tagHumor & SatireTime to Make the Donuts

Time to Make the Donuts


Derek truly enjoyed his work. For ten hours a day, six days a week, he baked donuts for a local bakery, and his enthusiasm for his work was unparalleled. Each morning, he strolled into his place of business at 5am with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. None of the other bakers could understand the level of satisfaction he garnered from his job, particularly one as menial as this. But what none of them knew that Derek had a little secret—one that each would have killed to hold as his own.

He was a pretty creative guy. Although his work was repetitive, the wheels in his head were always spinning. He kneaded, rolled, powdered, sprinkled, basted, and baked his entire working life. So after twenty-plus years on the job, he needed something to divert his attention. Lucky for him he had both an active imagination and a super-hot wife at home, eagerly awaiting his afternoon arrival.

Derek pulled his van into the driveway and clicked on the parking brake. After stepping out of the cabin and pushing the door shut, he adjusted his chef's hat on his head and patted at his bakers smock to free some of the loose powder and dough from it before entering his home. He leisurely navigated his walkway while shamelessly grabbing at his semi-erect cock through his loosely fitting scrubs. He pressed at the base of his pelvis and made an adjustment right above his balls before walking through his front door.

Upon entering, he found his wife Jackie in the kitchen standing over the sink in her bathrobe, wearing a pair of rubber gloves, steadily soaping the last of a full rack of dishes. Immediately, he went to work.

Derek came up behind her and pressed his lips on the side of her neck, right below her ear while laying two meaty paws on her large, but firm and perky, breasts, and whispered, "Time to make the donuts," lightly in her ear.

Jackie abruptly stopped what she was doing, and pulled each glove off as Derek grabbed her waist and flipped her around to face him. His cock was now fully erect underneath his scrubs and was pressing into Jackie's exposed navel. Playtime had just begun.

He wasted no time running his tongue from her lips, down her chin and throat, towards her cleavage as he began fingering her clit. Jackie moaned at the sensation of his tongue on her breasts and his fingers all over her box. As he worked his tongue down her navel and torso towards her eager pussy, she grabbed at the back of his balding head and knocked his euro style chef hat to the floor as a puff of flower diffused into the air when it landed on the hard tiles below. "That's it, you fat doughboy!" she said as Derek began tonging her clit. "Taste my sweet nectar!"

As she grabbed at the back of his head and forced his face into her twat, he grunted in satisfaction while continuing his work, and squeezed her breasts with his hands. That just got her hornier and further stiffened his erection under his scrubs. He worked his tongue into her twat as far as it would go and squeezed her breasts hard, as Jackie continued to moan in ecstasy. It didn't take long for her to begin to tremble and thrash about, and as she came, she expelled some of her juices onto Derek's chin. "Mmmm," he sighed as he lapped at her glistening slit while savoring every last drop. He then got back to his feet and announced, "Sweeter than honey, bunny."

Jackie grabbed at his waistband in an attempt to pull his scrubs to the floor but Derek grabbed her hands with his and said, "I'm not ready to put you in the oven yet." Again he flipped her around and bent her forward over the sink. "We need to prep you first."

With one hand, Derek slid two fingers into her pussy while reaching for a shaker on the countertop. He pulled his fingers out and pressed his hand on her back to drop her further forward, and lift her ass higher in the air. Then he turned the shaker over and began sprinkling powdered sugar on her butt until both of her ass cheeks were heavily coated. He spread her cheeks wide then shook more powder into her ass crack and onto her asshole. "Ahhh," he said as he threw the shaker to the floor. "That looks lovely!"

He worked his fingers back into her pussy and began licking some of the sugar off her ass cheeks as Jackie started feeling flushed. Derek removed his fingers from her pussy once more and began playing with her asshole. As he rimmed it with a moist finger, Jackie pressed her ass towards him and said, "That's it! Stick your tongue in it you horny bastard!" Derek used his fingers on her hole for another minute before rimming her with his powdered tongue. Jackie's moaning increased with each firm tongue-thrust into her tight, sugar-laden sphincter.

Both were now sweating. Sugar had caked onto Jackie's ass and onto Derek's nose, cheeks, and forehead, and a cloud of thinly veiled baking powder mist hovered in the stagnant kitchen air. Now, it was starting to look like a bakery.

Derek then grabbed her around her waist and pulled her over to the island in the middle of the kitchen. She rested her back against it then pulled and tugged at his scrubs. "Daddy's got a little treat for you," he said as she pulled them down to his ankles, revealing his massive meat stick, garnished with a glazed donut that was firmly attached to its base.

Jackie giggled a little when she saw that Derek was using the donut as a cock ring. How she loved his ingenuity and sense of humor. "You want some of this, don'tcha!" he said as Jackie dropped to her knees and began sucking on his thick, throbbing cock. "You want the sugar at the end of the meat!"

She quickly lubed his shaft with her saliva and started deep throating him, all the while getting closer and closer to the donut pressed against his pelvis. With a few more strokes, she was able to touch the malleable dough with her lips and nose, and with subsequent thrusts forward, she peeled more and more of the sugar coating off it and onto her face. "Ahh!" yelled Derek. "That's it! Work that fuckin' cream filled long-john!"

Jackie pulled off of his cock and returned, "It's so tasty and sweet!" before diving back in and further compressing the pastry against his public bone. Before long, it had lost all shape and form and now looked like a mangled, sopping wet pastry defect.

Derek then stepped back and peeled what remained of the donut off his dick and hand fed it to his wife. "Good?" he asked as she nodded in approval while smearing it all over her face.

While she chewed, he went back over towards the kitchen sink and rooted through a drawer before pulling out a basting brush. "You're almost ready. But I need to baste you before you go in the oven."

He picked her up and laid her down on the table before diving back into her twat to get her juices flowing once more. Jackie came again and after she had done so, Derek inserted the brush in her pussy. He rolled it around insider her for a few seconds to get it nice and wet, then pulled it out and ran the brush across her tits. After doing this a few more times, he threw the brush to the floor with authority and shouted, "All butter all the time! Now you're ready for the heat!"

Derek then grabbed his cock and shoved it into her wet, but sticky, pussy. With each thrust inside he transferred more and more of the sugary glaze from his cock inside her, making her feel more and more goopy. But Jackie didn't care one bit. She was enjoying every minute of his antics.

He pounded her relentlessly, all the while making goofy faces at her and screaming out baking jargon, as she giggled repeatedly. Derek was one crazy fucker.

"I'm bakin' up some love, baby! And creating delicious memories!" he exclaimed as he furiously plowed the shit out of her.

"Here's some lovin' from the oven!" he said as he felt his cock start to pulsate. "You ready for the icing?" he shouted as he pulled out of her and nudged his cock up to her face.

In rapid-fire succession, Derek pumped his load out of his thick pastry tube and garnished Jackie's sugar-glazed lips and nose, then rested his cock in her cleavage as she used her fingers to draw his load towards her lips. "Mmm," she sighed in contentment. "I love it when you bring your work home with you."

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