Anthony Baritoli was insulted. Insulted that the girl he had just tried to make a move on had blatantly rejected him...and that was rare.


He wasn't exactly cocky... but he knew that he was good looking...or so the numerous women trying to get into his bed had told him. At 6'4, Anthony was hard to miss. He had bright blue eyes that were reminiscent of the clearest blue, sunny day. His build was athletic and strong from plenty of physical exertion. He had a dark tan from his love of being out doors and active. Usually choosing to swim or go rock climbing in his spare time. His hair was cut short, a dark brown color. But despite the short cut of his hair, the curly thickness of it was still evident.

He was also pretty well off and powerful...making his looks just a bonus to most women. He was the C.E.O of Baritoli enterprises which had just gone global.

He was out celebrating with a few of his buddies at Sky. It was on the roof of a building with flashing lights, the best D.J., and hottest girls. He liked going here because he owned a third of the club and was able to check on it while still out having fun with his buddies.

But tonight he didn't really want to be there...It had been a stressful ordeal to go global with his main business, and all he really wanted to do was go home and sleep.

But, he knew his friends wouldn't let that happen, especially since it was a Friday night. So he settled in and looked around him. The place was crowded. Because of his status as partial owner to the club, he was in the VIP lounge which over looked the dance floor, main bar, and entrance.

He sat there listening to his friend Nic talk about how he was going to bang the tiny blonde that just walked in. Nic was a good guy, just a complete womanizer. He was also a partial owner in the club and a successful business man in his own right. He had sandy blonde hair and a larger, more line backer esque body type than Anthony.

Anthony ran a lazy glance towards the woman of Nic's interest and stopped dead in his tracks. The girl that the blonde had walked in with was the most stunning woman he had ever seen.


Ale really needed to let loose. Her day had been pretty shitty. She had worked from 7 A.M until 3 P.M waitressing and then had to go to class until 7 o'clock. Her friend, Jess, had called her earlier that night telling her to come to Sky with her. Stating that Ale "didn't get out enough" and that she "absolutely had to come and pick up a hottie" because she was "young and working herself into an early grave". Ale had agreed

and decided that going out with Jess would be fun, but she definitely wasn't about to pick up a hottie...considering she was still a virgin and a bit inexperienced even though she was 21 going on 22 in December. Of course, Jess didn't know that about her...no one but her closest friend Lilly knew. And Lilly was currently in Miami going to University down there and trying her hand at swimsuit modeling.


Jess was absolutely stunning albeit a bit fake looking. She was a little on the petite side, standing at only 5'3. She had an angelic face and banging body. She had had a boob job when she was 18, stating that she "totally needed them to present the full, hour glass effect...like Marilyn Monroe!" She always had her make up done like a Malibu Barbie and her blonde hair straightened to perfection. Her nails were always fake and done in the French manicure style. Her skin was a nice porcelain color, despite her best efforts to get tan (because she only burned). Jess's style was always out there and not exactly classy...with tiger stripes in bright pink or something like that. Tonight for instance, Jess had chosen skin tight white jeans with 5 inch neon yellow pumps and a bright pink tube top that barely contained her huge breasts.

Ale hated going to clubs with Jess and being compared...she knew she wasn't unattractive...in fact it was quite the opposite...but she definitely wasn't 5'3 with an angelic face and miniature porn star body. She was actually 5'8 and had more of an athletic build, thanks to her swimming days. She had rounded cheeks and almond shaped eyes that were a vivid green color. Her auburn brown, thick hair went to the middle of her back and fell in soft waves that framed her face nicely. She had a pleasant honey-gold tan that came naturally. Not much for wearing a ton of makeup like Jess, she opted for a less extreme and less time consuming makeup ritual. She had cute dimples whenever she smiled and her cheeks which added to the overall effect because they turned into cute apples at the same time her dimples appeared.

Ale dressed a bit more subdued than Jess, at least in color palette. Tonight she wore a skin tight black mini dress with 4 inch "fuck me heels"...deciding on that particular outfit because it was her favorite and made her feel the sexiest. She opted for no panties considering that they would show through her body hugging dress and only wore a lacy light pink strapless bra as her undergarment.

Despite her inexperience with the other sex, she was still knew what men liked to see...growing up and watching shows like Sex in the City had taught her that much. It wasn't that Ale was a weirdo...she was just shy when it came to guys. She was always stumbling with her words and saying embarrassing jokes or awkward comments. So she had learned to just smile politely when men hit on her and then turn away before she made a total fool of herself.


Anthony tried to keep his face neutral after he was rejected...He had walked down from the V.I.P section with Nic in order to introduce himself to the brunette stunner and Nic to the pretty, but fake looking blonde that had walked in...and while Nic was hitting it off with the blonde, Anthony was crashing and burning with the brunette. He had tried to introduce himself and buy her a drink, but she had just smiled and then turned away, ignoring him completely.

Well he wasn't going to give up that easily! The girl seemed to have a shy innocence about her...despite her figure hugging black dress and sky high heels. That innocence made her even more attractive and the rejection that much more frustrating! He tried to tap her shoulder again to get her to turn around...she didn't even glance back at him!@! Anthony was not used to this. He was not one to be ignored. So he got up and went to the left side of her that she had turned to and extended his hand for a second time. Stating "Hi, I'm Anthony Baritolli"


Ale didn't know what to do...the most attractive man she had ever laid eyes on had just tried to hit on her? She had seen him approaching and immediately became apprehensive and nervous. She watched as his friend approached Jess and then as he approached her. He extended her hand and in order to save herself from an embarrassing conversation in which she stumbled over her words she had just smiled, looked away, and turned in her chair to the other side. She hoped that that would be the end of it...but then he came to the other side that she was now facing and extended his hand once again and said "Antony Baritolli"

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