tagMind ControlTime is On Her Side Pt. 03

Time is On Her Side Pt. 03


The worst didn't come to pass. At least, not right away. Horatia heeded her mother's warnings, remained calm and collected under the circumstances. It surprised Celeste, yet she was glad. Perhaps, there was still hope for her daughter going forward.

Nothing happened for two weeks. No hounds came barking at their door. They axed no jobs, no blood was shed. Other than a fleeting impression of being followed once, the young girl didn't feel the oppressive choke of The Super Patriarchy any more than she did before. They left Alex alone too, which was more than a good thing. The punishment for being a submissive male in their world was worse than death.

Horatia returned to the University, attended all classes diligently, repeated the mantras they wanted repeated, and smiled at the sight of unwarranted male control. As for Lazendorf, he was a no-show, his classes taken over by a bureaucrat with a falsetto voice. She didn't laugh once despite wanting to.

She was getting used to it all when the storm hit. On the fifteenth day after the incident, Lana returned to the world of living. Except it wasn't Lana anymore, but a fac-simile of her. She had the body, the looks, and even the voice of her friend, but the mind was far gone, even more conditioned than her mother's. She was a brainwashed slave, dressed in grey from head to toe.

"Hello, Horatia," she said, outside the University's main building. An icy tone curled her lips. She was staring her in the eyes, yet there was nothing human in her gaze any longer.

"Lana, you... What have they done to you?"

"They did nothing that didn't need to be done," the Lana lookalike replied, nonchalantly. "There was too much clutter in my mind once. I'm focused now."

"Focused on what?" Horatia clenched her fists.

"The Super Patriarchy. I need to be a good woman. To be a good woman is to obey, Horatia. I want to obey."

"No, you don't. They have programmed you to say that. This isn't you."

"Yes, I'm programmed. I'm aware of it and I accept it for it has done nothing but good. This is who I am now, and this is what I want to be. It is my place to serve The Super Patriarchy. Not only mine but yours, and all other women. You should receive the blessing of enlightenment, too. If you beg the Professor, perhaps he'll be so kind to indulge you."

"I'm not begging that piece of trash for anything!" Horatia screamed. "Instead, I will make sure he reverts what they did to you!"

Lana smirked. "He told me you would say that. You're so predictable. By now, you should have realized resistance will bring you nothing but pain. Why do you insist on swimming against the tide?"

"Because the tide insists on swimming against me, that's why!"

Horatia pushed her former friend aside and darted across the campus, revenge clouding her judgment. If Lana was back, then Lazendorf was likely to be there, too. "I'm sorry, Mom, but I need to do this."

On the other side of the city, Celeste's heart skipped a beat.

* * *

Horatia stormed into the old man's office, an angry Amazon in search of retribution.

"You filthy son of a bitch!" She spat. "I knew you were a pervert but brainwashing Lana? You went after her because I turned you down, didn't you? How dare you?!"

"Good afternoon to you too, Horatia," Lazendorf said, not even bothering to look away from the 3-D screen and the latest sport news. "You took long enough to get here, but that's how everything goes with you, isn't it? You're always late to classes, and always late to your friend's hour of need. Don't worry about her anymore. Her new self is just what it needs to be. The Super Patriarchy will take good care of her and so will I."

"You really are a fucking pig!"

"I love a good fucking. I will love fucking you, my little bitch!"

She slammed both hands on the desk, disrupting the flow of information coming out of the computer. "Not even in your wildest dreams, and you know that!"

"What I know is that every single vile word you throw my way is punishment waiting for you. You're just a woman. You can't talk like that and get away with it."

"I'm sick and tired of your pathetic threats, pig. You will tell no one what's about to happen unless I want you to."

The look of bewilderment in his eyes was clear. "What do you mean?"

"Poor Thadeus Lazendorf," she mocked, parading around the office. "Just another sock puppet of the Super Patriarchy, so used to seeing the world in shades of black and white." With a vigorous kick, she made his chair wobble. "When was the last time you dared to think beyond the glorified teachings that say women should be meek, powerless, and subservient for all eternity? I'm betting 'never', right? However... never is never an appropriate answer."

"Is that your PMS talking, Horatia? It can scream all it wants, but it won't make a difference. If you don't want the same thing that happened to Lana to happen to others you care about like your mother, for instance, then your ass is mine!"

"On the contrary. You going after Lana was the last drop. I'm done playing silly games of conformity in a rotten society. History is festering because of men like you and the ideals you preach. Time needs to be reset, and I will do just that."

"Time-travelling nonsense again? You never learn, do you? That's a myth, an illusion only fools and writers dare to give any credit to. Your essays are a proof you are no good at writing - women never are! - so that makes you a fool of the highest caliber. Stop fooling around and bend over! I have a meeting in ten minutes," He commanded, right hand reaching for his fly.

Horatia grabbed his collar with murderous intent. "I will bend something else, instead."

"This world is the only true world. You can't change what has already happened."

"Real fools are the ones that doubt the possibility of change and try to silence it at every turn. Surely you're aware that over five centuries ago, people didn't believe hypnosis was real, right?"

"What's that got to do with anything?" He vociferated, taking hold of his throbbing dick and beginning to stroke.

"Everything. Our society is one big hypnotic machine, always programming women to fit the narrative of submission, and men to believe such a narrative is correct, and has always been so. The indoctrination runs deep, so deep that trying to go against it results in public shaming, and even more conditioning. The thing is: I never bought it. Not even as a child. I always knew there was more in store for me."

Lazendorf spat in her face. "Is that a joke? It's a good one, I'll concede, but nothing more than that. You should accept your place before a cock, bitch! Didn't your mother teach you that?"

Horatia cleaned the spit with her right hand, every single one of her features transformed into an effigy of wickedness. "My mother is an honorable woman, and so was my grandmother, my great grandmother and everyone else that came before me. She's also more powerful than she'll ever admit. She keeps to herself and endures unspeakable things to protect me. She wanted me to keep quiet, and I tried, I really did, but I can't do that anymore. I know who I am, and what I can do."

"And what can you do?"

"What I did to Alex, for starters."

"That no-good snivelling boyfriend of yours?" Lazendorf sniggered. "I've seen the way he pampers you instead of asserting his rightful dominance. What a disgrace to the superior gender!"

"Or what better proof that everything you stand for is wrong..."

The professor continued stroking his cock. "Oh, I see... Not only you question the Patriarchy's rule, you also think women should be enthroned. God has never been a woman, no matter how much those crazy bitches of yore tried to proclaim so. You will not start a new revolution, pathetic child."

"And yet, I already did." Horatia's eyes fell upon his own, emanating radiant desires of female supremacy. "Stop stroking that pindick of yours, and listen good."

Lazendorf's right hand came to a halt, even if he couldn't figure out why. His authority briefly shattered, his thoughts not clear anymore.

"What the fuck?"

"Hypnosis and mind control run in the family," she grinned. "You should know that. Whatever you did to Lana is no match to what I can do to you."

Lazendorf stared into her eyes. Had they always been so beautiful, engrossing, and captivating? And her voice... how come he had never heard the superior chords hidden in each syllable before? Realizing them now quite the contradiction. The teachings couldn't be wrong. Women were submissive, inferior creatures, and the weak should never dominate...

"... you. I will control your mind. In fact, I'm already inside it," Horatia whispered. "Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine."

"It's the other way around," he growled. She slapped him, raised his chin towards her enthralling face and repeated:

"Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine."

"Stop trying to confuse me!"

"The confusion is all yours, and the power is all mine," she smiled before relentlessly pushing her thoughts into his brain. "Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. Deeper. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. Deeper and deeper. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You believe this. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You want this. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You need this. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. Your mind is blank. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. Your mind is mine. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. Women make the rules. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. Men follow the rules. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. I'm a woman so I make the rules. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You are a man so you follow the rules. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You want to follow my rules. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You want to obey my will. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You will follow my rules. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You will obey me. Start stroking again."

Lazendorf grabbed his cock, not a thought in his head. Cocks need not think, anyway. Her words caressed his temples as synapses fired in every direction like a fireworks show.

His greasy right palm pumped the engorged flesh faster than a speeding train. She held his left hand to the back of his neck, and used the pressure to adjust his body to a more submissive position.

He could feel himself gliding from the chair. Dominance and worship were synonyms. Submission and worship were synonyms. All words were becoming synonymous with the idea of worshipping her.

"Horatia..." his voice trailed off, for the velocity of mindless masturbation was incompatible with the ability to articulate complex sentences.

"Goddess," she instructed him. "Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. I am a Goddess to you. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. Obeying your Goddess is the right thing to do. Dominance is feminine, submission is masculine. You have no choice but to obey me. Stroke faster."

How he could he go any faster? It was impossible! His hand slipped at every turn, his independence slipped alongside it. The Super Patriarchy was a blurred lie dissolving in the face of an absolute. Dominance was feminine, submission, masculine. Dominance was feminine, submission, masculine. Dominance was... oh, God...

"... dess. Goddess. Goddess!" He screamed.

"Your Goddess," she emphasized.

"My Goddess," he drooled.

"The one you serve and obey."

"The one I serve and obey," he droned.

"Dominance is feminine..."

"... submission is masculine."

"You will cum when I allow it, and not a moment sooner. Say you will obey."

"I will obey, Goddess."

"You always obey."

"I always obey."

"That's all I wanted to hear." Horatia stepped back and grinned at her newest hypno-puppet. "You may cum for me now."

"Oh thank you, Goddess!" Lazendorf chirped, the strain on his cock and balls finally released out in the open. Like a geyser, it sprung, the warm current of semen leaving sticky stains on the desk, his jacket, and shoes. A few specks of creamy white landed on his half-open eyes, a solitary one grazed the tip of his wagging tongue. Dominance was feminine, submission was masculine, and he had just pleased his Goddess like he was meant to.

"Get down on your knees," Horatia commanded.

"Yes, Goddess." He complied. It was good to be where he belonged after so long.

"You will now answer my question truthfully. If you try to resist answering, I want you to remember that dominance is feminine and submission is masculine, which means you can't deny me. You will not be foolish enough to question how things should be, are you?"

"No, Goddess."

"Good," Horatia tapped her foot. "Tell me about Lana's current condition. Is it reversible?"

"Yes, Goddess."

"How did you do it? What's the process behind it?"

"Memory Displacement Protocol, a technique developed by The Super Patriarchy's scientists five decades ago. It's very effective on young women, older ones not so much. Lana was a fantastic subject."

"I want her to go back to way she was before you tampered with her mind. How soon can you arrange this?"

"As soon as you want me to, Goddess. She must be taken to the Center again for readjustment. Once it's done, it will be as if it never happened."

"No memories?"

"The memories will still exist in some capacity, but will no longer be prevalent. Remnants always remain in the deepest recesses of the subconscious no matter how good the clean-up process is."

"Can you do that outside the Center? I would prefer not to expose her to such an environment again."

"It's possible, but it's more complicated, Goddess. Just the paperwork to bypass the usual protocols..."

"I don't care about the paperwork and neither should you," she dismissed him. "Lana will not set foot inside one of your Centers again, understood?"

"Yes, Goddess."

"Good. Instead, you will take me to see one."


"You have your orders. Get me inside. I want to see it with my own eyes."

It was time to take the fight to them no matter the cost.

Halfway across the city, almost as if she knew what was about to happen, her mother felt a sudden pang in her heart, and began to cry.

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