tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTime Stops in the Mediterranean Day 06

Time Stops in the Mediterranean Day 06


Day 6

I was up and waiting outside Amy and Kylie's villa before it was light and was both delighted and rewarded for the early rising by seeing the two girls slipping out. There was no need to follow them, it was much easier to stop time, go on ahead and be ready for them.

It was a lovely cove, a mixture of sand and pebbles, quite popular during the day but a little difficult to access. There was no one there in the half light when I arrived, just the lapping of the sea on the sand. It was a perfect place both for the girls' skinny dipping and my own. There was time for me to swim and hide before they came. I dropped my shirt and shorts behind a rock and walked down to the sea, enjoying the pleasure of being naked on the shore 'in time' and the prospect of seeing the girls. My cock swelled and rose as I walked into the sea, an even pleasanter feeling!

I had swum and hidden myself behind a rock before Amy and Kylie came down the steps looking around them as they walked. It was exciting seeing them removing their clothes and walking together into the sea, just as I had seen them the night before but now animated, the curves moving and that always delightful bounce of breasts as girls move.

It was only after Amy and Kylie had swum for a while that I made my move. The first they noticed me was as I walked along the edge of the water on the sand up to where they were swimming - between them and their clothes.

"Hallo," I called, "lovely morning."

It was plain they did not know what to do; there they were swimming and thought, perhaps, I did not know they were naked; I was undoubtedly naked and clearly unconcerned about it; I was talking to them and they needed to answer; I did not appear about to walk on up the beach.

It was Amy who broke the silence, "Good morning," she responded. Conversation ensued and then I waded in to join them. Their hope that I would not see their nakedness was dashed with me so close to them in the water.

"It's nicer being naked, isn't it," I remarked conversationally. There was no way of hiding it now and the girls tried to act as if it all was perfectly normal to them but as we came out of the sea, I was pleased to note there were surreptitious glances downwards at me - they were interested in what they could see. By now the sun was up and the heat was mounting. There was no real need for towels and the girls accepted the suggestion of a walk along the beach to dry in the sunshine. Pleasant walking alone on a beach naked; pleasanter with two young ladies also naked; pleasanter still as I started to erect.

You will appreciate the erection was part of my plan. There was a risk of scaring them off, but I was hoping, as our conversation was jolly, this would not be the case and their curiosity of the night before would take hold. It is of course not something that can be ordered at will but a mixture of where my thoughts were leading and a bit of subtle manipulation out of time (when the girls were not looking directly at me to catch the slight blur as I regained almost my pose before time stopped) did the trick.

"Sorry," I said, "a common risk of the male nudist: not a problem for the female, a hardening of the nipples not being anything like so obvious. I apologise. Please don't be offended, it will subside if we ignore it and just walk on." My very matter of fact manner was perhaps instrumental in their not running back to their clothes and instead we walked about and, of course, there was no subsiding at all. Amy was visibly gaping at what she was seeing and Kylie had gone a pleasant shade of red right down to her breasts. On we walked with my erection swaying in front of us. Occasionally I distracted their poorly concealed downward glances for long enough, by indicating something out to sea or on the beach, to engage in a little out of time manipulation, even running my hands over their bodies to encourage my continuing stiffness.

Wonderfully it was Amy who drew attention to the obvious fact.

"It's not going down; your erection I mean."

"I'm most terribly sorry but please take it as a compliment to you. It will go away, I'm sure."

"We don't mind. I think it's... it's cool, all curving up like that. I haven't seen, I mean I haven't seen many before. Have we Kylie?"

"No, Amy, it's, it's big isn't it? I mean..."

"Please feel free, take a look." The invitation meant they no longer needed to pretend not to be looking. I really enjoyed pausing and standing there whilst my equipment was inspected by these two young girls. I mean, a man does like to be admired; it does wonders for his vanity. And look they did. Not just a cursory glance but a detailed visual examination as I simply stood there.

I was, of course, waiting for a request, a permission to touch but what Amy asked was better.

"It'll go down if you come, won't it, shall I stroke it? Would you mind? We'd like to see that."

I certainly wasn't going to say no! No sooner had I given my assent than Amy's hand was on me, clearly testing its firmness - no doubt she had been wondering if it was as hard as it looked. Fingering it, exploring it, her other hand coming up to cup my balls and feel how mobile they were in their sack; and then the proper stroking started. I was not surprised to find she knew what to do.

"My turn," said Kylie and a fresh pair of hands set to work.

Wonderful to be walking along the beach, naked, erect and being masturbated by two young naked girls. You would have thought I'd have come almost immediately but being able to stop time let me take a rest, or three, with no manual stimulation, just stillness and silence.

The holiday was proving a tremendous success, not simply time stop sex, but real live motion experiences. Never had I walked along a beach with a girl's hand, or two girls' hands, holding onto my erect organ. It was a male fantasy come true. I prolonged it as long as I could but they were expecting a result from their work. We had walked a long way back and forth along the beach

I paused. "I think, girls, you have almost done the trick, watch now..."

Amy's little hand pumped and with both girls watching intently my semen began to fly; what a joy to be standing in the sunshine and have these girls making me come; trying to hold back as long as possible and then spurt after spurt appeared; actually going a quite respectable distance to fall on the sand until there was just a dribbling.

"Cool," said Amy.

"Yeah," said Kylie, "different."

We walked on. "It's drooping now," said Amy.

"Thank you, ladies; you seem to have done the trick! I have to say, I enjoyed that."

We talked about the island, about the best places, about holidays. It was all very 'normal' and pleasant.

"We'd better go," said Kylie. "But, can we do that again another morning? I'd like to feel it getting big in my hand first. Would you mind?"

I seemed to have been judged 'safe.' The plan hatched on the way back to the villa the night before had worked perfectly. I watched as the girls, now clothed, climbed the steps and turned and waved. I waved back. I pondered on whether I should listen to their reflections upon the situation from under the bed that night? Would they talk about it or have exhausted the topic on their way back that very morning? Well, whether they had exhausted the topic or not, I had exhausted myself sexually for the morning already so I needed something else to do. I dressed and caught the bus into town to go and visit some interesting ruins.

You must wonder at my idea of a holiday and whether there can be too much sex; perhaps others would like a slower, less energetic holiday but it suits me. It is not always one ejaculation in the morning, one in the afternoon and one before bedtime but it can be like that. Practice makes it possible though the old John Thomas can feel a little used, a little desensitised, almost a little numb and when he 'comes' he can be rather short of fluid. But you will know the second or third ejaculation of the day even if it is a little 'dry' can be the stronger feeling. As it was the ruins proved particularly interesting and took up not only the morning but most of the afternoon as well. It was only sitting in a cafe enjoying a very well earned beer (two actually) that my more usual roving eye was caught and I thought of sex again. To think does not necessarily mean to achieve, however.

A pretty tall girl in a sundress, lovely straw coloured hair flowing around her shoulders, long tanned legs, strappy sandals and a bright yellow cotton dress, appropriately short for the summer, drifted into view. It was particularly pleasant to watch as she walked with the sun behind her causing the dress to became almost transparent and showing her curves. I watched for a time and then it occurred to me it would be even nicer if she was without underwear; I felt she would be just perfect draped only in a little sundress; somehow the bra and panties detracted. With a sigh I left my beer, unconcerned that a waiter might remove it and be cross that I hadn't paid the bill -- as it was he did not seem to be noticing very much and nor did anyone else. The girl was standing completely still and it was the matter of a moment to reach up under her dress and ease her panties down. Sending them fluttering to the floor is always the easy part: getting them off completely is more difficult but without hurrying I soon had bra and panties stuffed in my pockets and the girl still in the position she had been when I stopped time.

Back at my table I admired how the light was still coming through her dress but the outline was just that bit clearer and more pleasing. As the girl began moving I watched, enjoying how much better she looked now the dress was sliding over her body unobstructed by underclothes; how much prettier the true shape of her breasts; how much easier the breasts moved and no doubt much pleasanter for her to feel free between the legs. I had made a point of not touching, not exploring so her sex was a mystery to me and I tried to make it out as the sun came through her dress - could I just discern the hint of a little protuberance between her legs, a little hanging of the labia minora or a prominent clitoral hood caught in silhouette as I sipped my beer?

Unfortunately she noticed the missing garments. I had perhaps hoped she would not or would think she had forgotten things in the morning but she looked concerned, a touch to the breast, a movement of the thighs. Perhaps I was a little too hopeful.

Should I leave her like that or restore her security? Before I could make my decision she was away, away towards a bus stop, long legs flashing, dress swishing and as she reached the other side of the road a bus interposed itself between us and, before I could pay my bill, she was on the bus and speeding away. The last I saw of her was in profile, seated on the bus as it swept by me. There was no opportunity for me to follow her, no decision to be made to join her on the bus and discover where she was going; no opportunity for me to find out more about her; I had not even touched her sex, not even found out if she was smoothly shaven or had many secret curls, I had not ventured into her valley, did not know who ploughed that furrow or even if a sweet little girl's tongue was wont to slip down it. I knew nothing about her - not even a name. It is like that sometimes.

That evening found me once more under Amy's bed. I had to hang around for quite a time before they went to bed but finally, showered and in their nighties, they were there and I was under the bed. There was risk in this, not in being caught, but rather that eavesdroppers often do not hear well of themselves! It would be galling to hear a sarcastic description of that sad old pervert with the small dick on the beach. To be fair I am neither old nor have a small penis: not that I am saying it is particularly large either, don't get me wrong, but a very respectable size perhaps a little larger than the norm or at least I like to think so, with a pleasing shape, nicely veined and with a good slightly streamlined head... well, I am quite attached to it anyway. Sorry I became distracted from the narrative.

What I actually heard was satisfactory. They had enjoyed the sight of my cock, had found me friendly and amusing. Neither thought me likely to jump on them and rape them and seemed slightly unsure of whether I had deliberately become erect to get them to wank me. What they hoped I would do was offer to bring them off. They giggled a lot about sitting either side of me, each on one of my hands with my cock between them to play with. It was pleasant to hear my ejaculation had impressed them,

"Did you see all that stuff, Kylie? Spurt, spurt, spurt. All creamy coloured and so different from wee!"

This led to a discussion on penises and speculation on those boys they knew. It was obvious they had started masturbating again when the talk became a little wilder about what they would do with those boys if they had them there.

"I'd sit on Marty's face and tell him to stick his tongue right up my..."

"Amy! You wouldn't!"

"You could be sitting on Charlie whilst sucking Gary's dick, Kylie."

"Be a bit nice wouldn't it!"

I have to say, nice although fucking is, enjoyable both in time and out of it; lying under a couple of girls' beds and hearing their real sexual talk and masturbating to it is pretty good too. Of course I got up to have a look at Amy and Kylie frozen in time; got up to see how wet they had managed to make themselves; got up to add my fingers to theirs; but it was as they talked to each other that I came under the bed again.

Luckily I stayed to establish they would not actually be going skinny dipping again the next day: they were going out early on a trip but their plan was to go again the morning after and hoped I would be there.

"He said he came there most mornings." That brought some more giggling.

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