tagBDSMTied Up and Teased

Tied Up and Teased


"Please make me cum! I need it!" I plead. I look up at you, making my best pouty, puppy-dog face. My whole body is tense and I'm covered in goose bumps.

"Oh, you want it now? I think you need to wait," you reply with a malicious little chuckle and a sly smile.

"Ohhh...please...," I beg. I try to force my body towards you, but I'm held back by the straps around my wrists.

You look down at me, grinning incessantly. You've got me right where you want me: in your bed, on my back, tied up so I have to let you tease me as much as you want. You've already taunted me for what feels like an eternity.

You lean in to me and gently bite my neck and chest. You stop at my breasts and slowly suck each soft, pink nipple until it's nice and hard. I moan and squirm, hardly able to stand being so horny and not getting to cum yet. You lift my leg and trace your fingers up and down across my smooth, velvety skin. You start giving my leg light kisses from the ankle and moving down. When you reach my inner thigh, I thrust my hips toward you, sure that you're ready to finally please me.

"Be patient, naughty girl," you respond. You then pick up my other leg and repeat your slow, teasing ritual. My body shivers at the slightest touch. I bite my lower lip and grip the sheets hard. I arch my spine and try to bring my wet, warm little pussy to you.

Thankfully, you finally decide I've been tortured long enough. After all, you know my first orgasm just makes me want more. You spread my legs and flick your tongue across my clit. My whole body shakes violently from just that little touch.

"Oh, yes, baby. Please lick me 'til I cum!" I beg between deep, panting breaths.

"How bad do you want it?"

"I want it so bad I can't stand it! I've never wanted it this bad!" I plead, thrashing about in tortured ecstasy.

You return to my pink pussy, so wet it's almost dripping. You lick me all over, concentrating on my clit. I moan louder and louder, finally ending in a crescendo of screams as I cum so hard my whole body quivers. You lie down beside me and stroke my hair as my breathing slows.

"I suppose you could untie me now, so I can return the favor."

"Appealing...but I'm not done with you yet."

You slide off your boxers to reveal your already hard cock. I lick my lips, hoping you'll let me have it in my mouth. Instead, you straddle me and put your big cock dangerously close to slipping in to me. You slide it slowly back and forth across my pussy. I'm so wet you slide back and forth easily, rubbing my clit as you go. I begin to squirm and moan softly.

"You want that cock? You want it in your wet little pussy?"

"I want it bad. Can I have it, please?"

"Okay," you say, and I breathe a deep sigh of relief, knowing I finally get to be fucked.

But all you give me is the tip. I buck my hips against your body to try to get more, but you pull away and giggle at me. I want to pull you back in to me, but I'm tied to the bed; helpless and forced to let you endlessly tease me.

"Do you want more?" you ask, sliding just the tip slowly in and out of my warm pussy.

"Please fuck me with that big, hard cock. Please, please, please fuck my pussy," I beg.

Slowly you give me a bit more of your cock, and then a bit more, increasing your depth with each thrust in and out. I beg more and more frantically, much to your delight.

Finally, you thrust your cock deep in to my pussy. It feels so warm and tight that you decide you're ready to fuck me. You pick up my legs and tilt my hips back to get just the right angle. You stroke your big, hard cock in and out of my wet pussy, hitting the perfect spot. I scream and claw the bed sheets as I cum over and over again.

When you've had your fill of fucking me, you pull out and cum on my breasts. I can't help but smile; I'm so happy to see and feel what fucking me does for you.

You untie me and I snuggle in to your chest as you wrap your arms around me. We lay there hot, sweaty, and fully satisfied...for now.

"Thanks for teasing me so relentlessly," I say with a giggle.

"You don't hate me for making you so crazy?" you ask, laughing too.

"I may have at the time, but I liked it quite a bit in the long run."

"You're so naughty."

"I know," I say, "and I have a very naughty plan for next time."

"Oh really?" you ask, raising your eyebrows quizzically.

"Yes," I say, licking my lips. Then I whisper, "I want to play with my toys."

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