tagIncest/TabooTime Out at Christmas

Time Out at Christmas


First of all, I've been off this site for a while. I'm always thinking of stories but I'm possibly one of the laziest people so writing them down seems like a good idea then I get bored.

This story was buzzing around my head for a day and I had to get it down as soon as I worked it out as a first person story I couldn't stop writing it.

Secondly, It took me a couple of hours to complete it but I have had bad luck with editors (if you're interested let me know) so I've had to check it myself so apologies for any errors, spelling, grammar or how it flows.

Let me know what you think in the comments section and if there are any glaring errors I will have them corrected.

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking it up.

Merry Christmas and have a filthy New Year.


It started when we were kids. Like with all siblings growing up together, my sister, Kylie and me had arguments and fights about the smallest things. I usually got the blame, being three years older I was deemed responsible so for the first hundred or so fights I was sent to my room to calm down and come out when I was ready to apologise.

That all changed when Kylie was actually seen to start the fight, nicking one of my toys and teasing the dog with it until the dog pulled it apart. Now my parents had a dilemma, they were lovers of the nanny SOS television shows and so they copied an idea from that. They pulled us apart and together we were locked in the downstairs toilet with a book.

After five minutes it became clear that the parents weren't coming back and we were stuck together. We had given each other the silent treatment but as I offered for her to sit in between my legs on the toilet seat she apologised. With her unable to read I read aloud and as soon as the story was finished the door opened and life carried on.

Obviously my parents thought this was the perfect solution to any argument and so it turned into the punishment of choice whenever my sister and I had a fight until finally we stopped turning on each other and turned on our parents.

It was Christmas and I was on my way home from my year work placement in Hong Kong, working for a Chinese plumbing company didn't have many benefits but being paid to travel and live in China for a year was certainly one.

I had been in constant contact with my parents and Kylie but I hadn't seen them for over a year so I was looking forward to getting home. I was going to surprise them at home and it worked a treat.

It was a week after I had arrived that a problem arose. Kylie was eighteen and in her final year of high school, she had had the run of the house for the last year but now I was back she wasn't used to having to share again.

"Why is there no milk?"

"I don't know dear, are you sure there's none on the top shelf?" Dad piped up, he was hiding behind the paper oblivious to the stormy look on his daughters face.

"There is nothing there, that fat slob took the last bit."

"Should have been up earlier sis." I opened my mouth wide and stared at her as I spooned the cereal in. I knew which buttons to push that really wound her up, it was my morning entertainment.

"What the fuck!"

"Kylie! Language!"

"Sorry Dad but this dickhead is using my laptop." She slammed the screen down onto my lap causing the bowl in my to spill on top of me

At this point Dad stood up, "Are you serious? You're not kids anymore but seeing as you're acting like you are then you know what that means."

He had now taken my sister by the arm and dragged her out of the living room towards the toilet. "John get your ass in here, do it now or you'll have to explain to your mother why you've been kicked out of the house for Christmas."

That sentence didn't make any sense to me either but I decided to follow him if only to see if he had managed to get my sister, who was close to half a foot taller than him, into the toilet.

"Come on Dad, I'm not going in there with him. I'm not six."

"But that's how old you are acting. I just want you to talk. I'll let you out in twenty minutes but you need this." At that point he sighed, "Do it for me please."

Shovelling a couple of spoons of cereal into my mouth, I threw it in the sink then moved past my sister into the toilet.

"Dad, please don't make me do this."

"Come on sweetie. It's only twenty minutes and I promise when you come out I'll have some bacon and eggs ready for you."

I heard her huff and puff then she appeared. She stood in front of me waiting for Dad to shut the door before some more space opened up for her to stand. Kylie towered over me, she was still pissed.

"Why the fuck do you think you can come back and rule the house again, you've never cared about me and you just seem to want to piss me off. I was so happy when you were fucking about in China."

I left her get her rant over, she needed it. "Look I'm sorry about using your laptop. I just wanted to check on the results. To be honest I really wasn't expecting you down this early."

"That's not an excuse or an apology. You just don't give a shit about me." She was getting herself worked up and I could see she was on the edge of crying.

Standing up I was now face to face with her. Her brown eyes and hair were identical to mine but that's where the similarities ended. She had a face of a pixie, soft features, big eyes and a cute button nose.

"What are you talking about? Of course I care about you. Every time I called the parents they said you were busy in your room. I tried to message you on facebook but you didn't reply."

"That's bullshit."

"I'm serious, check you messages." I watched as she pulled her phone from her jeans, quickly she logged on and checked her messages before showing me.

"Fucking nothing! Ha! Don't you hate being wrong every time?!"

Taking her phone, I found the others button and there was my name with well over eighty messages unread. I handed it back to her without a word and sat down. Her face was a picture, the aloofness faded and as she began to scroll through the messages I could see tears starting to form.

"I never knew..." each word was followed by a sob. I was about to stand and hug her but instead she sat down on my lap and pointed the message I sent on her birthday. "Did you mean this?"

"Of course I did, you are brilliantly clever and a hot woman and I will hate every single boyfriend that you have. Trust me on that." Her pert ass fitted snugly on my crotch and it started to set some things in motion that I didn't know were there. Trying to distract my mind I wrapped my hands around to her phone and went to scroll down to the message wishing her good luck for her exams.

However I didn't get that far as soon as my hands came into contact with hers she jumped. Her ass lifted then dropped down before wiggling causing me first to grunt then groan briefly.

"Fuck you're hands are freezing. What the fuck is wrong with them?" She was rubbing her hands together as if I had given her an electric shock and still her ass continued to grind into my lap.

"Um... I've got poor circulation. I thought it was normal but apparently my fingers and toes never get warm. I can thank Dad for that."

"Give them here." She didn't give me a chance to respond as she took my hands in hers and moved them underneath her sweater and onto her taunt warm stomach. "Oh God... That should warm you up."

I think we were both in shock, me from her actions and her, from how cold my hands were which immediately made her stomach tightened. If I had had my senses more in tune I would have laughed it off and pulled my hands free but I was frozen. My fingers started to warm up, almost as an reflex I started to dig my fingertips into her warm flesh and I swear I heard her moan.

Kylie meanwhile was continuing to scroll through the messages, her ass was now still on my crotch and I was hoping she couldn't feel my semi erect prick.

"This is really nice. I'm sorry." She sniffed loudly as she spoke.

"You're what?! I couldn't hear you." My response was cheeky but she took the bait.

In response she thrust her ass back into me hard, it caused two reactions. Firstly the air shot out of me, despite her delicate features she was nearly six foot tall. Secondly my hands sunk under her jeans waistline and towards her pussy.

Again I should I have reacted, at the very least I should have moved my hands back onto her stomach but I didn't. In my defence she had moved again and her jeans were tight but the reality was I didn't want to move. I could feel the heat from her pussy and when I stretched my fingers I could feel her soft trimmed hairs. Immediately my cock hardened.

Kylie froze. Even her fingers hovering over her phone stopped but then slowly her ass started to move. Her head moved back to rest on my shoulder. Her hair splayed across my face and my nose picked up the strong smell of her coconut shampoo; it was the go ahead for me to continue.

Moving towards the middle of her jeans I popped open the top three buttons then I moved back to her trimmed hair.

All this time she continued to grind her hips, moaning softly in my ear. As my hand moved closer to her sex I could feel the heat coming off. It was intoxicating to me. My right hand took control, covering her mound I rested it there almost able to feel her blood pulsing. Her pussy was soaking making it easy for my middle finger to slip inside.

She was tight and her moan in response was magical to hear. I kept my hand still pushing against her drenched pussy allowing her gentle wiggling motion to move my finger in and out of her. She was fucking herself and it was causing my cock to turn rock hard.

Quickly a second finger joined the first stretching her out slightly. My left hand moved back up to her stomach moving in gentle circles until I reached her chest. She didn't wear a bra; I guess she didn't need one. Her breasts weren't even a handful, pert and firm they stood proud on her chest and they were eagerly grabbed by my hand.

With two sensitive areas being manhandled Kylie could not stop her moans becoming louder, not wanting my dad to become suspicious I waited for her rocking head to move towards mine and kissed her hard on the lips. This was the last point I said to myself, if she responded she was mine if she broke apart then it was over despite how far we had already gone.

I was praying at this point that she would kiss me back and someone must have listened because she forcibly attacked me. Her tongue ran along the tops of my teeth before entwining with my own, her groans grew louder but it was only me that could hear them.

My hand left her breast I wanted my sister badly, I needed her. I grabbed at her jeans and tugged but I got nowhere. I didn't want to leave her hot pussy it felt that if it did then the spell would be broken.

Kylie must have sensed this because her ass lifted slightly and her two hands joined mine. She gave a cute wiggle and her jeans dropped along with her drenched panties.

My shorts were no obstacle and I was going commando, my cock near enough released itself. Desperate to get inside my younger sister, stretch her, feel her warm walls surround me until I released my load inside of her.

Our lips didn't leave each others, my neck stretched towards her as she shimmed again making her jeans pool around her feet. She shuffled back, the confined space of the toilet was making this harder but it also made it hotter. The smell of our two sexes was overpowering inside the small area and it was only going to increase.

Finally my hand left her sex to grip my cock straight up, her lips left mine and her hands went to her sweater to pull it off. Swivelling in a tight circle my sister faced me for the first time since we began. Her angelic face was flushed a deep red, her eyes were on fire the lust was oozing from her. She wanted me and that made me shiver in excitement.

My cock was now painfully hard. Kylie looked down saw it, smiled then raised her eyes to mine. We looked at each other as she lowered herself until my head broke past her puffy lips and towards her sopping hole.

I moved my cock slightly back until I found her entrance then I thrust my hips up forcing a third of my shaft inside her. She gasped, her eyes widened and her mouth opened as if to scream. Quickly I took her head in my hand and forced her to mine resuming out passionate kiss.

Kylie had lost all control, her body dropped onto mine, burying my prick inside of her. It was warm, wet and tight, so very tight. It was perfect.

Our mouths continued to attack each other, groaned and moaning as her hips violently thrust into my crotch, my sister's juices were soaking my shorts and they didn't seem to stop. I wrapped my hands around her slim waist, holding her firmly as my hips rose.

Keeping her in position I dropped down feeling her tight walls gripping to keep my prick inside her. This was sex on a different level, I looked at her eyes they were almost pleading with me to fuck her.

I kissed her, knowing that she wouldn't be able to help make a sound, and then I thrust up hard. My body hit hers, the wet smacking sound resonated in the small room and I nearly came there and then.

Knowing that I was close to cumming I pulled out and again I slammed home. Over and over I did this, my sister's moans turned to whimpers and her hand found my hair gripping it tightly until I started to feel her shake.


It was the only word that she seemed capable of saying; her orgasm had taken control of her body. I was close to mine, I didn't care that her body had gone tense in my hands, all that mattered was her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock bringing me closer to my climax.

Then it happened, my hands moved to her ass. Each hand was filled with flesh, pulling and squeezing as I shot my first wave of cum into my sister.

At this point Kylie had gone limp in my arms, her breathing was heavy and her hand was still in my hair now stroking it as I continued to fill her up.

My ass tensed with each shot of cum the rocketed inside of my younger sister. My grip on her ass relaxed, replaced with smoothing circular motions as I tried to catch my breath. It was the most intense orgasm of my young life and I was drained.

We stayed in each others arms for what felt like only a second, in all likelihood it was longer but I didn't want to leave her.

"John. Kylie. Got your breakfast ready for you. Come out when you're ready." Our dad's voice broke the post sex bliss.

Kylie looked at me, "wow" she giggled.

I couldn't respond. My cock was still inside her. I was ready for round two but I knew we couldn't. Instead I kissed her.

We moaned into each others mouths. Before she broke apart and stood up. Immediately I felt the cold on my shaft quickly followed by a loud of juice soak my already wet groin and shorts.

"Ooops," Kylie actually laughed, this wasn't a cute giggle it was a full laugh. She even had to wipe her eyes. There I was sat on a toilet seat, my dark red shorts were near enough brown and my cock was twitching in the cooler air.

"Best get cleaned up; don't want to explain to the parents that you've wet yourself." At least that is what I assumed she said, she was still laughing as she talked. She wiped her swollen pussy clean before picking up her clothes and putting them on.

"Thanks for the Christmas present big brother." She leant down to kiss me on the mouth. I'm sure she meant to pull away but my hand shot out to hold her there, I kissed her hard biting gently on her lower lip as she pulled away.

"Don't worry. We are going to get to fuck each other senseless until you have to leave again." Kylie smiled and went to open the door.

I stood up quickly, moved my hand down her jeans to her sex and pushed my finger inside.

"Merry Christmas little sister. We're going to have a great fucking new year."

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