The company I work for flew me to corporate for another course, something about sexual harassment, correcting my attitude and crap like that. Apparently, I had been over heard once again making some candid off colour remarks about some little skank running around the office in a short skirt that best could be described as a hot pussy in a belt. She would always be bending over a lot, flashing and flirting. Either wearing a t-back or nothing at all. All I basically said was "that little slut just looking to get punished fucked" or something like that. Anyway so here I am on this multi-day intensive anti-sexual harassment punishment course, blah, blah, blah....

I checked in at the hotel, went to my room and unpacked. Had nothing to do, so I went to the hotel bar which didn't look any more interesting. I knew a peeler bar near by so I ended up spending the evening there. A few drinks, a couple of very interesting lap dances, but nothing that eased any tension, if you know what I mean. I didn't dip my company pen in non-company ink; not that it wasn't offered. I'm so glad this is on expense account. It got late so I returned to the hotel, scoped out the hotel bar again, had a quick nightcap then decided just to go to sleep.

The next morning, in the hotel lobby, I thought I recognized a face. I walked over to confirm who it was. It was Tiffany, Tiffany Tice. She works at the same office I do, but in a different department, finance I think. I work in Engineering. We started about the same time and there was always something there, but nothing seemed to develop. I'd see her around in the hall every once in a while and always stopped to chat with her. She'd smile and kind of flirt a lot with her eyes at me. Tiffany is about 5-4, with full shoulder length auburn hair, a nice body and legs to match. She always gave me a bone just to think of her. It took me a little while to realize she kind of reminded me of Daphne from Scooby-Doo. Daphne had a nice rack and so did Tiffany. I estimate 35 C's.

Anyway it seemed she too was on course (albeit a different one than I) to review corporate financial policy on something or rather. I lost interest. I asked, "If you're alone, would you like to meet for drinks and dinner tonight?" I knew she was married. She responded, "Yes that would be great. I would like that and will meet you in the hotel bar."

The day dragged on, and I really wasn't listening to the instructor yak. I looked around the room and noticed neither were the ten other guys in this course. I even noted one or three in the room who were at the same strip bar I was at last night. One for sure who went back with one of the lap dancers for a private dance. Knowing that place, I know his tension was released in one of the dancer's well oiled holes.

The day couldn't end soon enough. Some of the guys wanted to meet for dinner and drinks later, but I declined. I got back to the hotel. Showered, shaved and changed into some business casual stuff. Went down to the bar around 6, looked around for Tiffany but didn't see her. The place was a little packed and the only room was near the end of the bar beside the wall. One stool left which I took. Ordered a single malt neat and waited. Next thing I felt was tapped on the shoulder. I turned around and saw Tiffany. "I was on the other side of the bar." She said. "I saw you come in, look around but you didn't see me wave."

"Yeah, it's a bit packed." I responded. "Take my seat.

I rose and offered her the seat, which she took. The Barkeep took her drink order, Vodka Martini. Then I noticed what she was wearing, a very nice business suit with a fitted skirt. Under the jacket instead of a blouse was a dark silk camisole with lace trim. As she sat, the skirt rose to about 8 inches above her knees. She wore dark stockings and 5 inch high strappy sandals to finish her ensemble. You know the hot looking executive outfit advertising the do-anything attitude to get ahead. Give head more likely.

With my back towards the wall, we sipped our drinks and talked about the day (I of course avoided telling her the real reason why I was on there and said I was at meetings). All the while, we were "eye flirting" with each other. Tiffany kept up her end of the conversation, smiled, flirted and every so often would place her hand on my arm or hand as if to accentuate something. All classic moves as part of the game. I began to notice she would cross and re-cross her legs more often. Each time, the hem of her skirt would inch up slightly exposing more and more leg. It finally inched up high enough to expose the fact she was wearing garters with her stocking. I thought "great stocking rather than the dreaded panty hose." The white suspenders contrasted the dark stockings and started to make my groin stir slightly.

I looked up to say something to Tiff again but she had caught me staring at her exposure and gave me a sly smile. This was a good sign. "Nice view?" she said.

"Huh? Sorry what did you say?" I stuttered out.

"Your room, does it have a nice view?"

"Not as nice as the one here." I said looking at her legs.

Tiff averted her eyes, smiled and continued to re-cross her legs driving the seam even higher. High enough to let me view her matching white silk with lace panties.

I leaned towards her feinting to whisper something into her ear, slipped my left hand under her jacket and moved it towards her right breast. As I cupped her tit, I thumbed her nipple and I whispered how hot she looked. Definitely different than the normal attire I saw her in at home office. As I nibbled on her ear, I could hear her moan slightly.

As I continued to discretely play with her nipple, Tiffany snuck a hand down to my crotch to find me sporting an erection. Tiff gave it a few strokes through my Dockers checking out the length and girth. I moved my hand from under her jacket to her legs then moved it up slowly under her skirt towards her vee. She uncrossed and spread her legs a bit to allow me easier access. She made an almost inaudible moan as I reached her pussy and stroked her lips through her panties. I started to feel a little wetness soaking through the silk material.

Crap. A couple of the guys from my class noticed me at the bar and were coming over. We quickly removed our hands as not to be caught. I brought my finger to my nose and inhaled her fragrance, then licked my finger to savour her liquid. Tiffany smiled as she pulled her hem down just enough to hide her suspender clips.

"Tiff, these are some of the guys from the same meeting I'm attending." I made sure to accentuate "meeting" hoping the guys would catch on. I introduced, "This is Tom, Bill and Scott. This is Tiffany. We work out of the same office." Tiff smile her beautiful smile and shook their hands. She looked directly into their eyes gave them that teasing look. Then she looked at me and gave me that "I'm only yours" look.

We all continued to make small talk as we had a couple of more drinks. I managed to steer the conversation away from any course material and the guys seemed to catch on and kept quiet. All the while, Tiffany would cross her legs and flash me, showing me her wet spot which had grown substantially.

"If you gentlemen will excuse me I need to go to the Ladies." Tiff suddenly announced.

Scott commented after she left, "Fuck she's hot. No wonder you didn't want to join us for dinner."

Tom agreed, "Yeah you bastard, where did you find her?"

Bill noted "Nice legs. I like the way she keeps flashing you. Better not say anything in tomorrow's class, not unless you want to get suspended or canned."

After what seemed like a long while, Tiffany returned and took her seat again. Crossed her legs to flash me she had removed her panties. In that brief glimpse, I could make every detail of her lips and clit. They were puffy, wet and slick. Her eyes told me it was because of me. My hardening cock told me I've got to fuck this girl.

"Did you gentlemen talk about me while I was gone?" she questioned. We looked at each other not really knowing what to say. "Well," she continued, "since I suspect you guys are probably cads and not gentlemen, I know you talked about me."

The guys recognized I wanted to get into Tiffany's panties (they didn't know she had already removed them). "Well" said Bill, "we need to go and prep for tomorrow so we'll leave you two alone."

"What the hell kind of made up sort of excuse was that?" I thought. "Er thanks. I said as they got up and left. They also left me with the bill, those bastards.

After they were gone, Tiffany opened her little purse and pulled out something. "I've got a gift for you." She placed it in my hand. It was soaking wet. I looked and realized they were her panties, thongs actually. I brought them to my nose and confirmed they were soaked with pussy juice, her pussy juice. She whispered to me "When I went to the bathroom, I was so horny that I had to masturbate in the ladies. I just pulled up my skirt and fingered myself through my panties. They got so wet when I came, I had to remove them.""

I commented "I not really hungry...for food." She agreed "Let's go to my room for 'room service'." I paid the bill, and left Tiff's wet thong on the bar with the cash. I was sporting a raging hard on so I had Tiffany lead the way to help hide my massive tenting. We entered the elevator and pushed the floor button. Before the doors even closed, I started sucking on Tiffany's face. I grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up around her hips to get access to her pussy. She spread her legs a bit as I fingered her cunt lips and clit. She was soaked. "Fuck I'm sooo horny. I can hardly wait to feel your cock inside me." Her hands slipped down desperately trying to find my zipper. She managed to pull down my fly and pull out my cock. I thought "Well no misunderstanding her intensions anyway."

As we reached her floor, she didn't fix her skirt, leaving her pussy and ass exposed. I continued to manipulate her clit as she begged me not to stop. Walking was a bit difficult and slow. The chance of being seen was immense making it even a hotter scenario.

We reached her door and carded in. We sucked face against the open door. She kneeled until her mouth was even with my raging hard on, then in one go, engulfed the entire length. I could feel her nose pressing against my pubic hair as her tongue licked my balls. She bobbed her head back and forth, pulling my ass with her hands trying to force more cock in her mouth. I could feel the head of my cock go down her throat.

Only then did I notice two male Japanese tourists in the hallway taking pictures of us. I nudged Tiffany into the room still sucking away. I closed the door as our observers gave me the thumbs up sign.

The feeling of her mouth was incredible. And while I wanted it to last a long time, I knew I wouldn't. I had to push Tiffany off my cock. She fell to the floor, looking up at me with a mock hurt feeling look, then smiled seductively.

"I'll get us a couple of drinks." I took a seat on the chesterfield as she got up and went to the bar fridge and got us a couple of mini bottles of vodka. With one bottle in each hand, she walked over to me, shimmied up her skirt which had slipped down a bit and mounted me. She closed her eyes as she bit her lower lip and squirmed around back and forth until my knob was in just the right position to enter her. Her opening was so wet; my dick just slid into her cunt up to the hilt without any effort. She opened her mouth "Aah!" she moaned as she grounded her hips down.

Tiff handed me a bottle, we cheered, shot the bottles and threw them across the room. Fortunately plastic doesn't shatter. She continued to ride me as if it was her only priority. It didn't take her too long before she came, and came hard. I could feel my cock being soaked by her juice. I swear there was a small pool of female cum juice on the couch as we both got up to move to the bed.

I finished stripping off but made her remained dressed. It's often hotter fucking a pussy sexy clothed than a totally naked. She knelt on all fours on the bed, her pussy dripping and waiting. Standing behind, I drove my steel rod into her, pumping it in and out. As wet as she was, Tiff was incredibly tight. I'm not sure the last time her husband fucked her, but it couldn't have been for a while. She was so fucking horny it took only a few minutes of hard fucking before she came again. And while I was close, I still hadn't come yet.

I sat on the edge of the bed as she mounted my again. "I loved having your cock up my cunt." I started removing her suit, only leaving her in her stocking, garters and CFM's.

I asked her "When was the last time your husband fucked you?" She just said "I'm always so fucking horny. I need a fat cock like yours to satisfy me. He just can't do it." With that, she started thrusting her hips up and down, moaning and groaning. "Keep fucking me harder and deeper you bastard!" She grunted. "I want to come again!"

Without leaving the tightness of her cunt, I lifted her up and flipped her onto the bed, then continued to fuck her in earnest. I needed to come. I realized I wasn't wearing a cap, and I really didn't care whether she was fertile or not I was going to shoot my load into her. I screamed "I going to cum!!" She screamed back "Fuck me! Come on! Pump me hard! Fill me with your seed!!"

I hadn't come this hard in a long time. "I'm cumming!!!!" I must have shot 5 or 6 huge wads deep inside her. All of a sudden, the huge surge of wet female cum squirted between us.

As I withdrew, I noted how soaked with pussy cum I was. Tiff was exhausted, moaning, laying on the bed, legs spread with cum starting to leak out of her cunt and dribbling down to her ass crack.

I could now hear a shuffling noise coming from the closet which I now notice was open. I ordered whoever was in there to come out. It was some wienie naked guy, head down and unable to look me in the eye. Tiff begged me :Don't hurt him. It's Jeff, my husband."

I looked between Jeff's legs and noted this thing that looked like a cigarette. No longer than 2 ½ inches long, no thicker than a carpenter's pencil....stiff. He snuck a stare between Tiff's legs and watched my jizz still dripping out of her cunt. His "dick" started jumping up and down on its own then he suddenly shuddered and this white stuff (I assume his cum), barely a couple of drops appeared and dripped on his leg. He then looked down at his feet again.

I told Jeff to just stand there and not move, before I turned to Tiff. "What the fuck is gong on?"

She began to tell me "Jeff and I were both virgins when they were married. When we tired to consummate our marriage, he could even break her hymen let alone get me to come. When we tried to fuck, I could barely feel anything."

She continued, "I was so tired of unfulfillment, I started using dildos and vibrators, they took my cherry. His only sexual satisfaction was to watch me masturbate, but I wouldn't let him masturbate while he watched me so he learned to cum without touching himself. I got so disgusted, I wouldn't even suck him off or allow him try and enter me.

Tiff continued to explain over the few years they were married and as she played and explored herself, she learned she was a squirter. "I also realized I needed a real cock. A big cock. Certainly bigger than tiny wiennie there. So when you asked me for drinks and dinner, I decided tonight was the night. I never said I was alone, only agreed to meet with you. When I grabbed your cock in the bar, I knew how big it was and I wanted it. I told Jeff what I was planning to do and that he could either find some place to wait or hide in the closet. I didn't give a shit. I guess he chose the closet.

I stood there for a minute, trying to digest what I just did and heard. Looked at Tiff, then at Jeff, then back at Tiff. She looked towards the floor, so ashamed to have to admit her tale. She looked upwards into my eyes with that "begging for forgiveness" look.

Finally I spoke. "We will continue to have sex whenever, wherever and whatever I want it. Even if it is at the office. No complaints. No arguments. Otherwise I report you to HR and your ass is grass."

Tiff broke a smile and nodded with agreement. Jeff started to say something "I'm not so sure I..."

"Shut up small dick!" I cut him off. "This has nothing to do with you. You will continue to support Tifffany until she no longer has any other use for you. If you complain, I'll let everyone at your office know what a dickless shit you are. Do you understand!" It was a command more than a question.

Jeff just stood there, eyes downward, only able to nod his head in agreement.

I moved in front of Tiff. "Suck me hard, I want to fuck you again." Without one word of argument, Tiff opened her mouth and started to suck me again. I looked at Jeff. He had already started to get hard again. "Turn around. Face the other way." I ordered him. "Just stand there and listen how your wife enjoys real cock." as Tiffany continued to moan and suck me as if it were her god. I fucked her a number of times that night all the while making Jeff stand there.

Back at the office, I instructed her to only wear skirts, nylons with garter or stayups. Panties were optional seeing I was planning to rip them off anyway. I'd fuck her in the guy's can, the file room, or wherever I could think of. I had her suck me off in my office or in my car in the parking lot. Sometimes I would just bend her over the hood and fuck her in the open. I would make her play with herself at her desk or in my office where I could watch.

At her home or when we went out, she was to only wear slut cloths if any at all. Wherever we went, I make Jeff follow and watch. I also made him pay Tiff and my "date" bills since I considered fucking his wife work. I made him stand and listen whenever Tiff and I had sex, but never let him watch.

Not once did either complain or argue about this arrangement, but I was starting to get tire of this relationship. What could I do next?

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