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My wife, Karen, and I have been married over 21 years. We've built up a comfortable life as engineers, with 2 over achieving teenage children and a nice home in Florida. We met in college, me being a bit older than her, but somehow the stars aligned, and we ended up together. When we first met, I was immediately attracted to her wonderfully curvy body. Karen was an athlete, and had the most incredible legs and butt. This played right to my weaknesses, as I have always been an "ass and leg" man. This is not to say that her 36B tits are lacking, but to those that are inclined to that physical feature, I would say that after 21 years have passed, and after 2 breast fed children, her tits are as perky as when we first met.

If you do the math, it wouldn't take a intellectual wizard to figure out that we're in our 40s. This, however, wouldn't be obvious by looking at my beautiful wife. She's always had a very young looking appearance which belied her actual age. In fact, I would bet that most would guess her to be in her early 30s at the most.

As you can imagine, a successful life comes with a price. We're always off doing something with work, kids, the house - you get the picture. Such a busy existence has meant that exhaustion is a common occurrence when it comes to bedtime, and there is no denying our nocturnal playtime has suffered over time. Since I have always been much more sexually charged than Karen, the years have passed with an ever increasing degree of frustration on my part.

To try to bring a spark back into the bedroom, I have been pushing Karen to share in some fantasy "story telling" when we're playing intimately. One of the subjects that has for a long time "brought me to the boiling point", is the thought of sharing Karen with other men. There are reasons for this, which I won't go into here, but it works for me, and I'm sticking with it. For what its worth, I will say that I am of the firm opinion that after 21 years of marriage, there is little that can ruin our marriage, and that sex is just another way of granting pleasure to my spouse. That may not make sense to everyone, but again, it works for me. Karen is aware of my interest in watching her with other men, even if it only stays a fantasy, and has worked to keep the heat in our relationship through encouraging these fantasies. As we have continued sharing these "stories", I can say with certainty that Karen doesn't mind such fantasies either, since she always gets very aroused when we're sharing our thoughts.

This brings us to our recent experience, where we "upped the ante" a bit (okay, maybe more than a bit). We had decided to spend a week at a resort near us during the holiday break. We have been to this resort before, and find it to be relaxing with just the right amenities for a short family getaway. In addition to its proximity to outside activities, it also has a fine array of waterpark-like features, including several pools, jacuzzis, play areas, and an outdoor bar.

We checked in in the early afternoon with the kids and Karen's Mom (she often accompanies us on our trips - and honestly, I don't mind at all). After settling into the condo, we went off to partake in some local activities, returning in the early evening to eat a light dinner. Around 8, we decided we should go down to the pool and enjoy the evening down there. We spent a couple of hours splashing about with the kids, and playing a little "grab ass" between Karen and I, when I decided a change of venue was in order. I pulled Karen from the pool toward one of the jacuzzis in one of the more secluded parts of the facility. Unfortunately, the kids and Karen's Mom elected to follow suit, and my hopes for a bit of fun, with a little "public exposure" of my sexy wife seemed to be evaporating. When we got to the isolated spot, we discovered that we weren't the only ones with hopes of enjoying the warm water on this cool evening. Two young men, my guess was that they were in their late 20s, were already there, beers in hand and lightheartedly badgering each other on the merits of their respective preferred NFL teams.

We asked if they would mind if we joined them for a bit, and they were very accommodating. We introduced ourselves, the kids and Mom, and they did the same. Ryan and Derek were both on a short vacation to visit family in the area during the holidays. They had met in college, and since both their families lived in the area, had much in common. They stayed friends during their undergraduate tenure, and remained so over the ensuing years to the point that they tried to meet up whenever they could during such occasions. They told us that they preferred to stay at the resorts during these times, rather than deal with the unending drama of family during the holidays. We told them we completely understood.

While we became acquainted, they made no attempts to hide their interest in my wife. Karen is very social, and once she gets warmed up, anyone is an instant friend. As she sat on the seat between my legs, I would stroke my hands up her back, or down her sides, just to watch both Ryan and Derek follow them with increasing interest. I would then run them under water, and across her legs, which made her press back into me on each stroke. Ryan and Derek sat right across from us, talking, and although they couldn't see much between the water level being just above her breasts, and the bubbles from the jacuzzi pump, I knew they were acutely aware what I was doing. For Karen's part, she made no attempt to stop me, and I was starting to think that maybe my once shy wife might be up for a little exhibitionism with these young strangers.

Karen's Mom eventually decided that it was time to call it a night. I had hopes of spending a little more "fun time" with Karen in the jacuzzi with our new friends, so asked Karen's Mom if she wouldn't mind taking the kids up to the room and get them settled in for the night. After enduring the 15 minutes of whining from the kids about having to pack it in for the day; during which I kept up an increasing level stimulation to my wife's body, which included moving her next to me on the seat while I massaged her feet and her legs; Mom and the kids departed for the room.

After they left, I decided I wanted to see just how far Karen would let me show her off. As we sat talking, I kept working on my wife with my hands. Apparently, she must have been both relaxed enough in front of these two young men, and perhaps horny enough from my ministrations, to allow me more opportunity to show her off. As I worked my hands up her legs, they kept moving up until they were stroking her pussy through her bikini. I was amazed at her composure, as although she would occasionally pause in her though when I found her clit, she wasn't overly distracted either. I could tell Ryan and Derek knew what I was doing, and those pauses resulted in smiles directed right at her as they looked into her eyes. It's a bit hard to explain, but it was almost as if all three of us were working my beautiful wife over at the same time. My hands, and their knowing eyes, were truly making Karen squirm on that seat.

The conversation between the guys and us was quickly becoming more personal as time went on, and eventually turned more sexual nature. The guys were becoming more complementary of Karen's charms, and noted repeatedly that she had a body that any 20 year old would be proud of. The complements, suggestive stares, my hands, and the sexually charged moment seemed to be working Karen into a wonderful place. It was at this point, that I pulled Karen back to my lap and began planting kisses on her neck and back. At the same time, I my hand inside her bikini and slowly slid 2 fingers into her pussy. She made no attempt to stop me, instead spreading her legs to allow me more access. I kept wishing that the jacuzzi would shut down, so Ryan and Derek could get a good look at what I was doing to my sexy wife. There was no mistaking what was going on right in front of them though, as they could see her whole body moving slightly as she pumped her hips back and forth to the rhythm of my fingers in her warm pussy. If that wasn't telling enough, her next move made it all too clear. Karen shifted to one side of me, leaving one leg on my lap while the other went to the opposite seat between the guys. While my fingers remained inside of her, she reached over to my own shorts and pulled my hardening cock from its confines and began stroking it. Ryan and Derek just sat watching as both of our arms moved in very obvious stroking motions. They joined in by massaging her foot and stroking the leg between them.

Just as things were about to become more interesting, my cell phone rang. It was my son. Why is it that even with separate bedrooms, the two of them cannot cooperate for 2 minutes to do something as simple as get ready for bed?!? After grumbling a bit to him into the phone, I hung up and told Karen that I needed to go resolve some issues between the two of them. She released my hard cock, and I made no attempt to hide my hardon as I exited the jacuzzi and grabbed my towel. I stepped back to my wife, and kissed her long and hard, as she returned the same. I then said, loud enough for all to hear, "I'll be back in a little bit. Be good, but not necessarily behaved.", and gave her a wink. I smiled to the guys as I left them for the room.

I was gone about 20 minutes, between travel time back and forth to our condo, and dealing with the kids. As I returned to the jacuzzi, I stopped short in the shadow of a large palm. The sight that greeted me returned my cock to instant hardness. Karen, Ryan and Derek were still in the water, but they had changed positions from where I had left them. Karen was now seated between Ryan and Derek, who had moved right up next to her. On the deck, behind their heads, was a small pile of colorful clothing, part of which not surprisingly matched Karen's purple bikini. The three of them sat with their backs to my direction of approach. A dim light from one of the buildings revealed that there was some obvious motion to each of their shoulders. Both of Karen's shoulders were flexing in regular unison, as the broad outside shoulders of each of the men did the same. The guys were both angled slightly toward Karen, and Karen laid back with her head tilted back against the deck.

Slowly, but not necessarily discretely, I continued my approach to the trio, and once I was standing directly over my wife's head, slipped off my board shorts and crouched down next to her face. Karen heard me removing my shorts, and looked up and smiled at me. "I see you found a way to occupy yourself in my absence", I said, as I passed my hard cock across her lips. Ryan and Derek must have been doing a quite satisfactory job on her pussy, as once my cock touched her lips, her legs rose slightly out of the water, toes pointed, and she let out a gasp as she came on their fingers.

I looked down at my sexy wife, and at the men lavishing their attentions on her. Ryan continued to hold Karen's leg on his side up and out, while his arm curled back so his hand could play with her exposed right tit. Her chest was slightly out of the water now, and I watched as he lightly ran his fingers over her nipple, eliciting small gasps from her. Derek, his dark skin in contrast to Karen's light making it easier to see underwater, continued to work across her pussy. I watched as 2 of his thick fingers worked in and out of her pussy, his thumb stroking her clit at the same time.

Ryan turned to me and told me that Karen was the hottest woman he had ever known. I agreed, and Derek chimed in that he would love to taste the pussy that his fingers were thrusting in and out of at that moment. I looked down at Karen, my precum smearing her lips, and asked her if she'd like to continue this. She lustily looked into my eyes and said if I was okay with it, she was really enjoying what the guys were doing to her so far. At that point, I said (to no one in particular), that if we were going to continue this further, perhaps we should retire to a more private location, before we get kicked out of the resort for violating some decency rules. Everyone agreed and exited the water. We all stood naked on the side of the pool, all 3 sets of male eyes on the sexy woman in our presence, before we grabbed our things and wrapped ourselves in towels before heading to Derek's condo (his being the closest).

There was something very erotic about the 4 of us walking around naked under the towels. As we entered the building, a young couple was waiting in front of the elevator to catch the next ride up. When the doors opened, we all entered for the ride to the top floor. The young lady of the couple was very observant that all of us carried our swimming attire, and made some comment about it being a nice night for a skinny dip. Karen, a flushed, horny look in her eyes, turned to her and whispered that its even more exciting with 3 hard cocks to play with while your pussy is being pleasured. The couple looked at all 4 of us and smiled a knowing smile, and as the doors opened to our floor, the young man said that they'd have to try that too, shoved his hand down the front of his wife's shorts, and gave her a kiss. We all exited, the elevator, our party first, followed by the young couple. As we walked the remaining way to Derek's room, I reached up and pulled Karen's towel from her body. Without flinching, she continued naked to the door. While Derek fumbled with his access card, Karen knelt in front of him, pulled his cock from under his towel and sucked it into her warm mouth. The young couple following us saw this and the young lady let out a giggle as they passed, stopping at the next door down. "Enjoy" was all we heard as they disappeared into their room, and as Derek's door opened.

Once inside, we quickly lost the towels and adjourned to the living room. While Derek put on some soft music on the stereo, I took it upon myself to assure Karen got the treatment such a sexy woman deserved. I told the guys that Karen's favorite sexual activity is to have her pussy licked until she cums. I told them that anyone who wanted to fuck her, had to make her cum with his tongue before partaking in the warm tightness of her bare, juicy pussy. I got no arguments from either, as both said that they loved to eat pussy, and hoped that Karen was up for long and repeated sessions of tongue dancing in her sex. Karen's only reply was to take up a seat in front of the balcony door and spread her legs as far as she could, pointing at me, then crooking her finger with a 'come here' gesture. I approached her, but instead of kneeling between her legs, as I have done literally thousands of times before, I bent over her and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. I told her that I thought her new friends should enjoy her first and motioned for Ryan to take my place. Without a moments hesitation, he practically dove between her outstretched thighs and began vigorously lapping at her pussy while I took up another seat on the sofa to watch her being pleasured.

Without missing a beat, Karen's outstretched arm beckoned Derek to her side. As she was suggesting to Ryan that he slow down so she could enjoy his talented tongue for a longer time, she wrapped her delicate fingers around the massive dark shaft belonging to Derek. It was only at that moment that I took notice of his gifted member, as she guided him once again toward her waiting mouth. Opening her mouth to accommodate his girth, she flicked her tongue out to taste the precum leaking from him, before enveloping the head. For my part, I couldn't have been more turned on. As I sat on the sofa, lightly stroking my own cock, I reflected on what I was seeing before me. Here was my otherwise conservative wife, naked in a room with two men she had just met hours before. Her legs were splayed as one man lapped at her pussy and clit like a kitten at a saucer of milk. At the same time, she was doing her best to pleasure with her mouth, the largest cock I know she had ever had the pleasure of touching. I couldn't have been more aroused watching the most erotic scene I have ever seen unfold before me, with my wife as the center of attention.

Karen really loves to have her pussy licked. I have known this from the very first time I ever had the pleasure of tasting her sweet juices. Whenever I want to make Karen cum, I know I can never fail by using my tongue. Karen shaves her pussy bare for me, perhaps as much an encouragement to me to use my tongue on her as it is a matter of vanity. Now, for the first time (that I know of) since we've been married, another man was enjoying my wife's nectar, as another awaited his turn to do the same. I watched closely, as Ryan worked his tongue deep into her, flicking it back and forth inside, before pulling it out and working the same magic on her clit. I knew from experience that this variety of sensations would make fast work of her first oral orgasm, especially in light of the erotically charged atmosphere of having access to these new men, and their cocks. As expected, it was mere minutes before Karen pulled Derek's cock from her suctioning mouth with a 'pop', placed a hand on the back of Ryan's head, and thrust her hips up to his lapping tongue as she came. As I watched, I couldn't help but hope that someone in the building across from ours was looking out their window at that very moment, into the balcony of our current venue, seeing my sexy wife in the throws of an orgasm, with one man buried in her pussy, while another stood next to her with his hard cock in her hand. I love my wife!

Ryan must have been quite skilled and knowledgeable in his oral talents, because he knew just how to keep Karen at that peak for some time. As she thrust her pussy up into his mouth, he held his tongue still inside of her, until she came down from her euphoria. As he pulled away, he looked up at Derek and said, "I've got her all warmed up for you. Wait until you get a taste of this." He stood, and was quickly replace by Derek. It was obvious that he enjoyed bringing Karen to her climax, because as Karen grasped his cock to give him the same treatment that Derek had just enjoyed, she had hold of a very stiff and ready cock. Bringing him to her mouth, she treated herself to the same taste of precum with a flick of her tongue as she had Derek, before engulfing a good portion of his shaft. Ryan's cock was not quite as long as Derek's, in fact, he was about comparable to myself in length, but his girth was something altogether impressive. Karen had to really stretch her lips to encircle him, and it was quite the erotic sight to see her trying to get such a large volume past her lips. I was really looking forward to seeing him stretch her pussy in the same way.

Once Karen cums the first time, I know from experience that she pretty much stays on the edge. It takes very little additional stimulation to bring to another orgasm. The sexually charged and erotic atmosphere of the room, and the "naughtiness" of giving herself to these new men, left her with little to keep her from peaking again quickly under Derek's attentions. I couldn't say for sure, as looking at a watch was the furthest thing from my mind at the time, but I don't think Derek was tongue fucking Karen for more than 5 minutes before she grabbed his head with both hands and thrust her drenched pussy to his mouth in another quaking orgasm. On her way down, she just held him to her crotch, as he gently licked her stiff clit.

When she finally opened her eyes again, she looked over at me with total lust in her eyes. Her legs slowly fell from the arms of the chair, and Derek sat back on his feet as she rose and came to me. Her eyes told me that she was ready for her pussy to be filled and stretched by these men. I asked her if she was ready to give her pussy to Ryan and Derek, and she nodded slowly as she looked dreamily into my eyes. I asked her if she was enjoying herself, and smiling, she nodded, again saying nothing. "Do you want them to take you here?", I asked. Her only reply was to grab my hard cock, and pull me up and to the master bedroom.

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