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Chapter 1.

Stacey awoke about two hours before dawn. All the frustration of the earlier night had disappeared and she found she could finally think clearly. She turned over and gazed at the young man sleeping by her side. "Oh, Stacey," she thought, "What were you thinking of? He was so embarrassed already, why did you have to stomp on him and turn embarrassment into misery? Especially by stomping on his male ego? How would you like it, Stacey, if your vagina couldn't self lubricate, and he started demeaning your femininity over the issue? He's such a sweet guy; shy but so sweet, I still can't believe I'm the first girl he's ever dated. Why was I so cruel? It's only his love for me that that has kept him in my bed tonight... I must give him a sincere apology as soon as he's awake, before Lin gets back..." Stacey began to drift back to sleep. "Randolph, who would have ever thought I'd be thinking of marrying someone named Randolph? Randy's a cute name, though...."

Stacey was in her second year of a five-year nursing program. In her high school years and first year at college, she had only casual dating relationships. But last September, she met Randy, a third year engineering student in a mixer at nearby Boston University, and over the next six months the two became a close couple. About a month ago, Stacey's roommate Lin made the kind offer to sleep Friday nights with a friend down the dorm hall. This would give the couple some time for intimacy, and Stacey gratefully accepted. The time Stacey and Randy had used to explore their dreams and personalities had been very sweet, but the time they had used to explore their sexuality had been a disaster. Stacey and especially Randy were novices regarding sex, and they were quite uncertain about how to proceed.

Lin had been Stacey's roommate for close to two years now, and she was Stacey's closest friend. Lin was also majoring in nursing, in her third year now, a year ahead of Stacey. Stacey looked up to Lin as her big sister, even though Lin was 2" shorter than Stacey's 5'9", and they were both very supportive of each other. Stacey had never met anyone with such a wiry body as Lin's, and she secretly wished she could be so athletic.

Stacey had grown up in Massachusetts. Lin grew up in several states, living as a child first in Texas and then in California, and spending her high school years in a boarding school called the Colorado Rocky Mountain High. She fell in love with the mountains and the skiing, and during her senior year she found she had the skill and the stamina needed to join the Colorado State ski patrol. During a search and rescue mission in a brutal winter storm, her individual grit and determination had become the key difference for success in finding a group of lost climbers. Afterwards, the veteran patrol leader had paid her the ultimate compliment of calling her mountain tough.

Lin's history was a riches-to-rags story. Her parents' business collapsed along with the dot-com bubble just as she was about to enter her college years. She rose to the occasion, dedicating her time to becoming a top student while balancing a package of student loans, scholarships, and part-time jobs that would see her through to her R.N. and Masters degrees. She had had a couple of intimate relationships in her high school years, but felt she didn't have the time for such things since she had come to Boston.

Lin was coming down the dorm hall early Saturday morning with her sleeping bag in hand, knowing Stacey always awoke with the dawn light, and expecting Stacey and Randy to be out getting breakfast. Lin walked into the room with her thoughts on her schedule for the day, and was very surprised to see Stacey and Randy still sleeping in Stacey's bed, both naked except for a sheet that was only partially covering them. "Oh, cute penis!" thought Lin, and she considered quietly slipping back out of the room, but since they were all such close friends, she decided to tease them a bit. She loudly slammed the door, and said with a bright smile, "So, both you sleepyheads exhausted from a great last night?" right into the startled faces of Stacey and Randy.

Her friends' reactions were totally unexpected. Randy nervously said, "Oh, yes..." and then looked uncertain and turned to Stacey to see if he had said the right thing, completely oblivious to his genitals being on clear display for Lin. Stacey also looked very worried, looking back and forth between Randy and Lin and at a complete loss for words for what to say. Part of Lin's surprise was that she knew that Stacey was almost as modest as Randy, and here she was displaying her breasts to both Randy and Lin and totally ignoring the issue.

Lin dropped her sleeping bag and sat down quietly in a desk chair close to Stacey's bed. "Something's obviously worrying both of you. I'm sorry for teasing you. What's up? Can I help?"

Stacey spoke up first, "Randy, before I say anything else, I want to apologize for what I said last night. My cruelty was totally inexcusable. Please forgive me."

"Oh, Stacey, I love you so. Of course I forgive you YIKES!" said Randy, as he whipped the sheet to cover his genitals. Lin waited patiently; wondering if the two love birds would ever tell her what was going on. Stacey just sat quietly, giving Randy a loving smile, and Randy realized she was letting it be his decision about what to say to Lin.

Randy looked at Lin for a long moment, thinking about what a dear and trusted friend she was to him, and he decided to punch through his shyness and open up to her. "I'm having a major problem with premature ejaculation. It's been quite embarrassing and a total disaster for me. I'm frustrating the hell out of Stacey, and I don't know what to do..."

"Not a total disaster", said Stacey, desperate to say something supportive, "you did break my hymen our first night together...."

"And the closest I've managed since is to spray your legs with semen... Lin, do you know anything about this? Stacey and I have both tried searching the literature, and haven't found anything that seems to help. Our next step is the university clinics, I guess, but we're both so embarrassed about this, we haven't gone...."

"My boyfriend and I in my senior year in high school had this problem," Lyn confided. "Literature searches didn't help us much either..."

"Did you solve the problem?" asked Stacey.



"Experimenting. We finally had some ideas that proved effective, very effective, in fact. A good thing, too. Our boarding school nurse wouldn't have been supportive...."

"Lin, could you tell us what worked for you?" asked Stacey.

"Hmmph. I could try, but I don't think it would be very useful. The core of the solution for us was a combination of finding the right moments to do certain things, along with changing our attitudes. It's not just the physical stuff; it's the attitudes behind the caresses, and having different goals at different stages... And the details of the physical stuff would be hard to describe verbally. It's something to show by doing, rather than trying to talk about it. There are so many judgment calls to make, finding the right times to act. All the right timing is based on the emotions and the empathy between the lovers, and how could I ever put that into words? I'll try to tell you what I can, of course..."

"Lin," asked Stacey shyly, pausing a long moment before blurting out, "is Randy close enough to you for you to show us?"

"Stacey, do you know what you're asking?" said Lin, smiling a bit as she saw Randy's jaw drop in astonishment.

"I do."

Lin and Randy gazed into each other's eyes for several minutes, the room very quiet. Finally Lin said, "Randy, I've known you almost as long as Stacey has. You are a very dear friend to me, and I think I can empathize with you and become your sex ed teacher. What are your feelings about this?"

"Oh, dear, sweet Lin. I've never told you this, but I think you're drop dead gorgeous. I'm also very attached to Stacey. I don't know.... Would I be getting intimate with you?"

"Very. This isn't a trivial matter. You would be accepting me as both a doctor and a lover, within the teaching time. And I'm not a doctor, and I'm not your lover. I think I can do this, though, based on friendship, and not on courtship."

"Could I stay and watch?" Stacey asked quietly.

"Oh, Stacey! More than that! It's essential you be with us. And as things progress, you need to be here so the physical expressions can transfer to you."

"When could we begin?"

"Anytime, Stacey. Now would be fine, actually. But we still haven't heard from Randy yet."

"This is so sweet of you, Lin" said Randy. "How would this work? Would Stacey and I be naked, and you dressed showing us what to do?"

"Ha!" laughed Lin, taking off her shoes and socks. "That sounds like a recipe for comic insanity!" She walked to the door, taking off her blouse, and locking the door. After scanning the window shades to be sure they were being discrete, she calmly removed her bra, skirt, and panties, and sat back down naked. "Randy, I'm offering to take you as my lover for a time of teaching, and I'm asking you to accept me as your doctor and your lover, based not on sexual commitment, but on our friendship, and our common goal of supporting your union with Stacey. Do you accept me?"

"This is every guy's fantasy, getting sexy with two beautiful women. With Stacey's support, I can accept. What will it be like?"

"It'll be a whole range of feelings. Most of it will be very pleasurable, actually. One part briefly painful, much more of it wildly erotic. Some of the stuff we'll do first will feel so different; you might be a bit uncomfortable. My doctor role comes first, before my role as lover. Overall, though, I think you'll really enjoy this!"

"What should I do first?"

"Grab a towel, and get dressed."


"Go down to the bathroom on the men's floor, and take a shower. Be sure to empty your bladder, and have a bowel movement too if you can. Stacey and I will take showers up here, and we can start when we all get back."

Chapter 2.

Stacey and Lin came back together to their dorm room from the showers, having just finished blow-drying their hair. After closing the door, Lin walked over to her side of the room and slipped out of her bathrobe, standing naked facing her bed and thinking about how the morning was progressing. "I'm surprised Randy isn't back yet," she said. "His hair is a lot easier to dry than ours."

"Oh, I'm not surprised," said Stacey. "I know Randy. We've given him a lot to think about. He probably won't be back for a little while yet."

"Oh," said Lin, and she stood for a moment, deciding whether to get dressed, when she felt Stacey's hand on her shoulder, and Stacey softly calling her name.

Lin turned to be embraced by a naked Stacey. Their two bodies met and Lin's arms came up to hug Stacey back. They stood perfectly still, embracing for several minutes, and then Lin began very softly to caress the small of Stacey's back and the top of her buttocks. After of few moments, Stacey began to return the caress at the sides of Lin's hips. Lin closed her eyes and rested the side of her head against Stacey's, feeling all the tension flow out of her body.

"Nervous?" asked Stacey.

"I was, a little, before this hug," answered Lin. "Thank you, Stacey, thank you for loving me." Stacey kissed Lin and returned to caressing her hips. Lin felt deeply relaxed by the caresses, her mind lost in thought. "It's been three years since I've been hugged like this," she thought. "Three long years. It feels so wonderful, I had forgotten. I had forgotten, that it feels so wonderful to be hugged and caressed. I had forgotten, how much my spirit needs this! Three long years. My financial footing was so precarious. It's taken me three years to finally feel secure about being on my own and independent. With my dedication to my studies and the all the student jobs, I decided I didn't have time for dating. But, oh, Stacey, it feels so good to be hugged and petted! I'm beginning to rethink my position... Perhaps I should be more receptive to dating possibilities...."

"Lin?" asked Stacey.


"I want you to know how grateful I am for what you're doing for Randy and me. I want you to know there's not an ounce of jealousy in my heart or mind about this."

"I know, Stacey. Dear, sweet Stacey, I know."

"Lin... I've been on the pill for months now, ever since I began to think of Randy as my future husband. But I know you're still having your periods. I also have a few condoms. Do you need one for Randy and you?"

"Oh, Stacey! I have no intention of ever having intercourse with Randy! I will be getting sexy with him though. And if he's ready for intercourse this morning, it's you who will be his partner. If he's not ready, and he might well not be this first session, just be patient! Thanks for the warning, though. You're right, I am having periods, and I might well be in the fertile part of my cycle right now. I have to be very careful not to get any of Randy's semen near my own vagina. Hopefully though, it'll be quite the opposite for you!"

After another minute, there was a knock on the door. Stacey recognized Randy's distinctive knock, and she called him into the room after releasing Lin from her embrace. Randy entered and locked the door, and then looked like he was having trouble swallowing as his eyes went from naked Lin to naked Stacey.

"Sorry if I'm late, just lost track of time, thinking in the shower."

"Oh, there's no time schedule on this, Randy" said Lin. "Relax! Do you want to chat for a bit, before we get started?"

"I'm feeling a bit nervous, but I'm ready. Perhaps we can stop and talk later, if I feel the need to stop...."

"Sure, Randy, that'll be fine." Lin gathered up the pillows on Stacey's bed, and also the two from her own bed, and placed them on the floor in a triangle pattern. "Randy, I want you to completely undress, and then get down on all fours on the floor, your knees, one on each pillow here, your hips in the air, and your head and elbows here. Rest both your forearms along the two pillows in front, and also rest you head in the center of the pillows. Try to relax, just get comfortable."

Lin went to her dresser and pulled out a tube of KY jelly and a latex glove. Randy gulped when he saw what she had, and then gulped again when Lin sat down directly behind him. "No, Randy. You've brought the two knee pillows together. Get back to the triangle pattern. That's right... A little more.... Oh, don't by shy, my dear friend! More. That's good. Now, just rest and relax. Close your eyes if you want."

Randy's penis was hanging erect between his legs. The sight brought back a sharp memory to Lin, of having Jeff in this position for the first time. "Oh, Randy," Lyn thought, "I bet I could have your semen on the floor in seconds if I wanted to. You are so sweet to be erect for me, desiring me, but Randy, you and I are heading in a very different direction!" So thinking, Lin lubricated both her hands and gently took a testicle in each hand, slowly running her fingers around them, gradually penetrating the scrotal sac as her fingers moved deeply up, all the while monitoring Randy closely for any discomfort. Randy shuddered several times, but it was not from pain, and Lin recognized this. Stacey sat by Lin's side, totally still and mesmerized by what Lin was doing.

With several fingers, Lin finally reached her goal, the roof the scrotal sac. "My fingers are now at the very bottom of you abdominal wall, Randy. It forms the top roof of your scrotum. Now, bear down and cough!" Lin applied diagnostic pressure with her hands, pushing her fingers firmly against the scrotum's muscular roof. Randy gasped in surprise and pulled away, turned around and sat down facing Lin.

"Lin, what in the world are you doing?"

"Randy, first of all, did I hurt you?"

Randy considered. "No, it didn't hurt at all. I guess it felt... sexy? No.... I don't know what it felt like.... I'm being very inconsiderate to complain, aren't I?"

"No. I'm glad I wasn't hurting you. Relax, Randy. It's impossible for you to be inconsiderate in this. Please believe me, you should be and are in total control. You can stop whenever you want. You can stop for a pause, stop to end for today, or stop to end for forever. I've given you my commitment to help as long as you desire help from me. My schedule for today is very light, to write my weekly letter to my parents, to do my laundry, and to study for some exams next week. I already know the material well. I'll be as accommodating as I can, you have my word, and I'm very flexible for today. What is you desire?"

"Lin, you're an angel. I'll get back on the pillows in a moment. Can you tell me what you'll be doing?"

"For the first part, in my role as doctor, yes. I'm going to give you as complete a pelvic and reproductive exam as I can, and with my training, I can do quite a bit. I'm quite a bit beyond where a normal third-year nursing student would be. I've been very focused in my studies, moving ahead of the core curriculum and branching out into different electives. I've also internalized the nursing ethics. In my second role, my role as lover, I'll be doing some wild things, perhaps some things only a fully healthy male body should engage with. I will not harm you; my character forbids it in every dimension. I need to examine you as a doctor, before knowing how to engage with you as a lover. If I find a problem, we can still do sex ed together, but perhaps at a slower, gentler pace."

Randy got back into position on the pillows, offering Lin full access to his scrotum. "Can you talk to me while you're doing this, let me know how things are going?"

"Up to a point," said Lin, beginning to penetrate the sac again with her fingers, and probing more deeply as she continued to talk. "If I were only your doctor, the answer would be a full yes. But I'll also be your lover, Randy. Learn to trust me. Trust my intentions, even though you don't know what my intentions are. Reach out beyond your understanding and trust me. I'll need that trust when I become your lover. There, my fingers are back in diagnostic position. Bear down and cough for me. Good!" Lin continued so shift her fingers inside the scrotum. "Cough again. Good! And again. And again...."

After a while, Randy became very relaxed with Lin's presence inside his scrotum. He would gaze into Stacey's eyes, smile and sigh, as Lin spent her time in a very thorough exam of the testes, the inner sacs around them, and especially the tubular connections. Lin's probing was so extensive that in a pure clinic setting, it might have been a bit unsettling, but she was so clever to mix in soft caresses that the entire scrotal exam wound up feeling very sexy, just in a very unusual way.

Lin finished with the scrotal exam, smiling at a deeply relaxed Randy with his flaccid penis hanging loosely between his legs. "Excellent," thought Lin, "I have his penis in just the condition I want it to be in for now."

Lin cleaned the lubrication off her right hand, and snapped on the latex glove and lubricated the gloved index finger. "I know you saw me get this out, Randy. Now be a good boy and open up for me..." Randy went from deeply relaxed to more than a bit tense. "There, there, Randy," said Lin, as she caressed his tight anus with her lubricated finger, "Just relax and let me penetrate..."

"I've never had this done before."


"No... It does feel really nice, what you're doing. Can you just push in and force the penetration?"

"I'd rather not. It would be too much like raping you. I was almost raped once, and it scared me greatly. I'd much rather have your body accept me to enter it..." Lin continued to stroke his anus; confident the gentle stimulation would soon dilate the sphincter muscles. As she waited and caressed, she thought of the trust she soon would need as Randy's lover, and decided to make an offer of trust from her side....

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