tagGay MaleTime After Time Ch. 01-04

Time After Time Ch. 01-04



"As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever"

"Oh God, could you please turn that retarded song off the radio? I feel like I'm in a Barney after school special," David says laughingly.

"Sure, dude," Joey, replies with a smile. In all honesty, Joey was very glad to turn off that song. Even before graduation, it had always made him tear up a bit. Joey hated change, and that stupid song only accentuated the change that surrounded him like a thick fog. After the summer he would be separated from David, and that thought made his eyes water and chest tighten.

The traffic is eerily light on the Interstate 5 freeway, and Joey counts less the 12 cars ahead of them. David had suggested they leave their small northern California hometown at 10pm, because the southbound traffic to San Diego would be light. David was always very good with things like traffic and directions so Joey completely trusted him. Joey flips through a few stations and finally turns on the CD player. The sounds of Green Day fill the car. Billie Joe Armstrong sings on about another turning point and fork stuck in the road. Joey reaches out to turn to the next song but is stopped by David.

"Leave it here." David says, "I love this song." As David sang along to the tune, sort of off key, Joey sits staring out the window of David's Ford Explorer. The moon reflects it's pale light off the nocturnal waves, but Joey barely notices the beautiful sight, he is lost in his own sea of memories. He sees himself at five, a shy, chubby little brown haired kid sitting all alone. He remembers the words that started his 14-year friendship with David. David had run up to where he was sitting, his reddish blonde hair glowing in the sunlight.

"Hey," David had said, "you're sorta fat, but I bet if you run more you'll look like a normal kid soon. Want to run with me?"

"Sure," Joey had replied and the rest, as they say, is history. David was always the star athlete, the guy every girl had a crush on. David is movie star handsome, light olive skin with bright reddish blonde hair and green eyes. His mom is half Cuban half Italian and his dad is Irish with bright red hair. David's vibrant personality and good looks command attention, and made him the most popular guy in school. He never abuses his popularity, and most times he seemed oblivious to it. If it had not been for David, Joey surely would have numbered himself among the geeks and dorks of Long View High. But, because he ran with David, he was a celebrity by association.

The soft guitar strings of the Green Day tune serve as the background music of Joey's walk down memory lane. He remembers sleepovers where he would laugh so much he would get asthma attacks. He sees David sitting up with him while he cried the night his grandfather died. He sees himself reading to David in his hospital room when he had his tonsils out. He sees a lifetime full of memories shared with a wonderful friend. All these flashbacks, complete with the dramatic soundtrack, finally bring Joey to tears. He had been expecting a good cry, but had hoped he could prolong it till he was alone.

Through blurry eyes, he sees a rest stop is coming up and David switching lanes so he can exit the highway. Joey discreetly wipes his tears as David pulls into the rest area. Joey is just taking his seat belt off when David's strong arms pull him into a hug, resting Joey's head on his well-developed pecs.

"Dude, what the hell?" Joey asks, his voice still a bit teary.

"Man, I saw you start to cry back there," David says "And I know if you don't talk about it and get it all out, you'll be total asshole this whole damn trip. So come on, out with it."

"Fuck you" Joey says, and tries to pull free from David. David just tightens his grip and pulls Joey closer.

"Come on, man" David says this time in a voice full of compassion. Joey stops trying to pull free and melts into David's embrace.

"It was just the song," Joey says fresh tears starting to run down his face. If he had been talking to someone else, he probably would have needed to elaborate on what it was about that song that made him cry. David just nods in understanding, not for lack of words, but because they are unnecessary.

"I'm going to miss your chubby ass too," David says jokingly. Joey playfully punches David in his side, and the tender embrace quickly turns into a wrestling match. This was a common joke of David's because of the size and shape of Joey's butt. Joey is by no means fat. He stands about 5'10 to David's 6'1. Joey's favorite sport to play is baseball, and due to a lifetime of training for and playing, his legs and thighs are very fit and toned. His chest is very, but not overly, defined. But, no matter how hard Joey tried, and truth be told, he tried very hard, he could do nothing about his butt. It's perfectly round shape stands out in spite of the oversized pants Joey insisted on buying to hide his perfect cheeks. His locker room nickname was badonkadonk, and the baseball jocks at Long View high would swear slapping Joey's wet naked butt would bring victory to any game.

"I give up dude, I give up" David says giggling. Joey had David's head rested in his forearm and armpit. Joey let him go, they were both still panting out of breath.

"So, you better?" David pants, still grinning hard at Joey.

"Fuck you." Joey panted back. He also was smiling from ear to ear.

"I'll take that as a yes." David says still trying to regain his breath.

"Well, on that note I gotta go piss. Hey, want to cross swords?" Joey raises his eyebrow at David's question

"Dude, what are we 12?" Joey asks.

"Come on, man, David pleads. "One last time for old time's sake."

"Okay" Joey agrees. He could never say no to David, and he suspected David knew that. Joey jumps out of the car, and quickly reaches in and grabs his jacket to put on. The late June evening is made chilly because of the stiff sea breeze. This particular rest stop is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. There is a small area with picnic benches and a grassy patch with an assortment of tropical looking flowers surrounding it. The waves crash against the rocks below with unyielding force, a sound Joey finds both calming and a little frightening. Past the benches some steps descended down to the beach level. When David sees the stairs descending to the beach he grabs Joeys arm and gasps in excitement.

"Dude let's go down to the beach!" David says, already pulling Joey in that direction.

"I thought you had to piss so bad" Joey replies. He is still being pulled towards the stairs like a rag doll, but he does not protest.

"I can piss down there," David says and points towards the ocean. "And, you know, mark my territory."

Joey and David carefully descend the old wooden steps. David uses his iPhone as a flashlight, lighting the path enough so they can see the steps clearly. The air on the beach is fragrant, the smell of timeless rocks and eternal sea. Joey shivers as the cool misty breeze runs across the naked flesh of his legs. He looks over at David and sees he is pulling out his large uncircumcised meat out of black sweatpants. Looking away, embarrassed, a blush starts to rise to Joeys face. He had been naked with David a thousand times before and had even slept naked with David one night camping, but that's a tale for another time. But, lately, Joey had been having these dreams. Dreams so real they almost seem like visions. Joey tries desperately to put these thoughts from his mind, He succeeds for now, but knows they still lurk in his mind, ready to jump out and attack him without warning.

"You getting shy on me, princess?" David asks. He is smiling an almost knowing grin, but that could be Joey's guilty conscience contributing its take on the situation.

"In that big of a rush, to see what a real cock looks like, are we?" Joey says grinning, thankful for the lack of light to hide his blush. He is a half an inch longer than David, bringing him to a full 8 inches. It is one of the few things he can gloat about since David is usually the best at everything. When erect, Joey's cock is porn star perfect: straight with a light curve, fat mushroom head, and unnoticeable circumcision scar. Joey pulls his prize possession out his red board shorts and stands next to David.

"Ready?" David asks, sounding excited and grinning.

"Dude, I can't believe I'm actually doing this, at eighteen." Joey replies, feeling the urine getting ready to flow.

"Oh man, that feels so good," David says, as a thick stream of urine jets from his pink cock head. Joey let out a jet next David's dark patch on the sand, and the two streams make a V.

"I will make you feel the power of the dark side," David says in his best James Earl Jones voice. He is using his cock as a light saber, his stream of piss acting as the glowing yellow blade.

"God is in the rain." Joey giggles out quoting V for Vendetta.

"Man, you can't mix movies in a piss fight!" David says. "Plus, the line you used wasn't even about a sword."

"Wow, you really put a lot of thought into this, didn't you?" Joey says sarcastically, smiling at David.

"You can ask anyone, David continues, "If you have a sword like on V for Vendetta, and I have a lightsaber, I could cut you up with no problem. it would be so unfair."

"I won't be asking anyone, man," Joey says. "But thanks for the info". Joey's flow is ebbing, a few seconds and he would be spent. "You see" Joey says, "you spent so much time making up rules I'm all out of juice." The last drops of his urine hit the sand in listless splashes. After shaking off and tucking away, Joey and David head back up the sand worn, wooden stairs. David hits the remote on his key chain, and his headlights flash twice.

"I'm really glad we could take this trip together," David says, as they are both simultaneously fastening seat belts. "It wouldn't be this fun with anyone else".

"It's going to be epic man" Joey says. He is blushing a little bit because of what David had said. "A celebration, to mark the end of an era".

"And to celebrate new begins" David included.

Joey just smiles, but with no real joy behind it, because he knows that new begins mean there separation.


David sees the sign that he has been looking for, Coronado Bay Bridge. They made the trip in a little over five hours it was just now 4am.

David's family is the richest family in Tracy, California. David's father started out with one investment property, and by the time David was born he had over 200 residential lots and 300 commercial buildings. But, what really made him his fortune was buying stock in a company with the funny little name "Google." If you asked anyone in town, they would likely say the Macmillan's are the nicest rich people you will ever meet. Because of the way he was raised, David did not really feel all that privileged. His mom shopped at Target and clipped coupons. His dad could buy any car in the world, yet he drove a modest Toyota Camry. They spent part of every Christmas in Oakland, serving food to homeless people. His mom and dad had won a one-week stay at the hotel Del Coronado at a charity event. But, because they planned on being in Europe, and because David had asked them to take a road trip after graduation, he ended up in with the seaside villa for a week. David smiled to himself, thinking how great it was going to be to wake up with the sea at his front porch every morning. He turned to relay that thought to Joey, but noticed he is looking out the window again moodily. Two years ago this wouldn't have worried David, but that was before Joey tried to take his own life. 'I'm not going to think about that right now,' David says mentally. 'He is probably just tired,' he went on to assure himself.

"You tired, man?" David asks Joey. He had wanted to ask if Joey was okay, but decided that sounded better.

"Yeah, a little" Joey says and smiles. The smile put David's mind at ease.

"Well, in less than an hour we will be chilling in a hot tub, sipping mimosas." David said, "I wonder if you get massage, can you request a happy ending?"

"I don't think this is that kind of place," Joey replied. "But, if you tip him well enough, who knows."

"Ha ha," David said humorlessly.

"And I don't know about you" Joey says, "but I'm going to get some sleep first"

From the bridge, David gets his first glimpse of the vast red and white resort. Bright white lights highlight the ridges of the cone shaped red roof. The reflection is projected back from the water, making it look like a night sky with many stars. The Victorian style makes him think of Anne of Green Gables. David loves the made for TV movie by Disney and had ordered the DVD, but he keeps it hidden with his porn collection, he is that ashamed of owning it.

"Whoa," Joey exclaims. "This place looks awesome!" David sees that Joey is looking out the window with a very pleased look on his face, and it warms David's heart. Joey has it rough back home and he deserves some happiness. David has always felt the need to protect Joey. He could be sarcastic as hell, but David knew that was because he was sensitive. Not sensitive in a girly way though. David knew Joey could hold his own in a fight, Joey's just the kind of guy people would say wears his heart on his sleeve. When Joey was happy he could light up the whole room, but when he was sad he was like Shakespeare depressing.

"With graduation, and all the parties, I didn't even get a chance to Google this place," Joey says. David sees Joey is picking his iPhone up off his lap.

"I did a little," David says, "but mostly just directions, and nearby attractions."

"Hey man, they say the hotel is haunted" Joey says, "This lady named Kate Morgan killed herself here."

"Oh yeah?" David replies, trying to sound uninterested. He did not want to talk about anybody's suicide. More importantly he did not want Joey to think about suicide. David did not think Joey knew how bad he had hurt him when Joey tried to take his own life. That was David's first personal example of how quickly your whole world can turn upside-down.

" It's says her father was George Washington's farmer. Her family paid for her funeral, but they did not attend, mysterious huh?" Joey asks.

"Yeah," David replies, again with not much interest. He is getting that sick feeling in his stomach, the same one that always precedes unpleasant thoughts.

"Come on, don't you have some sinister plot, mister conspiracy-man," Joey teases David. David is very into ancient mysteries, and political cover up's. Under different circumstances this piece of history probably would have intrigued him.

"When I have some extra time, I will look into it," David lies. He had no intentions of researching it any more. From the corner of his eye, David sees that Joey giving him a puzzled look. 'Joey knows something's wrong,' David thinks to himself.'He's going to wonder why I'm not interested, and because he's super smart he's going to connect the dots.'

"Hey man, why don't you Google my dick? See if it pops up," David says, and tries to put on his most winning grin. He hopes that a joke would take Joey's mind off of this Kate Morgan chick.

"You're never going to grow up, are you?" Joey says, shaking his head and smiling. David feels his plan has worked and smiles at his own cleverness.

"No, just call me Peter Pan bitch!" David replies.

"Okay, Peter Pan's bitch," Joey says, flipping David's statement around.

The rest of the drive is silent, but not in an unpleasant way. The view from the bridge is breathtaking, and its beauty entrances both David and Joey. Once they finally pull up in front of the vast resort, David sees a guy in a black suit holding a sign with his name on it.

"Welcome to the Hotel del Coronado, Mister Macmillan and Mister Lockwood, I am Ruben Blackwell. The head concierge here at Del Coronado. Allow a valet to park your car, we have a limo waiting to take you directly to your villa".

"Oh shit a limo?" Joey blurts out, David notices Joey turning red, probably feeling embarrassed.

"Yes Mister Lockwood," the concierge says kindly. "Your stay at the villa comes with a complimentary limo service that's available twenty four hours a day".

David looks at Joey, and they both smile brightly at each other. The ride to the villa takes less than ten minutes. but the view of the ocean, and the plush foliage make it pleasant and memorable. When David opens the door to the villa he is struck speechless. He had seen some pretty upscale place in his life, but the simple beauty of this space put the rest to shame. The walls are cream with a hint of yellow, dark mahogany wood floors shine in a rich glow. In the living room section, a sixty-two inch plasma TV hangs from the wall. The couch is the same shade of cream that is on the walls and under the TV is a small fireplace. Crystal chandeliers hang from the steeple ceiling. There is a kitchen area with a medium size mahogany wood table and chairs. On the back wall of the villa are huge glass doors that lead onto the private deck. The deck is equipped with a Jacuzzi hot tub, four plush wicker beach chairs, and circular in-ground fire place.

"Holy shit!" Joey whispers almost prayerfully. The look on his face makes David feel very pleased.

Both David and Joey wander around the villa for a moment, like an explorer would wander around an ancient tomb he just discovered.

On the living room table, David see an envelope and recognizes his dad's handwriting on the front. It simply reads: David & Joey

" Hey Joe, Check it out" David says. "My dad left us a note." Joey stands at David's side as he is pulling the hand written letter out of the envelope.

Hi boyo's,

I remember when I would carry you both on my shoulders at the same time. Now you have grown into fine young men that I am very proud of. I want you both to have a wonderful week of relaxation and outrageous fun. You have worked hard and deserve this vacation. You will both be going into the real world where you must make choices for yourself. Having said that, I called in a special favor and had them leave the bar fully stocked in the villa. Please don't tell your mother David, and please don't make me regret trusting you. Be safe boys, think with the head on your shoulders, not the one between your legs. Call me if you need anything

Much love,

Grady Macmillan

"Dude, your dad is so cool!" Joey says. David ignores Joey's statement and runs to the fridge.

"Oh fuck yeah!" David exclaims, as he pulls out a bottle of Dom Perignon. He then takes two champagne flutes down from the hanging glass rack, and runs towards the huge glass doors.

"Come on dude, I'm going to turn the hot tub on," David says.

"Okay," Joey replies, "but just for a little while. I'm dead tired." The view from the deck Is perfect, and the sound of the waves is calming. David knows that he wants to own a home by the sea one day. The hot tub heats quickly, and David begins striping his clothes off. He hated clothes, and spent as much time naked as possible. Joey did not know it yet but David planned on taking Joey to the nearby nude beach. Joey had gone into the villa to plug his iPhone up to the sound system. On the Bose system, Bono sings along with the rest of U2 about a beautiful day. By the time Joey returns, David is already in the hot tub naked. Joey starts taking off his clothes to join David. David notices Joey's round butt in his tight fitting boxers, and smiles to himself. He wonders if it makes him gay to be checking out the shape of his friends butt. Truthfully he really did not care. If Joey was a chick, David thinks to himself, I'd be all over that booty. David had been having these strange dreams, dreams that almost seemed real. In them he would be making love to Joey pushing his hard cock up Joeys tight muscular ass. I mean, that doesn't make me gay David thinks to himself. You can't control what you dream, right? He was not really worried about it. In his opinion every guy was curious about gay sex, most would just never admit it. Joey notices David looking at his butt and starts to blush.

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