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Tied Up Wifey


author's note: As denoted by the category, this IS a loving wives story, and so the wife will be having sex with someone other than her husband. If this is something that you don't like to read, I would suggest trying a different story. I hope you enjoy.


"Hello???? Anyone here???" Jack called into the apparently empty house, frowning. Taking a step inside he wondered what on earth was going on... his friend's wife Carol had called him up and asked him if he could come over and help her with something. Now he was at Carol and Robert's house and no one seemed to be there. Closing the front door he wandered through the rooms, finally going upstairs and peeking in the rooms there. "Hello???????"

When he walked into Carol and Robert's bedroom he thought his heart would stop... there was Carol, lied out naked on the bed and tied down to the bedposts with ropes around her ankles and wrists, completely spread eagled.

"Hello handsome," she purred, somehow managing to look completely confident despite the fact that she was tied up and naked. Very naked. And very beautiful, he'd never seen her naked before (although he had to admit he'd thought about it before) and she was gorgeous. Looking dumbfounded at her body he realized that he was rock hard, surprised into action.

"Ca-Ca- Carol..." he stammered, "What are you doing?"

She batted her eyes at him, "You told me and Robert that you'd be our sperm donor remember? So come over here and donate some sperm..."

"What?" he gasped, his head was buzzing, and he had the most intense urge to go over and do exactly what she was suggesting... but he didn't think this was the way that they had meant him to help them get pregnant. Didn't most people just go down to a bank? "Carol, I don't think this is the way Robert intended..."

"Oh," she scoffed, "I told him what I planned to do, he's ok with it. I pointed out that this was a much more fun way of getting the sperm... plus, we've both always talked about doing something like this."

Jack felt a little faint, clearing his throat he asked, "And what's with the ropes?"

"That's just how I like it," she grinned at him, "Haven't you ever tried bondage? It's fun... and you definitely seem to be turned on by it." Jack blushed as she nodded at the bulge in his groin, knowing that she was right.

Still, he hesitated, "Are you sure that Robert won't mind?"

"Jack, he already knows. Who do you think tied me up before leaving for work? And he was here when I called you." She raised her eyebrows at him.

"Oh..." well, that made sense. It would have been rather hard for her to tie herself like that, that was for sure.

"Besides," she grinned, "We installed a new security system, so he can actually watch us later... he's pretty excited about this."

Suddenly Jack felt a little angry, "Hey, didn't you guys want to bother asking ME about this? I mean, find out how comfortable I am fucking my friend's wife? And having you guys TAPE it? I didn't have a problem being a sperm donor, but don't you think you should've consulted me about this?"

"Hey Jack," Carol looked kind of surprised and apologetic, "I'm sorry... we just thought it would be fun this way... honestly, after you made those comments to Robert last New Years we thought it wouldn't be much of a problem."

Blushing, Jack couldn't look her in the eyes as he remembered the drunkenly lewd comments he'd made to Robert about Carol... he'd hoped that they'd all forgotten about that. Apparently not. Looking at her spread naked body, his mind turned over. Fuck it all, this is what they wanted, he'd always been attracted to Carol, and what did he care if Robert wanted to watch later? He started stripping.

Carol cooed at him from her position on the bed, eyes big and happy as she watched him undress; wiggling a little as he started towards her, fisting his dick in front of him. Jumping onto the bed he crouched over her and stared sucking roughly on her nipples, biting down on them. Hell, she wanted to be tied up and fucked, he was going to do it his way - hard and rough. The realization that she was also probably going to get pregnant during this just turned him on even more; how often did you get the chance to impregnate your friend's gorgeous wife by actually fucking her? Moaning, she moved her hips underneath him, and he realized that he rather liked her vulnerable position, liked having her body spread out for him.

His teeth dug into her breasts, leaving red marks on her flesh and making her nipples raw and sore; she just moaned louder. For the first time he kissed her, his tongue pressing deep into her mouth and his lips rough on hers; she just opened wide and submitted to his invasion. The sense of power he was getting was immense. Using one hand to hold him up, he used the other to press the head of his dick at her pussy entrance. This was the point of no return... with one hard shove he slammed into her body and she wailed into his mouth at the suddenness of his brutal thrust. Pulling out most of the way he slammed back in and started fucking her hard, taking advantage of her vulnerable position to fuck her as hard as he wanted.

One hand gripped a tender breast hard, the bitten flesh spilling out from between his fingers as he continued to kiss her deeply; pumping in and out of her wet pussy. Carol really did like it rough, she was gasping and moaning beneath him, her hips moving in rhythm with his despite the callousness of his fucking. Although he cared about her, as a friend, and found her incredibly attractive, he also knew this was just a fuck to get her pregnant; and part of him was still somewhat angry about that. So he just took his own pleasure, wallowing in her body on her marriage bed, taking her body for his own just for the moment.

Moving his mouth to the side of her neck he sucked hard, biting down and gnawing on her; Carol shivered underneath him and was finally able to let out the cries that had been muffled by his kiss, "OH GOD! OH GOD JACK! FUCK ME!!!!! FUCK YOUR FRIEND'S WIFE!!!!! FUCK ME HARD!!! GIVE ME THAT BEAUTIFUL COCK!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!"

Her voice got higher and higher, ending in a scream as she started to cum, convulsing underneath him. With a few brutal thrusts he buried himself as deeply as he could into her pussy, sending spurt after spurt of cum into her fertile pussy. Gasping, he collapsed on top of her, she was still shaking underneath him, moaning softly.

"Damn that was good," he breathed into her ear, holding her ravaged body close. Looking down at her pale body, the marks on her breasts and the bright hickey he'd left on her neck, he felt a little ashamed of himself.

"Yes it was," her eyes were glowing, and he was glad to see that there wasn't any anger or anything in it.

Still he felt very uncomfortable... after all, he was still inside her, "I'd better untie you and get going."

"Ok," she smiled reassuringly at him. After he untied the ropes she went up on tiptoes and kissed him deeply, "Thank you."

"Anytime..." he said automatically, and then blushed. Carol just laughed and waved him out the door.

As soon as the front door closed her husband came bursting out of the closet, hard dick in hand. Immediately she knelt in front of him, taking over jerking off his dick with her own hand; in only a matter of seconds he was spraying her face and bitten breasts with his cum. Smiling happily up at him, his wife whispered, "We're going to have a baby."

Kneeling down in front of her so that they were on level he smiled, glad that she was happy. Not only had they fulfilled one of their mutual fantasies, but she was going to get something she'd always wanted. He'd known a long time ago that he'd never be able to have children, and so when they'd gotten married they'd agreed that they'd use a sperm donor... it was only later that they'd discussed sexual fantasies in which Carol had sex with another man. There were other fantasies of course, some of which they'd already fulfilled, but today was kind of a two for one.

"Yes we are," he said smiling, and kissed her deeply as tears of happiness sparked her eyes.


Nine months later Jack held Robert's hand in the delivery room as Carol delivered a beautiful baby girl, whom they named Jacqueline in honor of her birth father.

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