With agonizing anticipation Jeff' slid his throbbing cock along her wet, open pussy. He thrust in a little so not to disturb her, then pulled out. In a little deeper, then back out. Deeper into her puffy slick pussy. She moaned softly in her sleep. Then deeper and deeper, until his hips were pressed firmly against her ass and his whole cock was entirely up inside her. He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her onto him, keeping her from escaping. Her pussy immediately began vibrating as she came in her sleep. Jeff couldn't believe the feeling. Her pussy was squeezing the cum out of his cock. He couldn't last. Instinctively he thrust as far as he could then orgasmed hard, his cock pulsing a geyser, shot after shot of cum into her pussy, deep inside.. She moaned softly. And then Dawn moaned. Jeff was shocked. He opened his eyes, seeing the long brunette hair of Kahlua!

Dawn was at the foot of the bed, riding a muscular man!

"Did you order room service sweetie? Oh!" Dawn asked as she was owned.

Jeff flipped back the covers of the beautiful, curvy small girl he had just fucked. A long tribal flame tattoo in brilliant green started at her hip and wrapped down the outside of her thigh to her knee. He ran his hand along it, looking at the swirls. At that moment, she rolled over to face him revealing her huge breasts with hard nipples. Her lust filled eyes and beautiful face captivated him as she smiled .

"You came in me." she smiled, her hands caressing her lower abdomen. Her cum filled pussy was leaking on the white sheets. "It feels so fucking good." Slowly her hands moved up to her bountiful breasts. She kneaded them in her hands, squeezing her massive globes with her tiny hands.

"Let me," said Jeff, his large hands taking over for her. She rolled over, presenting her boobs to him. His hands cupped her tits. He caught her nipples between his fingers, tugging on them, making her moan.

"Ye. (pant ) Ye (pant) Yeah. That's it. Suck her tits Husband," Dawn panted out while riding on her stud.

His tongue flicked on her nipples making her squeal. He squeezed hard and was surprised. Her white milk shot out in a squirt..

"Ooooh please suck me! Please oh please. My tits need you!"

The door to the room opened, Enrika entered. She sensually walked to the bed, her finger caressing Dawn's hair, then the girl next to Jeff. Enrika held Dawn's head to her bubbly breasts. Dawn's cross eyed and mesmerized, giggled insanely, then took a nipple to her mouth, suckling intently.

"Oh Dawn," she chided, "You so love your ecstasy don't you? What a fantastic drink."

"Yes mistress."

"Will you let another man cum in you on your honeymoon?"

"I...,"Dawn said tentatively, realized what she had been doing, what Jeff was doing.

"Did you love it? Did you love his cock? Do you love him?"

A silence pervaded the room. Suddenly Dawn's ring glowed with more brilliance than ever. Dawn went cross-eyed, drool falling out of mouth as her mind surrendered.

"Do you love him?" Enrika asked.

"Yessssss.... I love you," she said to her stud. She collapsed on top of him, her hard nipples rubbing his chest. "Oh GOD I fucking love you!" She started kissing the strange man passionately. His fingers caressed her ass, one toyed with her hole. His thick cock pistoning in and out of her relentlessly.

Satisfied at the shocked reaction on Jeff's face, Enrika turned her attention to him.

"Did you enjoy her Jeff? Kahlua's quite good, talents that are amazing for anyone less of 19?"


"You heard me dear boy. You're a teeny bopper, and your young wife, she's an awakening slut. Ride that cock Dawn, this is just the beginning."

Dawn's eyes suddenly shot open, "Ooooh!!" she exclaimed. "Ohhh you're..."

"Cumming baby!"

"You're cumming in me! Right in front of my husband on our honeymoon!"

"Damn that's some pussy," he said.

"It's magic. Magically wet for you..."

"Here comes more baby!" he said humping his cum deep into her. "Squeeze my balls!"

Dawn reached back, squeezing the cum from his tennis ball sized sack into her pussy. It felt so good. She bounced up and down on his pole,

Enrika looked lovingly at Dawn, she circled her clit, helping her ride her orgasm.

"Jeff..." Enrika chided, "She's still thinking about you. Fuck her brains out. Fuck her hard."

"I just came."

"Try her milk Jeff."

Dawn, her glazed eyes full of pleasure turned to him, "Suck her tits you fucker. You perverted fucker! Suck 'em. OH!!"

Jeff resumed his massaging of the young girls tits. He suckled, getting warm squirts of milk in his mouth that warmed his throat. The more he sucked, the harder he got. Kahlua just moaned with pleasure, fingering her cum dripping pussy.

Jeff's cock was a throbbing pillar. It hurt. It needed to be squeezed. Squeezed by pussy. Kahlua got on top of Jeff, sliding her slick pussy over his cock, riding just like his slutty wife. Her kept a hand kneading each breast, shooting milk out as she bounced.

"I love your cock," Kahlua said in her young small high voice. "I want to feel all your pleasure Master. See? I 'm all shaved and smooth."

"That's good darling," Enrika said, caressing Jeff's head, "Fuck that little girl."

Jeff could feel something on the end of his cock every time Kahlua sat down; there and there and there. He moved his hands to her hips and pulled her down forcefully, instinctively.

"Ooooh" Kahlua cried in glorious plaseure, "You're in me SOOO deep"

His cock had pushed past her cervix. He was in her womb. It was too much. He blasted cum deep into Kahlua who squealed with delight. Her pussy rippled with her orgasm, pulsing the cum from Jeff's rod. Her milk dribbling out of both hard nipples like two waterfalls. He thrusted one last time. She collapsed on top of him, sweaty and exhausted.

"That's so beautiful," said Enrika, "Sleep." She placing her hands on Jeff and Kahlua's heads. "Sleep.." She whispered to Dawn and the hunk, doing the same thing. And instantly they were.


It was hours later in the deep of night when the eye of the serpent ring started to glow green. Whispering in a dream, Dawn heard a voice say "come to me." Sleeping on, the voice became more seductive, persistent. She didn't know why she was awake but then heard it again, a soft enticing sound that rode in through the billowing curtains on the warm ocean breeze. It reached her carnal heart, a calling that Dawn couldn't resist.

Under the full moon, she rose, lifting herself off the couch. A wet spot was visible where her stud's cum had been leaking out of her. Tan, naked, her long hair flowing in the breeze Dawn stood alone in the darkness. The faint glowing green eye of the serpent's eye reflecting off the white columns surrounding the room. She looked down at the empty couch where she had just fucked her stud, and at Kahlua who was contently snuggled on Jeff's chest. She knew she was alone.

Scared but unable to stop Dawn walked out of the room, down the hallway, past white marble columns illuminated by the pale moon, and out to the terrace by the pools. Large leaves brushed against her legs, arms, and erect nipples as she walked into the hot steamy jungle, and its luscious plants. She walked on the moonlit path in a daze.

There, in a clearing, Dawn came face to face with an extremely large snake, hanging from a sturdy tree limb. Fear overcame her as she looked along its brown, green striped body. But it's flickering tongue hissed in a whisper that she now knew had called her. She was held captive as the snake uncoiled down form the limb, its head now directly in front of hers

As her inquisitive gaze met the serpent's yellow reptilian eyes, it's hypnotic gaze penetrated her mind.

"trust in meeee... Just in meeee....."

As the serpent swayed its head from side to side, nude Dawn followed, her head moving along, matching her Master's. Her ample breasts swayed as her sexy hips rocked side to side in an erotic dance. Swirling colors, reds, oranges, purples, in Dawn's eyes reflected the serpent's. She swooped her head from side to side, mimicking the motions of the snake. A crooked smile washed onto her face.

She continued to sway along, helpless to its wishes, ready to do anything she was told. Wanting to do anything it wanted. Her pussy moistened at the thought,. Hoping it would seduce her. Not knowing how, she realized she could understand its thoughts. Music filled her mind as the snake sang into her head.

"trust in me..... Just in me... "shut your eyes and trust in me. Hold still please.""

She obeyed. Coil by coil the snake dropped out of the tree, winding itself around Dawn It's cool smooth scales enticed her skin. She was lifted into the air, its flickering tongue, teasing her nipples to hardness. Things wrapped around her ankles, her legs were gently opened. Her breasts were encircled, her nipples gently tugged and squeezed.

She shuttered as she felt her ass, pussy, clit gently teased with urgent desire Her holes moistened and opened. Something warm started to fill her ass, stretching her as her G-spot began to vibrate. Dawn moaned through the music, cumming hard. The urgency of the invaders was evident as her wetness allowed them to push deeper. She thrust her hips, unexpectedly taking the thrusting hardness completely up her ass. She was completely held in the air by the thick slimy invader that was up her ass. Her eyes opened wide in shock but went listless, encountering the serpents swirling eyes.

"Open your legs for Tikana. Sail on a swirling mist.... Slowly your defenses won't exist...."

"Yes master...." She signed with obedience.

The serpent wrapped three thick coils around Dawn's chest and mid section, just under her breasts. Tighter...tighter they squeezed, forcing all the air from her lungs. His head coiled around her neck dragging its venomous fangs along her, leaving love scratches. It's flickering tongue, teasing her ears.

As Dawn tried to breath, her eyes started sparkling with flares and colors as her oxygen was running out. The hypnotic vision is her head was replaced with real suffocation. She smiled as her pussy leaked fluids, the urgency to breath shared with the seductive master at her side who was telling her it was OK to do anything it asked the young 23 year old blonde to do.. even to die.... The colors flashed in her oxygen deprived head she started to black out. At that moment, the serpent sank its vampire-like fangs into her neck, injecting it's deadly venom in to her. Two streams of blood ran down her neck over her collar bone. As it relaxed the hold on her lungs it let her take a deep gasp. Her nipples thrust outward painfully hard and a mini orgasm made her pussy leak as the poison started ravaging her body.

"Trust in meeee...."

"Oh master....." Dawn replied.

The hypnotic swirling colors were tickling her brain as she got high, chiming in her head. The poison was rendering her body weak and useless. She was unable to move on her own, but the pleasure was intensified 10 fold.

Another hardness started thrusting into her pussy. It was massive. She could feel the rippled walls of her vagina being pushed out of the way. Her pussy was stretching open for her dream-state lover. With painful persistence it thrust deep into her pussy, as a flickering intensified on her clit. A coil bucked her hips rocking her.

She could feel the warm hardnesses thrusting in and out of both holes.

Suspended completely on the slimy hardnesses, she felt the one in her pussy reach the end of vagina. But it kept bumping against the wall. It was painful... at first.. but she could feel something giving way... her body opening up inside. She would do ANYthing to let it go further. She wanted, no NEEDED to give herself to this...thing. Gently but forcefully the coils rocked her hips, helping the hardness go deeper.

Suddenly something opened in her. She surrendered to the pleasure. Unable to resist the hardness. With one last squeeze of the smooth coils around her waist, she was dropped onto the hardness that persistently went past the barrier deep in her, making her cum, making her feel like never before.

It swelled, increasing her panting pleasure. She knew it was going to cum in her. She wanted it to. She needed it to. She didn't care. She was helpless to stop it. Her pussy clamped down rippling along its length. It pulsed then burst with excitement, throwing Dawn into ecstasy. Her eyes swirled like the serpent's. The warm goo was in her uterus, filling her so deeply. Dawn's warm gooey cum mixed with the foreign cum fluids. Dawn passed out from the intense orgasm.

She awake in the clearing, naked, white gooey fluids running out of her open ass and pussy. She could feel the air rushing in and out of her as she breathed. She put her hand to her sore ass.... It disappeared inside! Her pussy was the same. The realization of that made her pussy start to shutter.

Roaming her hands over her body, she felt a bump at her tummy. She was pregnant! Pregnant with some horrible monster eggs in her. She could feel things wiggling under the skin of her swollen belly. Something alive in her. She started to panic. But the serpent eye glowed and Dawn calmed down. It felt wicked, feeling the things moving in her. They were like a hundred twitching cocks, touching all her internal naughty spots.

She laid back as the pleasure started to grow from somewhere deep in her that she had never felt before. She grabbing both breasts hard, squeezing them.. her milk shot out like two squirt guns over her tummy and legs She moaned as the intense colors swirled in her head and her pussy came, clamping down on nothing. Her juices gushed onto the forest floor in an erotic animalistic display. She rode the pleasure as long as she could, her hips bucking in the dirt clearing till it subsided. But still the swirling colors stayed in her head.

On wobbly heads she stood in the moonlit forest. A warm breeze rustled the dark lush leaves around her. Wondering if the snake had all been just a dream. Then she looked up. The serpent, coiled around the high limb, smiled at her with hypnotic glowing eyes.


It was morning when Jeff awoke with Kahlua's head on his chest. The young tan girl was gorgeous, a walking hard on. Dawn was missing, but somehow it seemed OK.

"I have to go," she said, "The mistress needs me."

"But... I need you."

"See you later," she smiled.

Jeff didn't know what to do. A breakfast was laid out for him along with black swim trunks. He ate and got dressed, then went walking the grounds looking for Dawn, though he wasn't sure why.

As he made his way around the volleyball nets, the pool, the fitness center, his ring was glowing, and his mind wandering. He was finding it more and more difficult to focus on... What was her name? It was.... Kahula. Yes. He needed to find Kahlua. His cock throbbed as he thought of her beautiful eyes and tan body. He remembered how her engorged breasts spewed milk across his chest. He missed her. Coming back to the beach where just the day before he had been having dinner, he found an elaborate set up waiting for him.

A white platform with arched flowers was in front of him, with Enrika between them. Rows of chairs were lined with other guests. They clapped when he arrived.

"Jeff. Come to me," said Enrika "It's time."

He quickly walked up to the platform to ask Enrika, "Time for what?"

At that moment, wedding music began, and lovely nude Kahlua in a tiara, veil, and white garter walked with a bouquet of flowers down the aisle. She wasn't wearing anything else.

"What the fuck is this!?" he demanded

"Just language," Enrika scolded," On your wedding day! What would your matron of honor think?"

From behind the flowers, Dawn appeared, holding a lovely bouquet. She was dressed in a simple sun yellow cover up. Her distended belly revealing her secret encounter, that she was pregnant. Her left thigh was red and raw from the large swirling green tribal tattoo that had been inked on her all morning. Her serpent eye was glowing green.

"I remember when I loved you Jeff," she said, "But this place. It called to me. I am one with the spirit of this island, the serpent."

"Only for fourteen days," Enrika said, "Then, like Kahlua, you will be free to live as you like. Though your ring has already chosen your partner."

The nude hunk she had fucked the night before came up on the stage, taking up position behind her.

"I know that you are for me," he said.

"So true," said Enrika, "The serpent stones know what is best for each of you."

Jeff looked suspiciously at the ring on his finger. Then smiled an absent horny smile as it sparkled. Kahlua was all he could think about. She walked up the steps taking her place next to Jeff, smiling.

"So we are here now, to obey the will of the serpent diamonds. This man and woman should now be joined to each other. Are there any objections?"

Dawn though she should say something but couldn't remember what it was. The hunk slowly pushed her dress over her shoulders and it fell to her feet. She automatically bent over, letting him firmly hold her hips as his monster cock rose to slide back and forth along her moistening wet pussy. That was the cock she wanted.

Enrika continued, "Jeff. When you arrived, you were with the wrong girl.

"Kahlua. You served as mother to the serpent's will, earning your tribal mark that will forever be a symbol of your devotion to Tikikana's culture."

"It is an honor to allow the serpent to ravage my body as it wills."


"It is my will to give my body to the serpent."

"Excellent," Enrika smiled with a wicked grin. The hunk holding Dawn's hips pulled back and slowly impaled Dawn on his massive cock. Dawn cried out in pleasure as her pussy was again stretched wide. Her flopping tits, dripping sex milk as she was pounded. Kahlua watched with wide-eyed fascination, slipping two fingers between her legs.

"No," said Enrika, "You must first finish your bond."

"Yes mistress."

"Are you now and forever, willing to worship the snake of Jeff?"

"My body is his to ravage."

"Then by the power of the rings, I proclaim that you are his Uumzati. Use her well Jeff. For she has the power to awaken the serpent spirit within you. And bring you both to realms of pleasure that only the gods of Tikikana could awaken."

Their rings glowed brightly as Enrika brought their hands together. All Jeff could think about was Kahlua, the sexy island girl of his dreams, and all she could think of was him.

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