I have been married for nearly 25 years and before we married, we were an item for quite a few years.

We had been together for about 8 months when my fella asked me to do something one day and this led to a regular occurrence which I want to use as the basis for my true stories.

It was an autumns Sunday afternoon and we were going for a drive in the car. Not long after we left my house, he asked if I would remove my pants but to put my tights back on under my skirt. I asked why he wanted me to do this to which he replied he fancied the idea of the fine nylon mesh against my cunt. He also said the thought of another bloke seeing up my skirt was arousing for him. I considered for a few minutes and agreed to do as he asked.

As he drove, I hitched my skirt up and pulled down my tights and pants. Following this, I then eased back into my tights. Not easy in a moving car. And so we continued to our planned destination and we went for a stroll.

Once out of site of everyyone, he put a hand up my skirt and fingered me through the nylon. I was quite aroused and I felt very wet down there. Our lips met and our tongues entwined as we kissed long and passionately. I knew my skirt was lifted and his finger was frantically teasing my sodden sex hole and anyone passing could see. Strangely, I was at the point of not caring who saw, I just enjoyed what was happening. I could feel myself building up to an orgasm and began to gyrate my hips against his hand. I also felt his massive bulge in his trouser pressing against my thigh.

His fingers were working fast and furious as he sensed my orgasm build and then it hit. I tried to groan with pleasure but his mouth stifled any noise I made. My eyes rolled back and my knees went weak as this most beautiful of sensations wracked through my body in waves of sheer ecstasy. He held me tight as I came or surely I would have crumpled to the floor.

Slowly, my orgasm passed and I was left feeling quite weak and unstable. Steve had not finished yet and he knelt in front of me and began lapping up my juices as best he could through my tights and he moved a hand to my arse and began to finger my crack.

After a while we heard voices and reluctantly we returned to civilisation and sat on some grass opposite each other. I allowed my legs to part a bit so he could see my cunt through the tights. I know he was aroused and he certainly liked what he saw. I started to get a bit braver and opened my legs a bit more. I can remember thinking how good my orgasm had been and I felt I needed to reward Steve by flashing to someone somehow. I soon had my chance.

I noticed three lads, probably early twenties heading in our general direction. The grassy area was fairly busy with people sitting around and they had obviously seen this space near us. They would need to pass by us to get there so I changed my position slightly and now I was facing them. I crossed my legs and gave Steve an unrestricted view up my skirt and also these three lads would see everything too.

As they got very close, I still didn't know if they had seen anything so I asked if they knew what the time was. I had now succeeded in getting their attention and as one, they gaped at me, or rather up my skirt and they needed a few seconds to gather their wits. One eventually checked his watch and informed me of the time.

I tried to engage them in conversation and they sat chatting with us for a while. I made no effort to cover myself and I just let them look as much as they wanted. Slowly, the conversation started to get lewd. One openly said that he saw what was under my skirt and he liked what he saw. Steve caught me unawares when he asked them if they wanted to shag me. They seemed up for a fuck and Steve suggested we head back into the trees. My cunt was dripping juice and I was getting excited by the thought of getting fucked by these lads.

We made the trees and found a clearing. Steve grabbed me and pulled my skirt down. Steve began caressing me again and eased my tights down. He bent me forward and entered my wet cunt from behind. Slowly he thrust back and forth and after only a few seconds he lunged hard and uploaded his hot cum deep into me.

Steve pulled out and one of the other lads entered me. Sadly, he didn't last much longer before he came. The second lad pulled me to the ground and slowly fucked me in the missionary position. He seemed experienced and alternated his technique using fast and slow and gentle or hard strokes. After many minutes, I could feel another orgasm coming and he quickened his pace as I arched and thrust back at him. He groaned quite loudly as his first jet of cum entered me, triggering my expected second cum of the day. He pumped his sperm in several pumps and when I could feel no more, he recommenced thrusting and he fucked me again.

By now, I was getting sore but number three wanted a go and he was so worked up, he fired as soon as he had penetrated me. Steve climbed back on and fucked me again as four loads of cum from three strangers tried to exit my body. I looked around and saw no sign of them. They had fucked and then fucked off. I felt a bit cheated and let down and was quite relieved when Steve finally deposited his load up me.

Steve helped me clean up a bit and I pulled my tights back up and we returned to the car. On the drive home I put my pants back on and we planned our next outing with enthusiasm.

That was my first time in tights without knickers but there are many more memoirs to share.

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