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A year ago a great aunt of my wife's passed away. They had been close when my wife was growing up and I knew she would miss her aunt. As it turned out the great aunt had left my wife, Lisa a few things in her will. One item was her timeshare that she thought Lisa would enjoy since as a relatively young couple we had modest resources to vacation. In addition to a few personal items and a modest check like the other relatives received, Lisa also got a special envelope. The envelope had a $5000 check and a note for Lisa to use it to get breast augmentation. As it turns out, her aunt had been comforting to her as a teenager as she dealt with the fact that she was a small A cup and very self conscious of her relatively flat chest. It was particularly an issue as her brothers teased her about being two boobs short of a perfect figure as she otherwise had a very curvy figure with shapely legs, a gorgeous ass and slim waist.

One of the things Lisa liked about me when we were dating is that I didn't tease her and didn't seem to mind that she has a small bust. As we dated longer I told her I would compensate by spending twice as much time fondling or kissing them. Since we were married 5 years ago Lisa occasionally complained about her small top and it made her self-conscious at the beach and difficult to find dresses that fit well.

Lisa seemed genuinely excited about the opportunity and over the next couple months she checked out the various breast implant options to understand the safety and risks as well as the surgery type options. She finally decided to go ahead with the plan and asked me what size enhancement she should get. She favored an implant that would give her a C cup and the Doctor said her shape could handle a D cup quite nicely. I encouraged her to compromise between the sizes. I thought the surgery would help Lisa's self confidence and was anxious to see the results as well as a little concerned with the surgery risk.

Last May Lisa had the surgery and everything turned out fine. Quite fine a might add. Lisa looked stunning in her clothes with a full bust and even better without her clothes as her figure was now centerfold quality. Over the next several months I delighted in buying Lisa all manner of sexy bras and revealing tops to show off her inheritance. After a little getting used to them, I was like a kid with a new toy as I enjoyed smothering my head in those beautiful orbs and perfected the art of the titty fucking now that Lisa's new boobs were large enough to cradle a hard cock.

Towards fall Lisa and I planned our first visit to the timeshare she had been left. It was as a resort on Sanibel Island in Florida and we were looking forward to a week away at the beach. The last week in September we made the 15 hour drive to Florida.

The unit was beautiful as was Lisa. We had a busy summer and were eager to relax. I had warned Lisa that I was looking forward to some catch up sex and also to seeing those beautiful tits in some hot beachwear. After unpacking the first evening we headed to the hot tub to relax.

We spent the next hour getting in and out of the hot tub, nursing our drinks and visiting with Tony, a marine who was in Florida for a training program and reassignment, and two other couples who were also enjoying the relaxing water. Lisa, I and Tony all happened to be sitting in the tub when the remaining couple climbed out to leave. The woman, appearing to be in her early twenties, pulled her athletic body from the tub. She was attractive, but not very curvy with a figure that looked like a long distance runner. What she had was well displayed in her thong bottom and low cut demi-bra top. Tony and I both watched as she grabbed her belongings and headed off. The lovey dovey newlyweds were headed back to their unit.

I commented, "Nice suit." Tony responded quickly saying, "Too bad she doesn't have the nice curves that your wife does to do the suit justice." As soon as he finished his statement he looked chagrin realizing that I or Lisa might be offended. Lisa giggled and said, "Right, you buy it and I'll wear it."

All three of us looked a little surprised. The three glasses of wine had Lisa's mouth working faster than her brain. Tony felt relieved that Lisa wasn't mad and I agreed with Tony saying, "You are right, she would look hot in a suit like that."

As another couple approached we quickly changed the subject and shortly latter called it a night and headed in opposite directions to our suites. As we walked I told Lisa that I think Tony is very attracted to her. She said she thought he was sweet and she felt anxious for him as he awaited his assignment. She dismissed his attention saying he was attracted to anything in a bikini.

The next day we had a golf commitment in the morning and a visit to a shop that Lisa had heard about after lunch. We got back to our room at about 4 and planned some time on the beach before dinner.

Our message light was blinking when we got back and the front desk indicated there was a package for us at the desk. Lisa shrugged her shoulders and I called and asked them to deliver the package. I tipped the staff and Lisa opened the package. She turned about two shades of red as she realized the gift was a thong bikini like the new bride was wearing the night before. It was a hot yellow color with a push up demi-bra-style top that I could quickly see would struggle to cover much of her breasts. I was laughing as Lisa shook her head while sizing it up. She read the note. "See you and Tom in the hot tub after dark tonight -- wanted to take you up on your offer to wear a thong. Tony. "

I begged Lisa to try it on but she said, "no way, you have to wait till I've had a few drinks before I model that suit."

I grinned and said I am sure we can arrange that. Lisa changed into her regular bikini and we headed off to the beach. I spent the next couple of hours teasing Lisa about how anxious I was to see her in the new bikini and how much fun it would be to see how Tony reacted. She teased me about acting like a horny high school student.

After a few hours of sun and swimming we headed to our suite to shower and change for dinner. The large walk-in shower with two shower heads was too tempting . The shower didn't end until Lisa had been soaped up several times and licked to an orgasm.

Dinner was delicious and I managed to sweet talk Lisa through a Margarita and two glasses of wine leaving her very mellow as we headed back to the suite. It was about 9:30 and well after dark when we returned. I quickly changed to go to the hot tub and handed Lisa her new bikini and told her I would fix us some drinks while she changed. She smiled and took the suit saying, "If you insist." Lisa closed the room door as she changed while I got a couple of wine coolers. She quickly returned but had a cover up on as we headed to the hot tub.

When we got there Tony was nowhere to be seen but two other couples were in the tub. Lisa sat in a lounge chair in her cover up and refused to get in the tub but nursed her wine cooler and visited as I relaxed in the warm water. After about ten minutes one of the couples left and I encouraged Lisa to join me. Finally, with her drink gone, Lisa stood and removed her cover up. She was stunning. The top cupped her boobs perfectly, just barely covering the nipples. The bottom was enticing from the front with a swoop waistline that accentuated her shapely hips and trim waist. Lisa climbed into the tub without revealing her thong back and exposed ass cheeks. As she sunk into the bubbling water next to me my hand was quickly feeling her butt to feel the cut of the thong bottom.

No sooner had Lisa relaxed when Tony approached. He quickly greeted us when he arrived and set down his towels and offered us each a beer from the six-pack he was carrying. As Lisa was neck deep Tony couldn't tell if Lisa was wearing the suite he had sent her. Lisa grinned as he kept watching to see if he could see the straps of her top and determine whether she had worn the suit. As he handed Lisa a beer he quickly pulled it back and Lisa reached enough that he could see the yellow strap from her suit. He smiled and said. "I'm glad to see you wore the suit I sent. Can I see all of it?" Lisa looked at me and I said that seemed fair as she had promised and he did pay for the suit.

Lisa slowly stood up on the floor of the hot tub which exposed her top just above water level. She was breathing hard and her chest heaved as she proudly modeled the top. Tony noted it looked even better than he imagined as Lisa had world class breasts.

Between the booze, hot water and attention, Lisa blushed. Tony admired her for a few minutes then asked to see the rest. Lisa giggled as she stepped up on the tub seat and faced Tony. I had the pleasure of seeing her ass framed in the yellow thong bottom but she quickly stepped back into the hot water refusing to turn so Tony could see her ass. For the next twenty minutes we all visited with Tony making no secret of how sexy he thought Lisa was. We both teased her about being too modest with her beautiful figure. Lisa was clearly enjoying the flattery and before long casually climbed out of the hot tub to get herself another beer. Tony raved about her gorgeous ass as Lisa sat on the lounge and continued visiting. It was ten minutes later before the bulge in my suit was small enough to get out. We wished Tony a good night and headed off toward our room. I placed my hand on Lisa's bare ass cheek as we walked off.

Before breakfast the next morning I had fucked Lisa to orgasm three times and brought her off once with my fingers and tongue. I hadn't seen Lisa that turned on in years.

That day we made a trip to Fort Meyers and weren't back until late. Thursday we planned to relax around the resort. We happened to see Tony on the beach in the morning and visited briefly about our prior day's excursion. Tony smiled and said, "I hope you two are around today."

Later in the afternoon we got a call from the front desk indicating a package had arrived. Lisa retrieved it and returned carrying two boxes with a note from Tony saying, "See you at the happy hour reception." She opened the larger box first and found a white miniskirt and a semi-sheer blouse of the type that is meant to be tied around the midriff below the bust. Lisa commented that they seemed the correct size and were good quality. She opened the second box and found a white sheer thong panty with satin panels and a matching bra. She quickly tried them on. She looked a little more like she was dressed for a club than resort but I had to hand it to Tony as they did a great job of showcasing Lisa's body in a teasing but not trampy way. At first Lisa said there was no way she was going to wear the outfit to happy hour but after trying it on she acknowledge it did fit perfect. I told her we didn't know anyone here anyway and the least she could do was let Tony enjoy seeing his investment. I noticed that Lisa's nipples were so aroused that the bra and blouse didn't hide her excited condition.

Our afternoon was a relaxing beach outing but I was more focused on whether or not Lisa would be willing to wear her new outfit to the happy hour and how far this game with Tony would go. Back in our room that afternoon I stripped Lisa of her swim suit and began feasting on her tits. She was incredibly aroused and eager to get fucked. I laid her on the bed and slowly nibbled my way around her body enjoying the slight saltwater taste. I spent 30 minute teasing her with my tongue and fingers until she was begging for me to bring her to orgasm. I told her I would be glad to but only if she promised to wear the new outfit to happy hour. Lisa whimpered "Yes!" as I munched down on her clit. In a few minutes she was moaning and trembling as she reached climax.

About 6:30 we headed out the door for the happy hour in the reception center. Lisa looked gorgeous. The white outfit highlighted her tan and hugged her figure. Her bare midriff was firm and her long brown hair framed her pretty face. A black shark's tooth necklace we had purchased on one of our outings served to focus attention on her cleavage well displayed in the modest top.

When we arrived I quickly sought out the bar and Lisa found the appetizers table. Tony soon spotted her and approached whistling loudly enough for several people to notice. He was chanting beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, as he walked up to her and placed his hands on her bare waist and gave her a peck on the cheek as if they were old friends. He thanked her for wearing the outfit. The three of us spent the next hour drinking and munching before deciding to go for a walk on the beach and catch the sunset.

We walked several hundred yards down the beach well away from the complex and adjacent to a preserve area. Only a few other people could be seen in the distance. Tony said he felt like a swim. After the obvious, "But I don't have a suit or towel " comment from Lisa, Tony said that was no problem as she needed to model the rest of the outfit he bought anyway.

"You said if I bought it you would wear it - so you can swim in your bra and panties." Tony said with authority.

Lisa was giggling and blushing as I seconding Tony's suggestion and approached Lisa and moved my hands to the zipper on the side of her skirt. As she started to say something I kissed her while I worked the zipper down then slid the tight skirt down over her hips. Lisa responded by undoing my belt and zipper as well. I stepped back long enough to take in the view of the sexy panties hugging Lisa's womanly curves. A strategically placed satin panel covered her well groomed pussy but the sheer fabric of the remainder of the panties was virtually transparent.

As I stepped back Tony approached saying the blouse had to come off too so he could see the matching bra. Lisa shrugged her shoulders and looked at me momentarily as if to get permission.

I said there was no sense in getting the pretty blouse wet. Tony's hands seemed to be shaking a little as he undid the knotted blouse tails and undid the two buttons that held the little blouse together. Lisa's areoles and nipples were swollen with desire and pushing against the sheer bra cup fabric. Lisa blushed as Tony practically drooled over the beautiful boobs a few inches from his face. As he stepped back his own excitement became apparent as he had a huge bulge in his shorts revealing the effect that Lisa was having on him.

We soon headed for the warm gulf water in our underwear. Once we were thigh deep Tony delighted in splashing Lisa so her already shear underwear turned even more transparent as she frolicked half drunk in the surf. Both Tony and I had huge erections straining against our briefs. Lisa headed to chest deep water for cover. The sun had just set so it was starting to get darker. We splashed around and joked for about fifteen minutes until I caught Lisa and hugged her against my body. She squirmed briefly but melted into my embraces as I began to kiss her. My bulging cock was rubbing her pubic area and I had one hand on her ass and the other holding her torso smashed against my chest. Lisa was horny and pretty drunk from all the happy hour liquor. Tony waded over to us and I casually turned Lisa toward him and said, "I think Tony needs a kiss too." Lisa showed no resistance and soon Tony had his tongue in Lisa's mouth and was embracing her with the passion of horny high school student. As they sucked on each other I unhooked Lisa's bra hook and slide the straps off her shoulders. I dunked underwater to slide her panties down. When I returned to the surface with panties in hand Tony removed Lisa's bra and had his faced smothered in her cleavage.

Lisa was whimpering and panting as I fingered her while Tony rotated between kissing Lisa's lips and her tits. After several minutes I could stand it no longer and took Lisa and lifted her up and lower her on my now freed erection. Tony watched as I worked my cock into Lisa's hot cunt and began thrusting as I hugged her. Lisa squirmed and moaned in eager participation as I took advantage of the saltwater buoyancy and slammed Lisa up and down on my cock.

Lisa held onto me with one hand but with the other she had grabbed Tony's cock and was pumping it under the water. I didn't last too long and was soon unloading what seemed like a huge load deep in Lisa's pussy. Tony grunted at the same time as Lisa yanked him off.

As we caught our breath we all looked at each other. Lisa finally broke the silence and said, "That was really hot." We all smiled and found our underwear with the exception of Lisa's new bra that had drifted off in the surf. We scurried to the shore under the cover of dusk and put our clothes on over our wet briefs and panties. We walked to our rooms and Tony gave Lisa a good night peck as he headed off to his suite. Lisa and I turned in by ten to sleep off the booze.

When I awoke Friday morning Lisa had my cock in her mouth and was giving me a fantastic blow job. I maneuvered to a 69 position and went to work on her clit as she continued sucking with a rare lust. I warned Lisa I was about to come and she pumped even harder. She took the full load and kept sucking as my cock shrank. I picked up my pace and soon had Lisa squealing in orgasm and collapsing. We slept two more hours before heading for the shower. Lisa admitted the events of the week had gotten her super horny and she apologized for letting things get out of hand when she had let Tony kiss her tits and she gave him a hand job. I assured her that the action had me as excited as she was, that Tony was a nice guy who deserved a little fun before his next assignment and that it was good to see her having so much fun with her new boobs after years of being bashful and reserved.

Lisa said that after last night and her hand job Tony would probably move on to his next challenge. I assured her that last night was more likely to have been interpreted as a tease and Tony would more than likely be eager to finish this conquest. Lisa gave me a sheepish naughty girl grin and asked what I thought Tony was after. I told her that if he was a normal guy, and he seemed to be given his taste in sexy clothes, he would love the chance to fuck the daylights out of her if given half a chance. I told her she should count on an even sexier outfit being delivered today. Lisa giggled and grinned, half flattered by the fact that someone might lust after her so overtly in front of her husband and no doubt a little anxious as to what might happen.

She asked how I felt about the prospect of Tony "wanting to get in her panties" -- Lisa's polite term for getting fucked. I told her that I knew she had a little anxiety over the fact that she hadn't played around in college as much as I had and that if she wanted to have a little fun while on vacation I was OK with it as long as it was safe and I was there. Lisa seemed a little surprised and asked, "OK with it -- where "it" means letting Tony in my panties?"

"Actually excited about "it" not just OK with "it." I responded. "Seems only fair that someone else should enjoy those $5000 boobs and hot body, and who better than a soldier."

Lisa said, "I'll take it under advisement." Lisa seemed to find Tony attractive and was also comforted by the fact that he was a few days from being sent on overseas duty.

We spent the day on the beach and trails returning to our room later in the afternoon. We both laughed when we saw the message light blinking on the phone. Lisa said she was anxious but apprehensive to see what Tony sent this time.

I said, "His other gifts paid dividends, it's no wonder he would continue." I ordered a pizza and Lisa walked to the lobby to retrieve the package.

When Lisa returned she was eager to open the box. As she began to open it I reminded her that she was obligated to model whatever gift she received. She had a sheepish grin as she opened the first box and pulled out a black leather skirt and semi-sheer black blouse. Lisa had never worn leather before and was intrigued. The second box followed. It contained the most gorgeous black lace bustier I had ever seen -- complete with garter straps. The box also had a matching bikini panty, and black seamed lace-top stockings.

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