tagNovels and NovellasTime for School Ch. 06

Time for School Ch. 06


Chapter 6 - Eve

Note: All characters in this story involved in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older


The following morning, I woke up with a very pleased smile on my face. I groaned quietly, happily stretching out on the bed. I'd had a great dream last night where I was knee-deep in a huge orgy with all the girls I'd spoken to the previous day. Aside from a fairly unsurprising case of morning wood, once again I felt like my muscles were just packed with power. They felt as tense and as strong as the previous morning.

I pulled my knees to my chest and calmly thrust myself up onto the edge of the bed. I scratched the back of my head and thought for a moment as I smacked my lips. Why did I feel so strong? Was it seriously my imagination getting the better of me or was I somehow bulking up without doing anything? Again, my arms looked just the same as they ever did but I just had to know what the deal was.

Curious, I stood up and walked over to my computer desk. That wooden thing was stuffed with so many books and games and, of course, the heavy computer itself that it weighed an ungodly amount. What if, just maybe, I was able to move it on my own? I felt a bit hesitant as I squatted down and grabbed the underside of the desk. There was no way this was going to happen.

Then, in shock and awe, I lifted that heavy desk—all of it. And yet, I was hardly putting out any effort. It felt so easy. I somehow managed to pull it up about a foot in height before slowly letting it drop to the ground. I stood up, staring at the desk in disbelief. I didn't feel any worse for wear. In fact, I felt great. I couldn't possibly imagine where I'd gotten such strength from. Between that, the time stopping and the materializing objects... things were getting very interesting.

Everything still looked as vibrant and as colorful as before on my way to the bus stop. It was as though my eyes wanted to experience everything there was to offer. The cool air was a nice touch to really awaken my senses. I began to think about my newfound strength and wondered just how strong I actually was. I figured I could try to pick a fight with a jock or something and see how that went... but what would be the point? Aside from the very real possibility of getting my ass kicked, what would happen if I actually won? How would I even explain it?

I didn't care for fighting anyway. I would've much rather used that strength to lift a burning car off of a trapped dog or save an old lady from a burning house and jump out of the house just as a bad-ass explosion goes off behind us. ...I seemed to have fire on the brain for some reason. Perhaps it was just my blazing spiritand my ignited passion for life! ...Or maybe I just thought fire was cool, I dunno.

A few minutes later, the non-burning bus came to pick us up and take us to school. I found that, in the morning, I really didn't care about taking the seat on the bus all to myself. The random guy sitting next to me didn't care to bring it up either. I was enjoying myself just taking in the sights as they rolled on by, being glad that none of it was on fire.

The bus rolled to a stop once reaching our destination. We disembarked from its confines and headed out onto school grounds. It was roughly the same time as it got there yesterday but as I walked through the main gates, I didn't see Eve this time. I must have just missed her. I shrugged and decided to go actually have some breakfast instead of missing it again. To make up for time, I decided to enact my previous trick of stopping time once I'd sat down with my food. When I was done, I resumed time and went to throw my tray away. No one was any the wiser.

It was a bright, sunshiny morning. I was feeling so great after having an actual meal that I barged out of the cafeteria and marched straight toward my usual sitting place with my friends.

"Psst," a voice called out to me from nearby, bringing me to a curious halt. I quickly looked over and saw Frank, Josh and Brandon all hanging out together against the wall of the cafeteria building. I was quite confused as I walked up to them.

"What are you guys all doing way over here?" I asked. The trio looked at each other before looking back at me.

"We wanted to ask you to do something," Frank said. "You know, since you're a ladies' man now." I smirked as I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Okay, what is it?" I asked with an amused shake of my head.

"We wanted to see you... you know, in action," Brandon said.

"Action?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Yeah," Frank said. "We were hoping you could maybe..." he trailed off as he pointed to Nora. She was sitting by herself in our usual hangout place, curiously looking around for any of us.

I was a little offended by how this was going. What did they expect me to do, exactly? I wasn't some gigolo. Besides, Nora was just my friend and I wanted to keep things that way between her and I—nothing more.

"Oh, come on, you guys...," I said with annoyance in my voice.

Josh quickly responded, trying to calm me down. "No, look, this is just for fun." I sighed and folded my arms across my chest, willing to give him a listen. "Nora totally digs you, we all know that. So maybe you could go over there and sit with her and put your 'Anthony charm' on her?"

I quirked an eyebrow. "What..., seriously?" I asked. I was suspicious about how Nora seemed really into me lately. Hearing it from them pretty much confirmed it for me.

"Yeah, go on, man," Josh said, the other two eagerly waving me away.

I sighed and casually shrugged. "Well, all right..." I wasn't sure if this was going to blow up in my face somehow.

I then headed over to where Nora was sitting. She quickly spotted me and waved to me as I approached.

"Hey there," she greeted me with a smile.

"Hey," I replied as I placed my backpack on the floor and then sat next to her.

She then curiously looked around again. "So, where are the others?"

"They're staring at us right now," I replied with a slight smirk. She looked at me in surprise before slowly scanning the area. "Don't look. They wanted me to come over and talk to you as some kind of experiment to see if I could totally charm you."

She sighed and laughed in embarrassment. "Oh, god," she remarked as she folded her hands over her mouth. "Somehow that doesn't surprise me," she replied with another coy laugh, followed by a deep sigh. "So..., I'm guessing you've noticed, too?"

"It's kind of hard not to," I calmly replied. "With you staring at me all the time now."

"I don't mean to stare... it's just..." she shyly rubbed her arm and looked away. "I, um..., you know, I've always thought you were pretty cool. But the way you've been acting the past few days is... is really interesting—in a good way. I like it."

I smiled. "I like it, too," I said, causing her to look back at me and gently smile. "I feel like... I'm finally being myself, you know?" She nodded. "I don't feel as tired or bored. I don't want to keep things to myself as much anymore. I just want to... let everything out."

"That sounds really awesome," she said as she placed a friendly hand on my arm. "I admire that."

Then, I remembered the other three were watching me and hoping for results. So, I smiled even wider and decided to put on a show for them.

"You know... you have such pretty eyes," I softly remarked as we looked at each other.

Her cheeks very visibly became flushed with red, laughing coyly again. "You really think so?" she asked with a demure grin.

I nodded in response. "And they're accentuated by those glasses you wear."

She laughed heartily. "Ooh, 'accentuated.' Such an advanced word."

"Why don't you take those glasses off?" I asked. "So I can see your eyes up close."

She was a little intimidated by my straightforward advances, but nodded anyway.

"Okay," she softly said, taking the glasses off her face and setting them down.

I then wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her a bit closer. She gasped in response.

"Oh...," she softly uttered as she placed her hands on my shoulders and looked straight at me.

"Is this making you uncomfortable?" I softly asked.

She uttered a reserved chuckle. "Not in the least...," she replied with a coy smile.

I chuckled as well. "What about if I did this?" I asked, leaning in slightly. She gasped softly as my lips press against hers for just a moment. Our lips then parted with a gentle smack as I looked into her eyes again. "Does that make you uncomfortable?"

Her lips spread into an enthused grin as she shook her head. "Mm-mm, no," she remarked with a soft giggle.

I smiled back at her before leaning in once more and sliding my lips firmly against her own.

Our lips wrapped around one another as she moaned and sighed softly. I easily felt her racing pulse through every part of her body touching my own. She moaned nervously, her arms uncertainly shifted between sliding around the crook of my neck and placing her hands somewhere down my upper back. I held her tighter, causing her to instinctively pull her arms around my neck where they stayed.

Once she settled down, we kissed slowly and intimately, savoring the moment. Her slender hands soon came up to my face, affectionately stroking my cheeks and forehead. I responded in kind by slowly drawing a hand up and down her back, occasionally brushing against the back strap of her bra. Our heads slowly tilted from side to side and pushed toward each other, deepening our kiss. Her soft, warm hands felt so good brushing over the cool skin of my face.

A couple of guys walked by and saw us. "Oh yeah!" one of them exclaimed. "Get you some, boy!"

The two of us were far too entranced to pay him any mind.

We sighed against each other, enjoying our make-out session while, at the same time, the other guys in our group looked on in awe. I don't think any of them were able to believe I went through with it, not to mention succeeded.

Her hands soon slipped down to my shoulders again. Our lips parted ways and we gazed into each others' eyes for just a moment.

"Wow...," she quietly remarked. We then broke out into a laugh together, amazed and enthused by the moment we shared—not to mention have done it as a dare from the others.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling herself into me and hugged me tightly. She sighed happily, still riding on high spirits as she rested her chin on my shoulder. She lifted a hand and began to slowly stroke the back of my head. I looked over at the other guys and gave them a thumbs-up, which they avidly returned. I then closed my eyes and continued to rub her back while we shared our embrace.

"How do you feel?" I quietly asked.

"Really good," she replied. "Like, really calm. I've never felt this relaxed on a school morning."

I chuckled. "Glad I could make your day."

The school bell suddenly rang out, causing her to groan softly as she nestled her chin deeper into my shoulder.

"Don't let go," she quietly remarked, "not yet. I want to stay like this just a little bit longer."

"No problem," I replied with a smile, listening to her sigh softly. We calmly listened to the march of countless shoes all stomping around us. After a moment, she pulled away, placing a kiss on my cheek on the way back. Both of us smiled as we looked at each other.

"That was really nice," she said. "I'm happy we shared that moment together."

"So am I," I replied.

"You are really cool," she said as she combed her fingers through my sideburns. "I've always thought you were really nice and... I'm glad to have you as my friend."

"I feel the same about you." She grinned happily.

But, our high spirits wouldn't last for long as she sighed and pulled away from me to put her glasses on.

"Well, we should probably get to class now," she said as she reached for her backpack and slung it over her shoulders.

"Yeah, probably," I replied as we both got to our feet.

"I'll see you later," she sweetly said before placing one more kiss on my cheek.

"Looking forward to it," I said. She giggled softly and began to merrily walk away. I quickly picked up my own backpack and put it on, joining the masses on their way to class.

As I walked away, I looked over and watched Nora before she disappeared beyond the crowd of students. I breathed deeply and let it out in a proud sigh while waltzing into the main building. I had a big grin plastered on my face as I headed into first period. I took my seat and began to withdraw my supplies from my backpack.

After the bell rung, we were given a fairly simple reading assignment of just a few pages from our textbooks. Thoughts of my kiss with Nora continued to circle around in my head as I stared at the pages. I couldn't believe how awesome it felt knowing that she was so into me and how cool she thought I was. I loved having shared a really great kiss like that with one of my female friends—and to have her love it just the same.

With my interactions with Jennifer, Talia and Nora, I was elated by how intriguing I was to the opposite sex. All the time I had spent throughout the year daydreaming and keeping to myself, contrasted with how playful and rambunctious I was, seemingly made me something of a mystery. Add to that my newfound confidence and charm, and suddenly I had become a point of fascination.

I was feeling pretty damn good.

My good spirits showed. I was more than happy to complete my classwork and jotted down my homework into my organizer. After class was done, I practically strutted into my second period right next door.

Algebra was more of the same from yesterday, unsurprisingly. I was being quite studious in my work, not a care in the world and nothing to bring me down. Once I was done with my work though, I felt a tap on my shoulder. There was, of course, only one person it could be. I was more than happy to talk to her.

"Hey again," Tamara said with her usual, pretty smile.

"Hey, what's up?" I replied, grinning.

"It's really good to see you in such a good mood lately," she remarked.

"Yeah, well, I'm just enjoying life, I suppose," I said as I playfully flexed my biceps at her, a very confident look on my face. She giggled quietly in response.

Class finished sooner than later. I bid my farewell to Tamara with a polite bow that drew an amused laugh out of her and I headed for the door. I took my time heading out into the hall, turning around and slowly walking backwards. Out came Elizabeta who quickly spotted me and shot me a mirthful grin. She trotted up to me with a playful punch to my chest.

"You waited this time," she remarked as the two of us began to walk to class together.

"I didn't want to make you mad again," I said with a smile.

"That was a good decision," she responded, haughtily holding her head up high.

"I enjoy walking you to class. It's always nice to have a girl to talk with."

She seemed surprised by my remark. "You bein' pretty honest lately. Seems you're, like, 'opening up'and stuff. I like that. Be yourself."

"I like it, too," I said, heading into the stairwell together. "By the way, who was that girl you ran up to yesterday when we got to class?"

"One of my girlfriends," she casually replied. "She got transferred to our Biology class."

"Nice," I replied with a laugh. "Someone else for you to talk to. Like you don't have enough of those, huh?"

She shot me a smirk as we walked down the second floor hallway. "Funny, papi."

After we walked into class together, Elizabeta let out a quieter squeal than she did yesterday as she once again ran up and hugged her friend. I smiled and shook my head as she jumped up and down in excitement. I took a detour as I headed right past Talia's seat.

"Hey," I slyly said to her.

"Hey there," she replied back with a playful smile.

"How are you doing?"

"I'm doing really well," she said as she cutely played with her hair. "Thanks for asking."

I then slipped by, a couple of rows back, to take my own seat. I'd just sat down and settled in, with my books and pen ready to go, when I saw Natalie walk into class. Every time I laid eyes on her became an exercise in keeping my jaw from hitting the floor. Natalie had the most developed, matured body I'd ever seen of any student in school. She was ridiculously gorgeous, with a full body, great ass and a huge pair of tits that I'd only ever seen porn stars have.

And no, I'm not joking.

I kept myself from staring as she walked down the adjacent aisle to her seat on the other side of the room.

Pretty soon, I realized that Eve wasn't around yet with about a minute left for her to get to class. I thought that was pretty odd since she was always very punctual. It was possible she was home, but then I noticed Lila was also missing in action. There was no way both of them were absent. Right after I'd finished that thought, I noticed both Eve and Lila walking into class together behind a small group of other students.

Something was off. Eve didn't look like herself. For some reason, she looked like she was crying.

I watched as Eve said something to Lila.

Lila had concern in her voice as she replied, "No, come on..." Eve just shook her head and suddenly walked right back out of class.

"Eve!" Lila called out just before the bell rang. As per usual, Jennifer then walked into class and gave Lila a curious glance, wondering why she was standing around.

Something was clearly up and I just had to find out. I gave zero fucks as I got up out of my seat and dashed past Jennifer and Lila, both of them looking over at me before they headed to their seats. The halls were nearly empty as the door closed behind me.

"Eve?" I called out as I went off in search of her. Almost immediately, I heard quiet sobbing from the nearby restrooms. I quickly headed for the source.

"Eve?" I uttered more quietly as I peered around the corner just outside the entrance to the girl's restroom. She was leaned against the wall, a hand covering her eyes as she sobbed incessantly.

Boldly enough, I treaded into the girl's section of the restroom and walked up to her.

"What happened?" I quietly asked. She sniffled and wiped the tears from her eyes before she shook her head again.

"My boyfriend," she softly replied. "He's a bastard." It didn't take me but a second to figure out what had her so upset. She shakily sighed, lifting her gaze from the floor and up to me.

"I'm sorry," I said, unsure of what else I could say. She shook her head in disagreement.

"Forget it," she replied as she pushed herself off the wall and glared at me. Her dark eyes were welled with tears. "Men are all assholes... just like you." She punctuated her remark by shoving me away and then rushing into the restroom.

I stood there in shock and dismay. Her remark hurt pretty badly. I didn't know if she was just lashing out or if she meant what she said. Was it something I had done to her in the past? Did I say the wrong thing to her? ...Well, it was probably best to just leave her be.

I heard her crying from inside and I felt horribly. I couldn't think of anything I could've possibly done or said to make her feel better. I figured there was nothing left to do except leave and so, I did.

I headed back into class, clearly deep in thought. A few of the other students looked up at me, including Lila who eyed me curiously, as I walked by and took my seat. I sighed quietly and looked up at the board to read our assignment written out on it. I opened each of my books and calmly got to work.

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