tagRomanceTimeless Love Ch. 07

Timeless Love Ch. 07


"Ashton! Sanford!" Cynara said surprised, "What are you two doing here?"

"We live here, little one, or have you forgotten?" Ashton answered, giving her a pat on the head.

"No, I just thought you would be out hunting or something," Cynara said, shrugging her shoulders in an effort at nonchalance.

"What's going on?" Sanford asked, seeing right through her.

"Nothing," Cynara said in dramatic outrage, "Why would something be going on? Why would you ask that?"

Sanford and Ashton shared a doubtful look. "Cynara, we can tell you're hiding something," Ashton said placing his hands on her shoulders and leaning over so he could stare her directly in the eyes and say menacingly, "Tell me what it is."

Cynara stood up straighter, narrowing her eyes, "You'll never get it out of me," she said, taking up his little game.

"I have ways of making you talk," Ashton declared, but Cynara simply crossed her arms in defiance.

"Do your worst."

Ashton grabbed her around the waist and started tickling her mercilessly. Cynara let out shouts of screaming laughter. She wiggled in an attempt to get away from him, but Ashton was ruthless.

"Help," she looked over to Sanford, but he simply grinned and leaned back against the wall, no help at all.

"Are you going to talk?" Ashton asked.

Cynara was laughing too hard to answer, her belly feeling raw, "Never," she wheezed out, instead kicking at his legs with her slippered feet.

"What's going on here?" Charles's booming voice could be heard when he walked into the room.

Ashton immediately let Cynara go, and turned to face his brother.

"She's hiding something," Ashton explained.

Charles walked over to Cynara and wrapped an arm around her "I know," he said mysteriously.

"Traitor," Ashton accused disbelievingly, "My own brother."

"We need to get rid of them," Cynara said looking up at Charles, "They know too much already."

"What do you suggest, a quick death?" Charles asked, not a flicker of a grin ruining his serious face.

"Does this have something to do with your visit to Jane's house yesterday?" Sanford asked calmly from his spot in the corner.

Cynara looked over at him surprised, "How did you know?"

Ashton's head quickly whipped around to face Cynara, "Is Miss Withurby coming over here?"

Cynara shrugged, "You caught me. But you need to leave the house because we need to get Finley and Jane alone together."

Ashton lifted his eyebrows, "I don't think Finley is going to like this. He will figure out you set the whole thing up, you know."

"Yes, but once he and Jane are happily together, he can do nothing but thank me," Cynara smiled smugly.

"It won't work," Sanford said walking forward a bit, "Finley is hopeless with women, there's no way Jane is going to fall for him."

"That's not true," Cynara said affronted, "I sure Jane will be able to see through Finley's shyness."

"Don't forget," Ashton added to Sanford, "You did also use to say that Charles was hopeless with women, too, and he was able to seduce Cynara in less than a week."

"Hey," Cynara said, and Charles glared warningly at both his brothers.

"No, I said that Charles wasn't interested in women. Being hopeless and being uninterested are two very different things."

Cynara couldn't help but feel delighted that Charles hadn't been interested in other women. What did that mean? She quickly pushed the thought out of her head, though, and concentrated on someone else's love life. "Well, I'm sure Finley will be fine if you two just leave the house and give him a chance," Cynara said sternly, shoving them toward the door.

Sanford sighed heavily, and Ashton mumbled something about being kicked out of his own home, but both men allowed themselves to be ushered out the door.

"When will she be over?" Charles asked, wrapping his arms around Cynara as soon as she walked back.

"In about half and hour," Cynara encircled his waist with her arms, "Where's Finley?"

"In his study," Charles answered, nuzzling her ear and kissing her neck.

"Do you think we should tell him now? At least give him some forewarning?"

"Mmm," Charles murmured, gently biting her neck, pulling her toward the small game room.

"Charlie, we don't have enough time for that," she said shoving out of his hands, "Besides, aren't you tired after last night?"

"I'm only twenty two, Cynara, not some old man who can't please his lady two days in a row."

Cynara grinned, "I just don't know if I believe you," she said backing up.

"Then let me prove it to you," Charles lunged for her, and Cynara gave a little shout and ran down the hall. Charles chased after her, following her around a statue and back the way they had come.

It didn't take him long to snatch her up into his arms. Cynara giggled breathlessly and playfully kicked at him. Charles ignored her struggles and threw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Carrying her into the game room and slamming the door, with his foot, behind him.

"I've caught you, now I shall claim by prize," he told her setting her on a table and pushing up her skirts.

"What about Jane?" Cynara asked, but Charles had already unbuttoned his pants to release his erection.

"I'll make it quick," he told her as he abruptly shoved his full length into her. Cynara gasped and grabbed his shoulders.

He needed her bare thighs under her dress as he fucked her, hard, on the game table that Cynara, somewhere in the back of her mind, was afraid would collapse.


"Your guest has arrived," the little butler announced as he entered the room.

Finley looked up from his desk. What guest? He sat down his quill and left his papers where they were. Pushing out from his chair, he quickly walked right past the butler and toward the front door.

He intended to get rid of whoever it was, because he wouldn't abide for unwanted visitors, especially when he was trying to get his work done. His steady pace came to an abrupt halt when he saw who was at the door.

"Oh, hello," Jane smiled politely up at the tall man she recognized as the eldest Stanmore brother.

Finley stared at her with shock, looking to the left and right, then back at Jane. She looked down nervously when all he did was stare at her, without saying anything.

"I'm Jane Withurby—"

"Yes, I know," Finley said suddenly, then looked pained for having done so.

Jane stared at him for a moment, then went on, "Well, I'm here to see Miss Waldorf. She's invited me for lunch."

"Yes, yes of course," Finley said looking hastily about the room. "I shall go and find her then," he said walking hurriedly away.

Jane watched him go, awkwardly wondering what she should do. But just then, a flushed Cynara and one of the other brothers walked into the room.

"Jane!" Cynara said happily when she saw her, "How long have you been here?"

"Oh, hardly a minute. I met Lord Finley, I think, but he went off to find you," Jane rushed to explain.

"Yes, that must have been Finely," Cynara nodded, exchanging a glance with Charles before introducing him to Jane, "This is Charlie. Charlie, Jane."

"How do you do Lord Stanmore," Jane said properly, despite Cynara's informal introduction.

"Oh, you can call him Charlie, or Charles, it will get confusing if you call them all Lord Stanmore," Cynara told her friend, who looked hastily to Charles for his reaction.

The man just smiled at her, and Jane was happy that she met such people that weren't so interested in the stuffy formalities of high society, although she wasn't too used to such casual manors yet. "Alright, Charles, and you, of course, may call me Jane."

"Jane," he said with a nod, "I think I'll go off and find Finley, and I'll meet you in the dining room," he left the two girls.

"So what do you think?" Cynara asked when Charles was out of ear shot.

"Oh, the house is very lovely. I can't wait to see more."

"Not of the house, silly," Cynara clarified her meaning "Of—" she couldn't say Finley, that would make it too obvious that she was trying to set them up, "My cousins."

"Oh," Jane blushed, "Charles is very handsome, is he not?"

Cynara fought to keep down the rage she felt at that comment, and remind herself that Jane didn't know the situation she had with Charles.

"He's taken," Cynara informed the other girl, "Shall we go sit down?"

Jane followed her into the dining room. "By who?" Jane asked curiously.

Cynara looked at her with a sheepish shrug and a smile.

"You?" Jane's eyebrows lifted.

"Yep," Cynara took a seat at the table, and Jane sat down next to her.

"How long? Are you engaged?"

Cynara sighed. Her affair with Charles wasn't something she had planned for the discussion table today. "No, we are just, well you know, dating. Anyway, what do you think of the silverware?"

"You're dating?" Jane asked confused, and Cynara couldn't help but wish the subject had never come up.

"Um," Cynara struggled for the word, "We're courting," she said proudly having found a way to explain it.

Jane bit her lip to hold back a smile and looked into her lap.

"What?" Cynara asked when she saw the other girl's face.

"Nothing," Jane shook her head.

"What? Tell me," Cynara demanded.

"Only..." Jane's expression was a mixture of humor and worry that she might offend Cynara, "You're courting him too?"

Cynara smiled, completely unfazed. "Of course," she explained, "Men wouldn't get anywhere if us women didn't constantly help them along."

This made Jane giggle, and Cynara couldn't resist giggling herself at the other girl's mirth. They were both laughing when the men walked back into the room.

Cynara smiled up at Charlie as the sat down next to her, "What are you two laughing about?" he asked, gazing warmly at Cynara.

"Nothing," both girls said in unison and grinned at each other.

"Why do I think that I'm somehow the bunt of this joke?" Charlie asked with good humor, and Cynara smiled at his intuition.

The servants brought in the food right away. Cynara, Jane, and Charlie joked and talked easily throughout the entire lunch. However, like a looming storm cloud, Finley's brooding presence couldn't be ignored. Cynara tried several time to bring him into the conversation, but he seamed more willing just to sullenly sit in silence.

"Why don't we go for a walk in the gardens?" Cynara asked after they ate.

"Oh, yes," Jane said delightedly, "I would love to see your gardens."

"Then let's go," Cynara stood up, and the little party walked out the back door.

They walked together for a time on the winding gravel paths, enjoying the bright sunshine and the fragrant flowers. Cynara tried to subtly tried to drag Charles ahead of the other two, but Jane was keeping right up with them.

"Oh, Charles, come look at this with me," Cynara said waving her hand at nothing in particular a few yards in the distance. Looping her arm through his, she forcefully marched him away.

"Subtle," Charles said dryly when she finally stopped.

Cynara rolled her eyes at him. "Well, you weren't helping at all. Could you possibly have walked any slower?"

"Cynara, I don't think any amount of time alone together will help Finley's cause at all. With the way he acted at dinner, Miss Withurby must think he abhors her. And just look at them," he said nodding in their direction, prompting Cynara to turn her gaze, "He's standing at least three feet away from her, and the poor girl can do nothing but look over here, begging us to go save her."

Cynara realized the truth to his words, but wouldn't give up so easily.

"I think they just need to be completely alone together," she announced, and Charles just sighed and shook his head.

"My stubborn little artichoke," he said fondly, "What are you planning to—" but before he could even get the phrase out, Cynara was shrieking, and on the ground.

"What is it?" Charles felt fear flood his heart as he bent beside her and braced his hands on her shoulders, "My God, Cynara," he felt helpless with alarm at her sudden hysterics, and with no apparent cause, he didn't know what to do to help her.

"What happened?" Finley's voice was breathless as he was suddenly beside them, a worried Jane close behind.

Cynara had calmed down, and was gripping her ankle under her dress.

"I don't know what happened, I just suddenly tripped over my own feet," she said looking up at the two with pain written on her face, "I think I twisted my ankle."

"Are you okay?" Jane said hovering nervously over Cynara.

"Oh yes, I'll be fine. I'm sorry I gave you a scare," Cynara said bravely. "I just need to rest for a while. Charlie, could you please carry me to bed," she asked him sweetly.

The little actress, Charles thought with a mixture of relief and anger.

"Yes, of course," he said lifting her easily up into his arms.

"Shall I fetch the doctor," Finley asked.

"No, no, I'm fine. Really. Stay and show Jane the rest of the gardens."

"I couldn't—" Jane started to protest, but Cynara stopped her.

"Jane, don't let my silly injury stop you from looking around. You were so excited, and I'll just feel awful if you don't get to see every inch of the gardens," Cynara said smiling sweetly, then looked at Charles expectantly.

Jane and Finley watched helplessly as the two walked away.

"Never do that again," Charles said warningly as soon as they were out of earshot.

"Do what?" Cynara asked innocently.

"Scare me like that," his voice was grave, his gaze intense. Cynara squirmed at the sudden seriousness of the situation, and how nervous he was making her.

"You could at least have given me a warning," he said, his voice lighter, more teasing. Cynara felt calmer to be back on familiar, lighthearted territory.

"I didn't think I would be able to trust your acting abilities," she teased, kissing his cheek.

She suddenly sobered, "I really hope it works out for them."

Charles turned his head to look fondly down at her. "Did Jane say anything about Fin while you two were alone together?" he suggested curiously.

"No," Cynara replied sullenly, "All she said was she thought you were handsome," she said accusingly, like it was somehow his fault.

"Me?" Charles said grinning.

"Don't look so proud of yourself," Cynara demanded. Then a moment later when he was still strutting about, "Maybe I shouldn't have told you, you and your inflated ego."

"Inflated ego?" Charlie demanded with mock outrage.

"Yes," she said as he entered his room, laying her on his bed.

"I think that you should be punished for that little remark," he poked her in the stomach.

"You can't punish me," she giggled, "I'm an invalid, remember?"

"Oh, yes, let's see that ankle," he said pushing up her dress. He grabbed her foot and gently removed her shoe and sock, quietly inspecting her dainty ankle.

"Yes, it indeed looks like a sprain," he announced, bending down and gently kissing her bone.

"You would make a horrible doctor, Charlie, it was the other foot," she informed him earnestly.

Charles threw back his head and laughed, "Oh it was, was it?" he said picking up her other foot and removing its shoe and sock.

"Does this hurt?" he asked, swiveling her foot around in his big hand.

"Terribly," Cynara nodded.

"Then I fear it might be broken," he said staring into her eyes. Looking at his face, Cynara suddenly desperately wanted him to kiss her. She held her arms out to him, and when he came into them, she tugged down his face and smashed her lips against his.

He seemed surprised at first, but quickly yielded under her kiss, matching her intensity. He pulled back, only to unbutton and remove her gown, tossing it aside before taking off the rest of her clothes.

"Charlie," Cynara moaned as he took her nipple into his mouth, gently suckling it between his lips.

He returned his mouth to hers, and after a long kiss he pulled back slightly to tenderly look at her face.

"You know, it's not wise for an invalid to have such a physical strain," he said, gently brushing her hair off her cheek.

"Charlie," Cynara groaned yanking his face back down, but he resisted.

"I don't know Cynara, so soon after such an injury?"

"Charlie, I'm healed. Really, it's a miracle," she once again tried to tug his head down for another kiss, wanting to end the little game and make love to him.

"I don't think I believe you," Charlie wouldn't give up that easily.

"But I am," she pouted. Charlie laughed, and rolled off of her.

"Then get up and prove it."

Cynara glared at him but hopped out of the bed and stood in front of him. "There," she said but was stopped when she would have gotten back onto the bed.

"Why don't you walk to the other end of the room, just to be sure," he told her, and Cynara stomped to the opposite wall and back, holding her arms out as if to say "tah dah."

"Very good, but just to be sure, why don't you try it again? A little more sway of the hip this time."

Cynara jumped back on the bed, attacking him. "You pervert. You just want to see me walk around naked," she accused.

"And what are you going to do about it?" he asked, pinning her under him, her wrists trapped in his hands.

"I won't kiss you anymore," she said loftily.

"You wouldn't be able to last. You love kissing me too much," he rubbed her nose with his.

"You conceited man, you'll come begging for my kisses before I even realize they've stopped," she teased.

"We'll see about that," he said, punctuating his words by thrusting into her.

Cynara squealed with surprise, she hadn't even realized that he had unbuttoned his pants. They stared at each other as they made love, only closing their eyes when ecstasy propelled them to.

Afterwards, Cynara snuggled against his chest, his strong body enveloping her. She loved how safe she felt in his arms, she loved the way he joked with her, and she loved how he could bring her such amazing pleasure like she had never felt before. She loved him.

Cynara hugged the big arm that was wrapped around her at the thought. She loved him, but enough to stay in this time forever? Was the choice even hers?

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