tagSci-Fi & FantasyTime Travel Chronicles Ch. 02

Time Travel Chronicles Ch. 02


Chapter 02 - Ancient Celts

Our story so far,

This is a continuous story and is best understood by reading the first chapter. Aeryn Rayner, a martial arts and kendo expert was sent back in time when her Physics professor tried to murder her. She came from a time when mankind had learned to enhance itself through genetics and nano-technology. Aeryn was enhanced with anti-aging therapy, defensive nano-bots, breast augmentation and an Information Bio Pack.

Note: I have received several comments and e-mails regarding my use of the Celtic name and the use of Celtici. Here is why I chosen to use Celtici. "The origin of the various names used since classical times for the people known today as the Celts is obscure and has been controversial. The Latin name Celtus (pl. Celti or Celtae) seems to have been borrowed from Greek (; Greek Κέλτης pl. Κέλται or Κελτός pl. Κελτοί, Keltai or Keltoi), itself taken from a native Celtic tribal name (Celtici)." I have tried to be as accurate as possible with my research, there were ancient tribes of the Urnfield Culture in France and the setting of the story is in a town that is on the French-Swiss border. Rhenish-Swiss group in Rhineland-Palatinate, Switzerland and eastern France. Some scholars believe that certain tribes of the Urnfield Culture gave rise to the Celts as a distinct cultural branch.

Aeryn Rayner slowly opened her eyes. Her foggy mind quickly started clearing as the pain over her entire body overrode the fatigue she felt. She groaned when she rolled over and started to lift herself off the ground. Her entire body ached as if she had just fought and lost a hundred sparring matches in martial arts. As she rose to unsteady feet her head began to clear.

Aeryn looked around and found that she was in a shallow crater about fifty feet in diameter and ten feet deep. The edge was ringed with trees and there were several trees that had been, for lack of a better word, shattered around the interior edge. Aeryn crawled over a tangle of branches and made her way up the side of the crater. When she got to the top she peered around and found that she was in a forest.

"Son of a bitch!" Aeryn exclaimed as she remembered Dr. Foley had tried to murder her. "What the fuck did you do? Dump my body in the woods hoping I would die and not be found." Aeryn looked around at her surroundings and could not see more than a hundred meters in any direction because of all the trees. She reached into her pants pocket and felt for her smart phone. Her pockets were completely empty; she remembered that you were not allowed to have any objects on you when you went near the powerful magnets of the Large Hadron Collider. She was out in the woods with no food, water or any way of communicating with anyone. All she had were her running shoes, jeans and t-shirt.

She saw the blinking icon in her peripheral vision and pulled up her subcutaneous Information Bio Pack. "At least that is working." Aeryn said to no one. The Information Bio Pack was a small device about the size of a double A battery implanted under her skin and on the back of her neck. It was a microcomputer that was connected to a pair of contact lenses that displayed the information in her field of view. It was controlled by her focusing on data or icons and then giving a mental command to manipulate the information. She didn't have to worry about running out of power since the entire system ran on the bio-electric energy her body continuously produced. She tried to activate her e-mail but was unable to get a connection to the internet. She then tried to pull up her GPS. A light blinked and the words 'No Signal Found' appeared. Thinking her Bio Pack may have been damaged she performed a diagnostic on her Bio Pack. It came back all green and there were no problems to report. "Where the hell are the GPS satellites?"

With the sun high in the sky and no way to tell where she was, Aeryn picked a direction and started walking. It was a strange sensation for her, she was a city girl and grew up with all the sounds that came with that. Now she didn't hear anything. There were no sirens screeching or cars racing down roads, there were no people chattering on cell phones or airplanes roaring through the skies. All she could hear was the wind going through the trees and the leaves rustling. There was absolutely no sound that gave her a hint where civilization might be found. Dr. Foley had been thorough in hiding her body; the only problem was she wasn't dead. 'Strange that he wouldn't have made sure when he dumped my body,' Aeryn thought to herself.

Aeryn saw a clearing in the forest canopy and headed for it. Once there she saw something that was familiar. The Jura Mountains, a small mountain range located north of the Alps, separating the Rhine and Rhone rivers. She recognized one of the peaks and knew she was not far from the town of Saint-Genis-Pouilly. It was a small town at the base of the Jura Mountains in eastern France and bordered the Swiss frontier. It was three kilometers or one point eight miles from the CERN lab. The towns close proximity to the lab had made it a natural staying place for many of the scientist who worked at the lab.

Aeryn made her way towards the now recognizable land mark. As she picked her way through the forest she contemplated whether she was going to turn Dr. Foley over to the authorities as soon as she got there or break several of his bones first. Aeryn got to a part in the forest where a large pine tree had fallen. Lifting one leg over the large log, she was now straddling the pine. As she slid down to the other side she felt her jeans snag on a knot and heard a tearing sound. Once she was over she saw a six inch rip on the inner-thigh of her jeans. "I am going to break several of his bones first." Aeryn muttered to herself.

After an hour of rough travel through the forest Aeryn came to something she finally recognized. The Allondon River was a river that flowed twenty-two kilometers between France and Switzerland. It also skirted the town of Saint-Genis-Pouilly. If she followed it a few hundred more meters she should come to the bridge where you cross into the outlying area of the township.

Aeryn walked for nearly an hour before she stopped and looked around. She looked to her left and could see she had almost passed the recognizable peak where the town should be. She couldn't figure out how she had missed a large stone bridge. Looking back down along the river she had just traveled by she saw a section that was only a couple of feet deep. Resigning herself she made her way down the embankment and started to cross the slow moving river. "Holy shit, that's cold." Aeryn exclaimed as the frigid water swirled around her legs. About half way across she stepped on a stone that was not very stable. With an unceremonious splash she crashed face first into the freezing water. "To hell with it, I am just going to kill him." Aeryn said as she lifted herself up and started to make her way again.

Soaking wet and cold now she was almost too where the town should be. She was puzzled by the fact that there were no roads or buildings yet. She should have seen something by now. She knew she was in the right place, the base of the Jura Mountains where the town was had very distinctive geological features. All she could see however was more forest, albeit much thinner on the edge of the mountain.

When Aeryn reached a small outcropping of rocks she knew intimately from several hiking excursions she looked around in panic. There was supposed to be a small store that catered to hikers only a few feet away from the small rock formation. She knew she should be able to see the town spread out below her, it was one of her favorite spots to sit and think.

Aeryn was startled out of her reflection when she heard a rustling of brush a hundred feet away. A young man, maybe in his late teens or early twenties appeared from behind a tree. He was wearing coarse wool pants and a wool shirt that went down to just above his knees. His shirt was cinched around his waist with a braided leather belt. The five foot seven inch tall young man had shoulder length shaggy hair and a patchy beard that looked like he wasn't quite ready to be growing one but tried anyways.

Aeryn noticed he carried a spear with a metal tip. It was shiny and clearly sharp. The gleam of the metal looked like polished bronze. As someone who was intimately familiar with weapons she gave it a quick appraisal. The shaft was about six feet long and it had a double edged, knife sharp spear point that stuck out two feet past the wooden shaft. He approached her cautiously with the spear point in her direction but not in a ready to throw stance. When he got within twenty feet of her he called out in a language that Aeryn did not understand. She knew it was not Swiss or French, she had been hearing those two languages steadily for the last month.

Caratacos was surprised to see the strangely dressed woman in the woods. He had been invited to go on a hunting excursion with some of the more powerful members of his tribe. He had gone off by himself in the hopes of finding and killing a deer so he would gain status and recognition from the more experienced hunters of the group. Instead he had found a woman standing alone in the middle of the forest. Thinking she might be a woodland spirit, he immediately raised his weapon so the tip was pointed at the sky. If she was a spirit he had no wish to anger the gods.

Aeryn relaxed as the she saw the young man raise the point of his spear from her direction. She was beginning to wonder if she had stumbled into some sort of period re-enactment. If it was some sort of re-enactment it sure wasn't the knights and kings you usually associated with renaissance fairs and festivals. It was something earlier, a time before full plate body armor and chain mail, something far more primitive. "My name is Aeryn. Can you please tell me where I am?"

Caratacos stopped when she spoke. He had never heard the language before. It was a soft language compared to his, it flowed off her tongue with a liquid ease. He was becoming more certain with each passing moment she was a woodland spirit. If she wasn't a spirit, she was clearly not Celtici as he and his people were known as. "Are you flesh or spirit?" He asked hoping she would answer him in his own language.

Aeryn had no idea what he was saying. It was no language she had ever heard spoken. She approached the young man she made out to be a hunter. When she was within a few feet of him she started her pantomime the same way she had seen in every movie where two people did not understand each other. Tapping her chest she said, "Aeryn." She then pointed her finger at him.

Caratacos understood what she was trying to do. "Arwin," he said with a harsh tongue.

"Air-win," said Aeryn pronouncing it more slowly.

"Aeryn," said Caratacos more slowly. He felt good when the beautiful young woman smiled and nodded her head that he had pronounced it correctly. He then tapped his chest. "Caratacos," he said.

"Carrot tacos," said a bemused Aeryn.

Caratacos swung his head in a disapproving side to side motion. "Kay-ra-tay-kos," he said more slowly.

Aeryn got the sound. "Kay-ra-tay-kos," Aeryn said pronouncing his name in the slow manner as he had done with hers. Caratacos bobbed his head up and down emphatically that she had indeed said his name correctly.

Just as they had finished with each others names, three more men clearly older than Caratacos burst out of the forest. They had their weapons poised in a two handed grip over their right shoulder. Aeryn watched as Caratacos positioned himself between the three men and her.

Caratacos saw three of his hunting companions come out of the forest. With their weapons up in an attack position, he placed himself in front of the spirit woman he had discovered. "Put down your weapons, she is not dangerous. I believe she might be a woodland spirit."

"She could also be a demon," said Fiacre. He was a fierce looking man with a scar down the left side of his cheek.

"She is not; she is far too beautiful to be a demon. She is a spirit, or a foreigner at the very least, but she is no demon." Caratacos replied.

Aeryn watched as the three newcomers and Caratacos argued over presumably her. She also noticed that Caratacos didn't seem to be convincing them of whatever it was he was trying to convince them of. The three men had now surrounded her and still had their eight foot long spears leveled at her. After a few minutes, the one arguing with Caratacos approached her. He switched his grip to a one handed one and started examining the material of her t-shirt. When he reached to feel her breast, Aeryn slapped his hand away and immediately had three spears leveled at her throat.

"She is no spirit or demon. If she had any powers she would have used them already." Fiacre said as he looked at the strange but beautiful woman.

"She is mine," said Caratacos feeling a little foolish at his statement. "I found her."

"Hunters always share what they find." Fiacre said as he examined the woman more closely. He tossed his spear to one of his two companions and pulled out his bronze hunting knife.

Aeryn was now afraid. She had no doubt that she could take any if not all of them in hand to hand combat. The problem was they were all armed with long spears. While she could probably dodge one, maybe even two, the third would almost certainly get her. She watched as the man with the scar approached her and started pulling at her t-shirt again. The scarred man then reached to his belt and withdrew a braided leather rope. She knew right there she was about to be taken as a prisoner, or so she thought.

With his two companions holding spears leveled at the woman's throat, Fiacre roughly pulled her hands behind her back and bound them. Years of experience trussing up game told him she would not escape her bonds. He then twirled her around so that she faced him and grabbed the collar of her shirt.

Aeryn watched in horror as the man with the scar stuck the knife dangerously close to her throat and then cut down. The sharp knife cut from the collar to the bottom of her shirt. He then ripped the remaining parts roughly off her. The material tearing off easily as the strong man ripped it savagely down. In a blink all that was left were her sleeves. "Caratacos, help me please." Aeryn pleaded.

Caratacos heard his name and knew the woman was pleading for him to help her. He wanted to but knew there was nothing he could do. There were three of them and he would not stand a chance if they turned on him. All he could do was watch as the three men set about raping the beautiful young woman he thought was a forest spirit. He watched as Fiacre tore off her shirt and then cut off a much smaller shirt that held her breast.

Aeryn struggled against the tight bonds of the leather wrapped around her wrist. She now knew what the intention of these men were. She could see Caratacos looking away with a dejected stare. The man with the scar gripped her by her bonds and her hair. He pushed her towards the edge of the clearing where a large tree about three feet in diameter had fallen. Once they had gotten to the tree she could hear the three men laughing and talking excitedly at what was about to happen. With a rough push she landed hard against the fallen tree. Her stomach was scratched up by the rough pine bark as she was now bent over the fallen log.

Fiacre used his sharp hunting knife to cut off the pants that the woman wore. With the expertise of a man who had skinned hundreds of animals, he peeled the material off her without even a knick to the beautiful skin. One last slash and the small undergarment she wore came off.

Aeryn started to cry as she felt a rough hand start rubbing and trying to penetrate her vagina. She had never been this terrified in her life. "Please don't do this," pleaded Aeryn as she felt the man with the scar place his hardened cock at her entrance. She felt him try several times to jab inside her. She screamed and knew deep down inside it would do no good. Every time she screamed the other two men would laugh. She felt him pull away for a moment and with difficulty considering she had her hands tied behind her back looked over her shoulder to see what was happening. She saw him lick three of his fingers and then felt the saliva coated fingers rubbing her pussy. After a few seconds he placed his cock back at her entrance and she felt the tip of the head slide in.

Even though she was horrified at the thought of what was happening she could feel her body respond to the attempted penetration by producing fluids. As her vagina became stimulated, the unwelcome cock slowly worked its way into her.

Caratacos watched helplessly as the beautiful young woman was ravaged by the older hunter. Forcing a woman to have sex, while not unheard of, was frowned upon in his village. Woman held no social status in the Celtici hierarchy. They were the property of the parents until marriage and then they were the property of the husband. Rape was frowned upon because it would lead to a conflict between either the parents or the husband of the attacked woman. The problem here was Aeryn was not a member of his tribe and had no one but Caratacos to speak out for her. At nineteen years old he had virtually no status in the tribe. He had no family, few friends and no influence with the council elders.

Fiacre forced his cock hard into the crying woman. He had never seen a woman with no hair on her pussy and found the sensation thrilling. He knew he would not get in trouble for his actions as no one in his tribe had any claim on her. Fiacre slid his cock easily into the woman as her body responded to his not so tender attention. This wasn't the first woman he had taken by force and knew it only took a few minutes for the woman to get wet. He fucked her savagely and savored every moment of it. With a firm grip on one of her arms and the other on her hips he fucked her with an animal lust and without mercy.

Aeryn stomach was starting to bleed as her skin scraped the rough bark of the tree continuously. She could tell the man raping her was close to cumming as he quickened his already frantic pace. She heard him grunting with each powerful thrust until at last he buried all six inches of his cock inside her and released his seed into her violated vagina.

When he was done Aeryn saw one of the other two men undo his pants and approach her. She felt the cock of the second man enter her pussy with one smooth economical thrust. The combination of her fluids and the sperm of the man that had just finished raping her made the initial penetration smooth. Aeryn knowing that resisting right now would only get her a punch and more pressure on her already tender ribs. She just lay there, leaning over the log and waited for the whole thing to be done with.

The second man only lasted about ten minutes before he came inside her. When the third man penetrated her she heard a rustling in the forest and saw two more men approach. They were both dressed in the same woolen pants and long shirt as the rest. The only difference was the taller of the two that emerged was wearing a woolen cape with a thick white fleece around the upper edge of his cloak resting on his shoulders.

Aeryn tried to watch the interaction between the new arrivals as the third man continued to fuck her. The exchange looked like it might come to blows and for a minute Aeryn thought she might be saved. Aeryn figured out his name must be Maccus when Caratacos addressed him before trying to plead her case.

"Maccus, I found her in the woods and claim her as mine." Caratacos said as he tried pursued the leader of the hunting party to the validity of his claim and end the raping.

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