tagExhibitionist & Voyeur'Til Ya Use Me Up

'Til Ya Use Me Up

byGeoff Chaucer©

Kathy wasn't the most beautiful girl Michael had ever seen, but she was magnetic somehow. She was six feet tall and big boned, but she had silky blond hair that reached her waist, a forty four double D bust and the most penetrating blue eyes he had ever seen. And she had a way of looking at him with those eyes that made little shocks of wanting go off in his balls. He wanted to make a move on her, but she not only made his balls tingle she made his tongue tangle.

"I'm telling you Michael, she wants you," his friend Dave told him as they stood by the water cooler looking at her.

"Yeah yeah, so you say. But if I try to hit on her she'll shoot me down just like she has every other guy up here." And it was true. They all worked in a huge open office with perhaps a hundred people in it and, one time and another, every guy in the place had hit on Kathy. She would generally look down on the guy, smile sweetly and lift her eyebrow as though she were about to ask a question before saying something like "not on a bet." Then she would laugh that silvery cruel little chuckle and turn back to what ever she was doing.

"Yeah but look at her, man! I mean daaammn! She could be a hell of a lot uglier and still be worth the shot with those tits!"

"Naw man! Maybe that kinda attitude is why you got shot down."

"Oh listen to mister sensitive pro-women's lib."

"Not woman's lib! Enlightment. Haven't you heard that women hate it when guys look at their tits instead of into their eyes? Besides, as much as I like tits, her eyes give me a hard-on everytime."

Dave shook his head. "Michael, you are one weird dude."

Michael shrugged and headed back to his desk.

An hour later he heard a throat clear and looked up to see Kathy standing in front of him. His eyes went from her luscious, heavy tits up to her lovely face and killer eyes.

She held out a file folder toward him. "This landed on my desk," she said, "but it belongs to you." She leaned forward across the desk and laid the file in front of him, giving him a heart stopping view down her white silk blouse. Her breasts were held up and together by an industrial strength bra, but the cleveage was still breath taking. Her tits were smooth and peach colored with none of the stretch marks so many large breasted women get.

Once more he looked from her tits up to her face. She was smiling with just a hint of impishness. Her eye corners crinkled and the blue of her eyes crackled like static electricity.

Suddenly the little explosions in his crotch sent a shock up to his throat and he said, "Would you have a drink with me Kathy?" It wasn't like he had set out to hit on her, it just happened. His mouth and his balls was leading lives of their own.

Her smile grew wider and Michael expected to hear that silvery laugh, but she said, "Mahoney's at six?"

Mahoney's was a bar near the office. Michael's mouth fell open and he could barely close it to say, "That'll be good," before it fell open again.

Kathy's smile grew wider and more impish before she turned and went back to her desk.

Michael shook his head and glanced at Dave who was shaking his head in response. "I told you so," Dave mouthed.

Michael sat at one of the small tables sipping a Crown and soda and looking at the door. Kathy was late and he was beginning to think the whole thing was a joke, but as he was about to give it up and go, the door opened and there she was. Once more his mouth dropped open. She had gone home to change. She was now wearing a strapless floor length black velvet dress that showed off all of her assets. At the office he had thought of her as "heavy" or "big boned" but looking at her now he knew that she was neither of those. She was more like a larger than life Edwardian sculpture. Her luscious decolatage showed above the shelves of her strapless bra and two silver cords came down from the center. They swept beneath her breasts and down so that they went round her back and then went down to circle her waist and tie at the left side, giving her the classic Mae West hour glass shape. Her blond hair was brushed out long down her back with the right side caught up in a shining silver clip.

Michael stood up and Kathy's eyes connected with his. She came down to the little table. Her smile still had some of that impish quality she had showed in the office.

"A little over dressed for a simple drink aren't you?" Michael said.

Kathy's smile widened and the sparks came into her eyes as she turned around to let him see the whole package. It made his breath catch and his cock start crying to get out of his Jockey shorts.

"Wow!" He said. "You are drop dead gorgeous in that dress kid!" He pulled out her chair and asked, "What would you like to drink?"

Without making any move to sit she said, "Have you had a drink?"

"Yes. What would you like?"

"I would like you to come with me."

"Where too?"

"An engagement party."

"An engag. . . Hey we haven't even had a drink yet! I think engagement is rushing things just a little."

She laughed and it was silvery, but without the cruelty, then she turned serious. "It's my step-sister's engagement. She's . . ." Kathy shrugged her silky shoulders which caused her tits to give a little quiver, but Michael didn't notice. He was looking into her eyes.

"Wicked step-sister?" he said.

She shrugged again.

Michael looked down at himself. He was in a gray business suit and tie, but not nearly as formally dressed as Kathy. "I doubt if I can get a tux before tomorrow," he said.

"You look wonderful and just having you at this thing as my date will make Serena turn purple."

"Didn't know I was that good a catch," he said grinning. She tilted her head and gave him a don't be so sure look.

"OK, what the hell?" he said and stepped closer to her. "I'll be prince charming to tweak your wicked step-sister."

"Wonderful," she said and turned, but as she turned her hand brushed the zipper of his pants, catching a feel of the lump straining to get loose. "My my," she said.

Kathy introduced Michael to her step-sister and the groom-to-be. "Serena, Robert, this is Michael—my friend." Somehow she made that sound like a taunt. "We work together," she went on.

Serena was skinny, plain, and dried up looking to Michael— as though she had spent too much time in the sun; and the softly frothy cream color gown only seemed to point up her plainness. Her groom-to-be was a tall wide shouldered conventionally handsome guy with a "gigilo" mustache that reminded Michael of Gilbert Roland. The bride and groom didn't really seem to fit together. Serena put out her hand for Michael to shake. "I didn't realize Kathleen had a boy friend," she said.

Michael glanced at Kathy, looking for clues, but he got none. "I'm just a friend really, not a 'boyfriend.'"

"He's my fuck-buddy, Serena," Kathy said.

Michael was glad he didn't have a drink in his hand, because he was sure he would have dropped it. The groom-to-be looked as though Kathy had kicked him in the nuts.

"We just play. No commitment. Not like you and Robert," Kathy continued.

"There's much to be said for commitment of course, but it is so – binding. I mean, once you make a commitment I always felt that it meant exclusivity. Having a fuck-buddy is much easier." Serena looked as though she were going to leap at her step sister and scratch her eyes out, and was only restrained by the fact that every eye in the place was focused on them.

Music started. The frozen clash of eyes between Kathy and her step-sister continued for a moment before Kathy smiled and turned to Michael. "I love this song," she said. "Let's dance Michael."

"Good idea," Michael answered. He put his arm around her and turned her away from Serena and Robert. When they had taken a few steps he said, "You're gonna have to tell me what that was all about someday. Meanwhile I'm gonna hold you to that 'Fuck-buddy' thing."

"Definitely my friend," she answered with a grin so wickedly warm Michael felt it all the way into his shoes.

They danced all the fast numbers and then the music slowed. Michael pulled Kathy as tight to him as though they were sleeping together. He slid a hand down to brush her bottom then brought it back up to her waist.

"It's OK. I want you to do that," she said. "I want you to make every man in here jealous."

"What am I, bait?"

She brought her hips tighter against him so that her thigh brushed between his legs. "You are my fuck-buddy. The man who is going to go home with me tonight," she said.

Now it was his turn to say "My, my." He let his hand drift down to her bottom again and squeezed the resilient flesh. "OK, now tell me what is going on here."

She looked into his eyes and he noticed that they were almost eye to eye. "Robert was my fiance once upon a time."

"He chose her over you? The man is obviously an idiot."

"He found out that the money belonged to Serena's mother not my father. Then I caught them together," she chortled.

"Ah," Michael said. "Sounds like you dodged a bullet."

She nodded. "It wasn't funny at the time, but as I think back, there was Robert on his knees with skinny old Serena laying on the edge of the bed knees up while he licked her. When I came in it surprised them so much that Serena sat up and squeezed a fart out right into Robert's face."

Michael barked out a loud laugh and Kathy laughed with him. It brought every eye in the room to look at them.

"And I take it,"Michael began, "That everybody here knows what happened?"

"Pretty much. But there are just four of us who know about the fart," they broke into laughter again.

Michael carressed her bottom again and his fingers went into the valley between her buttocks. She must be wearing a thong, he thought.

She turned her face up to him and smiled. "You are thinking I have a thong on, aren't you? Well you're wrong. I don't have any panties on at all."

Michael swallowed—hard.

She offered her mouth, sweet and soft and wet, to be kissed and he kissed it. Her tongue slid out and teased its way into his mouth. It made his knees go a little wobbly and his cock get a little less wobbly. Michael pulled the hand that was holding her hand in close so that it touched the side of her breast, and when he did Kathy's breath shortened perceptably. He pulled his hand in closer so that it was really between them and, with an extended finger began to pet between her breasts.

Kathy's breath began to shorten to small gusts expelled each time Michael's finger stroked. She looked up and directly into his eyes. "I like that," she murmured. "A lot of women with big tits are supposed to be less sensative. Not me. I can cum just having my nipples licked."

"I could cum just hearing you say that," he said, and continued to stroke up and down in the valley between her warm silky tits.

It didn't take long for every male eye in the place to catch on to what was happening and between kisses and carresses Michael saw that he was the envy of every man at the party. They all wanted Kathy, and he had her. "If you meant to upstage your step-sister I think you've done it," he said. "Every guy in the joint has a hard on for you."

"That used to matter," she said, her voice shakey. "Now all I want is to have your mouth where your finger is."

"Then I think we better get out of here," he said.

In the taxi Kathy gave her address and when she leaned back Michael instantly leaned in to kiss her again. He began trailing kisses from her mouth down her chin, onto her throat, and to her breasts. He kissed down to where his finger had been stroking and ran his tongue up and down the cleavage. Kathy whimpered softly and stroked his hair.

Michael brought his finger up and began stroking and flicking her nipples that were now showing through the gown. Round and round the aerole through the velvet of the gown, flicking her hardened nipple every so often.

"Oh Michael," she whimpered breathily. "You're going to make me wet my dress doing that."

He raised his head and nibbled on her ear whispering "You want me to stop?"

"No," she said with a laugh and a moan mixed in her voice. She put her hand on his leg, searching for his cock. It wasn't hard to find. She squeezed it and stroked it a little.

"Keep that up and you're gonna make me wet my pants," he whispered with a small laugh.

"You want me to stop?"

"No. Definitely not."

The taxi pulled up in front of Kathy's building. Michael flung a handful of bills over the seat and said "Keep the change."

The cabbie said, "Thanks man," but they didn't hear him.

In the elevator Michael pushed her against the side and fished the skirt of her dress up high enough to discover that she really wasn't wearing any panties, and to discover that the insides of her thighs were slick with girl honey. He stroked his finger up her pussy slit and the elevator doors opened for their floor.

Barely in the door they began flinging off clothes only stopping long enough to take in each other's nakedness. Kathy reached out and took Michael's cock in her hand, then went to her knees on the carpet. She began licking a circle around the swollen magenta head. Michael groaned. She took the whole thing into her mouth and began the slow head bob stroke that would have brought Michael to the point of no return in a moment, but just as he reached that instant she stopped and lay down on her back.

"Here Michael," she said and ran her finger up and down between her breasts. She put her hands on each side of her heavy tits and pushed them up to close the valley between them to a tight fissure. "I want you to fuck my tits Michael."

"Oh yeah," he said and stepped up so that he had one foot on each side of Kathy, then he knelt down. His cock was throbbing and swaying in time with his heart beat. It was still wet from Kathy's mouth and a crystalline drop of pre-cum glimmered at the tip. He put his swollen member between her tits and she pushed the warm soft globes of flesh tight around it. Michael began slowly humping his hips forward and back and at the top of each stroke the head of his cock came out between Kathy's tits. When it did she would lick at it and laugh greedily. "More," she said. "More Michael. Cum for me baby. Cum for me. I want to taste it. I want you to cum on my face."

In only a few strokes Michael felt the tingling clenching of his balls and he began a rhythmic moan – "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. . ." as his cock slipped up and down, and then he looked into Kathy's eyes. It was all he needed.

"Yes baby, yes" Kathy said as a flood of thick pearlescent cum squirted. It hit her chin and ran down her neck as the second spasm hit Michael. More cum shot and this time Kathy caught some on her tongue and drew it into her mouth. The third glob landed on her throat and added itself to the rest lying like a pearl necklace around her throat.

All the strength went out of Michael's legs with the last spasm and he barely managed to move off Kathy's chest before collapsing oh his back beside her. Kathy turned on her side and molded her body against his side. She put a leg over him and hugged him close in her arms. "That was so good Michael!"

"But you. . ."

"There's plenty of time for me," she said and hugged him again. "Thank you for letting me use you at the party like that."

He turned his head and kissed her. "Like Bill Withers said '. . .til ya use me up.' Kathy," he breathed. ". . .til ya use me up."

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