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Time Stop Adventure


Brandi's new job was to field test new technology for the CIA. She was a middle aged redhead who had never been married and had an average build, she lived by herself and was genuinely happy to do work that got her out of the house. She was wearing a pair of high heels, hoes, a knee length black skirt and a nice kind-of-loose white blouse. Today she was driving down an old road to meet an old friend for lunch and to test a new invention; a time stop watch. If this thing worked correctly, it would freeze all time with the exception of whoever is wearing it; in this case, Brandi. This is where she first noticed the red and blue lights in her review mirror.

"License and registration, Ma'am," said the officer now standing at her window.

"One moment," she replied.

'I guess now is as good a time as any' she thought. She pressed the first of two buttons on the sleek looking watch perched on her left wrist.


Everything around Brandi seemed to be amazingly still. She reached out her window and poked the cop but he didn't seem to move at all. 'Holy shit, it works' she thought to herself. A wicked thought came across her mind and she decided to get some preemptive revenge on the police officer who already had his ticket pad out.

She took the pad and pen from the officer and tucked them under the driver's side seat, then got out of her car. First she removed the handcuffs from his belt and worked his hands behind his back, cuffing them in place. She read the name "S. Johnson" on his metal name plate and a second wicked thought came across her mind. She poked him once more to make sure he wouldn't move.

Upon seeing him still frozen and now handcuffed, she hastily unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She gripped the sides of his pants and dropped to a squatting position in front of him bringing the pants to a heap around his ankles. She looked straight ahead at his tighty wightys and took a deep breath. In one fluid motion she gripped the sides of his briefs and pulled them down to meet his pants at his ankles. She giggled upon seeing the officer's undersized cock.

Brandi quickly stood, got back in her car and pressed the second button on her watch.


Shock and awe hit the officer as he felt cold air on his dick and looked down in horror at his exposed cock. He fell over as he struggled to pick his lower clothes back up not realizing his hands were cuffed. Brandi sped off laughing in almost disbelief that the watch had actually worked.

Later she was sitting in a mom and pop diner waiting for a cup of decaf coffee when her friend Chris walked in. Chris was about six foot two, slightly chunky and was wearing his usual button up, collared shirt, jeans and sandals.

"Hey, I got your message. What's up?" he said, taking a seat across the booth from her.

"I have to show you this watch I got!" she exclaimed, pointing to her watch.

"Really? If you wanted to hang out you could just ask, you know that."

"No, no, no. It's got power."

"Like it lights up?"

Brandi realized she wasn't getting anywhere and decided it was better to just show him. She pushed the first of two buttons.


Chris, along with the rest of the diner was suddenly frozen. Brandi reached across the table and moved the napkin dispenser to the opposite end of the table; next she pressed the second button on her watch.


"See?" she exclaimed.

"See, what?"

"The napkins moved!"

They did?

Feeling annoyed once again, Brandi pressed the first button again.


This time she picked up the dispenser, leaned over the table and dropped it in his lap, then pressed the second button.


"Oh shit!" Chris said a little too loudly. He realized some people around them had noticed and said much quieter while placing the napkins back on the table, "How did you do that?"

"I told you, it's the watch. It can stop time."

The waiter appeared as if out of nowhere and delivered Brandi's coffee. "...And for you sir?"

"I'll have what she's having, thanks." Chris replied. The waiter gave them a smug look then walked to the kitchen door and something inaudible to the kitchen staff. Brandi was somewhat bothered by this and another wicked thought crept across her mind. "Watch the waiter," she said to Chris. They both turned their attention to the waiter as Brandi pushed the first button.


The waiter's pants were now open and falling to his knees. He gasped and grabbed them then quickly darted into the kitchen to fix himself. "Did you do that," asked Chris. Brandi simply smiled at the question. "So this means that while you're wearing that watch you could do whatever you want to whoever you want!" he exclaimed. This statement brought a realization to Brandi and a host of new ideas came across her mind.

She had always had kind of a crush on Chris, they had known each other for years but had never been more than friends. Today she decided to change that. She pressed the first button on her watch.


Chris suddenly realized that his shirt was unbuttoned exposing his hairy chest. "Stop that," he proclaimed while starting to button shirt.


Chris Instantly realized that something was wrong but couldn't put his finger on what. Brandi was smiling wildly at him as he finished buttoning his shirt, then he felt what was wrong. He looked across the table to see her holding his boxers in her hand. "Missing something?" she asked still smiling.

"That's not cool!" He said being as calm as possible. She dropped the underwear under the table to the open spot in the booth between her and the wall. Just then a scary thought came to mind. "Does this mean you saw my..." he started to ask. "Mm hm," she replied. He sat there stunned for a few seconds contemplating this new situation. She started to speak, "I thought it would be... bigger."

Chris's heart sank. Brandi popped her foot out of her heel and pressed it to the crotch of his pants and began rubbing it up and down. They locked eyes as Chris's jaw dropped and his cock grew and tented his pants. His now erect cock now fit perfectly under her foot.

"I think you should take it out," said Brandi.

"Someone will see."

"We both know it will come out, one way or another," she said. "Or do you want me to make you mess your pants?" Brandi's foot picked up speed and Chris started to breath heavy as his small cock was pulsing under her foot. She reached for her watch.


Brandi was now sitting to his right so he was between her and the wall, his jeans were around his ankles and her left hand was stroking his dick. This was all too much for him as he started to cum in her hand.


Brandi was gone, his pants were back in there proper place (boxers still missing) and his phone started to buzz with a picture mail in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and opened it to see a picture of his four inch cock covered in cum, the accompanying message said "Tell anyone about this and every girl you ever meet will see this picture."

The End.

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