tagSci-Fi & FantasyTime for Some Fun Pt. 02

Time for Some Fun Pt. 02


Quick note: There is only one (and a half?) sex scenes in this chapter. There would be more but I'm eager to upload after the positive feedback I got on the first chapter that I posted a couple of days ago. Next chapter will be a lot more...saucy. Next time Aria will use some toys, if anyone is reading for the plot there will be a dramatic twist, and I have a pretty big scene planned for a school assembly. So stay tuned!

Feedback will make me more productive so comment, please!


When Aria got home that day, her mind was buzzing. Every event of that day seemed to be adding up to the old adage that most people abandon right around the time puberty hits -- anything is possible. She could literally become a superhero out of a comic book -- sew up a costume and prowl the violent streets of... suburbia, looking for hardened criminals and foul plots. OR, she could rob a bank and probably set herself up for life. Then again, she had seen movies -- robbing a bank would probably be a bad idea in the long run -- hundreds of sequential notes and a drastic increase of wealth would garner some attention. More likely, she could just plunder a little bit of cash from wallets here and there and never get caught. But the bank idea -- maybe when she was more practiced, more bold.

That said, she was turning her thoughts to villainy fairly quickly here. She could be a villain from those cartoons -- call herself the Time Lord, Time Stopper, Blink, Clock Queen. She might just be able to take over the city! Wait, no... How would she go about that? She didn't exactly have powers of mind control, and she wasn't about to plant bombs all over the city. And who wanted to deal with all that diplomacy of running your own government? Fiscal nuances, infrastructure discussions, political taboos -- that doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. Besides, if she became some sort of villain, wouldn't that just be begging the universe to create some hero whose life goal is to ruin her fun?

This whole internal monologue had run itself inside and out on the bus ride home leaving her with three important revelations.

1.A villain? She didn't really want to hurt or terrorize people. She only just got this power, and the excitement of it -- she wasn't so much excited about the possibilities themselves but how...exciting it was to have possibilities. Her life, everyone's life was constrained to being so mundane but suddenly she had a way to break out of the conformity and predictability of life. Aria didn't have to shuffle through life -- she had a golden opportunity to do more for herself -- she could have FUN.

2.Some hero? Oh shit, were there others like her? Others with superpowers or magic or something? Was the ability to stop time only hers, or could anyone who figured out how to do that inhale/exhale/pressure/hiccup/sneeze thing do this, too? She should google this shit.

3.Mind control. That was a thought. Now that was definitely a thought.

Aria began preparing dinner for her family. Aria usually cooked for her family. Her older brother (who recently moved back in after his girlfriend broke up with him) was lazy and would eat nothing but ramen and cereal if left alone, and the same went for their mom. Aria's mom was once an attractive woman, but ever since their father ran away with some girl barely older than Aria, the once gorgeous and lively Mrs. Phillips began to wither and sink into herself.

Aria began boiling some potatoes and began chopping some onions. Aria remembered when her dad left. She was fifteen at the time. She had known for a long time that her dad was cheating on her mom -- and her mom knew it, too. But she was in denial. The one time that Layla Phillips did confront him, he confessed to having an addiction to sex, promised to go to counseling, brought mom flowers and jewelry for a month. But even before that "I'm so sorry, I'll fix it" month was up, he was back in his old ways.

Sliding the chopped onions into a pan, she turned her attention to some ground beef. She added salt and pepper, bread crumbs and spices and began mixing it all together. The squishy noises of the churning meat sounded disgustingly like the scene she had walking in on when she was only twelve.

It was only a half day of school, so the school bus dropped her off at home in time for lunch. Aria dropped her backpack by the door and made a beeline for the kitchen to grab some cereal. When she carried her goods to her room, she heard that slick, squishy noise from her parent's bedroom. She opened the door to greet her parents, wondering why they were home when she froze in place. Her father was lying in bed, and some woman other than her mom was crouched on top of him, her head buried deep in her father's crotch, slurping and moaning. Aria's eyes slid up towards her father's face, which was wet and glistening, just inches away from the woman's vagina. He had his hand up and was almost violently thrusting and shaking his fingers in the woman's dripping pussy, making slapping and squelching noises as he fingered that girl so hard she was hanging on to dear life.

Frozen in place, almost like the world around her had been today, Aria watched her father and some college aged girl doing something filthy -- masturbating and fucking each other in a way that more tame adults never even would consider doing to their partners. Her father was grunting and groaning, slapping the girl's ass now, and bucking his hips.

"Fucking take my cum you slut. You fucking whore. Suck my dick you little bitch, you worthless piece of ass. I'm gonna jizz in your face, you cum-slut. You fucking trash. FUCK!" the more excited he was, the more violent he was to her. And she was humping his hands and face, moaning and trembling, loving every second of it.

His cock erupted, spurting out thick white come into the woman's mouth and then onto her face as she pulled her mouth off of him and jacked his cock forcefully, enjoying having her face bathed by his hot orgasm. The woman tilted her head up, and Aria's eyes focused on the green, lustful eyes of her babysitter. Aria dropped her bowl of cereal, and the babysitter screamed.

Aria measured out quantities of the mixture into a frying pan and began cooking meatballs. She set the table, filled a pitcher of water, and pulled out her phone while keeping an eye on the food. Every month or so her dad would remember that she existed and send her a "Hi, how are you" text, or an offhand "I love you, sweetie," but she hadn't gotten one since nearly the beginning of the semester. Oh well. He was an ass. He had proven that over and over, and finalized his douchebaggery on the day he left.

Jackson, her brother, strode into the room. "Smells good? What cooking?" Aria smiled at him. "You know me, I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl."

"Well, we're a meat and potatoes kind of family. How was school?" he opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice, pouring himself a glass.

Beyond amazing. "It was alright. How was your day? Did you get that new project?"

"Not yet. Still sending emails around." Jackson was a freelance web-designer, programmer, and Social media manager, and basically anything to do with computer stuff that he could fit on a business card. All of those titles and "entrepreneurship" basically meant that he was unemployed but occasionally earned money from commissions off of fiver. "sending emails" was usually code for he spent the day working out at the gym and failing to find himself a new girlfriend. And it's not that he couldn't easily find a girl who was interested in him with his looks -- that was easy. It was more a combination of the fact that no girl seemed good enough to him, and when he did find one, his desperation scared them off.

"I learned a magic trick today." Aria announced.

"Oh, really?"

"Yep. Hold any amount of fingers behind your back."


Aria froze time and checked. She returned back to the stove and started time again.


"Correct. How about now?"

"All five."

"And now?"

"Now you're flipping me the bird."

"How the hell did you know?"

Aria twiddled her fingers mysteriously at him. "Magic."

"Well color me impressed. How did you learn to accomplish this mystifying feat?"


"Ah, the tome of eternal knowledge. By the way, mom's working the late shift. Just us tonight."

Aria stumbled a moment. Alone in the house with her kind of hot brother? Just after discovering a superpower that could be used for naughty purposes? That sounds like the start of a bad porno, or a saucy fiction piece. Nope.

Nope nope nope nope nope. Nope.

"Just you, actually. I'm going out. Mind if I take the car?"

"Sure. Buy me something nice while you're at it."

"In your dreams. Get your plate, foods done." Aria drained the hot water from the potatoes and grabbed a bottle of ketchup.

Later, Aria sat facing the steering wheel. Movies and books had taught her that if you discover you have some mystic ability, you either head to the woods or to the mall to experiment with your new gift. The woods sounded boring. She turned the ignition and started the car. It was seven o'clock, so there should still be a decent crowd there -- the food court was probably busy. She turned onto the highway. As much as she was tired of considering the ethics of this ability, she couldn't help but wander back to it. Should she be using this gift? Should she be preparing for the future? What if this gift doesn't last, and it would be gone in a year, or a week, or by the time she woke up tomorrow?

Perhaps if she -- WHO THE DICKS PULLED THAT IDIOT MOVE?! Aria was cut off by a green Folkswagon Beetle turning into her exit. The ass-hat nearly caused a crash at sixty miles an hour! Aria seethed at the car in front of her, following it at the next right turn. It had a vanity plate -- "SXE G4L." It turned into the mall. Some basic white girl heading to Starbucks, probably.

Aria scoured the parking lot for a free spot, eventually spotting one that wasn't tragically far from the entrance. She locked the car and started walking to the main entrance, enjoying the cool breeze, starting to get excited again about -- WHAT AN ASSHOLE! The same car from earlier nearly ran her over in its hurry to park crookedly in a handicap spot. The car door opened and a stiletto poked out, followed by a leg and a miniskirt and the rest of freaking Lauren Valdevilia. Aria shuddered and strode past the texting dilettante hoping not to be noticed by the girl who harassed her earlier in the restrooms -- whom Aria may or may not have harassed back in a time freeze.

No such luck.

"Oh. My. God. Shopping for maternal clothes, Aria?"

Aria sighed, "Nope. Are you?"

"No. I'm not the one that's pregnant." Lauren retorted, flipping her hair.

"Back to this again? Really? Just quit it, Lauren." Aria hurried away, avoiding stretching the confrontation. She heard Lauren mutter a loser as she headed inside.

The mall was as busy as ever, and the roar of the crowd was almost calming as Aria slipped into being just another face. She stopped at the gelato booth, selling each scoop for six dollars and froze time. No one should have to pay those prices for ice cream. She grabbed a plastic spoon and sampled all twenty flavors. Then she grabbed an ice cream scooper from behind the counter, grabbed a scoop of her least favorite, and dumped it down the pants of the manager, who she knew from previous experiences would short people on ice cream with tiny scoops. Returning to place she resumed time and enjoyed the feminine yelp he gave as he hurried away from the employee he was berating to the nearest bathroom.

Walking past the food court Aria considered recreating the diner scene from "When Harry Met Sally," but she had done that already today. Aria froze time walking past the jewelry store and picked out a nice set of earing that she definitely could not afford, put them on, and kept walking. She paused everything again at one of the clothes stores, picked out a nice top -- removed the magnetic tag at the register and put it on. She threw her sweater back on top of it and disposed of the tags and resumed time. Then, as time resumed, she took off her sweater and enjoyed her new look. The red top she wore had tears on the short sleeves, revealing the soft curve of her pale shoulder, and scooped only just low enough to show that she yes, had breasts, and yes, they were very nice. She swept her hair back so her new earing's glittered and shone almost as brightly as her eyes, framed by her golden hair. Aria felt confident. She didn't feel that very often.

Aria swung into one of those department stores and headed to the make-up department where those stylists aggressively demand that you let them do your make-up and had one do it for her. And when the stylist showed Aria which products she was using, Aria took all of them and purchased them with money out of the stylist's wallet. Aria stopped by one of the mirrors in the department store on her way out and admired herself. She wasn't normally vain -- but there was something powerful in wearing bold colors and a new look. It reflected the new power that she had.

Aria headed into the CD store, smiling at her first ever wolf whistle (which is normally sexist and annoying, but all of this was so new and exciting to Aria at the moment), and walked with a little extra bounce to new music section. She was looking for that new album by her favorite group, and she inattentively bumped into the guy who was looking at the rack behind her.

"Oops, sorry."

"No problem," was the reply. Aria looked over her shoulder to see that the person she had bumped into was Devon -- one of the hottest guys at school who wasn't an asshole jock. Aria would have gasped, but in stifling that reaction she accidentally froze time, just at the moment that recognition glimmered in his eye.

The world was quiet as Aria inspected the boy who shared her elective psychology class on alternate mornings. He was a senior, like her, with blue eyes and dark hair. Bright eyes and dark hair, that heart-throbbing combination. Aria raised her hand to run her fingers over his stubbled chin, and then across his surprisingly soft lips. She placed her hand on the center of his chest as she leaned in and examined the blue of his eyes. Once she had collected her thoughts, she stepped back and resumed time.

Just as Devon recognized Aria, he felt a warm pressure in his chest like his heart skipped a beat as he took in the attractive girl in front of him. His lips tingled as his eyes shot to her red lips and he imagined kissing her.

"Y-your in my class right? AP psych? Aria, was it?"

"Yeah." Aria paused time again. So how do you proceed without making this conversation awkward. She just bought herself an infinity of time to think about it. She could say 'and you're Devon, right?' but where does that lead? She could ask how he was doing, but that was both too personal and too bland at the same time. Aria glanced at the CD in his hand. Phew, a talking point that would make her seem observative. Before unpausing, she decided to get a good feel of his junk, just for kicks. He was decently sized -- she could have fun with this.

"I didn't peg you for a Taylor Swift fan."


Aria pointed her head at his hand.

"Oh. Yeah. I mean, n-no, I'm shopping for my sister's birthday." Devon was looking at Aria with fresh eyes. He had noticed her form-fitting shirt, and when he glanced at her chest he felt a stirring in his groin -- he was having a hard time keeping up with the conversation, and he was only a few seconds in. "I don't suppose you have any suggestions for what a fifteen-year-old girl might like?"

Aria paused again -- not because she didn't have a reply ready, but because a genius idea flashed in her mind, one she had touched on earlier. Mind control. Well, rather, psychology. As much as her high school class salivated over the basics like Freud and the gang, there was something worthwhile in what Pavlov said -- about programming minds. The way Pavlov made dogs associate food with a chime, Aria wondered if she could make someone like Devon associate her with positive touch. Aria fondled Devon some more and unpaused.

Aria smiled brightly, just as Devon felt another stirring looking into her bright face. "Well, you can't go very wrong with that, but are you sure she hasn't already bought the album on itunes? It's been out for a while now."

Devon was still looking at her smile, her lips. "I don't know. You're probably right. She's pretty tech savvy and she's still getting a pretty big allowance from our parents. So, what do you suggest?" Devon cringed inwardly at using the word "suggest" twice. He was surprised that he was so distracted by her -- not that he didn't normally appreciate her kind of delicious curves and pretty face. He seemed to be reacting to it more strongly than normal -- it was harder to ignore her physically than it was with other girls. He had practice, there were plenty of cute girls in their school, but he was usually able to be pretty aloof. But something about Aria was making him want to step closer to her.

"I mean, maybe I could help you out. How much time do you have to shop around?" Aria asked sweetly. Devon felt a tingle like someone had lightly run their fingers up and down his arms and down his back. His eyes darkened. Aria noted the lusty look in his eyes. He wasn't horny, but he wanted her. At least, she was pretty sure he did.

"I'm free all night." He said.

"Mind if I join you then? I could point some things out." Aria held her breath, wondering if her advances were being received the way she hoped they were. She was being uncharacteristically bold -- the trend of the day.

Devon placed the CD back on the shelf and swept his arm out. "Lead the way." He said, smiling.

Aria gently grabbed him by the arm to pull him out of the store with her. She paused time to massage his chest a bit, and also put her hand down his pants to get a more direct feel for him, before unfreezing time and moving forward. The effect was that as soon as Aria touched Devon he felt his heart pound in his chest, and another, more convincing stirring between his legs took hold of him as he was led by the girl from the store.

This is how Aria had her first date. She led the handsome boy from store to store, laughing with him, playing, talking. And Devon was drawn not only to the sunny girl giving him company, but he seemed to be drawn to her on a visceral level. He was noticing her, hard. He was paying more close attention to her than he ever had to his previous girlfriends. She drew him in. When Aria dragged him into a toy store he was charmed by her childlike glee at the gadgets and remote-control cars and board games. In a Marshalls she challenged him to a pillow fight in the bedding section where they played until an employee gave them the stink-eye. She pulled him into the pet store and they took turns naming the bunnies and hamsters, and dared him to give an iguana to his sister for her birthday. All the while, when he wasn't being attracted to her personality, he felt primal pangs of attraction for her whenever she touched him, or laughed, or got too close to him.

Aria had been touching him in frozen time less and less, but noticed that the look of seduction in his eyes was persevering every time she touched him nonetheless. It was working. She had hypnotized him with, well, herself.

She pointed out a cute clothing store and he followed her in without hesitation. She picked out a dress from the shelf and showed it to him.

"I don't know, Ar. I think you'll have to model it for me so I can get an idea of how it looks." Aria's lips curved into a flirty look.

"Well, if you insist." She backed away from him, twirled around and headed for the changing rooms in the back of the store. Devon sat down on the bench outside the booth and waited for her. Aria changed, pausing time for a minute so that he wouldn't have to wait as long for her to change. She pulled the dress over her head and smoothing it over her curves. She popped out of the booth.

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