tagNovels and NovellasTime for School Ch. 01

Time for School Ch. 01


Chapter 1 - Prologue

Full Summary: An unremarkable high school student suddenly discovers an extraordinary, inexplicable superhuman power inside of him. It doesn't take long for him to master it, giving him the confidence to make his fantasies come true.

Author note: This is the beginning of what I hope to be a long and flourishing series of stories. It is an unabashed self-insert series that takes place in the real world. However, instead of allowing it to become a ridiculous self-insert Mary Sue/Gary Stu mess, there is actual development in my own character as well as others. There are plotlines and various arcs. Basically it's an actual story and not some random, ham-handed fuckfic. Yes, this story does have graphic sexual content and strong language.

If any of that somehow offends you, feel free to close this tab. This is my own series, I will write it as I see fit.

For those that are still here, enjoy. Please feel free to offer constructive criticism wherever you find plot holes, typos and grammatical errors, as well as any reasonable comments and suggestions you may have. Do not bother writing negative/critical reviews as I will simply remove them.

Note: All characters in this story involved in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older


The year was 2001. Not a space odyssey by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a pretty colorful point in my life. It was later in the year – winter time. I'd always liked the cold air. It was fresh, invigorating. It felt like winds of change; as though bigger, better things were only a gust away.

I was just another a 18-year-old in the twelfth grade. Unsurprisingly, that also meant I had teenage hormones that raged constantly and I was always caving in to them. Aside from any pictures or videos I could've ever found on the internet, there were scores of pretty girls I found quite appealing at school. The combination of the two caused me to fabricate an endless array of fantasies in my head.

I couldn't help but let my mind wander during school, day in and day out. There was never a shortage of nubile girls my age sitting mere feet away from me with their lovely, warm bodies curved and filled out in the right places; my nose catching just a whiff of their different perfumes and admiring the attention to detail they spent grooming themselves...

To put it simply, I was pretty damn horny a lot.

I fantasized relentlessly about the opposite sex. The only problem is they weren't interested like I was. I had the unfortunate designation of being a wild child throughout my childhood and into my teens, and I was indeed wild. I was also the complete opposite of the stereotypical female fantasy of a tall, dark stranger. I wasn't an honors student and I wasn't captain of the football team – I was just a regular, short-ish blond guy. And so, I fell back on my imagination and doing such silly things in my spare time as daydreaming and writing stories about them, which was complete and utter silliness.

I knew there was simply no possibility of ever getting lucky with any of the many objects of my desire.

But then, one early Monday morning I woke up. It wasn't an amazing achievement, I'd done it many times before. However, that morning I noticed that I suddenly had a very odd superpower that just came out of nowhere. It was just a thing that happened. It wasn't something that could be explained with some sort of long, complex, meaningful plot or a fantastic backstory – it just happened. That's all there was to it.

I didn't know I even possessed it until that very morning, when I was walking down the city sidewalk toward the school bus with my backpack slung over my shoulders. It was only a little chilly out so I had opted not to wear a sweater. I lived in a city right by the beach in a really great apartment building, so the air always carried the smell of the ocean breeze no matter the time of day. The sun hadn't even come up yet, which always made me wonder why I had to get up before the sun did just to get to school. I was convinced it had to be some sort of torture.

But as I pondered upon such an important question as beauty rest, a very inattentive guy on a bicycle came out of nowhere and barreled straight toward me. I gasped and panicked, throwing my hands up to shield myself and brace for the impact when suddenly everything went very quiet.

I slowly opened my eyes, hoping I wasn't in the hospital. To my surprise, I was completely unscathed. The bicyclist, however, seemed to be completely frozen in place; as though time had stopped. I looked around with wide eyes – the world around me was completely motionless. The tree leaves stopped rustling, cars on the early morning street were at a halt, and that damn flickering street light finally stopped its flicker. Everything was just as still as the bicyclist was.

However, I was not.

I calmly stepped out of the way of the oncoming cyclist and began to walk around. My jaw hung slightly agape in fascination as I curiously looked in all directions. I spotted a few people in the distance that were also stuck in mid-travel and the otherwise swaying tree limbs were stuck in a bent position. But the most striking thing to me was how quiet it was – utter silence. The only sounds I heard were the ones I was making.

I couldn't help but utter my first words in sheer confusion. "Okay... what?"

I curiously touched the frozen bicyclist's arm. He was as solid as concrete. It was stunning and yet for some reason it made perfect sense to me.

"Did I do this?" I wondered aloud. "...How do I even turn it off?"

I slowly turned my gaze away from the cyclist, back in the direction I was headed and I began walking off toward my destination. I pretended as though everything was completely normal, my mind wanting to will time to resume. And so, just then, it did.

The sudden resumption of all sounds caused me to jump in surprise. I looked back at the cyclist, who just kept on going. He had sped toward me because he hadn't even noticed me. I couldn't help but shake my head in disbelief.

While I continued my morning trek, I obsessed over how exactly I had just done that. I combed over all manner of wild theories in my mind from radioactive superpowers to me being an alien to being some kind of government experiment. I then imagined time being frozen again and suddenly, it was.

My eyes widened in amazement. When I imagined time resuming again, it did. I continued to test it several times, turning time on and off like a light switch. It brought an amused grin to my face as everything moved in slow motion like I was hitting 'pause' on a video game over and over again. I'd always been a pretty quick learner, even if I did hardly pay attention during my classes.

I reached my bus stop, where mostly everyone stood around like zombies, as was the norm. I never really cared about carrying on a conversation so early in the morning and I was paid in kind by the other kids. But still, I couldn't help feeling on top of the world right then, standing there and waiting for the bus with a big grin on my face. I knew this incredible new power was going to be awesome.

On the bus to school, as the sun started to peer over the horizon, I continued to use my new power for my own entertainment. I found myself excelling quickly as I got used to it. I soon had it down to simply doing it with a blink of my eyes. However, that would have forced me to never blink if I wanted things to always stay the same, so it was only when I thought about it while blinking did it happen.

I amused myself on the bus ride, playing games with my power. I stopped time just to read people's license plates as people drove by, or to see what people were doing in their cars. It was endless fun to watch people sing, eat, yell at their kids in the back, or talk on these newfangled things called cell phones that more and more people were starting to own.

I then froze time just to look up at birds overhead but, when I did, something strange happened. I had somehow made it so that the birds were the only things that froze. It kind of sent me into a panic as I quickly resumed time for them before anyone happened to notice.

My eyes shifted back and forth in a rather guilty manner as I looked around the bus. As I did, I suddenly came up with a new idea.

I stopped time once again and then slowly, cautiously stood up on my seat. I realized that the seat had become like cement, just like the cyclist earlier. It wasn't saying much though – that cheap plastic-covered seat was like granite even without the time stop.

I pushed the head of the kid sitting next to me, finding it unable to budge not even the slightest inch. I hummed thoughtfully before placing a foot on his head, striking a goofy pose atop him with my other foot on the seat. I laughed and grinned in amusement as I looked down at the frozen students, who were oblivious to what was going on.

"Awesome," I quietly remarked before dropping down and calmly sitting on the hard seat, which became just slightly more cushioned again when time started. I couldn't help but happily smirk as all the noise around me resumed, feeling as though the possibilities with this power were already becoming more and more diverse.

We finally reached our destination which was, of course, school. I decided to be sneaky and froze time just after we stopped. I grabbed my backpack, hopped over my seating partner and then walked to the front of the bus, where I resumed time around the bus door. I opened it myself and walked off the bus, closing it behind me.

I wasn't concerned with anyone on the bus realizing I had vanished into thin air. I knew everyone would be too preoccupied or half-asleep to even notice. I then slung my backpack over my shoulders and headed into the motionless world and onto the school grounds.

In just the first morning I was already starting to master this unreal ability, which seemed only bound by my imagination. I looked around in awe of the quiet and stillness all around me. It went completely against the norm of the early morning school rush: loud, bustling and frenzied.

I found a large group of students and walked into the midst of them before resuming time. Suddenly, I was within the hustle and bustle of the morning droves and fell into the rhythm of my usual morning routine.

I headed for the cafeteria, getting my usual breakfast there and sat down in my usual seating place, off in my own little world. Having some quiet time away from the insanity of high school was a saving grace for me. That damned bus was always late getting to school and so, I decided to take the incentive to use my new power to my advantage and stop time while I ate. There weren't many kids around, and certainly none of them would have noticed how fast I ate.

Amongst the incredible silence, I was able to take my time to finish my food with plenty of time before the bell rang. I resumed time and got to my feet, tossing my disposable tray in the trash before heading outside. I had some extra time to kill, so I went to go chat with my usual group of friends for a bit. They were surprised to see me swing by so early and couldn't help but take a jab at me, considering how late I usually was with finishing my breakfast. I couldn't help but smirk slyly as I let them poke fun at me.

Not long after, the bell to start school rang. My friends and I went our separate ways as I joined the throng of students that began to file into the buildings for their first period class. The sounds of shuffling feet and conversations were unrepentant. I was always so bothered by how crowded the halls were and, being shorter than some, it was tough for me to see ahead beyond whoever was in front of me. It was also especially underwhelming to be downwind from some of the larger, smellier guys that seemed to be allergic to soap.

It was an 'odd day,' which meant that I was going to my first, third and fifth periods for double the regular amount of class time. After making it out of the confining hallways, I was uncharacteristically happy to finally make it to my first class: World History.

Class was expectedly quite dull. We did more of the same work and more of the same reading from our textbooks—I wasn't too terribly interested in it. I was a bit tired as well. I'd stayed up late on the computer, which was the norm for me. So, with the help of my useful new powers, I took myself a little time-stopped nap. The lack of noise helped me doze off as well. I was impressed with myself to be able to control my power even though I was asleep. Quite impressed.

With a power nap out of the way, I was able to make it through the rest of the class with a decent amount of interest. I carried myself through my work, but not without thinking often upon my newfound ability. I decided to amuse myself at points by blinking time on and off to watch the rest of the class move in slow motion.

At one point, the teacher got up to go help a student with a question she had. I froze time once he left his desk and headed for it. I took a brief look around the desk before touching the crowd of pens in their own little holder. I pulled my hand back in surprise when they suddenly became mobile again. It was then that I realized it was possible for me to will specific things to become as mobile as I was in this crazy, time-stopped world. It seemed like what I did with those birds, only reversed.

I snickered as I quickly placed all of his pens into the desk drawer. I then went back to my seat, resumed time and kept an eye on him until he went back to his desk. He sat down and blindly reached for a pen, only to realize there were none.

The stunned look on his face was priceless.

Pretty soon the bell rang, ending class. It was time to move onto my favorite class: Biology. I say it was my favorite not because of the class itself–which was unmercifully boring–but because of the gorgeous student body that made up the class.

I managed to get out into the hallway before it got flooded with a tsunami of teenagers. Up the stairs and down the hall I went for my next classroom. I took my seat which was near the back of the room while the others in my class began to file in and talked amongst each other. I sighed and gazed adoringly at the slew of wonderfully pretty girls I had for classmates.

One by one, more of my classmates trickled in. Amongst those that I heavily admired, was one lovely girl who made a gloriously late-as-usual entrance just before the bell rang. Her name was Jennifer. And though each one of the girls in class didn't necessarily know me very well, Jennifer was the one who really couldn't stand me.

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