tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTiffany's Gauntlet Pt. 03

Tiffany's Gauntlet Pt. 03


Greetings all, this is the continuing story with non-consensual sex and multiple fetishes. It is for entertainment purposes only and is a work of fiction. All characters are a figment of my imagination, and event portrayed herein did not and should not occur. It was written for a fan as part of her fantasy. If this genre of story is not interesting to you please move on. There are no persons under the age of 18 in this story.

I wish to thank bydasea and Stacy for their help with editing and format.


Tiffany, a college graduate agreed to partake in a competition to pay off her student debt occurred while attending an exclusive private college. All participants get their debts paid; however the last place finisher in order to receive payment must serve as a slave to the nine original fraternities, by serving one month at each house. Penalty for not completing the service is such it leaves little choice but to endure the service. Unknown to her, the competition was fixed by a jealous student who has designs on making her a permanent slave by the time her service is over.

Tiffany finished last and in the last two chapters, was informed of the penalties and introduced to the houses in a coming out party as detailed in the previous parts. This chapter details her first day of service at the "Plastics" house.

I hope you enjoy the story and vote or comment. I want to know your opinion both good and bad. However please have the courage to sign your name.


Chapter 9

Tiffany woke the next morning stiff and sore. Her mind was still cloudy as she looked around at the walls surrounding her. It was dark; the only light was from the crack under the door. She tried to stretch her legs, but the room was so small she couldn't straighten her legs. Tiffany sat up; her head was pounding, and her naked body was shivering.

"Where am I," she wondered.

Then, last night came crashing down upon her. She groaned as her situation consumed her. "Oh God, I'm a slave to the Plastics." Tiffany reached up and tried the doorknob. She slowly turned the knob and opened the door. She had no idea what time it was or what she was to do. Her mind was straining to remember what Mistress Brandy said before she passed out. The only thing she remembered was she wasn't to walk, except with permission.

Slowly, Tiffany crawled out of the closet. She looked up and down the hallway and didn't see or hear anything. She needed to pee in the worst way and remembered the bathroom at the end of the hall. Tiffany started to crawl towards it, her knees already hurting. Just as she was about to enter it, she heard a voice behind her.

"No, no, no, you are not allowed to go without permission," the voice said.

Tiffany looked behind her at the young woman standing at the end of the hall. "She must be a freshman," Tiffany thought.

"Yes Mistress. May I go pee, Mistress?" she asked.

"No, you didn't ask properly," the snotty young woman snapped.

"Please, Mistress; I don't know what you want. Please, I have to pee. May I go?" Tiffany asked again.

"I don't care if you have to go," she said as she walked towards Tiffany. "If you want anything from me, you will kiss my feet and ask permission to speak. If I am pleased, I might let you ask for permission," she snarled. The pretty young teen was now about ten feet from Tiffany.

Tiffany quickly crawled over to the snobbish young bitch and kissed her bare feet. "Please, Mistress, may I speak?" she asked.

"Not good enough, slave. Use your tongue and lick my toes between each word," she said and then laughed.

"Please, (lick) Mistress, (lick) may (lick) I (lick) speak (lick)?" Tiffany asked again, her face red from embarrassment.

"Much better, slave, I guess you can be trained," she gloated "Yes, you may speak."

"Mistress, (lick) may (lick) this (lick) slave (lick) use (lick) the (lick) bathroom (lick)?" Tiffany prayed it would be enough as she was about to burst.

The evil young woman giggled and said, "Yes, you may, but use the bucket and wipe with your fingers and then lick them clean. I watched you last night and I know you get off on pee." She giggled at the prone slave at her feet. "Oh, and, leave the door open; slaves don't deserve privacy," the girl added as she turned and walked away.

Despite the pain, Tiffany quickly crawled into the bathroom and pulled out the bucket beside the toilet. She squatted over it and tried to relax but staring down the hall in full view of anyone who might walk by made it difficult. Finally, the first few drops splashed to the bottom of the bucket. It was like a dam broke as her bladder released and piss filled the bucket.

Tiffany blushed down to her tits. It was humiliating pissing in a bucket. Her pee splashed and splattered her ass. By the time she finished her ass was dripping. She looked up at the young woman who was standing at the end of the hall watching her closely. She slid her hand down and used her fingers to gather the splashed pee off her pussy and ass. She slowly brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. Tiffany gagged at the taste but didn't throw up. The thought, "Fuck, how will I survive," shot through her mind. She started to reach up and wash her hands, but she looked back down the hall at the evil mistress shaking her head. Tiffany stopped and crawled back out of the room and down the hall.

Chapter 10

Tiffany waited outside her closet for someone to tell her what to do. She wasn't sure what was allowed to do or not. About an hour later, Mistress Brandy walked down the stairs and up to Tiffany. She reached down and cupped Tiffany's chin. "Well, someone is anxious to get started. I'm impressed. Follow me, slave, and let's show you your new wardrobe and rules."

"Yes, Mistress Brandy," Tiffany answered. She couldn't even look up at her Mistress, as her body flushed with embarrassment.

Brandy walked down the hall and to a door leading downstairs to the basement. Tiffany tried to follow closely, but the stairs were difficult to handle on her hands and knees. By the time she made it to the bottom, Brandy was already around the corner and in what looked like a storage room. Tiffany crawled up next to her and waited. Brandy was opening boxes and pulling out several garish outfits. Each was a bright glow-in-the-dark color. One was florescent orange, one was bright lime green, and one was black with a pattern of erect bright teal cocks and balls of various sizes all over it. Each outfit had a pair of extremely high heel shoes. The shortest pair was five inches tall, all strapped around the ankle and each had a lock that would lock the shoe on the foot.

Tiffany looked at the assorted outfits now spread out on the floor in front of her. She couldn't fathom wearing any of them. All the outfits were basically the same. Each dress appeared to be of latex or spandex and all of them very short - barely three feet long. Tiffany didn't think they would even cover her ass. Even the shoes were outrageous. The thought of wearing stripper heels and not being able to take them off was unthinkable.

Brandy stood there and watched Tiffany's reaction to seeing her wardrobe for the first time and smiled as she watched her face flush. "So, slave, we couldn't decide how we wanted you to dress for the first week, so in order to be fair, we decided you get to choose what you're going to wear this first week. Oh, and the outfit you choose will determine what your hair color will be. For example, if you choose this beautiful orange dress, your hair color will be bright green. With the lime green dress, your hair will be half blue and half pink or purple and green, and for the black dress, because I like the pretty teal cocks, your hair will be dyed to match them," Brandy explained. "Now, I know that those beautiful colors might be difficult to decide from. There is one other thing that goes with each outfit - depending on the dress you choose, you will be assigned a task that you must complete during the week," Brandy continued.

"Which one do you want to wear this week slave?" Brandy asked.

Tiffany gasped as she listened to what Brandy explained. A mix of fear and dread filled her body, and her hands were trembling and her mind confused. She was still blushing and quietly asked, "Mistress, may I ask what the tasks are for each outfit?"

"Well, several members wanted it to be a surprise, but I think you should choose what you want to do, and seeing as I'm the president, I'm going to tell you," Brandy answered with a big smile.

"If you choose the orange dress, you will have to give three blowjobs each morning and wear their seed on your face for the day!" Brandy gushed.

"For the green dress, you will visit a glory hole three times during the week. You will suck four cocks the first time, six the next time, and eight the last time. Of course, your face will be decorated, and you must come home and show us you completed your task. Just so you know, if we think you cheated, you'll have to go back and do it again." Brandy giggled.

"Now, for the black dress, you will be required to fuck two men and eat one woman each day. You will do all the shopping for the house, including all grocery shopping, and any errands we require. Of course, you won't be allowed to clean up after your fucks, but if you're lucky it will only be dripping out of your horny cunt." Brandy smiled.

"So, slave, what is your decision?" Bandy asked.

Tiffany looked at Brandy with a blank look. Her mind was in turmoil at what she had just heard. What they wanted was unspeakable. Tiffany's mind was completely overwhelmed at the thoughts of her choices.

"Mistress, may I speak?" she asked her voice shaking.

"Of course you may speak. How else can you tell me your decision, you silly slave," Brandy sang.

"Mistress, how can I choose one of those options? You're asking me to be a cock-sucking whore and display it to the world. I'm not a slut or a whore, how can you ask this of me?" Tiffany blushed as she asked.

"Well, slave, you've proven you're a slut at the coming out party. You drank piss and orgasmed when you masturbated as everyone pissed on you. You rode a Sybian to several orgasms while you were spanked and even climaxed from the pain. As far as giving blow jobs, you gave so many in the back room, I had to clean you off just to introduce you to the houses, so any of these choices aren't anything more than you've already done. Now, what is your choice?" Brandy barked.

Tiffany thought about the options. She could give multiple blow jobs each morning, get a facial and spend the rest of the day wearing sperm. Or she could go to a glory hole and suck lots of cock and again wear cum all over her face to prove she accomplished her task. Or, finally, fuck guys and eat pussy each day and have cum dripping out of her and off her while going out in public with a dress covered in cocks. All the options were horrible, but to make it worse she had to dye her hair a garish color, which would only draw attention to her from everyone she met.

Tiffany couldn't decide on which option was better than the rest. She stared at the dresses and shoes in front of her when she felt a smack on her ass. The pain shot straight to her pussy and before she could react, Brandy yelled, "MAKE A DECISION, SLAVE! I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY!"

Tiffany wasn't about to go to a glory hole and suck strange men, and the thought of spending the day covered in cum was almost as bad. That left the cock dress and having cum drip out of her pussy as the best option.

"I choose the black dress," Tiffany whispered as a tear ran down her cheek.

"Excellent choice slut, get dressed and let's get your hair dyed to finish off your new look," Brandy laughed.

Tiffany grabbed the black cock dress and pulled it over her head. It was a spandex-type material, sleeveless and looked like it was painted on her body. She looked down and realized that it came to only the bottom of her crotch. She pulled and stretched it so as not to expose her ass and pussy, but then half of her breasts were exposed and were threatening to pop out at any moment.

"Please, Mistress, may I speak?" Tiffany begged.

"What now, slave?" Brandy's annoyance was evident in her voice.

"Mistress, I can't wear this out in public. I might as well be naked!" Tiffany cried.

"Well, you are a slut, and sluts do advertise their bodies. So, yes, you will wear it, and wear it proudly. Now, let's go." Brandy started to walk out the door.

Tiffany just stood there, her legs refused to move. Brandy looked back and frowned. "I guess I'm going to have to persuade you to do as you're told." She snarled as she walked to a cabinet just off to the side. She opened a drawer and pulled out a riding crop, dog collar, and leash.

"If you won't go voluntarily, then you will go as the pet you are." Brandy barked, "Now on your knees, slave."

Tiffany dropped to her knees as Brandy walked behind her and swung the crop. It landed just below the dress on Tiffany's bare ass with a loud smack.

Tiffany jumped and screamed in pain. She reached back to cover her ass as Brandy swung again and again, lashing Tiffany's ass repeatedly.

"Take your hands away because every time you reach back, you get two more swats. Tiffany dropped her hands but before she could, Brandy had swatted her ass five times.

"Good slave; I see you can be trained, but you will get ten more lashes for trying to cover your ass. But remember this as in the future it will always be two for one."

Tiffany endured the lashing and when Brandy stopped, she was crying uncontrollably. Brandy smiled as she knew that her slave would do as ordered but wanted to humiliate her even more. She reached down and wrapped the thick leather collar around Tiffany's neck and attached the leash. This time when she started for the door, Tiffany followed close behind on her knees.

The trip to the beauty parlor didn't take too long, only about 15 minutes. Tiffany managed to gain control over her crying but didn't notice where they were going, as her mind was coming to grip with what was happening. When she looked up and noticed where Brandy stopped, it was in the worst part of town and at a local Black-owned beauty shop

"Now, slut, you just be quiet and don't say a word. I will explain what we want, and you just be good. I'd hate to have to crop your ass while we're there." Tiffany nodded and got out of the car. Brandy walked around and grabbed the leash. Tiffany looked at her Mistress and prayed she didn't have to crawl, her eyes pleading with Brandy.

"No, you can walk for now, but if you misbehave I will have you crawling for the rest of the day," Brandy barked as she pulled the leash and led Tiffany into the ethnic shop. Tiffany had never been so humiliated before. Her ass and tits were on display, she was wearing a dress covered in erect cocks, and she was being led on a leash like an animal. As soon as they entered the shop, everyone in the place stopped what they were doing and stared at the two beautiful women. Well, one woman and one slut.

"Well child, what do you want? Shouldn't you be uptown or something?" the woman behind the counter asked.

"No, this is exactly where we should be. My slut here needs some special treatment for her hair, and I think your shop can do a fine job," Brandy answered.

"Special treatment, huh? What kind of special treatment?" she asked Brandy.

"Well, my slave just picked out her dress and we want her hair to match. Can you dye her hair to match the cocks on her dress? Oh, and she needs a complete wax job, too," Brandy stated.

"Slave, huh. And just what makes you think we cater to slaves? Is it because we're black?" the woman demanded.

"No, not at all. I'm just making a point with my new slave. She is still in training and what I want I can't get at my regular shop. I saw your webpage and I know this is something you can do. If you don't want the job, I can take my business down the street. I do want you to know I pay cash and tip very well," Brandy confidently said.

"Well, let's see what we can do. You know in order to match the colors, we will need the dress off," the woman said. "My name is Janell, I own this shop, but Trinity will be doing the job. She likes special projects and loves a good tip," Janell laughed.

"Great," Brandy said. "Take off the dress, slave, and hand it to Mistress Janell," she continued.

Tiffany dropped her head and pulled the dress off, leaving her wearing only the six-inch stripper heels locked to her feet.

Brandy handed the leash to Janell and asked, "How long do you need? I have a couple errands to run."

"Give us a couple hours and we should be done. I can call you if that would be easier," Janell answered.

"That would be perfect. Here is my number," Brandy said as she wrote down her cell number on a card.

"Now, slave, you be good and do what you're told. I'd hate to have to crop your naked ass if you disobey," Brandy said as she smacked Tiffany's ass as she walked out the door.

Chapter 11

As soon as the door shut, Janell's entire attitude changed, "Get this skanky slut out of my lobby." She demanded and handed the leash to another woman behind her. "Take her in the back and wax her cunt. I'll be back there in a minute to decide how we want to do this."

Trinity pulled Tiffany back behind the counter. As they walked past all the other women at the various stations, you could hear the snickers and rude comments about the naked slut being led by a leash to the back room.

Trinity was giggling as they headed towards the back room. "So, what's up with you, slut, who did you piss off?" Trinity asked, still giggling.

"No, Mistress Trinity, I lost a competition and now I'm a slave for the next nine months," Tiffany answered her face turning bright red.

"That must have been some competition for such a penalty. You're doing this of your own free will; I mean no one is forcing you?" Trinity continued.

"No, you see I just graduated from Wentworth and it's very expensive. The competition was so I could pay off my student debt. I came in last so in order to have my debt paid I have to serve as a slave for nine months," Tiffany explained.

"Oh, so you're one of those snooty bitches we see talking down to us all the time." Tiffany wanted to say she wasn't like that but decided to keep quiet. The last thing she needed was to piss off Trinity. "Well, this is going to be fun. Wait until I tell Janell." Trinity said as she looked over her shoulder at the suddenly frightened Tiffany.

When Trinity shut the door behind Tiffany, she saw Tiffany's ass and the red marks left from Brandy's lashing.

"OOOHHH, girl, someone was a bad slut. Look at that red ass," the beautician giggled. Tiffany blushed at the young black woman's comments. "Climb up on the table so I can wax your pussy. You don't want to get on Janell's bad side." Trinity said as she turned on the heater to heat the wax.

Tiffany quickly did as told; it was easy to see she was frightened at being naked in public. While the wax was heating, Trinity fired off a series of questions, each one a little more personal than the last. Tiffany answered most of them, but a few she begged off and refused to answer. All the while, Trinity was trimming Tiffany's bush leaving only stubble behind.

Finally, the wax was hot and Trinity grabbed a brush and started to spread the wax. "Jesus, you are a slut, you're leaking all over the table. Fuck, I'm not cleaning that up." She scowled and smacked Tiffany's pussy with her open hand. Seconds later, Tiffany gasped as the young woman slathered the hot wax all over Tiffany's groin.

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