tagNovels and NovellasTime for School Ch. 04

Time for School Ch. 04


Chapter 4 - Talia

Note: All characters in this story involved in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older


Talia was another one of my Biology classmates—and she was so very pretty. She had long, wavy, sable hair that shined and contrasted beautifully with her fair skin and bright, hazel eyes. To run into her in the hallways was a gigantic coincidence, but it was one that I welcomed just because of how nice it was to be around her.

"Are you okay?" I quickly asked. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No, no," she replied with a casual wave, "that was totally my fault."

I shook my head. "Well, I wasn't exactly paying attention to where I was going either."

She laughed as she combed back her long hair. "Guess it's both of our faults, then."

We smiled at each other as we stood there for just a moment. She had this unfaltering, pretty smile on her face that reflected how upbeat and perky she was. She was another part of the reason Biology class was so enjoyable. She was a sweet girl whose beauty was amplified by the exotic nature of her Persian genetic makeup. Although, she sounded and dressed and acted just the same as any other American girl in school did. Well, except for how nice she was compared to some others.

I kept a smile upon my face, trying to keep my eyes on her face and deter myself from looking down to mentally undress her. She had a lovely frame, though it was currently obscured by a dense, black sweater. Just like Jennifer, Talia always seemed to wear a sweater when there was even the slightest dip in temperature outside. I swear girls were so much more sensitive to the cold. Just my opinion, though.

"Pretty crazy," I said, "that we just happened to bump into each other like this, huh?"

"I know, right!?" she ecstatically asked. "Totally a one-in-a-million chance. Guess the universe just wanted us to bump into each other and give us a knock on the head."

"You believe in that—fate and stuff?" I curiously asked.

"Oh yeah, definitely. I love that kind of stuff. I mean it must have been fate, right?"

"Yeah," I remarked with a slight smile as I pondered it over in my head. "Maybe it was."

I began to wonder if we really were fated to run into each other. There must have been some reason involved. My mind instantly went back to lunch when I was obsessing over all the details of who I would try to fool around with next. When I looked at her warm, smiling face I couldn't help but feel like the stage was set and the moment was perfect. After all, it could've very well been a fated encounter.

That was all the precognition I needed to give it a shot. I didn't hesitate before I blinked—and brought time to a halt.

"Well, I should get going," Talia said, continuing to smile at me. "It was really cool seeing you around, though!"

"Hey, wait, Talia," I quickly said, bringing her to a halt just as she started to walk away. "What do you say... you and I do something fun instead of going back to class?"

She seemed a little confused that I would even suggest such an idea. "What are you talking about? I really have to head back before I get yelled at. My teacher is a huge pain."

"Well, what if I told you that you, I don't know, had all the time in the world to get back to class?"

She furred her brow curiously as she jerked her head back in confusion.

"You're a strange dude, Anthony," she remarked with a small laugh. "What are you up to?"

"Humor me for a minute," I replied. "Where's your class?"

She spoke with a hint of confusion, pointing to a door down the hall. "Right over here?"

"All right! Let's go," I said as I led the way there. She curiously followed me, trying desperately to figure out what I was trying to prove. There was no way she would ever believe me if I just blurted it out, and I became eager to see her reaction.

I stopped in front of the door and motioned for her to try to go inside.

"Check it out," I said.

She watched me with a befuddled grin, waiting for perhaps some sort of punchline as she reached for the door handle. She immediately found that it was immovable.

"What?" she uttered in confusion. "Why'd they lock me out?"

I smiled, holding back a chuckle as she peered in through the pane of glass on the door.

"Hello?" she called out. "I'm locked out of...," she trailed off and squinted her eyes in disbelief when she realized everyone in class was frozen stiff.

"Like I said," I spoke up, causing her to turn her surprised and wide-eyed attention to me, "all the time in the world."

"Did--I don't understand," she replied with a nervous chuckle. "What-what is- ... what?"

I laughed reassuringly, hoping to avoid that aforementioned 'freaking out' I was worried about.

"Well, to put it simply, I can sort of... freeze time."

Her reaction to that was a blank stare. I wasn't sure I liked that and so I winced and turned slightly, preparing for a possible meltdown from her. Instead, she surprised me when she gasped in excitement and her lips curled into an enthralled grin.

"Oh... my... god!" she exclaimed. "That is the coolest thing I've ever heard!" I quickly realized the disaster had been averted. I let my guard down and stared at her, my lips spreading into a bigger and bigger grin as she happily flipped out. "Are you really serious right now? Holy crap, I know a guy who has superpowers. Superpowers! Oh, my god. Ohh, my god—this is awesome. This is--wow! This is so cool!!"

I took a moment to take all that in. "Um..., wow," I remarked in pleasant surprise. "For a second there I thought, you know, it was gonna make you panic."

"I'm totally panicking--," she exclaimed, "but in a good way! This is great!"

She then caught her breath, grinning as she looked at me in disbelief.

I laughed. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good!" she replied. "Just wondering... what to do first? That's okay, right? We can do whatever we want!"

I really liked the way she thinks.

Talia began to curiously look around and quickly noticed a school security guard in mid-stride down the hall next to us. She giggled to herself as she quickly made her way over to him. I kept nearby in tow. I had no idea what she was up to, but I could only imagine she was looking to have some fun while time was stopped.

"Hey, jerk-off!" she exclaimed as she neared him. I was taken aback, having never heard her talk like that. She walked up to him and hesitated for a second before she gave him a couple of little slaps on the face. "Yeah, you can't do anything about that cause you can't hear me! Right, jerk-off?"

She looked over at me with an elated smile. "This is so freeing!"

I was grinning from ear to ear. Watching her have fun made owning this power so much more satisfying. What's more, she was doing something that I would've gladly done first as well. Great minds think alike, after all.

"Did this guy piss you off or something?" I asked.

"Nah," she said, looking him over as she slowly circled around him, "I don't even know who he is."

I couldn't help but laugh. She was great.

She then came to a stop in front of him and hummed thoughtfully. She again hesitated for a moment—after all, the guy may have been frozen but to us he looked just as normal ever. It took her a moment to let go of her inhibitions and, when she did, the results were amazing.

She took the hem of her sweater and suddenly pulled it up along with her shirt, flashing her bra-covered breasts at him. My jaw dropped in amazement. I really liked the way she thinks. Needless to say, it was an instant boner.

"What do you think of these puppies!?" she asked him with a laugh.

"Wow!" I exclaimed, surprised by how bold she was. "Is this 'Girls Gone Wild?'"

She looked over at me, laughing, a huge grin on her face that crinkled her nose so adorably. She then hollered as loud as any drunken college girl on a beach with a camera in her face would as she bounced up and down with her hands in the air, causing her naturally big breasts to bounce. I was mesmerized by her; and not just because her boobs were nearly falling out of her bra, I swear. Her perky, upbeat nature had me nearly bursting at the seems in sheer elation.

I followed along with her adventurous spirit and playfully stated, "Hey, it's not 'Girls Gone Wild' unless you bare it all!"

She gasped at me in playful outrage. "You are so bad!" she exclaimed with a laugh. "And who am I baring it all for, huh? Him, or you?"

I shrugged with a smirk upon my face. "I'm part of the audience too, aren't I?"

She giggled and then popped her lips. "Hmm, I guess you're right," she casually replied.

The smirk on my face only grew when she reached behind her, fiddling with the clasp of her bra and unhooked it. She let the bra slide down her arms and dangle off one finger, shaking her chest back and forth to make her admirable breasts bounce and sway. She grinned in amusement, watching me gaze in awe at her incredible, bouncing mammaries.

She then turned around, popping the button of her khakis. I swallowed in anticipation as I watch her pull them and her panties down whilst shimmying her hips so seductively it made me shudder. She bent over and slid them all the way down to her ankles, giving me a clear view between her legs for just a couple seconds before she stood up. She then stepped out of them and turned around, her cheeks tinged pink as she smiled at me.

"Oh, wow," I breathed.

She giggled and blushed. "You like?"

I could only quietly reply with the first thing that came to mind, "You are so hot."

"You really think so, huh?" she asked with a playful smile. "I couldn't tell, seeing how you haven't blinked once in the last couple minutes."

She was so playful and so sexy. I couldn't believe the level of seduction she had. She made me both happy and horny. It was then that I became the one to let go of my inhibitions. I wanted her so badly, she was beginning to drive me wild. I made my move as I began to slowly walk up to her.

"You know," I said, "seeing you with no clothes on like that is starting to give me some ideas."

"Oh? What kind of ideas?" she asked with the same playful smile, greeting me by placing her hands on my shoulders. I took her invitation, letting my hands rest on her hips.

"Dirty... naughty ideas," I quietly replied. I grinned mischieviously at her, which she returned in kind.

She softly giggled. "Ooh, I like those kinds of ideas," she admitted as our bodies gently shifted closer and I placed my hands behind her hips.

"You do, huh?" I asked, my head slowly dipping toward hers.

"Mm-hmm," she softly responded before our lips gently mingled for the first time.

Our lips slowly danced around, getting a taste of one another. She was so soft and so warm—not just on the outside, but inside as well. She was comfortable and inviting to be with. She made just being in her presence feel good. We sighed and quietly moaned against each other. Her body trembled ever so gently against me. I didn't know if she was too scared to keep going, but the way she was kissing me so adamantly made me think she was ready to do anything.

Then, our lips gently pulled away from each other. I opened my eyes and looked deeply into hers, just as she did the same to me.

"That felt nice," she softly spoke with a quiet sigh. "I really liked that..."

"You are so beautiful, Talia," I responded. "You seriously have no idea how beautiful you are to me."

She giggled quietly. "I think I have some idea," she replied. "I've caught you checking me out sometimes when I walk into class. You always look away and try to play it off like it was nothing, but... I know you've undressed me with your eyes more than once."

I was stunned. I didn't know what to make of that at first, but I guess I'd been way more obvious to her than I realized. It was pretty naive of me to think she wouldn't have caught on, although I was worried that she saw me as a creep.

"You don't... think that's weird, or anything?" I asked.

"No," she replied with a gentle shake of her head. "Why should I? It's a natural thing for guys to think about, right?"

I grinned happily, thankful she didn't think badly of me. After all, she was right—I was just being a guy.

I then decided to play up on her perky attitude and press my luck by grabbing her nude, supple ass in both hands. She gasped in surprise.

"Just like you," I replied. "You're all natural..."

She chortled and grinned wide enough to make her nose crinkle again.

"You're a bad boy...," she remarked as we leaned in and moaned softly, sharing another kiss.

As we kissed, I began kneading and squeezing her ass in my hand. It quickly drove her wild as she moaned louder and kissed me more intensely. Our kiss was brief, however. She pulled away abruptly, panting softly as she looked into my eyes with a lecherous smirk.

She then asked, "I bet those... 'dirty, nasty thoughts' are telling you to do things to me, huh?"

"Maybe they are," I replied. She giggled in response.

"Well," she said as she placed her hands further down my chest, "if that's the case, then... you'll have to catch me first!"

Talia suddenly shoved me away and bolted from me, laughing mirthfully as she ran down the hall. I was surprised, but enticed by the fact that she liked to play games. Watching her naked body streak down the school hallway brought out my inner animal. I quickly took off after her, giving chase to my fleeing prey.

"Hey, get back here!" I shouted after her.

"No way!" she shouted back. The fact she still had sneakers on her feet kept her just a step ahead of me, but watching her run like that was so unbelievably hot it put me into overdrive.

"You know, I can just stop time and catch up to you!" I called out.

"That would be cheating!" she exclaimed with a laugh.

Her sneakers squeaked as she rounded a corner. I kept hot on her heels down a hallway of lockers, quickly closing the gap between us. Once I got close enough, I reached out with both hands and took hold of her curved waist.

She playfully shrieked as our chase came to a halt. I quickly pulled her to me as she spun around, slipping a hand behind her head to protect it before firmly pressing her against the long line of lockers. I then slipped my arms behind her back and held her firmly, refusing to let her go for anything and preparing to go in for the kill. We panted heavily while diving our faces toward each other, kissing several times with a hot, eager passion.

She threw her arms around the back of my neck, holding me tightly with the same amount of excitement. We moaned together, our lips smacking loudly, our heads quickly dipping and tilting. I then quickly broke away from the kiss, panting wildly whilst amorously kissing down her chin and around her neck as she moaned and tilted her head back.

"Ohh, Anthony~...!" she moaned. I responded to her calling my name by homing in on her lips and sharing another brief, hot kiss with her.

Our passionate kissing came to a halt as we took a moment to catch our breath. Her eyelids hung low as I gazed into her hazel eyes. Both of us were eager to find out what came next.

"I am so turned on right now," she breathily admitted. "You're a really good kisser. I had no idea you were like this."

"I was thinking the same about you," I remarked, just as winded as she was. She smiled with an open mouth as her breathing started to relax a bit.

"You are super-cute," she said. "I always liked that about you."

"I love everything about you," I couldn't help but admit. "I have ever since day one. ... I feel like I've been missing out on how fun and... energetic you are. You're a friend I'd really like to have."

Talia smiled and slightly tilted her head, surprised yet enamored with what I had to say.

"That's sweet of you to say," she replied. "You and I can always start being good friends." I smiled and gently stroked her back.

"Good friends, huh? How good of friends?"

She smiled and chuckled lecherously, her eyes filled with lewd intentions.

"Very good friends...," she ambiguously replied before leaning in to share another kiss with me. I kissed her back, both of us sighing happily.

When she calmly broke away from the kiss for a brief moment, I was still eager to keep going. I leaned back in and began to place gentle, airy little kisses on her lips over and over again until they spread into a big grin and she laughed.

"That kind of tickles," she happily remarked. I couldn't help but take advantage of such an admission.

"Oh yeah? You're ticklish?" I asked as I suddenly began to tickle her belly with both hands, drawing raucous giggling out of her as she hunched over and frantically grabbed at my hands.

"Stop!" she protested between giggles. "Stop-stop-stop!"

I heeded her call and placed my hands behind her hips, smiling at her as she caught her breath again.

"I guess you are ticklish," I said. Talia gave me an incredible smile of pure bliss as she looked into my eyes and put her arms around the back of my neck.

"You're so much fun," she calmly said. "I really like this side of you."

I smiled back at her, thanking her for her compliment by leaning in and taking her lips into my own once more. She eagerly kissed back, the two of us quickly slipping into a deeper, intimate kiss.

She ran a hand up and down through my hair while I did the same with her lower back. I took control of the kiss, throwing self-restraint out the window with her completely naked against me.

Pretty quickly, my hands became restless and I slid them up her front to take hold of her soft, round breasts. She moaned in protest, gently grabbing my hands and pulling away from the kiss. I looked at her in confusion.

"Take your time," she softly said. "I really want to remember this..."

I nodded in understanding, letting my hands slide away from her chest and circled them around to her back. I slowly ran my hands up the length of her back and down again to her dimples of Venus, keeping just outside her spine. Talia sighed in content, firmly holding me by the back of the neck once more.

She held me tighter, pulling me close and letting my chin rest on her shoulder while she did the same with me. I gazed down her back as I calmly stroked her warm skin, listening to her sigh and mewl in delight. I smiled and closed my eyes, resting on her shoulder and taking in the warm, intimate moment of bonding I shared with her. The sweet scent of perfume on her skin and conditioner in her hair was so feminine and relaxing. Everything about her was soothing and so engaging, feeling as I though I was connecting with her in body and spirit.

I then slowly ran my fingertips up and down her sides, feeling her ribs expand against me as she breathed deeply before letting out a deep, pleased sigh. My hands slipped behind her again, gliding down the soft skin of her ass, hearing her gasp softly. I smiled and trailed down to the backs of her thighs and then up the length of her back once again.

She then pulled back a bit, letting me gaze upon her smiling face again.

"I like the way you touch my body," she softly remarked. I smiled back at her as I gave my response when my hands reached up to her face. I tucked her long hair behind her ears and then slowly traced my fingertips along the outlines of Talia's delicate face.

She smiled happily, fluttering her eyes closed and sighed quietly in pleasure as I caressed her face.

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