tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTied Up and Forced to Watch

Tied Up and Forced to Watch


Re: Patient #23508

The patient described the following fantasy during our session. She finds this highly arousing. Further exploration will be required to understand all dimensions. I have asked her to share all future fantasies during our sessions. The following is a partial transcript of our session in which she describes the fantasy in question:


I'm sitting on a chair in our bedroom. I'm naked other than a pair of panties.

My husband and I are experimenting with handcuffs for the first time.

He is attaching them to my wrists behind my back. I'm telling him what I want.

"Don't put them on too tight..."

"Don't worry..." he tells me.

I feel the cuffs locking.

We stand.

"When we get on the bed, I just want you to pinch my nipples a little and then kiss them. I just want to feel what it's like. And then I want you to take the handcuffs off."

He chuckles.

"What's so funny?"

He is silent.

"Michael, I asked you what's so funny?"

No answer.

"I'm not joking!"

My voice is rising.

I try to turn to face him.

He holds onto the handcuffs with one hand and puts his other hand on my elbow, preventing me from turning.

"I heard you" he tells me.

But he still won't let me turn!

"What are you doing? Let me go!"

He doesn't let me go.

He starts pulling me backwards towards our dresser.

He's scaring me now.

"MICHAEL! What are you doing??"

He can hear the fear in my voice.

"Just relax..." he tells me, but I'm doing the opposite because he's still making me walk backwards.

I start to struggle against him.

"MICHAEL! This isn't funny!"

He doesn't say anything. We end up at our dresser, which is about eight feet from our bed. He starts to pull down on my wrists.

"Just let yourself go down to the floor."

I am freaking out at this point. He adds another hand pushing down on my shoulder.

"MICHAEL! Stop it! Let me go RIGHT NOW!"

I try to kick him. It's not easy since he's behind me. But I am determined to make him stop pulling me down.

He doesn't. He pulls harder.

I try to stay up on my feet. It doesn't work.

I lose my balance and fall backward. Michael catches me and lowers me to the floor.

I'm screaming my head off now. I wiggle and jerk to try to break free.

He opens a drawer and pulls a thick short rope from it.


He wraps the rope around the chain of my handcuffs and ties it tightly. It's like a triple knot or something.

He takes the other end and ties it around the leg of our dresser. Our dresser is big and heavy. I can't move it with two free hands, let alone in with my hands tied behind my back.

So I end up anchored to the floor.

Michael stands back up. I am still struggling against my restraints, but I am able to sit up on my ass.

As loud as I can scream, I demand that he release me.

He says "when you're ready to talk, we'll talk, until then, that's where you'll stay" and walks out!

He's never talked to me like that. I am in shock. I continue screaming until I realize he's really left me there.

He walks back in after a couple of minutes.

When he walks back in, I scream bloody murder. He walks around as if I weren't there, and then casually says "If you don't stop screaming, I'll pull your panties off you and spank your ass!"

I am in shock!

He leaves the room.

He walks back in a few minutes later. I scream at him again!


Michael walks over to me. After a fierce struggle, he gains control of my legs and pulls my panties off me.

"MICHAEL! NO!!!" I plead and kick.

It is useless. Soon he is standing above me again, twirling my panties in his hand!

"When I come back, I want a respectful tone, or your ass will burn red!"

"How DARE you!" I scream as he walks out.

When he walks in again, his face is serious. It is clear he intends to make good on his promise.

I do not scream.

"Better" he tells me, "but not good enough. I don't even want to see a hint of attitude on your face..." He walks out again.

By the sixth visit, I am broken. I am sitting on my ankles. I watch him walk around a bit, and then, defeatedly, timidly beg him to talk to me.

"Please, Michael" I say, almost in a whisper.

He smiles. It is a giant victory for him. I am always in control in our relationship.

"Good!" he says.

"Michael.... Why???" I ask him calmly.

He smiles again.

"You're tied to the dresser because I have it on good authority that our sex life could be a lot better, and I know someone who will show you how."

"W-W-What do you mean???" I ask with a renewed sense of panic growing in me.

"I'm going to have someone show you!"

I am in shock.

"W-w-what do you mean, show me?!?"

"Right here, I'm going to fuck someone right here in front of you, so you can see what a real fuck looks like, and learn!"

The full meaning becomes clear. I am stunned.

"Michael, you're going to...."

He smiles!


He just smiles some more!

"...Michael... NO!"

"Your voice is rising."


He walks out again.

He is gone for several minutes. When he comes back in, he's wearing nothing but boxers. There is a slight hint of cologne.

He walks up to the dresser and checks himself in its mirror. I look up at him. In a calm voice, I try again.

"Michael, please.... Please don't do this to me!"

He looks straight ahead.

"Please, Michael, I'll do anything you want... just tell me..."

He is not responding.

Suddenly I hear a voice from downstairs.


My ears shatter into a thousand pieces. It is Kim, my best friend!

"I'm upstairs!" he yells back.

My eyes are as big as grapefruits.

"MICHAEL! Is that... KIM???"

"Yes" he smiles.

I hear her start to climb our wooden stairs.

The thought of Kim seeing me like this is insupportable! The betrayal is incomprehensible!

"MICHAEL! PLEASE!.... NOT... KIM!!!" I beg inconsolably.

His smile widens. He says nothing. The footsteps grow louder as she approaches.


It is the worst feeling of helplessness I've ever felt.


But it is no use.

Kim steps into our doorway and looks in. She is wearing a long, tight black dress and stilettos. She cannot hide her amusement at my situation. I look away, mortified.

"Well look what we have here!" she says, walking in.

The mockery is too much to take. The picture blurs as tears form in my eyes.

She reaches down and pulls my chin up, releasing one tear to stream down my cheek.

"Look how cute you are all tied up! Isn't she cute, Michael?"

Michael looks at me and nods approvingly. The second tear breaks free and rolls southward.

"Awww... you're crying!" she says, and catches the second tear with a finger.

It deepens the humiliation.

My husband leaves the room. I have one chance to stop this nightmare.

"Kim..." I plead in a hushed tone. "Please... please don't do this to me."

Kim smiles with approval. She thinks about it a second and then speaks.

"I'll tell you what. Try to break free from there. If you break free, I won't fuck your husband!"

There's no way I can break free. She knows it and I know it. But it is my only chance. I have no choice.

"You have 30 seconds..."

I begin to twist and pull on my binds. My tits bounce around.

Kim laughs, delighted by my naked struggle.

Thirty seconds lapse and I am no closer to breaking free. She pinches my chin again and speaks through a wicked smile.

"Not... a... chance!"

Michael walks back in carrying a small bag. He turns on some music. Kim walks to him.

His eyes lock on her as she starts to strip. I am breathless and helpless to stop it.

"Like what you see, Michael?" she purrs.

He nods. A bulge starts in his boxers.

Kim's dress falls to the floor. She kicks it to the side.

She liberates the bra from her body, leaving only her panties.

"You wanna fuck me, Michael?"

Michael scans her entire body with his eyes.

"You wanna fuck me in front of your wife, Michael?"

With both hands,Kim pulls her long hair back and twists her body suggestively.

Michael puts his hands on her hips.

"Yeah, I wanna fuck you in front of my wife!"

His hands reach around and grab her ass. His lips dive onto hers. Her arms wrap themselves around his neck. They pant with their mouths locked.

He slaps her ass.

It is too much to take.

"Michael!.... MICHAEL!!!" I scream.

He doesn't hear me. Or doesn't want to hear me.

He picks Kim up, spins and carries her to the edge of the bed. She wears a wicked smile while he pulls her panties from her body and rips off her shoes.

Kim leans back and throws her legs spread open into the air.

She teases him.

"Do you like my pussy?"

My husband laughs as he pushes her onto her back. He takes both her wrists and pins them above her head. Her legs wrap around his waist.

"Am I a bad girl for teasing you in front of your wife?"

"Yes you are a bad girl..." he answers.

He reaches back with a free hand and gives her a slap on the ass. She squeals with surprise and delight.

"Spank me again!"

He obliges, except this time he locks his lips on hers again so that her yelp is muffled. They play like this in front of me for a few minutes, frolicking and spanking to their hearts' content.

Finally he lets go of her wrists.

"Do you have the juice?" she asks.

He nods. He walks to his bag and finds a little jar inside.

Kim stays on the bed, writhing with delight.

He returns to Kim. He stands above her, tilts the bottle and pours little lines of a red juice all over her neck, tits, stomach, sex. Before long, the scent of strawberry is in the air.

"Mmmm..." she says. "Are you going to lick it off me?"

Michael smiles.

He climbs back onto the bed and proceeds to start licking her!

He starts by licking her neck. He plunges his tongue into her mouth while he's there.

He licks her tits, circling each nipple.

"Oh yes... Yes Michael!" she squeals with delight. "Tell me you want to fuck me, Michael!"

He tugs on each nipple with his teeth and then declares his intentions.

"I'm going to fuck you Kim!"

He licks down to her belly button, slurping and repeating his intention to fuck her in front of me!

His tongue reaches her clit, conveniently dabbed with a touch of strawberry juice. His mouth engulfs her pussy. It takes my breath away!

"MICHAEL!" I try again.

It is no use. Kim squeals with delight.

"Oh... YES! YES!"

He pleases her in this fashion for what seems like an eternity. He licks, sucks and kisses her pussy in every way imaginable.

Finally he pulls out.

"Oh baby" she says, "now it's your turn!"

I look on in horror as my husband stands back up and turns to face me.

What makes it so hearbreaking is that he is so gorgeous at that moment. He is so hot!

His eyes lock on mine for a moment. I try one more time.


It is useless to try.

Kim comes from behind. She kneels in front of him with her back to me.

She takes his huge cock in one hand. She strokes him twice and then kisses it.

Michael's eyes close with anticipation. She starts licking his cock.

His face twists with pleasure.

She strokes his cock some more.

"Want me to suck your cock, Michael?"

"Yes!" he heaves in response.

She looks over her shoulder at me with a wicked smile while she manipulates his cock in her hand. Tears blur my vision again.

"Want me to suck your cock in front of your wife?"

"Yes, I want you to suck my cock in front of my wife!!"

The words are devastating. She mocks me with his cock some more, almost waiving it at me. Then Kim takes his cock into her mouth and I feel like my world is shattering.

"Ohh.. FUCK!" Michael reacts to the pleasure.

She goes down on him twice, the second deeper than the first.

She pulls off to allow her lungs to refill with air.

"Oh don't stop baby! Don't stop!!!"

Kim jumps back on. Michael is in ecstasy as his cock invades her throat.

She goes down on him over and over again, and he vocalizes over and over again...

"Oh yes!.... Oh fuck!... Oh yes!... Oh, oh fuck yes!"

I cannot believe this is really happening before my own eyes. I cannot believe how deep she can take his cock!

Soon he is practically wheezing with excitement. She goes down one last time. It is the deepest she has taken him into her yet. And then she slowly, slowly, slowly pulls off him.

He's not disappointed. He knows what will happen next.

"Ready for the oil baby?" she asks.

His eyes open back up.

"Yeah baby!" he answers.

He watches as she fetches a little bottle of oil from his bag.

They face each other again as I watch from below, helpless to stop them.

They take turns rubbing oil all over each other. Kim lubricates his chest, his abs, his cock. He returns the favor. When he's done, her tits, abs and ass are glistening.

They rub all over each other, clearly enjoying the frictionless sensation. Their lips lock together again.

"Fuck me, Michael!"

Michael sits down on the edge of the bed facing me. His legs are spread open just a bit. His cock is huge and throbbing with excitement.

Kim takes a seat on his lap, wrapping her legs around him.

She wraps one arm around his shoulder. She twists around to look at me, as if to say 'look at me, sitting in your husband's lap!' She mocks me with a raised eyebrow and an evil smile.

She turns back to him and their arms entangle. They rub all over each other.

"Fuck me, Michael!" she tells him, and slides towards his cock

"NO!" I scream, but it is no use.

"Fuck me in front of her!"

She slides closer and closer. His legs spread.

Together, they watch him insert his cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhhh!!!" she sighs with joy.

She pushes down on his cock and they wrap themselves together even closer.

She begins grinding his cock.

"You feel so good!" he volunteers.

"Fuck me, Michael!" she tells him. "Fuck me in front of her!"

Their slippery bodies bump together and slide apart like ocean waves on a pier. It is symphonic in its coordination and beauty.

"Fuck me, Michael! Fuck me in front of her!!!"

His hand slides down to grab her ass.

"Yes Michael! Yes Michael! Yes Michael!"

He slaps and squeezes her ass while she rides his cock.

"You are so hot!" he tells her with each pump.

Their bodies tense as they approach the point of no return.

"You... are... so... HOT!"

"Fuck me, Michael! Fuck me in front of her!!!"

"You... are... so... HOT!"

"Fuck me, Michael! Fuck me in front of her!!!"

Kim screams when she cums, and he rams her even harder.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!"

It looks like her body is being jolted with electricity. She spasms helplessly.

Then he explodes inside her. And they are both screaming. He is like a broken record, stuck on one word...

"You.... are... so...... FUCK!... FUCK!... FUCK!"

They squeeze each other tight as their bodies convulse through one orgasmic wave after another, until they are left panting.

Kim giggles with pleasure. He does the same.

They hold onto each other tightly even after the moment has passed, hugging, kissing and giggling through aftershocks.

They exchange pleasantries in whispers meant for each other. They relive the whole scene in conversation. I strain to hear them.

Kim finally gives him one last kiss and gets off my husband.

She casually stretches and walks over to me. Michael stretches and walks out of the room. I hear him running the water in our bathroom and humming.

I am feeling angry, defeated, turned on, humiliated...

She fixes her hair as she looks down at me with a smirk.

"I can feel Michael's cum inside me" she says. "I can feel it oozing out."

It is a cruel thing to say. I refuse to look at her pussy. The sight of it will kill me.

I look down as tears begin to stream again.

"Bitch!" I whisper angrily.

She hears it, and doesn't like it. She keeps fixing her hair.

"Are you going to lick me clean?" she asks me.

Lick her clean?!? She must be kidding.

Of course not! I start to shake my head no.

"Or should Michael do it?"

The words stop me in my tracks.

"Yeah... Maybe I should bring Michael over here to lick my pussy clean in front of you!"

My jaw drops in shock.

"I bet he can make me cum again... right here so you can get a look up close!"

I start to shake my head.

"I'll call him now..."

"NO! PLEASE NO! I... I'll do it!!!"

I cannot believe what I've just said myself.

Kim enjoys seeing me squirm. She enjoys exacting revenge.

"You'll do what? Say it!"

She loves the power she enjoys over me.

"I said... I'll do it!"

She knows I don't want to say it.

"Say it, or I'll call Michael!"

"I... I'll lick your pussy!"

Kim almost orgasms again spontaneously from the words.

She grabs a chair. She in front of me and sits with her legs spread open.

She grabs me by the chin and warns me.

"Do it right, or I'll call him in!"

I nod meekly.

She grabs me by the head and buries my face into her pussy.

I close my eyes as the smells and tastes envelop me.

Kim leans back and enjoys the sensation, and the view, as I lick my husband's cum from her pussy.

And that's how it ends.

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by Anonymous

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by ticklishsoles03/01/18

Ohhh Kim . . .

To have a Kim I my life would be the light of my life. A very well-written of how lovemaking could be.


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by Anonymous07/02/17

Should have a better ending.

Kim could wrap her hands in the wife's hair and guide her as she she licks up Michael's cum. When Kim cums Michael applaudes, strokes wifes haiir and says. "Maybe you have the makings of a good littlemore...

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by Anonymous06/20/17

This was fantastically written, wow. I came so hard at his words, "fuck!...fuck!...fuck!" when he came inside her pussy. A great yet complex sensation from beginning to end. So hot.

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