Tim signed on the internet. After cruising through some bisexual chat rooms, he made a date to have a threesome with a couple across town. He was seriously thinking about calling them and canceling. At the same time his lack of sex with his wife had him frustrated. They were like two strangers slowly going into old age. He thought long and hard.

Tim knew he had a lot to lose if anyone found out. He was a prominent lawyer and on the city council. Taking into account he could also lose his wife, Tim sat staring at the television. He sometimes looked at his wife and wondered.

Deciding to go for it, Tim said to his wife,

"I'm going to the office to organize a few things for court tomorrow."

Tim left. Sliding behind the wheel of his Cadillac Escalade, he sighed and started anxiously thinking about what was ahead. He turned the key and drove away. During the long drive across town, Tim thought about the couple he met in the chat room. He was excited; yet concerned about someone finding out. He put the thought out of his head, as he got out of his car at the Chili's restaurant. Walking into the bar, he scanned the room looking for someone fitting their description.

Not recognizing anyone, Tim took a seat at a table near the bar. He ordered a beer and watched a baseball game on the television. He was surprised when someone pulled out a chair at his table. The stranger said,


Tim turned and answered,

"Yes hello."

Tim looked them over as they sat down. The gentleman was tall with short black hair. He had a medium build. He carried himself confidently. The grey around his temples confirmed he was not a young man. Looking across the table at his wife, Tim smiled. In her mid thirties she is very attractive. Her shoulder length brown hair curled at her collar. Her button up business shirt did a lot to hide her large round breasts.

As they sat down the gentleman introduced himself as Ken and his wife as Jeri. They talked over a couple of beers. Finishing a beer, Ken suggested they drive to their place. Tim agreed and they left. Driving a short three blocks, Tim was anxious as he pulled in the driveway next their car.

Going inside the living room was spacious. Tim sat at a large couch. Ken got them each a beer. Jeri went down a hallway. A few minutes later she returned wearing a pair of thin shorts and a large t-shirt. She sat on the couch with Tim. Ken kicked his shoes off, sipped his beer and said,

"Let's get this party started."

At that suggested Jeri lifted her shirt showing Tim a pair of round full breasts and small spare tire at her waist. After putting her shirt down, she grabbed Tim's hand, stood up and led him to the bedroom. Ken gave them a few minutes before following. When he joined them, Ken found them naked on the king size bed. He stood at the foot of the bed slowly taking off his clothes as he watched them.

Tim was between Jeri's legs licking her pussy. Jeri was enjoying Tim's expert tongue work. She started moving her hips and squirming in ecstasy. Sliding his boxers off, Ken moved near his wife. He sucked on her left breast then the right one. She reached a hand for her husbands nine inch cock. As she wrapped her fingers around it she started to moan. "Oh yes!"

Ken moved on the bed. Jeri rolled over. Ken leaned against the headboard and watched Tim slowly enter his wife from behind. Jeri moved forward taking Ken's cock in her mouth. Tim grabbed her hips and started to move back and forth with wild abandon. Ken was enjoying the view while having his cock sucked. She slid Ken's cock out to moan through another thigh shattering orgasm. Tim slowed down; he pulled his cock out and emptied his balls all over Jeri's butt and back.

Jeri moved towards her husband. She returned to sucking his cock. Tim sat watching as he massaged her thighs. Ken moved like he was going to lick Jeri's pussy. Leaning down he reached for Tim's soft cock. Tim was surprised and shocked until he remembered what chat room he met them in. Tim's shock turned to pleasure as Ken started licking his growing cock.

Ken started sucking on Tim's cock. He slowly massaged his balls as he slid his cock in and out. Once Tim relaxed to what Ken was doing he leaned close to Jeri's thighs and started licking her thighs. He slowly closed in on her shaved pussy. Moving his head Tim started rubbing Jeri's pussy with his finger and thumb. Tim looked up to watch Jeri sucking Ken with vigor, then he took another second to enjoy ken sucking his cock.

Tim went back to licking and sucking Jeri's pussy. He could tell from the way she was squirming that she was close to another orgasm. He licked and rubbed harder grabbing her large hips, he could hear her moans. Jeri screamed "I'm cumming!"

Everything stopped as she came. She moaned, grabbed Tim's head and thrusts her pussy at his hungry mouth. She lay there looking at Ken's cock inches from her mouth. Moving off the bed she said,

"I need a drink."

Ken and Tim looked at each other. Ken went back to sucking Tim's cock. As he moved to continue, he positioned his cock at Tim's mouth. Tim looked at the long thick shaved cock. He grabbed the base and massaged the clean shaved balls. Having never done this before he was hesitant, then in one slow motion he opened his mouth and slid Ken's cock across his tongue. Still playing with his balls and the base of Ken's cock, Tim slowly started sucking his first cock.

Enjoying Ken's mouth on his cock, Tim was close to cumming. He started going slower in case Ken was close. He enjoyed sucking Ken's cock and wanted it to last. Ken moved when Jeri returned. He stopped sucking on Tim's cock. Tim was disappointed as he moved. Ken motioned Tim to get on his back. When he did, Jeri crawled on top of him positioning her pussy at his mouth. Ken moved Tim's hips and positioned his cock at Tim's tight virgin butt.

Tim Started to protest, but was interrupted by Ken saying "I'll go slow and Jeri lowering her pussy on his mouth and tongue. Tim started licking Jeri's pussy. He flinched as he felt Ken at his opening. Ken stopped there. He reached for Tim's cock. Playing with it, Tim relaxed a little. Ken started again his cock slowly entered Tim's tight opening. Tim breathed in a lot of air with the pain. He grabbed Jeri's hips and tried to take his mind of the pain. Ken entered more then stopped then entered more and stopped. After four or five times of this he was all the way in. Tim was over the pain and beginning to enjoy the moment.

They stopped like that; Jeri and Ken started to kiss. With one hand on Ken's shoulder, she reached for Tim's cock. Ken went back to fucking Tim's ass with vigor. Ken slowed down out of breath he said, oh god I'm cumming. Pulling his cock out, he pointed it at Tim's stomach. He squirted a large stream of white creamy cum on Tim's stomach. A second stream shot all over Jeri's hand and Tim's cock. Jeri continued playing with Tim's cock as he started cumming.

Tim continued sucking, licking and massaging Jeri's pussy. He was hoping she was close and wanted her to reach another orgasm. The more and faster he moved his tongue and fingers, the more she moaned. She started to scream as she had another thigh shattering orgasm. They laid there enjoying the moment.

Tim cleaned up, had another beer and left. He enjoyed himself, but decided that was the last time and the last time in the bisexual chat rooms. After he got home, he took a long hot shower and crawled in next to his wife. In the next couple of days he put it behind him and forgot about it.

Five days later Tim and his wife planned on going out for a nice dinner. He left work early and went home to relax. Pulling in the driveway, he went back to check the mail. There was a large envelop addressed to him. Ripping open the envelope he found a tape and a note. The note said "We want $25,000 or we will send this tape to your wife at her work, your boss and the other city council members."

Tim put the tape in the VCR. He turned white as he watched the beginning. The tape went from the time Tim and Jeri entered the bedroom to when they all left at the end. After watching ten minutes, Tim hit the eject button and got up to get the tape. Hearing a noise behind him, he turned to find his wife. He handed her the note and walked out of the room.

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