tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTiffany's Gauntlet Pt. 02

Tiffany's Gauntlet Pt. 02


This story continues where part one left off. Although it will stand alone, I would strongly suggest you read the first part. To review, Tiffany just graduated from a very exclusive private college. In order to pay off her student debt, she participated in a competition that would pay for all her debt from the college. Unfortunately the last place finisher has to spend the next nine months as a slave to the original nine social clubs. Unknown to Tiffany, she was set up by an unknown enemy and never stood a chance to avoid slavery. The story takes up with Tiffany about to be exposed as the next slave.

Please be aware that this story contains non-consensual sex and multiple fetishes. If this is not what you want, please move on. I also wish to make you aware that although this story is listed in the illustrated category, there is but one picture. All persons depicted in this story are above 18 years of age.

Please vote and or comment. I can't improve if I don't know what I'm doing wrong or right.


Tiffany followed Jessica out of her empty room and into the upstairs hallway in her old fraternity. Her stomach was filled with butterflies, even with the long cape covering her up, she still felt naked. Just as they got to the top of the stairs, Jessica stopped suddenly and turned to face Tiffany.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I need to give you one last thing." She said with a smile as she reached into her bag again and pulled out a metal ring about 8" in diameter. She pulled it open and wrapped it around Tiffany's neck.

Tiffany stood there not moving. When she heard, it click she flinched. "What's this Jessica?" She asked.

"Well the slave chains are mainly for tonight, and can be removed by any of the houses. The collar is pretty much permanent. There's only one key and it's not on campus. It also has a GPS device embedded and made of tungsten. I'm afraid it stays on until you finish the contract. You can't pick the lock or cut it off. Plus we can track you wherever you go." Jessica answered.

"No please Jessica don't do this." Tiffany pleaded.

"I'm sorry Tiffany but it was clearly stated in the contract you signed. I don't have a choice but it's already locked on now. Relax it isn't like the previous losers suffered from wearing it. You'll get used to it and won't even know it's around your neck in a couple days." Jessica soothed.

Tiffany reached up and touched the cold steel and shivered. Although it weighed only a few ounces, it felt like ten pounds around her neck.

"Look I'm supposed to attach this leash and lead you out," Jessica continued, "But let's wait until we get to the hall before I attach it. I know how hard this is for you." Jessica said and again reaching up and petting Tiffany's head.

"Thank you, Jessica." Tiffany said and meant it. "Right now, I think you're my only friend. It would be humiliating to walk out of here on a leash."

The two women walked down the stairs. When they turned to go down the last flight, Tiffany gasped. It looked like everyone in the entire house was standing at the bottom of the stairs. She was so glad Jessica hadn't attached the leash. She grabbed the sides of the cape as best she could with her bound hands and bowed her head. She couldn't bear to look anyone in the eyes, let alone let them see what she was wearing under the cape.

Tiffany followed Jessica out of the house and across the commons between all the houses. It was only a couple hundred feet, but to Tiffany it seemed like over a mile. There must have been 200 people watching as she crossed the open area, covered head to toe in the bright blue cape. It was very hot out with everyone in shorts and tee shirts. Tiffany looked like a blue monk and totally out of place. Even if no one could recognize her, she was still blushing. The heat from the afternoon sun was beating down on her and she was now sweating profusely. Tiffany's feet were burning as she walked barefoot on the concrete. The longer she walked the more uncomfortable it was. When they finally got to the parking lot, she realized it was blacktop and then gravel. Her first step on the hot blacktop made her jump it was so hot.

"Jessica, where is your car? The blacktop is burning my feet." Tiffany called out.

"Sorry but my car is on the other side of the lot. You'll just have to put up with it or crawl." Jessica said and kept walking.

Tiffany groaned but started to take quicker steps and almost dancing across the large lot. She felt even more ridiculous than ever. By the time they reached the car, Tiffany was crying in pain as her feet felt like they were burned. Jessica opened her door and jumped in, Tiffany waited by the passenger door bouncing from foot to foot. Finally, Jessica unlocked the door and Tiffany jumped in.

The drive to the hall was short, only about ten minutes or so. Tiffany just sat there looking out the window, her mind a thousand miles away. At that moment, she felt so very alone. She wished she knew where her sister was, she missed her so much. The loss of their parents hit both hard, especially her sister. During the funeral, Melissa broke down and left during the service and only called a few days later saying she was okay but going away on an extended trip. Tiffany had no idea how to contact her.

When Jessica pulled into the parking lot near the hall where the party was taking place, there were already several cars in the lot. Tiffany started to get out, when Jessica stopped her.

"Wait, you don't want to get in trouble do you?" She asked.

Tiffany looked at her confused, but shook her head no.

Jessica smiled and snapped the leash on the steel collar. "Now wait for me to walk around the car, and when you get out, follow behind me with your hands at your sides." Jessica instructed.

"Yes Jessica." Tiffany answered.

"Oh, and I forgot to tell you, no more using names. You are to address everyone as Yes Sir or Master, or Yes Ma'am or Mistress. Slaves are not allowed to call anyone by name." Jessica said and jumped out of the car. A few moments later, she opened the passenger door, grabbed the leash and pulled Tiffany out of the car.

Tiffany followed behind Jessica as she was told when Jessica pulled the leash tighter, leaving only about 2 feet of leash between her hand and Tiffany's collar. That forced Tiffany to follow closely behind and to bend slightly at the waist. Jessica seemed to not notice the difficulty Tiffany had walking behind her as her hands swung back and forth below her waist.

Tiffany felt foolish being led like a dog across the parking lot and into the front door of the hall. But she was still covered and at least no one could recognize her. Once inside, Jessica pulled Tiffany to a back room behind the main hall. She opened what appeared to be a storage closet, took off the cape and tied the leash to a hook high up the wall. With her hands still chained to her waist, Tiffany had no way to free herself and had to stand attached to the wall.

"You wait here, someone will come get you." She said and walked out shutting the door behind her.

When the door closed, Tiffany was left in darkness as the only illumination was a sliver of light from under the door. She stood there for an undetermined amount of time when her legs started to get tired. She tried to sit or lean against the wall but the leash was too short, and a couple boards mounted to the wall had nails protruding making it impossible to lean against the wall.

The longer she stood there the more she felt like an animal. It could only be worse if she was in a cage. She shivered at the thought. Tiffany's mind began to drift, thinking about the competition. It seemed that everything that could go wrong did, from day one. First, she missed the flight, when the cab she took to the airport to catch the first flight broke down and she had to wait to get another causing her to miss the flight that all the others made.

The next stop, her bags were lost and with it her passport causing her to be delayed at a border crossing until her bags caught up with her. Again, everyone made it across but her. By the time she caught up, everyone was leaving for the next leg of the trip. Tiffany was so tired; she fell asleep and missed the stop to catch the ferry. By the time, she woke up she was miles past the stop. This time when she made it across the bay on the ferry, she was almost a full day behind the next to last competitor. It took her almost two weeks to catch up.

Tiffany started to think that someone had set her up to fail. She wondered who would be so cruel. She decided to talk to Jessica about it when she could. At least she could trust Jessica.

Chapter 7

Brandy Miller walked into the hall and looked around. She was the newly elected president of Alpha Omega house, or as everyone called them the plastics house. She hated being called that. Everyone knows their world begins and ends with the AO house. We're the best, the richest, the prettiest, and of course had the best toys. Everyone thinks because we are so good looking we've have all had plastic surgery. That is so far from the truth, maybe a nip or tuck here and there but not everything.

Brandy spotted Jessica standing off to the side, talking with one of the stupid jocks. She decided to rescue her and pull her away. Brandy had such a crush on Jessica, she wanted to grab her and eat her up she was so hot.

Brandy walked up to Jessica and called out, "Hey girl, I missed you."

"Brandy, how are you," Jessica cooed as she leaned in and gave her a hug and kissed her cheek.

Brandy blushed as just her touch send shivers down her spine straight to her kitty. "I can't wait for tonight, where's our slave?" Brandy asked.

"Oh I have her tied up in the storage room. She should be going crazy about now." Jessica giggled. "You remember what to do don't you?

"Absolutely, it's going to be so much fun. Did you really have all her stuff taken away? Even the clothes off her back?" Brandy asked.

"Shhh... no one is supposed to know about that. Besides the bitch is so stupid she signed everything away. Who doesn't read contracts before they sign them?" Jessica laughed

"Great, I have the cow bell right here. I can't wait to put it on her for the parade." Brandy gushed. "We have her new wardrobe all ready for her. There will be no doubt she's a slut when we get done with her. Can I see her?"

"Yeah, she's been stewing long enough; it's time to bring her out. All the other contestants are already in the room across the hall. Take her in there and tell the others they can play with her until they are called."

Brandy practically jumped for joy and ran across the hall to the storage room. She flung open the door and laughed out loud at Tiffany tied up to the wall. Tiffany was bouncing from foot to foot, her chains swinging back and forth.

"Well slave, I'm Brandy; I'm the president of Alpha Omega. I'm your new Mistress. You will obey me and any of our members for the next thirty days. Got it?" She barked.

"Yes Mistress," Tiffany answered hating every word. No one liked the plastics; they were the snobs of the campus. But Tiffany knew she had to obey.

Brandy walked over and grabbed the leash off the wall and pulled her new slave out into the open. She practically beamed as she pulled her to the other side of the hall and into the room with Tiffany's other competitors.

As soon as they entered, Brandy called out, "Hey guys, I think you know the slut here. She came in last and is now the nine's slave. She's here to entertain you until we come get you for your prizes. Feel free to play, use, and toy with her. Just don't ruin her dress.

In fact, I'll take it off now so you don't have to worry about it." Brandy said as she pulled off Tiffany's blue cover up leaving her naked and in chains.

"This is going to be the best awards party ever." Brandy beamed as she walked out of the room leaving Tiffany behind with the other eight contestants.

Chapter 8

Tiffany stood in the middle of the room, she was naked and chained. She looked at her fellow competitors and felt at ease. They had just spent the last 10 weeks or so travelling together. She considered at least a few of them close friends, and knew all of them at least casually. Tiffany spotted Jasmine standing off to the side and walked over to her.

"Hey Jasmine, how are you?" She asked.

"What did you call me? Did you just use my name?" Jasmine growled.

Tiffany stared at her friend in shock. Jasmine wasn't even enrolled it the school any longer. Tiffany looked down at the floor and whispered, "I'm sorry Mistress, please forgive this slave."

"That's better slave, now get down on your knees and kiss my feet." Jasmine growled again.

The look of surprise on Tiffany's face was almost comical. But after hesitating only a few seconds, she did as she was told and dropped to the floor. She took one last look up at who she thought was her friend, then lowered her head and kissed Jasmine's shoes. At first, she was disgusted, but as she placed kiss after kiss on Jasmine's shoes, something deep inside her reacted. She gasped as her body was betraying her. She could feel her pussy moisten. Tiffany didn't know what it was, the humiliation, the act of kissing another's feet, or being naked in a room full of people, but her body was getting aroused. She blushed even more as her arousal grew.

"You can do better than that, you clumsy slut. Just think if you hadn't fell, it would have been me down there instead of you. But as usual the cream rises to the top and the mud settles to the bottom. Make good use of your tongue while you're at it." Jasmine was on a roll now.

Tiffany started to lick Jasmine's right shoe and didn't notice Carol a member of the DYK house walking up behind her. But when Carol bent down and slid her fingers up Tiffany's pussy, she called out, "Hey the slave is getting off on it." She held up her dripping fingers for all to see.

Tiffany wanted to crawl into a hole as it sounded like the entire room broke out in laughter. She turned around to glare at the gloating dyke; she wanted to smack her, but then it hit her; she was a slave and had to take it, if she didn't, she would lose everything. She dropped her head and turned back around and started to lick Jasmin's shoes again.

Tiffany was pissed, these were her friends, well she thought they were her friends. Now one by one they were turning against her. She glanced off to the side and saw Jamal strutting towards her. Jamal was black as the ace of spades and a member of Beta Beta Chi. She could see his large cock filling his tight shorts. Tiffany wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't a slut either. She suddenly felt very vulnerable naked and chained and unable to say no. She shivered thinking about where he was going to put that massive cock. Again, her body reacted thinking about being fucked by the massive black man as her pussy pulsed again.

Tiffany was about to panic as the large black man stood beside her. She couldn't see much but she heard him speak.

"Sit up slave, I have something for you." Jamal demanded. Tiffany slowly rose to her knees and looked up at him, her face filled with fear. He smiled at her as he looked down at her. "Take this, it will make tonight easier for you." Jamal said and pushed a pill in her mouth. He quickly followed that with a bottle of water, pouring it down her throat. Tiffany didn't have a chance to resist, and swallowed the pill.

"Please Sir, what was that?" She asked.

"It's nothing dangerous, just something to give you the motivation and energy to enjoy your coming out party." He quietly said.

Tiffany looked up at him and cracked a small smile. "Thank you, Sir." She quietly said. She knew of the BBC's reputation for drug induced sex parties. But right now, she would take any help offered.

By now all eight of the competitors, five men and three women were gathered around her. Their hands were groping her, kneading her tits and ass, and calling her nasty names. What was worse was her body continued to betray her as she was now dripping down her thighs. She dropped her head back to Jasmine's shoes only this time she didn't mind as much.

Tiffany kept licking Jasmine's shoes when someone pulled her away from them, bringing her head up to look at everyone surrounding her. The women's sneers and the men's lustful looks made it easy to read what they were thinking.

"On your knees and spread your legs slut." Someone barked. Tiffany's mind was so confused she didn't recognize the voice. She hesitated for a few moments, when she heard a SMACK, and felt the pain as it shot out from her ass; she quickly complied. What surprised her was how the pain affected her. A bolt of electricity shot from her ass to her pussy. She gasped as her arousal spiked and her body shuddered.

"Now show us how much a slut you are, play with your pussy."

Tiffany, her ass still burning and her pussy pulsing dropped her hands to her core and spread her lips. She gasped as her fingers slid past her clit and slipped deep inside her. She could feel her face flush as the pleasure burst out from somewhere deep inside her, and filled her with lust. Tiffany hated every second but her body was on fire. She closed her eyes praying she could control herself and not orgasm in front of everyone.

"Open your eyes, slave. You can't hide from your humiliation. We want you to experience every single moment of your new life. Tiffany opened her eyes and was rewarded with the sight of five cocks right in front of face with hands vigorously stroking them. She gasped as the first one exploded and coated her face with his cream. Too shocked to move it was soon followed by another and another. The crowd around her cheering as each cock joined the last coating her with cum.

Tiffany was still pounding her pussy and when the last cock's load joined the others, and her body exploded with a massive orgasm. The cheers rang in her ears and only served to intensify the pleasure. She sat there in shock, not believing what was happening. She was naked, chained, covered in cum and recovering from the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced. Tiffany's mind was a confused mess and her body was still pulsing, when a voice came from out of nowhere.

"Now that's what I call a cum slut. Don't even think of cleaning your face. This is a sight the world needs to see." Tiffany dropped her head and nodded. She felt a tug on her leash and struggled to her feet following the pull.

When her mind cleared slightly, she was again tied to the wall but this time, she was kneeling right inside the door, where anyone entering could see and add to her humiliation. For the next hour, as each of the others was called out to the party, Tiffany had to suck any cock that walked through the door. Tiffany was completely under the influence of the drug now, and was eagerly sucking each cock down her throat. Each taste of cum was sweeter than the last. By the time the last person was called out, her body was covered with cum and her belly full. She was out of her mind with lust and her body craving to cum.

Finally, Jessica walked in the door. Tiffany looked up at her and cried. "Oh, please Mistress, I need to cum, I can't control myself. Oh god, please help me Mistress."

Jessica knelt beside the begging slut covered with cum. She pulled out a napkin and wiped the man seed from her eyes and quietly spoke. "Don't worry Tiffy; I'm here to help you. Now let's get you dressed, it's time for your unveiling."

Tiffany's cum and tear streaked face looked up at Jessica and nodded. She felt Jessica pull her up to her feet and drape the blue cover-up over her cum soaked body. The cloth now plastered to her skin, leaving nothing to the imagination.

"There that's better; now you're covered, at least for the moment. Now stop crying and let's show everyone who their new slave is." Jessica cooed as draped the cape over her shoulders and pulled up the hood. "Let's not spoil the surprise when we show everyone who will serve them this year." Jessica gushed as she pulled the leash and headed towards the door.

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