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Tiffany Fallon, PMOY 2005


Tiffany Fallon had a strategy and it worked; she decided to be Playmate of the Year and she campaigned hard for the job. She mentioned it in every interview she did and she mentioned it every time she was with the publisher. Now here she was at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica at a news conference to announce her video centerfold as 2005 Playmate of the Year.

She looked gorgeous dressed in a teal blue dress with a halter top that displayed her full firm round breasts. Her soft shoulders and most of her creamy chest were exposed. It gathered tightly at the waist to highlight her wide hips and plump derriere. Her lips were bright red and pouty but right now she was nervously nibbling at her bottom lip scanning the audience. She was looking for her ex-boyfriend Greg.

Greg was a good looking, well built guy, kind of shy actually; but once he got aroused he turned into a completely uncontrollable animal. And Tiffany Fallon always kept him aroused. But on their last date he assaulted her in the women's room of one of the most exclusive restaurants in Hollywood, she had a half dozen fantastic climaxes and a half dozen mammoth hickies and bruises all over her neck and shoulders. The next day Playboy demanded she dump him. She was living at the mansion now and had changed her cell number but somehow he managed to call her a few days ago.

A chill had gone down her spine when she heard his voice; she was definitely afraid to face his wrath but a familiar tingling started up between her legs and her nipples had immediately become erect. So she decided to meet him here at the conference; with a lot of handlers and security around she felt pretty safe, but even now as she sat on the stage during the conference and listened to the droning speeches all she could think about were his strong hands gripping her arms as she struggled and the explosion of his months of pent-up frustration.

As the event came to an end she scanned the room one more time. He wasn't there. Tiffany's brow furrowed sexily as her confused emotions overwhelmed her; on the one hand she was relieved; on the other hand, she still had this itch in her pussy that only he could scratch.

The reporters and audience were leaving the ballroom and the Playboy personnel were gathered in little circles talking and exchanging greetings. Tiffany was alone for a moment standing in front of a giant display of the cover of her video centerfold. Suddenly she felt a firm hand grip her shoulder and draw her behind the panel.

There he was. He had a hangdog expression on his face but his fingers were digging into the toned muscles of her shoulder.

"Hi, Greg," Tiffany managed to stutter nervously. She realized no one could see them here.

"Hi, Tif," he muttered, barely looking up from the floor. "You looked good out there."

"Um, Greg, I've got to get back to my friends. Maybe this is not a good time to talk." But even as she spoke she felt herself melting towards him.

"I thought we'd go for a ride." He still had not loosened his firm hold on her. Tiffany felt them moving slowly towards an exit. Already she moved as if in a trance. It barely registered when he pushed the bar on the exit door and pulled her along.

In a matter of seconds they were outside. Tiffany gasped and froze when she saw his van parked right there. She'd been in that van before she knew that she'd really be in for it if he got her in there now. She tried to twist her shoulder to turn away but he held tight.

"Greg, baby, it's really good to see you; why don't we go back inside for a drink?"

"You look nice," he said still gripping her arm. She watched his eyes as they stayed glued to her chest. She shivered under his gaze; his concentrated focus on her body always gave her pleasure and she could see the passion boiling inside his skull. He looked dangerous in a sexy way.

Without meaning to she felt her lips part and her tongue dart out. Her mouth found his and his tongue dove in, running franticly over her teeth and twirling almost to the back of her throat. He put his firm hands on her waist as they kissed and Tiffany almost swooned in his arms; she bent her head back, her black hair becoming undone as it slid down her shoulders . She followed his gaze as he looked down her dress at her firmly packed breasts.

A familiar stirring tickled her thighs and she could feel him getting aroused. Breaking the kiss and tossing away her reverie with a shake of her thick mane of black hair she tried to push his arms off her hips. "It's good to see you Greg; maybe I can introduce you to the magazine people?" Greg ignored her words and kept moving her towards the van. With each step forward he took she stepped back.

"Greg," she pleaded as he backed her towards his vehicle, "I need to get back. I can't go with you now; look, we'll talk later. I'm real busy right now. They're probably looking for me now."

But she heard the sharp metallic snap of the back door of the van opening; it sounded like the gates of doom. "I really missed you, Tif," he mumbled softly. She trembled as he squeezed her plump hips and effortlessly lifted her up and pushed her into the back of the van. Her legs fluttered with little kicks like a dancer in a ballet and she let out a tiny yelp of surprise.

By now her heart was pounding thinking about what she was in for. He only used the van for one thing and she knew that she was really going to get it now. Something deep and primal stirred inside her as images of the many times he ravaged her here already filled her brain.

Now fear and excitement crashed through her. She was trapped. She scrambled over the bare mattresses he had on the floor and stood in the corner with her arms protectively covering her breasts and thighs. Her eyes were dark pools glistening in the dim light of the van. Her black hair was already wild and disheveled. Little beads of anxious perspiration gleamed on her face and across her delicious chest.

Greg slowly climbed in and slammed the door behind him. The loud noise echoed in their ears as they looked at each other.

"Greg, please," Tiffany begged as he lumbered towards her.

"I really missed you, Tif; I missed balling with you," he said slowly opening and closing his massive hands.

"OK, listen -- Just let me get this dress off; don't rip the..." Suddenly he grabbed one strap of the halter and pulled it. Her right breast flew out but she used one hand to hold the fabric up as she ran to get away from him.

Now they circled around dim interior of the van, never taking their eyes off each other. Except for snatching out at the dress Greg's moves were all in slow motion. Tiffany watched him closely as she backed away, trying to keep out of reach of his arms. This was a dance they've done before. They both could hear Tiffany's heart pounding and her quick breathing; she took rapid, nervous steps, struggling to stay up on her spiked heels as they slipped on the metal floor. In contrast he was silent and deliberate, focused and patient; he moved around like a hulking predator. He had a slight smile on his face now enjoying the chase; he too could recall other encounters in this van with Tiffany, the way she kicked on the metal floor, the way her pleading screams reverberated in the small space. He could be patient now, knowing she wasn't going anywhere.

They both knew exactly where this was going; Tiffany licked her lips even as her eyes widened with panic. She could already imagine the silk being torn off her body and she quivered with anticipation. She was sweating heavily now and she could sense a familiar animal musk from him. She kept moving away as she saw his eyes seeming to gobble up her flesh as he got more aroused.

He feigned a leap to the left and she jumped back in response tripping over a mattress. He moved fast to catch her and bent with her to lower her onto the floor.

Tiffany kicked so hard that one shoe flew off bouncing on the roof and then dropping the floor. It hit the metal floor with a dull thud. Even though she knew she was caught her hands scratched out it him but he grabbed her wrists and held her arms over her head.

Tiffany's hair was totally disheveled and flew across his face as she twisted her head back and forth. The skirt rode up her thighs as she kicked and bucked, thrusting her hips up and down in an effort to squirm away. One nipple was already out and the other was barely covered.

Taking his time Greg stretched his body along side of hers. He kept his secure grasp on her wrists and pressed his loins into her writhing body. She was kicking and twisting against him and knowing this would only get him more worked up.

Greg managed to get both her wrists under one of his hands. The other went to the top of the dress and all it took was one sharp yank to pull the whole thing off. The silk tore away from her struggling body with a shrieking slash as the shreds flew over his shoulders.

Tiffany was shaking. She knew that if she screamed she would have help in a matter of seconds yet she clamped her mouth shut, pressing her lips so tightly that they were white. Her eyes goggled as she saw the lust twisting Greg's face into a vengeful sneer. Yet he also sensed that he needed to be quiet. The pounding of her heart and her low desperate moaning mixing with the soft sounds of her struggle drilled into his brain. He glared at her nipples pointing straight up at him. Still holding her hands over her head he grabbed her breast and chomped down on the top of it swallowing as much as he could; immediately his tongue began to beat the erect nipple.

Tiffany pushed her chest into him and shook even more; his teeth were digging into her flesh as he sucked her up into his mouth. He shook uncontrollably too as he tried to control his animal rage. She sensed he was past the point of restraint and all she could do now was deal with it. She crossed her legs and locked her ankles protectively.

He was working over both breasts now, sucking one then the other brutally. Each nipple was now red and glowing with pain and his saliva. Greg looked down her torso; he could barely see her shaved pussy because her legs were so tightly locked. He snorted almost in disgust at her puny effort and went back to work on her tender breasts.

While he was assaulting her chest he threw one of his legs over hers and pushed his foot between her ankles. Their legs wrestled together in the eerie silence filling the van; they struggled but the beautiful girl was slowly yielding. Greg looked down at her with a sneer as she pleaded with her eyes. Even as he unlocked her legs with his foot he was using his other hand to get his pants open.

Greg's leg was now pushing hers apart. She felt her legs spreading as he used his as a lever. His pants were around his knees His cock was in his hand like a weapon, a steel girder pointing at her. He brusquely shoved her legs wider apart and now he was kneeling between her legs as they kicked up and down on the mattress.

Tiffany let out a small peep as he pressed the tip of his thick monster on the lips of her swollen pussy. He released her hand and covered her mouth, hissing at her. "Just be quiet! You know what you're getting."

The lovely captive's hands flew to his chest and she grabbed his shoulders to push him off, digging her nails into his muscles. The struggle was useless though. He ignored the pain and held her mouth and covered it with his.

Greg's tongue pried open her warm and delicious lips and slid inside; this violation made her sob but then she felt her own tongue being sucked into him. At the same time his chest was squashing her breasts and his cock was poised over her pussy as her lips parted and he felt her juices slathering its tip.

Loosing all control, Tiffany's hips thrust up and engulfed that rock hard tip. Greg's eyes widened in surprise and he lifted his head and looked down at his cock now jammed into her surrendering body. He grinned viciously and chuckled.

"I guess you missed me too baby." With that he plunged forward with a solid and cruel thrust. The cock smashed in like a battering ram and split her apart. Her dark hair flew up as her head bounced back. Her pelvis pressed into his. Her mouth was open wide and she let out a long husky groan. He pistoned in and out of her like a juggernaut and then sneered again. She was now totally in his power. His wide hips spread her apart and his whole body slammed into her with each thrust. She was already sore but she felt a warm glow begin to radiate over her her; each of her nerve endings was reaching down to coil around his thick hard shaft as it pulled and pushed the sides of her tight sheath. Her legs shot straight in the air and her hands fell back above her head in a sign of surrender. Each plunge pushed a sharp yelp out of her and he pressed hand over her mouth again. She bit down and drew blood on his palm but he ignored her.

The glow inside her was beginning to burn red hot; it seemed to be sparked by the heat at the very tip of his cock. Each time he pulled back he drew more of her resistance out, pulled more of her consciousness out, leaving behind nothing but the lust for more of his cock inside her. Each pounding thrust into her was like a hammer on a anvil shooting sparks as the red hot tip rammed in deeper and deeper each time. Her first orgasm was a flash of red and a skull piercing shriek into the rough hand covering her mouth. Now each hammer blow elevated the ecstasy another notch. Just when she thought she could go no higher he would plunge in again, setting off more painful bliss.

She was running her feet up and down his legs causing a tickling sensation that urged him on. She felt a bolt of his juices burst into her and she shot her legs up and crashed her feet down onto his pumping ass. She still had on one shoe and the high heel dug deep into his flesh.

He pulled out abruptly and picked her up like a rag doll. She had no mind now and was frantic to get that cock back inside her; she was moaning and babbling meaninglessly. He flipped her over in his arms and dropped her down on all fours.

Tiffany felt his hands on the back of her neck as he bent her over. She put her hands out just in time to stop herself from toppling onto the floor. He grabbed the right cheek of her ass, his nails cutting into her soft flesh.

She stiffened with fear dreading his pounding cock in her ass; she snapped out of her sensual haze and squirmed to escape. "Greg, please don't! Don't hurt me!" she pleaded softly.

Ignoring her, he grabbed his cock slick with her juices and, with one hand parting her thighs, and pressed the tip against her warm flesh. She moaned quietly at this and put up a small fight but he only grabbed her around the waist to hold her steady. In this position his cock slid between her cheeks and he felt her wetness of her pussy drenching his shaft in warmth. He slipped easily into her and grunted his approval. She was swimming in lust and when he entered her she felt a flush of heat that made it difficult to stand. He held her steady and righted her. She may as well have been a puppet, defenseless against his control. His cock rammed through her pussy lips and deep into her. She found herself breathing in rhythm with his drilling and her mind quickly slipped back into a dizzy state of lust; again each thrust of his steel shaft was a hammer sending another spike of orgasmic pleasure down her spine. Even if he were to release her now she knew she could only beg to be captured again. She gave herself to him, letting go of even a pretense of struggle and instead let herself be molded and bent to his wants.

She was bent over, hands and elbows on the floor trying to keep her face from being mashed into the mattress as he held her steady with one hand on her shoulder. He made no noise but deep growls and the huffing of his breath.

Bending over her, he began biting her neck like a hungry animal. He had long ago lost control and had reverted to his most bestial temper. She was in agony and quivering with ecstasy. Teeth marks appeared on her soft skin as he gobbled her neck. Meanwhile his hand had snaked beneath her to search her clitoris. He found it, clamping it between his index finger and thumb he took total possession of her, body and soul. She shivered as she realized she was his slave now and found herself wailing through gritted teeth, shocked to hear such a sound coming from her body. She began to squeal and sob, lost in the moment. His hot breath filled her ear, and he licked her neck roughly. All she could hear was his breath and the grunts that emanated from deep inside him. All she could feel was his body possessing hers, torturing her, driving her further towards a climax that would fill her entirely. All she could think of was each orgasm as they filled her body, building towards the brutal finale she knew was coming.

He was rough with her and even rougher with her engorged clit. He tugged it mercilessly. His worn skin chafed it and his fingers stroked it too roughly to be any sign of love or tenderness. She could only grit her teeth in response. She had no will to fight. All that came from her were unintelligible words and moans.

Then, without a word or a warning, he came violently. A fire ball charged down his rod and plunged into the swirling juices of her pussy like a meteor in a lake. Then another bolt shot in, then another; in rapid succession each load filled her up, turning her insides white hot. His grunts turned into a loud yell that made her rigid. Tiffany had heard him yell before but this was a bellow that seemed to contain the months of frustration and longing for her. She started to cry as her heart melted for this suffering beast and as her body melted into the hot seed pouring into her.

Tiffany was blind with lust seeing only the fireworks of his cock blasting into her. The pleasure overwhelmed her and she longed to hold him. In one final explosion her climax shook her and rattled her like a toy; she had nothing left except the hot juices flooding out of her and mingling with his seed. He was collapsing on top of her, pushing her flat on to the mattress. He thrust in with one more load and groaned as his cheek rested on the back of her neck. She wriggled out from under him and began to cover his face with kisses.

"Oh, Greg sweetheart, I've missed you so much. I need you so bad." She cooed and murmured, knowing she had to calm him down or she would really be sorry in a few minutes.

They both breathed heavily now. Tiffany was only half conscious of what she was doing as she looked around the room for her dress. It was nothing but useless shreds. She couldn't leave the van. Now panic was mingling with the aftershock of her climax. His lids were half closed and suddenly his eyes locked on her; he stirred the way a monster does when it sees its prey. Tiffany realized it was too late as he grabbed her arm and pinned her down as he lifted himself up.

"No, Greg, please, no more baby; that was so good – let's go home. To your place. I'll..."

He was flipping her face down and pushed his hand on the back of her neck. She felt the tip of the burning spear of his cock rubbing into the crack of her ass. Her arms were useless in the struggle and she just pounded the mattress in protest. Her legs kicked as much as they could as he straddled her hips.

"Bitch," he grunted as he used all his weight to smash into her ass. She felt the cock fill her body; it seemed to reach up into her stomach and rip her insides out. He did not pump yet. Instead he used his massive hands to squeeze her hips together as he pressed down with his pelvis, the whole time growling like a lion with its kill. Tiffany could feel the shaft vibrating with power inside her. Suddenly he jerked on her hair and he started to ride her like a wild mare. She yelped and howled as he drilled in, each thrust increasing in intensity. Her body formed a glove around his cock; she had just one purpose: to tighten herself around that impaling rod until it exploded.

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