Timeros: A Clash Of Gods Ch. 04


"There are still Crusaders that honor the name hidden here and there. We hear news of skirmishes being fought all the time." Molly's voice had returned calm and soothing, "You may be able to find them if you keep heading north." She reached out her hands and took Lucan's right hand and held it firmly, "Do not give up hope yet."

Lucan leaned in "A Crusader by the name Mikohn, he was from here, had a home in this very town. Where is he?"

Molly and Oswald exchanged glances, "He left," Oswald said quietly. "The priests hid him when Rosen turned up," his words turned cold and hard as he continued to talk, "he snuck out through an underground passage before the giant went in. He did nothing to fight off the Giant or that Rosen. Turned tail and fled."

Maids Inn, Zoroa

Lucan had stripped to his under garments and sat on the edge of the bed his head buried in his hands. Mikohn held the amulet and had fled leaving no clue to where he was heading. He had pushed the best he could for more information but Oswald and Molly knew no more or at least seemed not to. Lucan and Amberlee had rooms side by side just as Lucan was stepping into his Amberlee had stopped him. "They know more than they are letting on." She had said.

"Then why won't they tell me?" Lucan asked sighing.

Amberlee looked at him with some surprise, "A Crusader from their own town deserts them in their time of need, why would they want to trust another one?" She went into her room letting the question hang.

The knock at Lucan's bedroom door was so soft that, for a moment he believed that he had simply imagined it until there was another knock, this time firmer. He opened the door a crack, hiding his drawn sword behind the door itself. Molly stood on the other side, towels draped over one arm though he had expected and hoped to see Amberlee this was still a pleasant surprise. "I suspect that our house Dwarf has failed to leave you towels." Molly said lifting her arm and showing the towels draped over it. Lucan opened the door wider and invited her in. "Some days we are amazed that guests make it to their rooms." Molly looked around the room as if she had never been in there before.

"My Armour sadly did not accompany me on my current journey," Lucan said and noted the momentary look of sadness that crossed Molly's face. He placed the sword back into its sheaf and placed next to the bed. "Thank you for the towels." He said, taking them from Molly, "A delivery from the mistress of the house is always welcome as well."

"You must wonder why I am with Spinks?" Molly asked. Lucan shrugged, "If it were not for him I would be on the streets or dead, he took me in when others would not. He is a good man, a family man." Molly walked into the small bathroom, noting the full bath. "He is kind to me and I in return am kind to him. Tell me Crusader, are you a family man?"

"With War, finding a good woman proved difficult." He replied the truth of it was he had not wanted the baggage of a wife and child his mind was that of a soldier and a knight any weak thoughts could betray his sword hand.

Molly leaned on the door frame of the bathroom looking at Lucan. "A good woman is not always required." She beckoned him into the bathroom. "Spinks is a good man and a good father. But as a lover he leaves me wanting." Molly reached up and ran her hand across the bearded face of Lucan and down his chest, her fingers finding his rough chest hair and thick skin of old wounds. She guided him to remove the rest of his under clothes no words were spoken as he stood naked before her a small smile broke across her lips as she took his hand and led him to the bath.

The water surrounded Lucan from the chest down, he leaned his head back on the bath and sighed as he felt the hands of Molly run across his chest washing away the long ride and the memory of his burden. Her touch was gentle as she rubbed a coarse soap into his skin with bristled brush. "Tell me more of Mikohn." Lucan said lazily.

"I lied when I said we had no idea where he had gone," The brush was put aside and she scooped up warm water from the bath and poured it over Lucan's chest. "There is a mining town further south no more than half a day's ride from here. Mikohn has a wife there," Lucan's eyes opened at this unexpected news, "His third or fourth I'm not sure which but if he has any wits about him he'll go there and bury himself deep in one of those mines."

Amberlee had been right about their holding back of information, what concerned him now was how much he could truly trust them. As if Molly could see his thoughts her soapy hand reached down to the swollen mass between his legs, Lucan's thoughts slipped freely from his mind, he let out a gasp as her slippery hand took a hold of him. "A Crusader's sword must always be cleaned my lord." Molly said meekly.

He held her from behind, his wet body pressed against her clothes. Lucan buried his head in her tangled dark chestnut hair breathing in the scent of the bar as well as the sweeter smell of Molly. His mouth found the nape of her neck and he began to kiss it while his hands pulled at the string that held the corset firmly in place at the front. Molly giggled and wriggled her ample backside against his rigid cock making Lucan work the string more frantically.

As he felt the corset loosen Molly pushed away from him almost sending him toppling on unsteady feet. She smiled at him and pulled the corset away quickly followed by the linen blouse beneath. Molly's breasts were pale heavy globes of flesh, freckled across the top with large dark areola and thick dark nipples that were already hard with excitement. Lucan came to her willingly, head lowered his hand taking the weight of one heavy breast while his mouth sort purchase on the nipple.

Molly sighed at the sensation of Lucan's tongue on her nipple and groaned as he took it between his teeth a small bite eliciting a louder sigh. Molly's hand snaked between them finding Lucan's erect cock, she worked it slowly as his mouth and hands groped, licked, kissed and bit at her ample breasts.

Lucan wasted no time removing her skirt he pulled it as high as it would go revealing her pale thick hips and heavy dark bushy mound between them. Her sex was already moist, lips puffy and parted inviting the Crusader's sword in, it had been too long even with the slight discomfort that the wood Nymph had left him with he could not wait any longer. His tip slipped between her labia and followed through into her warm center. Molly took a deep breath as he guided his length deep into her.

Lucan felt like a young again. His first time was like this, quick rapid movements disjointed with that of his partner, Molly gasped with each thrust and managed to get both her hands on his chest, "Easy my lover," she said slowing him down, his hips met Molly's own rhythm, his cock going deeper as she lifted her hips. His mouth found her breasts once more now red with excursion as well has his amorous longing.

Lucan felt Molly's hand slip between them, fingers parting round his cock as she took hold of her sex, he paused for a moment looking at her questioningly, Molly laughed gently, "I have my own pleasures too you know." She said. Lucan continued his strokes with each thrust he could feel Molly's hand and fingers working at her sex the motion spurring him on. Lucan sat up on his knee's hands gripping Molly's hips. His cock stretching her wide as it went in and out, her hand rubbing at an area just above her opening.

Molly bucked her hips, her sighs becoming moans and gasps, Lucan remained still as he watched transfixed. Molly's chest flushed red, she bit her lower lip as she peaked but still her moan was loud, her body shuddered on the end of Lucan's cock that was still buried deep inside her. A smile creased her face as her muscles relaxed her hips sinking down into the mattress.

Lucan had his own smile on his face as he began his thrusting once more finding Molly's hole wetter than previously. His own release was not too far behind, he pulled free of her at the last moment and grabbed his stiff, wet cock as his cum erupted forth splattering Molly's belly, his own hips bucked as he worked his wet cock slowly ribbons of fluid shooting forth before, at last it became a thin oozing line that connected both of them.

He flopped down next to her she rolled over placing one hand on his chest her head on his shoulders, both breathed heavily from the exertion. "It has been a long time for you Lucan hasn't it." He nodded then laughed hoping that Cazadora's far seeing eyes had seen the display, so much for being a rutting animal he thought as sleep took hold of him.

The Maid's inn, Zoroa, Daybreak

The loud morning call of the Cockerel woke Lucan with a start. He looked around his small room and noted that Molly had already left. He ran his hand over the side of the bed she had fallen asleep on. It was cold so he assumed she had left at some point later that evening to return to her husband. Lucan lay still listening to the Cockerel repeating his morning call and stared at the beamed ceiling. Last night had been something he realized he had sorely missed over the past couple of months, the past couple of years Lucan realized if, Cazadora and the wood Nymph not counting. Throughout the night he had felt younger more energized than he had felt in a long time, Molly had not been shy in showing Lucan what she wanted and in return more and more information had been exchanged. As the Cockerels startled morning call rang out it brought with it a certain truth, Lucan wanted to sleep some more, sleep like an old man, climb from his bedstead when he wanted to not be afoot so early in the day. Quests and honor were no longer the be all of his life...a wife and child would have gotten in the way of the young Lucan, the old Lucan wanted nothing more than to have a wife and child to awaken to.

He groaned as he lifted himself from the soft bed feeling his bones aching deep in their core, his muscles stiff from not only the night's exertions but also the horse ride. He caught sight of himself in the mirror. At the house of Dianna he had noted there that he had looked strange somehow but put it down to his greying beard as well as the slight matter of being brought back to life. But now he saw what was truly there, he was old and weary. His life serving Gorgaroth had ended on the battlefield. His new life serving under Dianna was fresh but he knew staring at himself that it too would come to an end. He dressed quickly and refused to look at himself in the mirror or any other mirror for a long time.

The knocking at the door was incessant. Lucan buckled his sword to his side and opened the door. Amberlee stood there arm raised fist curled mid knock. "If you drink so much then you will get no sympathy from me," Amberlee said the moment Lucan had opened his door and laid eyes on the very tired looking Crusader. "I warned you we had an early start. What did you do? Wait an hour then sneak back down?" And with that she made her way down the corridor not waiting to hear a reply from Lucan, who seemed bemused by how off Amberlee seemed this morning.

The Bar was empty and dark the smell of last night's ale hung thick in the air as did the sour stench of vomit. The Bar man Spinks was nowhere to be seen but Molly stood near the bar itself leaning down whispering in harsh tones to the Dwarf that had shown Lucan and Amberlee to their room the previous evening. Amberlee had taken a seat at a table and picked suspiciously at the food that sat on the table before her. "I did not drink heavy last night, simply a bad night's sleep." Lucan said sitting down opposite Amberlee. "For your information I was finding out where Mikohn has scurried off to."

Amberlee huffed, "no doubt the whore kept you up most of the night getting that information."

"What did you say?" Lucan asked, as he spooned some meat into his mouth. Amberlee's red hair hung loose this morning cascading over her shoulders, she stared at Lucan her grey eyes like flints of rock. "Anyway Mikohn is not far from here another half days ride in a place called Miller's Folly." Amberlee's hatred for Molly was quite visible, a hatred that Lucan found misplaced.

Amberlee shook her head and pushed her plate to one side muttering to herself under her breath. Molly looked at her furrowing her brow and hurried the Dwarf away. "Is our food not to your liking?" Molly asked approaching the table. She rested a hand on Lucan's shoulder then removed it quickly realizing her error and catching a sharp look from the young girl. "Spinks is not the best in the kitchen. Perhaps I can get you something else." Amberlee shook her head, and declined the offer. Molly offered her a drink instead. Again Amberlee declined much to Molly's dissatisfaction.

"We need to leave soon if we are to get to Miller's Folly by midday," Amberlee said to Lucan ignoring Molly as if she was no longer there. "The sun is already up and I feel uncomfortable staying in one place for too long."

Lucan nodded in agreement as he spooned the last remnants of his breakfast into his mouth. "Agreed, from what I was told last night most of this land is now crawling with Dolan men." He gave Molly a smile, "the longer we are moving the better." He pushed the empty plate aside and stood up.

"Are you sure I cannot get you anything else?" Her voice had raised a notch, her hands kneading together in front of her stomach as she moved in front of the two of them.

Amberlee was beside Lucan a look of concern on her face. It did not take a trained eye to notice that Molly was blocking the only way to the front door. With her bow safely stored on her back any action to remove it would set off alarm bells. Amberlee instead reached slowly to her belt pulling the small dirk free slipping the hilt and blade up her sleeve. Amberlee's movements were slow and fluid her eyes remaining on Molly as she spoke to Lucan, "A long ride you need to be well fed and watered. "

Amberlee dropped all pretense of being amiable towards Molly and huffed loudly pushing past her, her shoulder driving into her forcibly moving the doughy woman to one side, she was thankful to hear Lucan's own footsteps close behind her. "Something is not right." She heard him whisper as she pulled the door open.

Outside the sun struggled through low hanging grey clouds yesterday's rain had left the ground a muddy mess. Fear hung in the air, Amberlee could sense it and it was not the coming of bad weather that had people scared. The fear of the Dolan men Amberlee guessed was the cause of the atmosphere. A fleeting sight of the bodies in the cages came to mind and she shivered at the thought.

"I sent our House Dwarf to gather your horses from the stables he should not be much longer," Molly said as she too came out from the inn a horrible unnatural smile on her face her eyes moving between Lucan and the barren street. "Ah here's Oswald to see you on your way."

The old man scurried up the street panting, heavily out of breath a mangy looking horse followed behind him looking wearier than the man that led it by the reins. He seemed surprised to see both Lucan and Amberlee, whatever he was going to say failed suddenly on his lips as he looked quickly at Molly. He swallowed hard and finally spoke, "Up early I see, Lucky I came back when I did. I went out early scouting the land seeing who was about, I'd say you have a clear ride to Miller's Folly."

Amberlee looked at Lucan, who furrowed his brow at the mention of Miller's Folly, Oswald was returning from the wrong direction and Lucan had only informed Molly of their next destination lying in bed with one hand cupping an ample tit late in the night. Lucan's body tensed his hand gripping the hilt of his sword he turned to Amberlee, "fetch the horses anyone tries to stop you, kill them."

Molly stepped forward her mouth opening to speak as Amberlee darted off, Lucan silenced her with a cold stare. It was only minutes but to Lucan it felt like hours waiting for Amberlee to appear. As he turned to walk to the stables Amberlee came round the corner with their horses, already saddled and ready to ride. "Any trouble?" he asked taking the reins of his horse.

Amberlee nodded her jaw clenched tight her lips pale, she mounted her own horse quickly, her reply was short "Just the dwarf."

"Please!" Oswald's voice was weak and high, his horse had been forgotten for the moment in his hands he held an old dull sword. He pointed the tip that shook with fear and weight towards Lucan. "Remain where you are." His voice lacked any authority only desperation.

Lucan's own sword swept forward quickly, Oswald had chance only to see the gleam as it was unsheathed, his own sword jabbing forward to catch the horse in the neck. The sound was terrible. Metal struck metal in a high pitched whine Oswald's sword snatched from his grasp in one mighty swipe went flying landing in the mud shorn in two.

Now Lucan pointed his own sword at Oswald. "Fool!" Lucan spat at him wanting nothing more than to cut the man in two as he had done with his pathetic sword. The fury began to ebb the longer he stayed his hand. "We are out of time." He said to Amberlee, the sound of thundering hooves had begun to fill the air. He sheathed his sword quickly as he spun his horse about, he moved quicker than he would have liked in the mud but they had little choice, they had become prey and the hunters were closing in.

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