Tied Up

byPhil Aeschio©

This is a CLUE, for those of you without one. The overwhelming majority of Loving Wives stories are about wives having sex with someone who is not their husband. This is one of those stories. Now that you know, if you don't like this genre, don't read it.

The girls were both spending the night with friends, giving us free reign of the house, and freedom to sexually play. After going through a bottle and a half of champagne, and watching a porno movie, we retired to the bedroom. After some passionate foreplay we were both naked and we decided that I should tie her to the bed.

First, I tied her face down, with a pillow under her hips. I began massaging her shoulders, slowly working my way down her back. After some brief rubs on her ass, I shifted to her feet, and worked my way back up to her ass. Because she knew me so well, when I rubbed the insides of her thighs, she spread her legs even more than she had to because of the ties. As I got closer and closer to her cunt, she began to get wet. Without touching her cunt, I shifted back to her ass, and she really began to become turned on. With my knees between her legs, I moved back to her shoulders, and when my cock brushed her cunt, she shifted to try to get it inside. But teasing her, I moved away.

After rubbing her shoulders for a short time, I untied her, turned her over onto her back, and retied her to the bed. Starting with her feet, I again worked my way back up, coming close to, but not touching, both her cunt and her breasts. I then asked if I could blindfold her. She had some hesitation, but knowing she could trust me, she consented. With her eyes covered, she was able to concentrate that much more on the pleasurable feelings my hands were giving her. Now I began rubbing her tits, but avoiding the nipples. I rubbed the inside of her thighs, just brushing against her pubic hair, but merely teasing her cunt. I moved back up to her tits, and briefly palmed both nipples. With the blindfold on, the sensation was terrific, but I abruptly stopped, and got off the bed. She couldn't see me, but I was just standing over the bed, watching her, knowing it was teasing, and played with my cock.

Getting back on the bed, I continued the teasing, until she was begging me to touch her, to fuck her, to let her suck my cock. But I just kept teasing. Suddenly, I jabbed a finger into her cunt. By now, the feelings were so intense, not only was she soaking wet, but she was almost ready to come when I just as quickly pulled my finger out, and got off the bed again. She begged to have it back, to be fucked, anything to get her off.

While letting her cool off, I slipped out of the room. She sensed I was gone, but she wasn't sure. She tried to talk to me to see if I was there, but all evening I hadn't been answering her, so she still wasn't sure. She thought she might have even heard me in the kitchen, talking to someone, but since we were alone, she thought that if she was right and I was talking, it must have been to the dog.

Coming back into the room, I once again joined her on the bed, continuing the teasing, working her to a fever pitch. After awhile, she heard the dog bark, and she panicked, thinking someone was home. I told her I would check, and leaving her tied and blindfolded against her objections, I left her on the bed and closed the door.

When I returned, she wanted to know what was going on, who was home. I told her no one was home, it was just the dog. Without getting on the bed, I began to massage one nipple, while she started to relax, and slowly get turned on again. After a short time, she felt a hand on the other nipple -- she wasn't sure how I was reaching the other side, and she was trying to tell for sure if it was really my hand. Since she was still blindfolded, she began to fantasize that there was another person there, and she became more turned on. The massage continued, now gripping her nipples tighter, gently pinching and twisting, harder until she finally came for the first time. It was good, but she needed a cock inside her. When she felt my hand begin to rub her pubic hair, she was shocked, and a little frightened, because there was still a hand on each breast.

Now she knew that someone else was there. But who? Another man or another woman?

But she'd had enough to drink, was turned on enough and the caresses felt good enough, that she just went with the feeling. Besides, anything that happened wasn't really her fault, since she was helpless to resist -- tied up and blindfolded. She wanted to tell me that enough was enough, and to let her up, but she didn't want the good feelings to stop. With two hands still on her tits, she began to feel two hands playing with her clit and her cunt lips. Now the feelings were really exciting her -- she was the center of attention, and she still didn't know who else was there, or even the sex of the other person. Was there even more than one unknown person in the room? She didn't think so, but she couldn't tell, she could just feel four gentle hands on her. The thought of being totally exposed to a stranger, naked, with her legs tied wide open really got her excited. And the thought of a stranger touching her, fondling her, and whatever else was to happen made her come again from the sheer excitement of the situation.

The hands on her tits were replaced by two mouths on them. Still, there were two hands teasing her cunt. First one, then another finger slipped into her cunt. By the way they were moving, she knew that the fingers belonged to two different people, and between them and the mouths on her tits, she had a terrific orgasm.

After she came, both hands slowly left her cunt, and the mouths left her tits. Any fear she might have initially felt was replaced by desire -- she had just come, and now she was again alone on the bed, no one touching her, and she wanted more. She asked for someone to please fuck her. She felt someone's knees on the bed near her head, and her mouth searched for the cock she knew was someone near. A hand held her forehead still, while a cock teased around her face. Finally, it got to her lips, and as it brushed her lips, she opened her mouth to take it in. It felt and tasted like my cock, but she was no longer sure of anything. And, at this point, she didn't care, she was finally getting some cock, somewhere. Suddenly, the cock pulled out of her mouth, and the person got off the bed. She was again alone, and she didn't like it -- she wanted sex, any kind, and NOW!

Finally, she felt someone kneeling between her legs, and she knew she was at last going to get fucked. Someone took a cock, and rubbed it around her clit and her cunt lips. The hell with this teasing, she wanted to be fucked, and she pushed her hips towards the cock. Leaning over her, whoever was on the bed with her shoved his whole cock into her dripping wet cunt, all the way in with one push. She'd been waiting so long, and was by now so turned on with the situation of a stranger in the room (someone she knew? a total stranger?) that she came around that cock on that first push. After she calmed down a little, that cock began to fuck her, and it felt so damn good. Was it my cock? It felt like it, but after coming, she really couldn't tell, and she didn't care. In fact, she hoped it wasn't my cock -- that someone else was fucking her, and I was standing by the bed playing with myself while watching her get fucked. Getting into it, she was beginning to climb to another orgasm when the cock was suddenly withdrawn.

She felt the person between her legs get up, and someone getting between her legs again. Was it the same person, or the other one? Or was there more than two there? No one was saying anything, and she was still not sure. She didn't think I'd bring in more than one person, but then she didn't think I'd even do that. Suddenly, she felt a mouth on her cunt. After all the times I've gone down on her, because of the touch, the moves the tongue was making, the way this person was eating her, she just knew it isn't me.

After too short a time, the mouth moved away, and she could feel the person on the bed shifting. Again she felt a cock rubbing her cunt, and because of the oral sex she had just had, she was sure it wasn't me, and right now, she wanted that strange cock more than anything she'd ever wanted.

Slowly that cock began to ease into her cunt. Now, she knew for sure it wasn't me, because she could tell this cock was obviously bigger than mine. And she knew that it wasn't just her dildo, because not only did she already know that there was another man there, but she could feel his weight on her pubic area. Not only was she incredibly turned on, but now she knew that I was watching, and being sure that I was playing with myself seeing that big cock going into her, she was determined to enjoy it and give me a good show. But, as that cock went deeper into her, thoughts of entertaining me left as she became even more turned on, and really began to enjoy that cock just for herself. Before he could even get all of that cock into her, she came again. Once her cunt opened all the way to accommodate him, he began to fuck her in earnest. She tried to lift her legs to take that cock in even deeper, but they were still tied down. Since she couldn't move, and couldn't see, her entire being was focused on that big cock slamming into her cunt. She was distracted by feeling knees on the bed by her head again, and then a cock rubbing her face. She knew I wanted to put my cock into her mouth, but she turned her head away, not wanting anything to take away from the feelings in her cunt. Taking the hint, she felt me leave the bed. Once again able to concentrate solely on that big cock, she came again, and as she did, he stopped pumping into her. She didn't think he had come, and she wanted more, she wanted to make this stranger come as he had made her come.

As she began to calm from her orgasm, he slowly pulled out of her. She was frantic -- she felt empty, and she wanted that cock back. Then, she felt one of her hands being untied, and then retied on the other side of the bed. Then, one leg was also moved, leaving her on her side, with both hands and both legs tied to one side of the bed. Then, the hands started moving her over, and she realized we wanted her on her stomach. With her cooperation, her hand and leg that hadn't yet been moved were now switched, and she became tied again, spread-eagled on her stomach. She felt hands all over her back, her legs, her ass. She began raising her hips, inviting that big cock to fuck her again. Then, she felt someone lie down next to her, and begin trying to slip under her. Hoping it was the guy with the big cock, she lifted up as best she could, and allowed whoever it was to get fully under her. She felt a hand spreading her cunt lips, and then the head of a cock pressing her. As his cock went back into her, she was relieved and thrilled to feel that it was the guy with the big cock, and even more turned on knowing that it was me that opened her cunt for another cock to penetrate her -- that I had obviously been right up close to her cunt, feeding it that big cock, smelling her juices. Then, she felt me getting between her legs, and she figured out what I was going to do when I began to rub her ass. But, she didn't want me, she only wanted him, and she tightened her ass to show rejection. Feeling this, the guy with the big cock stopped fucking her, with his cock almost all the way out. She could feel my hands rubbing her cunt lips, gathering her juice on them. And she felt me lean over, and rub her ass with my cock. She still didn't want it, but as he slowly sank his cock back into her cunt, she felt my cock enter her ass, and she relaxed around it.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the two cocks began to fuck her. Now, my cock felt good in her ass, especially with that big cock slowly fucking her cunt. As both cocks were deep inside her, she realized that she had never felt so full, nor so fulfilled. As the cocks fucked faster and faster, she came again, before either he or I did. Finally, he buried his cock all the way inside her, and she could feel him coming deep inside. As I felt his cock pulsing in her, I too knew that he was coming, and I came inside her ass, and she, feeling both of us coming, had a crashing orgasm.

As both cocks began to soften, she felt mine leave her ass, and then his leave her cunt. She could feel come running down her ass, and a huge amount dripping out of her cunt. As the other guy slid out from beneath her, she wondered what would come next. Both of us got off the bed, and she was waiting with anticipation -- she was getting sore, but she was ready to be fucked again and again.

In the distance, she heard a door open, and then close again. She hoped that her new friend didn't leave because his cock felt so good, but she thought he might have when she heard the water running in the bathroom. Then, she knew he did when I untied her and removed her blindfold, and she saw that we were alone, and that I'd washed my cock, and it was still hard.

As I then fucked her sopping cunt, she wanted to know who the other guy was, but I wouldn't tell her. We were both turned on to feel my cock, as small as it felt after her cunt was stretched out by that bigger cock, plowing into all the come that the other cock left in her cunt. As she felt me coming again, she had a last small orgasm, but after what she'd been through, my cock just didn't light fireworks.

She still wanted to know who fucked her, but I still wouldn't tell her. I just told her that it was someone handsome, someone discreet, someone we could trust with safe sex. She wanted to at least know if it was someone she knew, so that she'd know to be embarrassed if she saw him, or even arrange some other liaisons, since I'd let him fuck her once, but I wouldn't tell her. From then on, whenever she saw someone that was a likely candidate, she wondered if he was the one, and she got slightly embarrassed, but she would always also get wet remembering his big cock.

Phil Aeschio

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Brought Back Memories

One of my first boyfriends talked me into letting him tie me down. Then he blindfolded me. And I can only assume that five different boys, likely his football teammates took turns with me. Although itmore...

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