tagSci-Fi & FantasyTime to Get Fucked

Time to Get Fucked


© GratefulFred

The time is the future, as two scientists, Cindy and Joshua, become the first people ever to solve the mystery of time travel. They walk down a recently waxed hallway at the University of San Francisco with water bottles in hand, all the way back to their large office where their time machine waits. These scientists had been working feverishly for years and now as they gaze upon one another they know it is time to test their theory.

Cindy and Joshua were both incredibly gifted students through their college and post doctorate years. Afterwards they developed into good friends but never did have the time to stop for romance. Life until now was a roller coaster for these two ambitious students turned scientists. Maybe now things could change as they both realized that they had hit the jackpot.

Cindy went back in time for a minute. Joshua followed by three minutes. Cindy was gone for an hour. When Joshua's turn came up he decided to venture back some twenty years. Cindy objected as she felt twenty years in the past could be too dangerous. Joshua explained that this building was over fifty years old. He gave Cindy a kiss on the cheek and said he'll be back in a few.

Joshua went through a bit of discomfort upon venturing so back in time but was able to lock the room and follow his game plan to go see his younger self in college. Though warned against time tampering, Joshua just needed to correct a few minor events from the past. Such events he felt could not possibly change the futures outcome.

There was a girl that Joshua could've had but didn't. He always regretted never having sex at least once with this girl. Joshua had a plan to get his younger self laid, and that if he was one of the many guys she had sex with, how could that possibly change history. Joshua had kept tabs on Jennifer, the girl in question, who had moved out to get married in Montana of all places. Joshua found it hard to believe that a sex addict like her could ever be tamed -- but tamed she would soon become.

Joshua's plan was simple. He would drop $100 in front of his younger self. His younger self, always strapped for cash, would no doubt pick up the money and later that night when he went to buy Jennifer a drink at the bar, instead of finding his wallet empty as happened previously, he'd buy her that drink and with any luck he'd get laid.

Joshua looked on as the chips fell in place and stood at the back end of the bar to watch his younger slightly wealthier self share a few drinks with Jennifer thus altering the time line just a wee bit. Joshua smiled as he watched his younger self grab that kiss. Joshua walked outside and wandered when the memory of that encounter would come into him if at all. As he headed back to where he left the time machine he noticed it was missing.

Panic set in as Joshua realized he was trapped in the past. Still the knowledge to come up with time travel would have had to happen. Fear set in as the thought that a random sexual encounter had altered history. Joshua didn't know what to do.

Soon basic needs of food, shelter and survival overcame Joshua. He lucked out and got a cash job down at the bottling factory the next day and on his free time tried to keep track of his younger self. He knew somehow, someway, he'd have to get his younger self back on the path of science. One day he gathered up the nerve to stop by his old pad and discovered that his younger self had just moved out. The landlady whom looked on at him with a strange familiarity told him that he left with some girl. She had no idea where he had gone.

Trapped in time Joshua realized that he could fade out of existence if his younger self kept straying. Without the grades, there would be no chance of advancement, and with that no chance to be an essential part of the time machine project.

A few months went by and Joshua was still alive but his younger self was untraceable. One day Joshua discovered that Jennifer had gotten married just as history indicated and to the same guy. Her history wasn't altered and yet where was his younger self?

Joshua took whatever money he had and waited until Jennifer's husband had left and confronted her. He told her a story that his name was "Steve" and he was Joshua's older brother. He also mentioned that he had been in a coma following a car accident. Jennifer probably could tell he was lying but was somewhat frightened. She told him that Joshua got pretty weird on her and she decided to break up with him. She gave him a street name back in San Francisco.

Joshua thanked her and headed back to San Fran wondering the whole time how his younger self had vanished off the grid in the same city. At any rate he was hoping that somehow someway he could get his younger self back on track. He decided that he would confront his younger self no matter the repercussions.

Back in San Francisco the place was wall-to-wall people. Joshua's limited funds were running out. The street name turned out to be some junky lowdown area with lots of homeless people. He had at most a few more days worth of money and getting a job he learned after quitting was easier said than done. He would find his younger self or maybe just end it all. Suicide wasn't that bad he thought for perhaps doing so would allow him to pick up in his younger self's life.

It was a late foggy night down in the seedy part of town and Joshua was down to just fifty bucks. He spotted some prostitute and offered her the last of his funds. He'd go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge afterwards.

The girl nodded and took him up on the offer as the two went into some dark alley. Joshua pulled down his pants and received a blowjob. Joshua shut his eyes as the girl worked him from bellow trying to think about his sexual encounter with Jennifer but instead could only think about his cock.

The whore got up and whispered very quietly that she'd like it in the ass. Joshua watched through the shadowy light as the whore opened a slit in her backside. Joshua thrust himself into this and decided to finish his business and go make the big dive. Joshua had a potent punched orgasm considering how long he had been out of action.

"Thank you so much" Joshua said.

"Don't I know you?" responded the whore as she took off her wig.

Joshua looked down at the cross dresser with the familiar voice and walked slowly backwards.

"You-re Joshua..." Joshua said as his heart sped up a notch.

"Yeah. I only do this so I can make enough funds to get me back to college next semester. They got this great science program starting. Hey, how did you know my name? You do sound familiar", his younger self responded as he moved closer to give a kiss.

"Joshua! It's me. I'm your future self" Joshua responds and in an instant vanishes.

When Joshua awakes he finds himself waxing a floor. A scientist passes by him and he notices how pretty she is. He turns his head downwards and wonders how a brainy girl like that Cindy could ever like an over medicated janitor like him. Cindy wipes her wet cheek and looks back for an instance at the janitor with a Déjà vu type feeling. The moment passes as she drinks some water and goes back to her office somewhat disappointed that they closed the funding for the time machine project. She stops for a second looking before a door and wonders what could've happened if she had a partner that could've helped her figure things out. Where could such a guy like that be?

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