tagGay MaleTime With Friends

Time With Friends

byDouglas Bradshaw©

I just moved into my new place, a nice house on a quiet street. So I thought that I would have a little house warming party invite a few friends and my next door neighbor.

So the party was under way and everyone was talking to my neighbor about him turning his basement into a game room.

I kept hearing about my neighbor turning his basement into a game room and thought that meant one with a pool table etc. So when I mentioned I'd love to see it, and the others within the room chuckled at me, I was confused.

I asked my best friend Greg why they laughed and he said that I didn't want to see Brian's game room and I trusted him enough to believe that I didn't want to see his game room.

I snuck over to my neighbor's house one night and peeked into the basement windows. The windows were painted black. So I didn't get a view but finally found one window in the back of the house which had some scratched paint and I could see inside.

I almost cursed out loud. I saw a young guy about my age mid twenties tied to two posts. His face was partially hidden by a black mask. But the rest of him was in full view totally naked. My neighbor was using a straight razor on his crotch and the guy didn't seem to be resisting.

My neighbor then began flogging him with some kind of whip one of those kinds made out of leather.

I heard muffled sounds but they weren't screams or anything just groans and moans. I was surprised when the guy's cock shot its load while the man was whipping him.

My own cock was rock hard almost immediately and I left trying not to make any noise.

I went back often after that and saw the man sucking guys, fucking them, shaving them or putting clothes pins on their nipples and other areas.

I guess the guys at my house warming party, knew more about my neighbor then I did and that is why they chuckled when I ask to see my neighbor's game room.

You see I have never been with another guy, I thought about suggesting to my friends that I play basketball and cards with that we should try it one night but I am getting a head of myself with the story.

So I went back over to my house after sneaking a peek into my neighbor's game room and took a quick shower before heading out to meet the guys for a game of basketball at our local gym.

"Good game," Kevin said, patting my bare ass as he walked by me and turned on the shower next to mine. We had just beaten another team in a game of basketball at the gym, and we were all feeling pretty good about ourselves.

"That was a great shot you made, Kevin," Jason said, turning around to face the center of the large shower room as he soaped himself. There was a bar of soap in his hands and he was working up a thick lather around his cock and balls, white foam dripping from his crotch.

"Thanks, man," Kevin said. Turning around and echoing Jason's motions, massaging the soap over his stomach and then down to his penis, hanging limply against his thigh.

Soon we were all facing each other, talking trash about the game as we soaped our bodies, paying particular attention to our pricks. I noticed that Kevin and Richard cocks were getting stiffer. Across the tiled floor, I glanced at Greg and Jason, seeing that their pricks were already at full attention. I moved my hands down to my own cock, pulling at the slender rod until it swelled in my hand.

No one was talking anymore, we were just all watching each other as we showered, stroking our cocks. We were all hard as rocks, soap flying everywhere as we stroked our dicks faster and faster, jerking off together. I looked around, appraising everyone's cocks. Kevin's cock was the largest, a huge thick stick poking all the way up to his bellybutton. He used two hands to jerk himself off just to cover enough of its massive length.

Greg and Jason had similar pricks, average length, average width. Jason's however, was uncircumcised. I watched, fascinated, as he rolled his foreskin up and down over his cockhead, the head bulging out with each downstroke. Richard's cock was long but very thin, with a clearly defined cockhead and a strong downward turn to the shaft. Mine was the smallest prick of the group, but no one seemed to mind. They were all watching me as much as I watched them.

We finished with our showers and got dressed. Then everyone suggested that we go back to my place and play some cards, we love to play poker.

After a few hands Kevin stated that maybe we should raise the stakes, shuffling the cards between his large black hands. He thought that if he was going to win all the time that it should be something really good.

The others hooted and laughed at his bold statement. "Okay," Greg said. "What do you think we should bet?"

"Blowjobs," Kevin said, and began dealing, the cards skidding across the green felt of the poker table as the others sat with their mouths hanging open.

"Who's in? he asked.

The men all glanced around at each other and one by one, picked up the hand in front of them. Under the table, all their dicks were stiff, and they knew they were all going to play their hardest. But as usual, Kevin took the first hand. Since Greg had folded first, he was going to give Kevin head. Kevin pushed away from the table and unzipped his jeans, pulling out his slender nine-inch cock.

Greg licked his lips nervously, taking Kevin's cock in his hand first, stroking up and down the length of the shaft as pre-cum beaded at the tip. The others, including me watched in anticipation, rubbing their bulges as Greg prepared to take another man's dick in his mouth for the first time. He started out slowly, opening his lips and taking in just the head. Kevin steadied himself on Greg's shoulders and eased his huge, thick cock into Greg's mouth. Greg was sucking hungrily as he got used to the spongy, stiff texture of Kevin's prick.

With his fist wrapped around the part of Kevin's cock that he couldn't get into his mouth, Greg began the blowjob in earnest. His eyes were closed as he sucked up and down Kevin's stiff tool, bringing his hand up to meet his lips with each stroke. Kevin was groaning, beads of sweat on his forehead as he pumped in and out of Greg's mouth. He gave a low, animalistic grunt as he came. Greg swallowed quickly, but had to sit back, gasping, as Kevin spurted his last few jets of cum.

"Well, who's next?" Greg asked, sitting back at the table and licking his lips. The others couldn't get their hands fast enough. Jason was the first to fold, and Richard, the winner, sat back and stroked his long but very thin black prick, letting it get good and stiff before putting his prick into Jason's mouth for the very first time.

This time the others weren't such a quiet audience. They cheered Jason on as Richard stood and pumped his prick in and out of Jason's mouth, his wide lips stretching around Richard's slick pole. Kevin's cock was starting to rise again, and he was moaning as he stroked himself. When Richard came, Jason swallowed it all and then leaned back grinning to himself.

Richard won the third hand as well, but since he had just come, he offered Greg, who had folded before him, the chance to pick who he wanted to blow him. "You, of course," Greg said. Richard grinned and shrugged. Greg got up, holding his dick in his hand, and walked over to Richard. Greg used the same technique Richard had used on Jason, fucking Richard's willing mouth for the very first time until his cum spurted onto his tongue.

Myself and Jason were the only one who hadn't come yet, and it was only fair to play another hand and see who wins the next hand. Greg won that hand and with him watching everyone suck each other off all night. It was looking forward to seeing myself and Jason suck each other off, so he give his win to Jason and we both decided that we wanted to wait and see if we could go over to Brain's (my neighbor) place and play in his play room.

So I phoned my neighbor Brian. Not getting a answer I told the others that he wasn't home and with disappointing faces, they all sat down around the table. Then Jason said that everyone could watch us suck each other off for the first time but he wanted them to jerk their cocks as they watch us suck each other cocks until we were about ready to cum with all of them.

They stripped off their pants and stood, holding their dicks over the table, a variety of shafts. Hands flew up and down shafts, pre-cum dripping on to the felt-covered table as they pounded their pricks watching us sucking each other.

Kevin, who had fully recovered, came hard, letting loose a thin but huge load of jism all over the cards. His sticky fluid was soon covered by Greg's, and then Richard came, pouring a puddle of spunk onto the poker chips. Jason came last, grunting, his wad soaring across the table and landing on Kevin's hand as he stroked his own softening prick.

The men cleaned up and played one more hand before they headed home.

Check back for another story when the guys come over to play cards again and Brian is home this time.

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