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Tied Up in Escrow


I was fresh out of college with a degree in business when I accepted a position with a local real estate firm. It was an older firm, well known and respected in the Tampa Bay community. Longtime area businessman Rolf Vanderhorn had created the agency a few decades ago. Rolf was a short, balding gentleman in his mid seventies who had passed away from a heart attack less than a year before I joined the firm. The viscous rumor around the office was that he died in his hot tub one night while trying to service his nympho wife who was almost thirty years his junior.

Mrs. Vanderhorn, Rolf's widow who now runs the agency is a tall, very attractive but demanding woman almost fifty years old. Her platinum blonde hair, the hours she spends with her personal trainer and her top shelf silicone implants do wonders to help conceal her real age. She was an outwardly prim and proper lady, who always wore her hair up. She's has an "all business" type personality that men often find submissively attractive, but most women usually find very rude. If she was a gold digger she certainly had all the right equipment.

There are about nine or ten people in our office including the receptionist. Like most real estate jobs, the hours are long but the pay is good. While most of the women at the agency hated Mrs. "V", mostly out of envy, all the men fantasized about fucking her silly. I must admit I was not exempt from that popular erotic fantasy. From time to time I would catch myself day dreaming about her firm fake breasts or gazing at her sexy teardrop shaped ass as she walked through the office. Aside from those minor distractions working for her was relatively easy.

It was late march and I was sitting at my desk putting together an on-line presentation for a client when Jenny the receptionist transferred a call to my desk. Jenny was a quiet girl also fresh out of college. She had been with the firm for about six months. Jenny was a dark skinned raven-haired beauty with a fantastic body. She had shapely legs, a pair of 36C's, and two of the sexiest dark brown eyes I had ever seen on a woman before. She always looked like an angel and smelled very sweet. Her perfume would often linger after she walked past.

Jenny was a native Floridian you might say. Her grandfather was full-blooded Seminole Indian and her grandma was Latino. She smiled very seductively at me as I acknowledged the call she had put on hold for me with a wink. I picked up the phone and said hello. On the other end of the line was a distantly familiar female voice. It was the voice of a girl named Cassandra who had actually dated a frat brother of mine back in college. It was back in college that we became relatively good friends. I hadn't heard from her in more than a year, well, since shortly after graduation.

She and a few of her horny friends were always hanging around the dorm or at the bar while Danny and the rest of us were partying. One night I banged one of her friends while we were partying and while she and Danny were getting busy in the other room. I had always envied Danny for being able to land such a hot sexy bitch. She was smart too! She was majoring in corporate law as I recall. I always thought that Cassie was always too good for Danny, but then he was always the classic over-achiever.

The line was quiet for a brief instant before I heard her voice.

"Do you remember me?" she asked.

It had been a while, but how could I forget. Cassie as everyone called her was a tall sexy brunette from the South Carolina with a really thick southern accent. Cassie had the kind of accent that will give a guy an instant erection and make his dates roll her eyes with envy.

"How could I ever forget?" I replied.

She then apologized for calling me out of the clear blue. I assured her that it was not a problem and the small talk continued.

Cassie soon told me that she had a week of vacation coming up soon and she wanted to come down to Florida to relax a little. She went on saying that her timing was terrible, turns out it was the week of Spring break and all the hotels were already booked. It seemed she was looking for a place to stay during the time she would be in town. My mind began to race and my groin began to stir as I pondered the exciting possibility of maybe spending a little time with her since she was the fodder for many late night masturbation sessions during my senior year.

She asked if I knew of any bed and breakfast style places where she might be able to get a room for a week or so. I told her no and asked if Danny would be coming with her. She told me that she and Danny had broken up shortly after graduation. She added that she wasn't dating anyone else right now, so she would be traveling alone. Not wasting any time, I quickly invited her to stay with me.

"I couldn't impose on you like that." she said reluctantly.

I told her it was no imposition and that I wouldn't take no for an answer. And I added that I have a huge condo near the beach and that she was more than welcome.

"I couldn't put you out like that." she stammered.

"Look I live alone and I have plenty of room. There's a hot tub on the patio and tanning bed in the back bedroom." I told her. "You can come and go as you like during the day and at night I'll show you the town. Besides it will give you and I a chance to catch up on the past and I'd like that."

Jenny seemed to be listening slightly more attentively than usual from across the room.

Cassie hesitated for a moment pondering my invite, then agreed with a naughty giggle. We talked some more and I gave her my home phone number, the address and directions. It was a slow at the office that day and Mrs. "V" was gone so we talked for almost twenty minutes. The sound of her voice was so soft and sexy it almost gave hard on. She told me again that she appreciated me letting her stay. I told her to be sure and call me the minute she got into town. I couldn't wait to see her as tawdry thoughts of possibly getting into her panties ravaged my brain.

My sexy friend wouldn't be arriving for almost another week, which gave me time to get some things in order. During the next few days I cleaned the entire condo, went grocery shopping for two and tried to plan an entertaining week for my upcoming guest. During that very hectic but memorable week I received an offer to go and work for another agency. They said they would like to have me and their offer was very generous. I told them I was very interested but needed some time to consider their offer.

Their offer came just two days before Cassie was scheduled to arrive. My house was ready and I needed to relax. It was nearing the end of a long and busy Wednesday and only Jenny and I remained in the office. As we closed up I asked Jenny if she had any plans. She said no so I asked her if she'd like to go and have a drink or get a bite to eat after work. She said sure, so we made plans to meet at a highly regarded seafood restaurant around seven thirty. She said she would have her younger sister drop her off.

Normally I won't date women where I work, but Jenny was attractive and seemed to be very discreet. What's the old adage; never get your meat where you get your bread? I grabbed a cold beer and a shower when I got home then headed out for my rendezvous with Jenny. I had never seen her away from work or wearing anything besides a business suits, so I was very surprised when Jenny walked into the restaurant looking extremely hot in a painted on strapless black mini dress and five-inch black heels.

I stood up and waved as Jenny sauntered her way across the crowded floor. It was obvious from the way her gorgeous tits swayed that she wasn't wearing a bra. The combination of her large bouncing breasts and long tan legs quickly took center stage grabbing the attention of every straight man in the room.

"Wow, You look great!" I told her as we sat down.

"Thanks." she said flipping long black hair over her back over her bare shoulder.

Her makeup was flawless and her lips were painted a hot sexy shade of lavender.

We ordered a couple drinks and waited for dinner to arrive. As we talked I reluctantly told her about the offer I had received from the other agency. I tried desperately as we talked, not to focus on the awesome cleavage between her tanned round breasts or her prominent nipples, which pressed unmistakably against the soft thin fabric of her dress. My efforts however were futile, I know that she caught my glances two or three times but she never said a word, at least verbally. She did however speak volumes with her subtle body language as the night went on.

"I'm starved; aren't you?" she asked gripping the straw of her frozen drink at the rim of the glass with her thumb and index finger on her right hand while clutching the long smooth stem with the other.

Her cheeks drew in as she eagerly sucked her drink through the length of the straw. Her dreamcatcher earrings softly jingled like wind chimes when she turned to face the waitress who brought our dinner. Jenny was always wearing beautifully made Indian jewelry around the office, and tonight was no exception.

She wore an intricate choker necklace and a matching bracelet. She was very proud of her native heritage. We talked a great deal during dinner and she seemed really comfortable being with me. Her unrestrained breasts jiggled softly every time she giggled. She had a horny sense of humor and wasn't ashamed of it. I was seeing a side her that had been hidden until now. I felt her leg brush the inside of mine a couple times beneath the table while we ate. She never spoke, so I didn't think too much about it.

After dinner we climbed into my BMW and headed out for a little dancing at a hot new club that Jenny suggested we check out across town. She folded the armrest back into the seat and slid over next to me as we left the parking lot. She placed her left hand upon my right thigh as I drove.

"Thanks for dinner." she said seductively pressing her awesome breasts again my arm as she planted a quick kiss on my cheek.

Her dress crept up slightly, revealing a good portion of her naked ass cheek when she slid back into the leather seat.

I placed my hand firmly on top of hers and told her she was very welcome as she squeezed my thigh. Before long I placed my hand back onto the steering wheel to navigate through traffic. When I did Jenny's hand began to wander towards my crotch. She teased the inside of my thigh with the tender touch of her gentle massage, never once touching my penis. Once the traffic began to thin out again I took my right hand from the wheel and placed my arm around her and gently pulled her closer.

Jenny responded by turning away from me slightly and pressing her left shoulder back against my chest. She placed her left foot on the floor and propped her right leg up onto the passenger seat. Her legs parted slowly but the clingy dark fabric of her dress still covered her crotch. Her long dark hair flowed across my arm as she eased her head back against my cheek and shoulder. With a relaxing sigh she eased my right hand down onto her right breast. The streetlights flashed across the firm shiny flesh of her inside thighs as we drove through town.

By the time we reached the club, I had Jenny's sexy dress pulled down far enough that I was able to caress to both her naked tits. Her dress had also hiked up enough to reveal a tiny portion of her soft dark pubes. Her hand squeezed mine and her nipples hardened as my thumb caressed them softly. She pressed her knees together and squirmed with excitement against the soft leather seat. Just as I was about to move my hand towards her crotch we arrived at the club. The place was extremely crowded and we searched briefly for a parking spot.

The only spot we found was probably seventy yards from the door, all the way back in a dimly lit corner of the lot next to a six-foot tall stucco wall. I eased to a stop and backed in as Jenny pulled her dress back up over her breasts and down over her smooth naked ass. We kissed passionately and Jenny rubbed my semi-erect cock through the thin material of my trousers. I closed the moon roof and locked the doors as we headed inside. Jenny had made it clear how she wanted the evening to end.

Her sexy ass wiggled and her high heels clicked in rhythm as we strolled hand in hand across the asphalt lot towards the door. Once we got inside finding a place to sit was almost as tough as finding a place to park. There were people everywhere and the dance floor was packed. Hot couples dancing, scantily clad singles at the bar, the place was a veritable den of inequity. We found a table just opening to one side of the dance floor, that wasn't as loud or as well lit as the few others that were available.

Not long after we took a seat and ordered drinks Jenny began to get more comfortable. We sat with our drinks kissing and talking about the people on the dance floor for a couple songs before I summoned enough courage to dance with her. A slow song came on and Jenny took my hand leading me out onto the dance floor. I took her in my arms and placed my left hand down upon her ass. Her ass cheek was firm to the touch and her thin cotton dress floated easily across the smooth skin. Her nipples began to harden as we danced.

Before the song was over jenny had her lips locked to mine, her tits pressed against my chest, and she was slowly grinding her crotch against my upper thigh. We sat back down after the song ended and had several more drinks, probably too many as Jenny began to get really hit in the ass. Of course everybody knows about Indians and their liquor. We had been at the club for about an hour or so when Jenny reached over and squeezed my cock. She kissed me on the lips and said she had to pee and that she'd be right back.

The lights from the dance floor lit up her sexy long legs as she disappeared into the mass of humanity on the dance floor. I motioned for the waitress and ordered us two more drinks. When Jenny hadn't returned after about four songs I began to grow a little concerned. She was beginning to get pretty drunk, so I decided to go and check on her and see if everything was O.K. I walked around the club for a couple minutes before I found a sign pointing to the restrooms. When I rounded the corner of the wide hallway that led back to them I stopped dead in my tracks.

There was Jenny and two other women. The pair, a pretty Cuban girl and a trashy blonde had Jenny pinned against the wall. Her dress was all out of whack and bunched up around her waist. The Cuban girl had her tongue halfway down my date's throat and her hand was squeezing Jenny's naked breast. The blonde was kneeling in front of Jenny prying apart her shapely thighs. Her face was buried deep into Jenny's partially exposed twat. I curiously looked on in total amazement.

Other women were entering and exiting the restroom, but paying very little attention to the horny trio's antics, as if such things were common place at the club. I stared in disbelief as Jenny placed her hand on the back of the blonde's head and pressed her face firmly against her hairy pubes. Jenny's fingers were tangled in the blonde's shoulder length hair. The Cuban girl caught my stares but kept right on exploring Jenny's mostly naked body. She slid her tongue down along Jenny's neck and began to kiss and suck on her hard dark nipples.

The shocking discovery blew my mind, and not wanting to be seen I quickly retreated to our table. Four or five minutes later a very intoxicated Jenny returned, adjusting her top as she sat down.

"I'm sorry," she said giggling, "I kind of got side tracked."

After finishing our drinks and following some very suggestive conversation we decided to head off to my place for a nightcap and explore the erotic possibilities at hand, before it got much later. I was getting very horny and it was very obvious Jenny was open for some sexual exploration.

I couldn't get the image of Jenny and her two new found friends in the hallway out of my mind as we walked towards the car. Jenny was now visibly under the influence of alcohol, she had her arm wrapped around mine and was leaning against me for support while we walked.

"I have to pee." she giggled as she fumbled with her tiny clutch purse eventually retrieving a couple of unused cocktail napkins from it as we reached the car.

She leaned back against the car with a mischievous grin while I dug into my pocket for the keys.

I unlocked her door and she started to step into the car, but stopped as I walked around to the other side.

"Hold on a second!" she said as I shut my door.

Instead of climbing into the car, she hiked her dress above her waist and squatted down with the napkin still clutched in her right hand, steadying herself on the door opening and the armrest. She then proceeded to spread her legs and urinate right there in the parking lot, sighing slightly with her eyes closed as a steady stream of piss began to flow from her gaping snatch.

The courtesy light in the door illuminated Jenny's crotch very nicely. It was then that I discovered that her pussy was actually partially shaven and the neatly trimmed patch of hair on the lower most part of her abdomen only served as garnish for her otherwise baby smooth snatch.

"What's wrong honey, haven't you ever seen a women piss before?" she asked folding the napkin with her right hand.

I quietly smiled as the urine continued to trickle from her gaping twat.

"You're something else." I told her with a chuckle and a smile.

"Does watching me pee turn you on?" she teased emphatically.

I was almost hypnotized by the time the last drop dribbled to the ground. As perverse as it may sound, it was indeed very exciting in a primal sort of way. She wiped herself nonchalantly with the napkin and tossed it to the ground. After doing so she stood up and wiggled as she pulled her thin cotton dress back down over her sexy ass then climbed into the car.

"O.K., let's go." she said checking her makeup in the vanity mirror.

Jenny then kicked off her high heels and freshened up her lipstick.

I had just pulled from the parking lot and began the forty-minute drive to my home when jenny undid her seatbelt and turned to face me. She hoisted her dress up over her hips leaned back against the passenger's door, and lifted her left leg up onto the seat beside me, wiggling her painted toes underneath my ass. She then put her right foot on the floor. Her legs were spread wide and her partially shaven pussy was now in plain sight. I watched attentively as she swabbed her pink fleshy folds with a disposable feminine wipe that she had also pulled from her purse.

"There!" she giggled, "Good as new!" as she wadded the wipe and tossed it over her shoulder, through the open window and out onto the street.

I softly rubbed the inside of her well-toned thigh as I worked my hand slowly towards her twat. Soon my fingers were rubbing the darkened edges of her moist meaty pussy lips. Her mound was soft and swollen and her opening was wet and inviting. I pushed my middle finger up across her clit, pushing it hard against her pelvic bone and moving it from side to side. She moaned with approval and spread her legs even further apart.

Just as we reached the outskirts of the city, Jenny pulled the top of her dress down far enough to release her firm round breasts. Jenny's naturally dark complexion was nicely accented by the lighter beige triangles created by her bikini that symmetrically framed her nipples and the most tender portions of her crotch and ass. I eased one then two fingers inside Jenny's rapidly moistening snatch. Soon my fingers were gliding in and out of her hungry twat. Her dark nipples hardened as my fingers slid further and further into her hot wet socket.

Once I managed to get two fingers buried inside her hole I started massaging her clit with my thumb. Her legs twitched and her mouth fell open. She reached over with her right hand and pulled back the shiny wet fleshy hood that concealed her tender love button. Her clit was the size of a tic-tac and just as hard. Before we were half way home Jenny was squeezing her own nipples and violently humping my probing wet fingers. Jenny's orgasm was building when I pulled my hand from her soggy crotch and placed it back onto the steering wheel.

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