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Tiffany Fallon and Cara Zavaleta


Tiffany Fallon and Cara Zavaleta sat in the kitchen alcove sharing a pot of tea and finishing off the croissants Cara had picked up at the coffee shop. It was a lazy Sunday morning. Both slept late and neither had completely woken up yet. They stretched and yawned, wiping the sleep out of their eyes. Playboy had put them up in this luxury apartment because the mansion was being renovated; both girls liked it this way because they had privacy and less of a certain publisher's Viagra induced lust.

Cara listened intently as her roommate detailed the night before. Tiffany had spent it with her boyfriend Greg. Cara lived vicariously through her roommate's adventures. Being Miss November kept her busy even though her pictorial wasn't going to be released for another few weeks; her fame from her MTV days made her interesting to the press. Cara already immersed in interviews and personal appearances so the gorgeous young girl rarely had time to date. She took a lot of pride in her appearance, jogging regularly and making herself look good. She was naturally beautiful; short bobbed brown hair that accentuated her tan skin and a petite frame she kept tight and lean. Her breasts were small teardrops compared to Tiffany's bosoms. She never thought of herself as beautiful though she was definitely attractive.

Miss December lazily wiped butter on the fresh rolls. Even though they had been done in February the release of her shots was almost two months away so she could be lazy about everything. "Anyway, that's how it always is with him. I get him going, or he gets that way himself and there's no stopping him. Even if I fight it's no use. He gets his way and it's all I can do to not just give in every time."

Cara gaped, always fascinated by the sex lives of Tiffany and her lover. They had been seeing each other for a few months and she learned soon after of his nature. Sexually, she found out, he was uncontrollable. At 33 he was a few years older than Tiffany and when he became excited he was a completely different person. Most times he was friendly and polite. He was an intelligent man, funny and sweet. Tiffany once told her no man had ever treated her better. When he was turned on it was another matter completely. When he spent the night over the walls would shake from his exertions as he took her.

"But he's so quiet..." Cara mused.

Tiffany could only laugh, saying with her Southern accent, "and he is even quieter when he fucks me. He never says a word. He's loud, but it's only just grunts and growls." The older woman leaned toward her roommate and said in a quiet voice, almost whispering "He even bit me once, right on the shoulder. The mark stayed with me for the rest of the week." She coyly smiled. "I wore it like a badge and wore low cut blouses so people would notice."

They had a date planned for today she said, on this the only day they've had off together for the past three weeks. She expected him at his best: rough, forceful and take charge. and, Tiffany said, she was planning to make him even more wild.

Cara knew her roommate sensed her jealousy. Greg was a very good looking guy and she couldn't help but imagine what it would be like if she were in her shoes. Every night they had sex she would listen, silent and still, and try to picture what was taking place on the other side of the wall. He always came loudly and she could almost hear him breathe afterwards. She always masturbated furiously when they finished, pressing her face into the pillow so they wouldn't hear her and suspect her eavesdropping. That afternoon when he stopped by to pick her up, she planned to give him a good send off and help her roommate get him started.

When the doorbell rang Cara was ready. Her clothes were in the dryer and she was wearing her lycra sports bra and bikini bottoms. Greg faltered for a moment when he first saw her. "Uh..Hi Cara...is Tiffany home?

She smiled sweetly and ushered him in. "Of course, she's just upstairs getting ready." With that she turned and walked to the laundry room, bending over to open the dryer in full view of where he waited. She made a scene bending over but tried not to be too obvious. She had a great butt, tight but well rounded. All the guys she ever dated loved to look at it, some even said that's why they went out with her. She took pride in it and did her best to capture Greg's attention with it, slowly bobbing it up and down as she made a show of retrieving her clothes. Dropping the clothes into the basket, she stood on the ball of her left foot, pushing her cheek out. Looking over her shoulder she could see him looking at her intently. His hands were balled into fists at his sides. He watched her shamelessly, his eyes traveling up and down her small body.

Just then Tiffany bounded down the stairs, dressed in hiking boots, cargo shorts and a crisp white t shirt. Cara noticed she was without a bra. She leapt into his arms and pressed her lips against his hungrily. "God I've missed you," she said, one hands rubbing his ass.

"Going hiking?" Cara called out and Tiffany jumped, unaware of her watching them.

"That's right," she said, now noticing that the young girl was barely dressed. "Barley Flats." She raised an eyebrow at her and barely smiled. Cara noticed Greg staring openly at his girlfriend's breasts. Taking her by the hand he pulled her out the door and left without a word. Tiffany had just enough time to look back at her roommate and gave her a look, open mouthed and wide eyed, that let her know she was in for it.

Cara spent the rest of the day sunning herself. Later that evening, while laying in the tub, she brought herself to a screeching orgasm as she imagined Greg having his way with her roommate off the trail in the secluded woods of Barley Flats. She went to bed earlier than usual and drifted to sleep, satiated but lonely.

It was pitch black when she felt someone shake her awake. She could barely open her eyes but knew it was late, most likely the middle of the night. Tiffany stood by her bedside. Her tee shirt was damp with sweat and ribbed from the collar to her armpit. It was covered in dirt and dust and she could see her breasts hanging free beneath the fabric. The dirt, mixed with the dampness of her shirt, had turned to mud. Her hair was wild and some of it stuck to her forehead, plastered there by the sweat. Seeing her roommate stir, Tiffany could barely contain herself.

"Cara. Cara, you won't believe it! You've got to hear this!" She was bouncing up and down while Cara could barely sit up. Barely awake Cara sat up slowly and fumbled for the light. When she found it she gasped at the sight before her.

"My god Tif, what happened to you?"

She clenched her fist in front of her and smiled, "It was so fantastic, just what I was telling you about."

Her interest captured, Cara grasped her knees and sat up. "You didn't!"

Nodding slowly, she said "You better believe it! He was really out of control this time. I was doing all I could to bring it out of him but it's like it was the only thing on his mind since I came downstairs."

"I wore those little pink panties he told me he loved, though they're not really appropriate for an afternoon hike, and the shorts that show up my butt just right. I knew when I bent over he'd get a good look at my crack and when I sat down he got a good view of my thighs."

"We made it to the top of the peak so we got a great view of the whole area- it was a beautiful day. We were both sweating and breathing fairly heavily after jogging up so I got my bottled water and got a good drink, pouring it liberally over my face and neck so it ran down my chest, soaking my white tee shirt."

Cara gasped. "Wow Tif, there's lots of people there at this time of year."

"Of course there are. There's only one I'm interested in now though, and he's getting the best look of all of them. My shirt was almost completely see through and I started getting hard from the chilly water. Of course I acted like I had no clue. Greg couldn't keep his eyes off me. He got that look in his eyes like he can't speak, all he could do is just think of me. I knew it was starting."

"Acting oblivious I strolled right by him, pressuring him to continue the hike. He watched me go. As I made my way down the trail I heard him behind me so I bent down to examine a flower I said was pretty, pulling my cargo shorts halfway down my ass. He stopped then and just laid a hand on my lower back. It was so gentle, like the calm before the storm; I got wet immediately"

"I heard him rustling behind me and figured he was taking down his pants. I wanted so much to turn and look but I had to stay in character. He had to take me by surprise. Just then I felt him grab the waist of my shorts and yank. My shorts hit my ankles and a second later her grabbed my panties and yanked them off."

"He didn't!"

"He did! They're still laying there on the trail for all I know. I'm sure the ranger got a nice surprise."

They laughed to themselves before Tiffany continued; "He grabbed my asscheeks so hard it hurt. He knows how much I love being bent over and played with but I really doubt he gave a damn what I wanted just then. He just stood there staring at me then reached down and teased my pussy, as if he wanted to taunt me. I was really wet by then and I was making really embarrassing sounds. I wanted him to think I was too scared. All I could say was 'Please don't. that hurts.' He didn't care though, just rammed his cock right into me."

"I almost fell flat on my face. I had to grab onto the trunk of a tree to keep my balance. Still I kept up 'Don't do this. Stop it, please.' I doubt he even noticed me spreading my legs and pushing against him. Have you ever seen his cock?"

Cara shook her head, speechless.

"Of course you haven't. How could you? You should though, it's beautiful. It's just like him. Strong and well built though you'd never expect it. It's long too. I don't know the exact length- he'll never tell me- but it's much bigger than most guys. Thick too. I can't even get all my fingers around it. His cock head is so thick too. It's almost...arrogant. That's the best word for it. It's like it has its own personality. You can feel it as it pushes into you. You actually feel it spreading your insides apart."

"So he's got it deep inside me, just grabbing my ass and pulling me onto him. I'm loving it, it's everything I'd hoped for but I was still scared. I cried out, covering my moans with yells or resistance and he grabs my hair. He's buried in me to his balls and I feel him yank my hair back. This actually does hurt but not bad enough to make me want it to stop. Then he just growls at me- that's what it was, a growl- 'Shutup Tiffany, I need to get off and I love your little pussy. Just be quiet and let me use you'"

Cara's eyes grew wide at this.

"That's right, he actually said that! Can you believe it? It made my knees weak and I was afraid he'd see me coming right there. His hands were already underneath my shirt and he felt how hard my nipples had gotten. My breasts are really sensitive and between his groping, his fucking and the wet t shirt, I was surprised I could breath."

"Then he starts laying into me, you know how that is, when he is slamming into you so hard it hurts. You know you won't be able to walk easily the next day and your pussy will be sore but when it happens it feels sooooo good you never want it to stop. Meanwhile he's still yanking my hair with each thrust and pulling on my nipple with the other hand. My face is pressed into the bark of the tree and, I swear to god Cara, I've never felt anything like it. I felt so controlled, I felt conquered. It was heaven."

Her roommate beamed at her as she caught the euphoric look in her eyes.

"Then I did the only thing I could do. I didn't want to, I was so embarrassed but I couldn't help it. I was rolling through a deep orgasm I couldn't stop and knew I'd hit the ground as soon as he peaked and let go of me. My face was sore from the tree and my mouth was filled with dirt and bark. I couldn't think straight, I didn't know what to do. Then, as soon as my orgasm hit a higher climax I just opened my mouth and started wailing. It came so naturally I couldn't fight it. Tears started pouring down my face and I bawled like a baby."

"He must have got off on that because he came just then. Groaning, almost shouting at me, he pressed my sore ass against him so his nails dug into my cheeks. His balls slapped my clit, hurting me and I felt the surge rise up his shaft. One hands digging into my ass, the other pulling hair so my eyes faced the sun, he came into me. It seemed to last forever. He just gushed and gushed inside of me. It splashed painfully inside me and when he pulled out a moment later it dripped down the inside of my thigh."

"He let go of me then and just as I thought I dropped helpless to the forest floor. I curled up with my shorts still at my ankles and cried. I had never been so relieved in my life and didn't know how to handle the emotions. He laid next to me and I listened to his breathing slow. Later he rolled against me and held me to him. His cock, still half swollen, pressed into my ass cheeks. He held me as I calmed myself and the tears stopped."

"It was getting dark then and I knew we had to be getting back before we lost the trail. Kissing me behind the ear he whispered, 'Come on, sweet girl, we better head home.' Leaning against him, I stood and he pulled my pants up and wiped me off. Thankfully the dark kept my state hidden from him. I doubt I would be able to look him in the eye."

"It was amazing Cara, I held his hand the whole way back."

Cara repeated the story Tiffany told her over and over in her head. Pulling up her nightshirt, she stroked herself as she imagined her roommate's boyfriend taking her instead. She thought of being pushed on her back and him grabbing her ankles to force her legs open. She pictured his strong arms, his hands in her hair, how his cock would feel as it smacked against her small hips. She came several times, her fervent breathy and desperate moans the only sound in the dark room. She drifted to sleep soon after and did not wake until mid morning.

She sat at the kitchen table and poured herself a glass of orange juice. Her roommate stood at the counter, lazily wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"How'd ya sleep?"

They both broke into wide smiles. "Wonderfully," Tiffany responded. "You know that phrase, 'you'll regret it in the morning'? It's never been truer than right now. Man, am I sore!"

She joined her roommate at the table and began eating. The young beauty, Cara noticed her changing positions almost constantly and dreamt of Greg taking her as her roommate described earlier that morning. Since she'd begun doing appearences her schedule had been more than she imagined and she'd had to put off dating as a result. The only contact she had with men were reporters, radio personalities and photographers and the short conversations she had with Greg as he waited for Tiffany. She'd had an interest in him for some time now, something that she'd done all she could to hide from her roommate.

Cara couldn't explain why she felt that way. He was almost 10 years older than her. Sure he was attractive. He was tall, built squarely like a linebacker and far too conservative looking. His hair was short and well kept, his eyes were dark blue and but his hands...oh his hands...if there was one thing she'd never imagined exciting her, it was his hands. His hands were like the rest of him, wide, rough and plain. They were strong hands used to work. Many times she imagined his hands grabbing her, groping her breasts, grabbing her ass as she pulled away. When she closed her eyes she could feel the calluses of his palms abrading her skin.

Normally a very sexual person, her body was unaccustomed to the drought and she knew her nightly bouts of masturbation wouldn't suffice for long. Getting done by Greg became more and more of a reality the more she thought about it. She knew it had to happen, and she knew it wouldn't be difficult, the only problem was how it could without upsetting Tiffany.

Just then the phone rang and when Tiffany got up to answer it Cara noticed her lower her voice and walk into the living room to have her private conversation. Cara listened as well as she could but it was difficult to make out what they talked about.

"...No, I can't...sweetie...just yesterday...please...some other time?...it hurts...no more...not right now...no...I'm sorry..."

When she hung up the phone she returned to her bowl of Corn Flakes quietly. Cara studied her, hoping she would speak but she said nothing. When she asked if it was Greg, Tiffany could only shake her head.

"He wants to see me today but I'm really not up to it. He wore me out yesterday and I didn't get enough sleep last night."

"So just tell him to screw off, you'll see him when you can."

Tiffany only shook her head, unable to look her in the eyes. "It's not like that, Greg does what he wants, remember? If I don't let him he'll get really upset."

"So let him get upset," Cara added, growing angry herself. "It will do him some good to go without once in a while."

Tiffany finished her cereal silently and got up from the table, ending the conversation.

A little later in the afternoon Greg arrived. Cara was wearing a black miniskirt and stockings with only a bra on top as if she was caught getting dressed. Greg couldn't help but ogle when she swung the door open.

"Here to see Tiffany?"

After further prompting he could only nod, unwilling to take his eyes off her chest.

She smiled at him evilly, "Well I'm sorry Greg but she's taking a nap. Kind of worn out you know?"

He stood in the doorway, hands in his pockets like a child.

"Why don't you come in and wait for her. She should be awake soon."

He sat in the overstuffed easy chair in the living room, a piece of furniture Tiffany and Cara had always referred to as "the Throne". He reclined in the comfortable chair and put his feet up on the ottoman. Cara got a glass of ice water and stood in the doorway, pressing it against her bra as she watched him. The chill of the glass perked up nipples and formed a damp patch on the black lace. She shivered slightly and rolled a nipple between her fingers as she cooled the other.

Taking a deep breath she steeled herself and walked to the side of the chair. "Thought you might like this," she said bending over to offer Greg the drink. He looked up at her and hesitated for a moment as he got a perfect view of her small, rounded breasts. He had fantasized about Cara many times, even imagined it was her he drilled as he bent Tiffany over and slid into her pussy. The two were so different, one the older, a cynical and glamorous model, with a lush toned body and beautiful full tits. The other small and compact, athletic and tan, with a soft voice and cute, firm breasts.

She stood watching him, one foot behind the other, the tip of her finger in her mouth as he drank.

"You know Greg, we've never talked." He looked up from his glass. "I mean, all you do is come over here to pick up Tiffany, give her a royal screwing till she can barely stand, drop her off and go home. You never stay and chat."

He fumbled over a response. She waited, letting him sweat it out. "It's ok, every girl needs to get laid now and then, even if she'd never admit it." She sat next to him on the armrest and casually laid a palm on his pectorals, casually caressing him. "You have an amazing chest. It's so well built. How do you get it like that?"

He was looking straight at her now, at her short skirt riding up her freshly smoothed legs...the tiny fold her skirt made when her legs crossed...he never noticed how fresh and warm she smelled..."Um...I go to the gym a lot..uh...pushups and things..."

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