tagBDSMTied Up at Work

Tied Up at Work


In the morning you arrive at work. You go through all your routines. Get some coffee. Check in on a few people. Take paperwork to a few others and get a few needed copies made and assembled. In general, you spend the morning bustling around and finally head back to your office.

You close your office door and slide into your chair. Pulling up to the desk, you hear a muffled gasp and you look down by your feet.

There I am, bound and gagged, just as you left me. I am sitting on my knees, arms bound behind my back. A white blouse with the buttons torn away reveals a lacy sheer bra beneath. My short skirt is bunched up on my thighs. You smile and slide your chair in to begin your work.

"If you're a good girl, maybe I will untie you later," you whisper under your breath and I whimper softly.

You can feel my face and head rub against your thigh as you type. My breath is warm through the gag and your summer slacks. You reach down and caress my hair, then wrap your hand around it and pull my face against your crotch, grinding against the gag.

"There's my good girl, my precious one," you say softly, and resume your work.

Soft pressure against your groin becomes more enthusiastic as I can feel you growing a little hard against my mouth. I give a pleading moan and you relent. You push my gag down around my neck and give me a small smile.

I give a restless sigh as you resume work, ignoring me. With my mouth I manage to lower your zipper and I am mouthing you through your underwear, my mouth hot and wet against you. I am trying desperately to unbutton your pants and at last I manage it. My lips grasp the top of your underwear and pull them down beneath your cock, nestling them snugly beneath your balls. I lean in and breathe deeply, again pressing my face against you reverently. A moan escapes my lips again and I grind my sex against my ankles as I rub my face and hair along the length of you.

Tentatively, and very slowly I take the tip of your head into my mouth. I lap at the tip and run my tongue around it. My lips press tightly together and I let the tip of your cock violate my mouth. I wait patiently as my tentative, almost nervous ministrations cause you to grow a bit more excited. You continue to type and work as I tease and taste but I can feel you pushing forward a bit now.

The phone rings and you take a call. Your voice sounds normal, despite the tip of your cock being licked and sucked and nibbled. I take a risk and slide my mouth all the way down your shaft and I hear you gasp and ask the person on the other end to hold.

You grasp my hair again then and say "I don't know if I should reward or punish you for that. Maybe a little of both?" With my hair in your hands you pull my face down on your cock and hold me there. My lips pulse against you, my tongue laps along your length. I am salivating because your cock tastes so good in my mouth. You give me a few long strokes and then slide away from the desk. Covering your lap with a clipboard, you resume your phone conversation.

After you hang up, I hear you dial the front desk and ask them to hold your calls.

You set the clipboard aside and approach me. You pull me out from under the desk and push the gag back into my mouth. My eyes burn into yours with a stark desire and you roughly caress my breasts through the flimsy lace. I grunt and my knees give out slightly, but you are holding on to me and I don't fall.

"You try so hard to please me, don't you? But I think you know what I want. Come here and sit on my lap."

You move over to the big desk chair and pull me into your lap. Your hand reaches up beneath my skirt and you finger me. I am wearing no underwear and I am sopping wet. You spread my moisture between my thighs and press them a little apart. You arrange me so that your cock is between my legs, grinding between my thighs. The tip of your cock head pokes up against my clit and I moan again.

"Ssshhh. Naughty girl. Not a sound. Don't move."

You stroke your cock between my thighs and caress my breasts, my hips, my face. You appear to be very aroused now, and slipping my gag down again you take my mouth with yours. Your lips and tongue are rough against mine and I give a small whimper. Your fingers seek out my sex again and stroke me. I am trying desperately not to come but it feels so good. I grind against your hand and as you bring me to climax you clap a hand on my mouth and I groan against it. Panting I settle back against you.

You hold me close for a moment then whisper, "I told you not to make a sound!"

You flip me over so that I am across your lap and you press two fingers into my sex, finger fucking me. I can feel your cock against my belly now and I am imagining feeling your cock inside me when suddenly a sharp CRACK! and I feel your hand slap against my ass. I squirm just a little and you give it to me again.

A few more hard swats and I can tell I won't get away with my naughty ways.

You push me away from you and press my stomach down against the cold desk. Pushing my skirt up, you slide your cock into me and begin to fuck me with all your strength. Your shaft is pounding into me and between a few sharp smacks on the ass and pulling on my hair, I feel you shudder and climax against me.

Your hands lower me back to the ground on my knees and caress my face and hair. I use my mouth to lick you clean and after one more long, deep kiss you replace the gag.

"I'll be back after lunch."

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