused on my cunt entirely. I was in Heaven and I knew Cindy was as wet as I was.

Without warning she stopped my beating. My ass glowed from the heat of her impacts. I burned with desire to please her, and hoped I was. "Look at that red ass of yours. It looks good enough to fuck. I think I will do just that." Cindy said.

She spread my ass and removed my butt plug. It ached from having it removed. I wanted it replaced. My cunt was soaked; I needed to serve Cindy.

Cin walked over to the toy chest and took our strap-on dildo. It was six inches and had a harness that would rub her clit as she fucked me. She strapped it on and walked towards me. I desired Cindy as she strode towards me with the dildo pointing towards me.

She lubed it up and straddled me. "Are you ready to be butt fucked, slut? Cindy asked me.

"Please fuck me!!" I replied, with a lot of desire.

She guided the dildo to my ass and placed the tip at my opening. Slowly she slid it in, my ass hole opening to her tool. She forced it all the way in, then slowly withdrew it. I cried out, no longer able to make words. I just whimpered and moaned as she used me as a toy, Cindy's toy. My cunt was still stuffed, now my ass was too.

As she started to pump my ass with her dildo, Cin laid down on top of me, her breasts pressing into my back. I could feel her nipples grow hard as she used me. She grabbed my hands and started biting my ear as I felt her hips rise and lower to fuck me.

Cindy whispered in my ear as she fucked me "You are such a whore, letting me butt fuck you. I love you for it." Her words struck my heart with a powerful force. I felt loved as she used me.

She continued to fuck me, my orgasm rising like a tide. Cin sensed me close to orgasm and quickened her speed, slamming into my ass.

As I came, Cindy buried her dildo deep into my ass and hissed "Come for me slut!!" I came in several waves, each more powerful than the other. I let out a yelp at each one. As I peaked I went limp, unable to think rationally. Only my ass and cunt mattered.

Slowly my world returned. I felt Cin pull the dildo from my ass, then remove the dildo from my cunt. I was so wet and so open.

Cin untied me and took me into her arms. All I could do was whimper as she cuddled me. I took one of her breasts in my mouth and suckled her. Cindy just rocked me gently and told me what a good girl I was.

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