tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTime Stops in the Mediterranean Day 12

Time Stops in the Mediterranean Day 12


Day 12

Another day, another glorious day; it is what I so like about a Mediterranean summer compared to an English one - the guarantee of sunshine and warmth. It is not to say I do not like England in the summer; an English summer's day spent in the perfect English countryside can be the best of things drifting into a warm English night - but there is no guarantee, no assurance at all of perseverance. Even in July or August you can have a whole fortnight of cloud and plentiful rain - a holiday spoilt though you do try and 'make the best' of it in that dogged 'stiff upper lip' English way. At least the weather gives the Englishman an ever ready, and interesting, topic of conversation.

What to do? Should I have a day of abstinence - a day to recharge my batteries so to speak but, like the Duracell bunny, my twin, swinging 'power cells' seemed to be maintaining their charge; indeed the gauge was pointing right up when I awoke in my borrowed bed just as it had done the day before!

Should I spend a morning on the beach comparing breasts? It is certainly a way I have spent time or rather out of time, undoing bikinis and swimsuits and making a comparison. Large breasts, small breasts, rounded as apples or pointy like pears, big areolae, small little pale pink ones, breasts all shades of brown and some whiter than white as if they have never seen the sun. Walking around out of time inspecting and completely naked, unworried if my erection pops up - as it does - is most enjoyable. Perhaps catch a few pretty girls licking ice creams and gently move the cone away to be replaced with my own cornet. I have often wondered just quite what the reaction of the girl would be if I was to restart time, how long would the pink tongue continue it lick, how far would it slip wetly up the curving dark pinkness of my plum head before there were words or worse? Feeling instead of the cornet the soft/hardness of my erection clasped in her hand. If she was alone, rather than on a crowded beach, it might be worth seeing just for a moment, leave her with the improbably memory of a second or two when her ice cream became a cock.

Descending from my hotel room I got as far as the reception before my eye was captured. It was as clear as the day is long that they were a honeymoon couple. The new clothes, the way they looked at each other, the emphasis on 'Mrs' at the reception gave it away. The piece of blue confetti on the back of her dress merely confirmed the obvious. What a lovely honeymoon for them, to come to the island and the particular hotel I was staying in. It would be bliss for them. All that sand, sea and sex.

It was unlikely in the modern world that they would be new to sex, new with each other or, indeed, inexperienced with earlier girl and boyfriends. I looked at the pretty girl with her long fair hair, little round smiling face and matching round breasts and wondered how many penises her lips had caressed, how many boyfriends had groaned and filled her mouth with their warm, sticky pearly fluid? Did it match the number who had groaned and deposited their semen between her thighs, thighs pleasingly outlined in her thin new cotton dress?

Had they already consummated the marriage? Had there been opportunity since the wedding and the bridal breakfast to lie together or had the act so necessary to complete the marriage not yet taken place? It seemed unlikely with the confetti still clinging: it seemed more likely they had been driven to the airport after a long night of partying and spent their wedding night asleep on the aeroplane high above Europe unable to undertake that so important exercise.

I had been planning on a walk but the opportunity of watching, even assisting consummation, was attractive and there was always the chance that this was their first time; the chance that the girl had been saving herself.

There was no need to follow them to find out their room number. It was after all printed on the key in the young groom's hand and a quick inspection out of time secured the information.

I gave them a few minutes before returning upstairs. It was extremely promising to find the girl already in bed under a single sheet and her new husband in the shower. Slowly I pulled the sheet down her body to gradually revealing her naked form. A certain dampness of hair and skin revealed she had already showered. Her round breasts, rather flattened by her lying down, were already topped by erect little nipples indicating she was excited. I stood admiring the pale pinkness of their surrounding areolae; such a pretty shade of pigmentation and lovely to see the circle of little bumps surrounding each nipple. Pleasing to run a finger around, just feeling the tiny bumps on my finger's end.

I pulled the sheet a little further. A flat tummy with the sweet indentation of her tummy button and then the first hint of blond pubic hair. It is funny how erotic pubic hair is. No different from the curly hair of a beard or a man's chest, or really the hair on a girl's head, but how suggestive is just the glimpse of a few strands, whether peeking from above a bikini or, indeed, a few wisps appearing further down. The sheet moved on and the whole patch of blond strands came into few almost obscuring the little slit. My finger, though, found it and traced the little valley downwards until it disappeared between her thighs. Well, well, well she was certainly excited! My finger had found her clitoris and there was no mistaking it was erect - a really standing little knob as big as her nipples. Moving the sheet even further I carefully opened her legs.

Is the female sex beautiful? Is an erect penis beautiful? Well, I suppose, like faces, some are more attractive than others and like faces they vary a very great deal. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It depends what you like. I liked what I saw very much! Pale pink crinkliness hiding the entrance to her body but with her clitoris peeking out from between the crinkled lips. A sweet little erection. I bent, I extended my tongue and touched the little raised nub with just the tip and circled lightly. So soft and so hard. I drew it into my mouth and sucked gently, just as I would on a nipple, as my nose, tickled by her blond curls took in her warm scent. Releasing her clitoris my tongue travelled downwards, parting the folds and sought her entrance. I still did not know whether she was well used to tongues slipping into her - had more than one boy or even a girl done that? Had a stiff penis pushed that way, had many stiff penises pushed and entered her leaving their calling cards or had the only stiffness that had slipped wetly inwards been her own fingers and perhaps the odd plastic, rounded object as she wondered what the real thing would be like - one day?

My tongue slipped in, as my whole face was pressed into her wetness, exploring as far as I could extend. Exiting, I travelled back up and once more ran my tongue around her rather prominent clitoris before gently sucking on it again.

Rising I was tempted to remove my shorts and let my penis head enter a little, or rather a lot, but first I wanted to watch and listen to them. Gently I closed her thighs and replaced the sheets before entering the wardrobe and making myself comfortable. I am a man of wardrobes! The crack of the doorway afforded an excellent view. Willing time to restart I was not surprised by the 'oooh' from the girl and the widening of eyes. It was unlikely that the slight retained squashing of her clitoris would not be felt by her as the skin reformed. Obviously she would put it down to her own sexual excitement and not to having just had her sex orally manipulated out of time by a stranger now lurking in her wardrobe. The idea would not occur to her!

The sound of the shower ceased and the girl's thighs moved under the sheet. Their gently rubbing together was a further indication of her excitement. Here was a girl ready for intercourse and awaiting her husband.

She glanced towards the bathroom and on cue her husband appeared. Not for him the towelling robe or even a towel. Clearly he had decided there was no need for modesty. Her face was a picture with the round 'O' of her mouth as she saw him. Could this really be their first time or were they just playing? I was surprised his cock was not erect considering how hard I was - and how upstanding was his wife's clitoris. They smiled at each other and he lifted the sheet.

"Oh, they are so beautiful," he said. And with that the blood began to pump and his erection came, a thickening and then with jerky movement it raised itself up into the air, as the foreskin retracted revealing the pale pink streamlined helmet head, pumping upwards until it reached its full height. Such a lovely thing for the new bride to see. The dramatic effect just the sight of her breasts had on her man.

Her eyes were wide and fixed on the object that had so suddenly appeared just inches from her face. I rather felt this was a test. If they were experienced together she would surely suck: if this was all very new then she might just touch - a tentative reaching and holding.

Her hand reached and touched. "Oh," she said, "it's so big and hard."

Well, isn't that just what men want to hear! But were they play acting or was this really their first time?

"I've always wondered. Oh, I'm so glad I saved myself for you, Johnnie."

He bent over her and they kissed as his hand went to a breast and her grasp of his penis held. It was a long kiss.

Could I really be witnessing a married couple's first fuck? Their first intimate fumblings?

It truly seemed so. There was a gentle exploration; how lovely to witness the way, as they kissed and touched, her thighs gradually opened - was it conscious or actually a subconscious reaction to the stimulation her body was receiving. I had already seen the pretty pink flower of her sex but it was delightful to see it all slowly revealed as her thighs parted. It was not long before his hand was stoking the springy vee of curls hiding her little slit before venturing further; first one then two digits venturing inside her as he took the first formal steps of entering into possession of his new bride.

Despite the air conditioning the room was warm and there was no need of the sheet and it seemed forgotten as the two of them made love.

Even with the girl as wet as she was, I was not surprised that inexperience showed in the husband failing to push his knob at the right place. There was a giggle, "Not there, silly!" And her hand came to guide.

I had almost been about to step out of the wardrobe and help as I am positively expert at positioning for intercourse but perhaps my firm grasp and careful locating of knob and opening would not have been welcome!

The husband pushed, the wife accepted and the girl was virgin no longer. They began to fuck; their bodies joined together in that special way as I watched feeling very excited by what I was witnessing and knowing it would soon be my turn.

"Oh dear, I'm going to..."

I expected the next word from the new husband would be "come" but that would just have to wait.

Time had stopped and in the silence of the bridle bedroom a man stepped from the wardrobe and his shorts, pants and tee shirt dropped to the floor, leaving him naked and massively erect (well I am writing this you know!)

It is not at all an easy job extracting a man from a woman when they are in the missionary position - actually that is not so much the difficult job as getting him out of the way. Pulling on the man's hips so he slides out is easy enough. Though can you imagine the scene with me pulling the groom's hairy buttocks towards me - me with a straining erection so obviously wanting to be pushed into something. To an out of time onlooker that would have looked a trifle homosexual, as if I was about to fuck his arse whilst he fucked his new bride. Maybe the persistence of feeling on his bumped against prostate would have intensified his orgasm when time started - but he was most definitely not going to find out! Instead, with some difficulty and risk of back injury, I was able to move him aside and onto his back where he lay unseeing with his cock sticking up in the air.

A cock, I can report, looking very fine indeed and undoubtedly caught just at the moment of ejaculation: foreskin slid fully back, ridge prominent all along its body, head looking particularly full, dark mauve and shiny and, was I imagining it, the little slit already half open with the pressure of the semen pouring up the shaft to fill the new bride and seal the marriage. Easy to imagine the sudden stream of semen spouting forth. But that would have to wait. It would be my penis that would first release its special fluid deep in the young bride - the naughty cuckoo laying his eggs in other men's nests!

Not now the demure girl nervous about her first fuck. No need to open the pretty thighs and reveal the soft fair curliness all around her sex, no need to part the pink crinkliness to find her secret entrance. There below the standing erection of her clitoris was the wide open canal - so recently vacated by her new husband's erection. Properly, in time, actually still containing it - the paradox of time stop! Indeed it was about to receive at the same moment in time two ejaculations from two separate penises. Something not normally a physical possibility: the double penetration of a vagina by two men at the same time.

The contemplation of the act was enjoyable in itself. Just gazing down at the girl and gently wanking was so pleasant. Her sweet erection still too lovely to resist and once more I slipped her clitoris between my lips marvelling at the amount of oily lubrication her husband had coaxed from her - the overflowing wetness of a young girl in heat - a pleasure to lap and drink.

At first kneeling; and then lying in her husband's place atop her soft breasts I slipped myself inside her. Always a pleasure to find and know that you are a little bit bigger than the next man - in my case the physically next man on the bed - as there was just a little resistance as I pushed myself up the virgin canal; the smooth sensitive skin of my knob probing. I settled myself into the easy rhythm of intercourse; my own bottom rising and falling in much the same way the husband's had done; invading this girl without any permission whatsoever.

Of course I slid for a long time, of course I paused and played with her breasts, of course I changed my position a little to watch my penetrating penis disappearing into the girl's sex but there came a point when I just had to let go and let my knob have its way and let the orgasm and semen flow. A speeding of motion, a certain urgency to the pushing and then it happened – spurt, spurt, spurt deep within her.

I rested and then came the difficult job of manhandling the husband back into position - not least in ensuring his cock was properly positioned, inserted and pushed home. If you are going to handle another man's erection then probably the best thing is to be in charge of its insertion into a woman!

Looking down at my efforts I thought all was back where it should be. Legs (four) in the right positions, arms (four) ditto, mouths (two) touching, cock (one) loaded and fully inserted right up to the balls (two). The only difference was that the husband's knob was now bathed in the product of my ejaculation - but that was not at all visible. Amusing to me but as soon as I started time he would immediately be adding to the creaminess all around her cervix. In the aftermath of intercourse she would find herself simply dripping with cum. Perhaps it would impress her and make her proud of what her husband had 'done' or would she just suppose that the norm?

Dressed and back in my wardrobe I restarted time

"... come."

Well, that was a surprise!

"Oh yes, yes, fuck me, I'm, I'm coming too... oooh."

Excellent. Absolutely excellent. This lovely young couple had achieved that elusive mutual orgasm on their very first bedding. And, of course, it was actually one better than others achieve as there had, in fact, been three simultaneous orgasms!

Perhaps I would catch them again; it would be nice to fuck her a second time but it would be equally pleasing just to watch them at play and see the young bride taken again. Perhaps see them try doggy-style or watch as she discovered the pleasures of oral sex - but it was time to get on with the day and go for a walk.

I do not normally play pranks, not for me the somewhat unkind removal of clothes out of time leaving the victim embarrassed, confused, even frightened but there are exceptions and this was a day when I made an exception. Do you remember the girl with the scowl and the drying 'sun cream' right from my very first afternoon on the island? I don't like being scowled at - particularly by pretty girls - and I did not take well to her recognising me and scowling again. It was a big mistake on her part and I gave her a sound spanking - but I am getting ahead of myself.

My morning, after enjoying the new bride, had been spent walking; something I do quite a lot on holiday: it cannot be sex all the time. Despite being possessed with the remarkable power to stop time for me, I do not possess an organ with more than the usual regenerative powers; not for me the ability to get hard again within minutes of ejaculation. It must be an impressive ability particularly to the girlfriend of such a man - and particularly if she likes sex to go on for a long, long time.

My walk took me across country and, inevitably on an island, to the coast again and down to a beach for a cooling swim. The beach was fairly popular though not backed by hotels and the like; instead the countryside reaches to it on one side. From being alone on my morning's walk I was once again back with people though well spread out groups of people across the sand. It was lovely to slip into the blue inviting water and swim about.

Recollection came to me about the same time it came to her. It was, as mentioned, the scowling girl from my first afternoon on the island when I had provided her with some surprising sun cream to rub into her breasts. She had annoyed me then: she annoyed me again as a scowl of recognition came to her face and she whispered to her friend. They both looked at me rather crossly.

"Fuck off," she said.

Really! She seemed a pleasant, sweet girl and such unprovoked language was quite unnecessary. All I had been doing, well all she knew I had been doing, that other afternoon was looking at her and, after all, that was what men did - look at pretty girls. It was, I accept, rather obvious she was not interested in men but that was no need to react so strongly to some 'window shopping' of days before. I had done nothing this second time except walk towards her. Perhaps she had thought it deliberate?

"Bugger off - we don't like being stared at by men like you."

I was rather taken aback.

"Pardon? Who are you? I really don't think you should be so rude to strangers. Most impolite." A reasonable reply but then I said. "Rude girls should be spanked." Perhaps rather unnecessary. Her friend certainly looked surprised.

"Oh yeah, and men like you should be locked up."

Well, that would result in most men being 'locked up.' It seemed a rather pointless conversation. So I did 'bugger off' and went and sat a long way away from them.

The mistake they made was to separate a little time later. The scowling girl's friend went for an ice cream. I watched her walking along the beach away from her companion and made my move. Nobody seemed to be looking in my direction that I could see as I stood up out of time and looked around. Nobody would see me apparently disappear.

There was no need to hurry as I walked across the sand to the scowling girl, no need to hurry as I lifted her off her beach towel and carried her in a 'fireman's lift' across the sand, no need to hurry as I carried her uncomplaining out into the countryside and away from people. She was not actually too heavy but nonetheless I did build up a bit of a sweat before I eventually put her down. Sitting I got my breath back before engaging in the pleasant task of undoing her bikini and revealing the breasts I had so generously come over at the start of my holiday; I could accept that act had been naughty on my part but she did not know about that. There had been no need to be so rude and she would find punishment was swift when it came to upsetting me. She was not going to like it!

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