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I'm married, but I still have to masturbate. My wife is really hot, but other than playful butt slaps and missionary sex in the dark once a week, she won't help me get off, ore even let me touch her. I try to encourage more sex and sexual play, but what I encourage, she discourages. I am forced to masturbate. Not as much as I did as a teen, and I do masturbate to my wife sometimes, she is a fox, but none-the-less, I do masturbate.

Enough about my sexual agony, I must say some things about my wife. She is affectionate in kissing and cuddling, but not in provocative sexual ways. Basically, she's any man's nightmare. I joke, but it tortures my sexual drive, it's like an episode of the Twilight Zone. My wife finds joy in hard work; she caters and works as a dental technician. Lately she has also been working part-time in the sports office at the local high school.

Apparently, they had really grown accustomed to her, and began going to her for help. I was guessing they were just horny high school seniors that wanted to admire her body. At 36 she is as fine as she was a decade ago, and that is very, very fine. But now my wife was organizing a party for the graduating varsity players and their coaches at our house. She asked me not to be here so I wouldn't get in the way. She said it nicer and more delicately, but that was basically what she said.

So, about a half hour before the party, I left with some buddies. One of my buddies however tripped in a hole on the way to the bar. He fell pretty hard and we heard a crack. It was sickening to hear, but it didn't look as bad. It was pretty swollen and bruised but no bones sticking out or anything. We brought him to the hospital, and since I was so discouraged from a possible night of fun, I decided to go home. I figured I would just sneak past my wife and the guests go upstairs and nap.

I arrived home to the scene of a party already ended: there was an empty punchbowl and paper plates in the garbage, some banners torn down, etc. The party was only a bit over 2 hours old, and my wife was nowhere to be found. I was surprised it had ended so early, but I was determined to follow through with my plan and go upstairs for a nap.

As I reached the top step, I heard my wife banging around moving things in the bedroom. Uh-oh, I thought, maybe it didn't go well. But as I neared the door, It sounded like somebody else was in there, and there was quiet conversation. I looked in to see she was still entertaining guests. Her, 4 older seniors, a female employee from the health office, and the head coach were sitting in respective spots around the room in a basic circle with a folding card table in the middle.

I noticed that most of them were in various states of undress. My wife was no longer wearing her blouse, and her bra-clad breasts lay there exposed. I was shocked. Also the health office lady sat there in panties, trying to stretch her tight shirt over her panties, and the coach was wearing nothing but briefs to expose his obvious erection. But, they weren't having an orgy or anything, just sitting around. I realized then they were playing strip poker.

"I got nothing," My wife groaned as she threw her cards down. Her hand was the lowest, meaning she had to take off an article of clothing. But apparently the way they were playing, the highest hand had to take it off them. In this case it was a horny senior. He made sure to grope and admire her butt as he unzipped the skirt and slid it down her long sexy legs.

Then she sat back down as the next hand was dealt. I continued to watch, feeling no reason not to, and it was so innocent, I felt no reason to interrupt. After a few more hands, your wife has the best hand and the coach has the worst. A smile spread across her red lips as she bent over, her panty clad as waving in the air, hooked her thumbs on his briefs and yanked downward. Coach's relatively small 5 inches sprang outward, nearly hitting my darling wife in the chin as she bent to yank them down to his ankles.

She stared down at the cock-head in front of her face. It stared back up at her. It looked almost like love at first sight. She did something there that I would have never expected. She bent lower and wrapped her devil-lips around his shaft and began to suck. As her head began to bob, everyone else got up from their seats... seemingly in outrage. But it turns out they just wanted to get in on the action.

The health secretary lays on her back on the bed and spreads her legs wide. One of the seniors placed himself between her legs and began kissing and licking her panty clad sweet spot. Another began to play with her breasts, and unhooking her bra. Soon, she was topless. The senior by her chest was mounting the gap between her relatively large breasts, dripping a big gob of spit in there for lubrication. The other senior was working her near an orgasm with his mouth and fingers. After she was done screaming and coming, he whipped out his dick and nearly ripped her panties off while removing them. He then proceeded to mount her, grabbing onto her widespread legs for support.

The other two seniors were removing my wife's panties, one below her and one above. The one below then guided her pussy to sit on his cock. I was surprised, not only did she not object, but also she kept right on sucking off coach. She began to bounce rapidly up and down on his cock after she got settled, but the other guy slowed her down so he could stick his dick in her ass. I refused to believe she would allow that, and she's my gal, she did just as I predicted and pushed him away with one hand, blocking her anus. But, she still never failed to shock me, grabbing hold of his cock and guiding it to her nearly already full vagina.

Together, the two... I dare say homoerotic seniors slowly slid simultaneous shafts into her stretching pussy. She began screaming bloody murder with pain and ecstasy washed over her, and the coach began shooting his wad right into her huge O-shaped mouth. Soon the two boys under her were also grunting and letting loose their juices to blend with my wife's. All three of them collapsed in a heap after their ultralarge orgasms.

My wife at that point was basically senseless. Coach took advantage by sticking the head of his member onto her anal ring, and pushing. Soon he had a steady rhythm, and my wife, starting to regain her wits, was soon yelling out of pain. Another surprise occurred as the anal assault continued and my wife's yells of pain transformed into yells for more. Soon, she was bucking her ass to meet every thrust. Then the coach trusted hard and stayed there, and my wife went wild. I knew he was coming, and soon they were both asleep next to the corpses of the two lucky seniors that got my wife's pussy.

On the other side, the health secretary had finished off both of her men, and both were too tired to continue. Her body was covered in ropes of sperm. I decided now would be the best time to get in on the action and stepped in to confront the health secretary... and my wife when she wakes up. But- first thing's first.

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