tagLoving WivesTiming Is Everything Ch. 03

Timing Is Everything Ch. 03


If you haven’t read the first two chapters, please do. The story will make more sense, and it will flow better for you. I will appreciate your votes and your feedback, also. Happy reading.

It had been a truly interesting day, indeed. Sandy, Debbie, and I all rested after our sexual tryst, in my hotel room. I couldn’t get over how lucky I was this day. I’ve read about this stuff in Penthouse magazine, but it always seemed to be a dream and not something for me. This was real. Here I was, looking at Debbie and Sandy, both splayed out, all over the bed. The room was full of the aroma of perfume and the scent of sexual passion.

Debbie’s big brown eyes looked distant, and her flat tummy moved up and down with her breathing. I could not take my eyes off her neatly trimmed pussy. While Sandy had an almost innocent looking, clean-shaven pussy, Debbie had the most erotic closely trimmed strip of hair. It went from a few inches above her clit area, all the way down her outer lips. The strips of hair on each outer lip were narrow, about a quarter inch. The length of her trim was also erotic, at about an eighth inch long. I just stared in utter fascination; her juices making her pussy glisten.

Debbie was slightly shorter than Sandy, maybe by an inch. I’d say they were 5’6” & 5’7” tall. I would look downward while standing near them, with my 6’2” frame. Even though they looked a lot alike, Sandy’s tits were not quite as full as Debbie’s, but were slightly more pointed, like a younger female can tend to be. Debbie had well-rounded breasts, and roughly 36c, in size. I guessed Sandy to have a 34 or 35 bust, but her legs were well toned. Her muscles were more accented than Debbie’s. I imagine that was due to Sandy’s active cheerleading days, back in school.

As I sat staring at these two beautiful women, both naked and lying spent, I contemplated how, in my mind, I wanted to screw them both again. I had reasoned, just a short time ago, that I needed to “punish fuck” them both. I guess that was just my mind’s way of having a fun joke over what this whole day had brought to us. Deep in, I knew I needed to settle down and face a reality.

While this quick affair had been spectacular, the guilt that I felt for cheating on Meagan had more of an impact on me than I thought it would. I did feel better, to some degree, knowing that she had also cheated on me. I suppose it was a means of justification, so to speak. What I needed now was to go home. I needed to hold Meagan, tell her I loved her, and make up for missed time. In a strange way, I needed to talk to her about what had happened here, and maybe get her to tell me about her affair. I knew it had been a one-night-stand. I also knew of the pain and guilt she felt, as it was the same that I felt, here and now.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoyed the sex with Sandy and Debbie, but I also love Meagan, my wife of eight years.

“Scott, are you ok”, a voice brought me out of my fixation. I looked at Sandy as she asked if I was ok. Her shoulder-length auburn hair danced across her cheek as she looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes. Smiling back at her, I told her everything was just fine. While looking into her eyes, I continued my daydream. I did know everything was ok. I knew, that as much fun as we had, I knew I wanted to be with my own wife. That knowledge somehow made things seem better to me.

In my mind, I wondered if all of us would ever get together, at my home, with my wife. Somehow, it didn’t matter right now. If after I cleared everything up with Meagan, and she was ok with all of this, then maybe I would look forward to it. I guess, until I could get that sense of relief and approval, I couldn’t, with any kind of reality, plan any group sex event. Deep in, I know how innocent Meagan is. She may have had an affair, while Debbie was visiting her, but I was willing to bet it was a one-time thing.

Looking at Sandy, I caressed her smooth shoulder, glancing at the goose bumps I was creating. Debbie seemed to be in her own world, resting on the bed. “Sandy, you seem different to me right now, than you did most of the day”, I said. “What do you mean”, she asked me, as she ran her hand through her hair? “You seemed so naive and innocent during most of our time together, yet after I saw you kiss Debbie, so passionately, you just seem different”. “It’s almost like it was not really you, kissing your sister”, I said.

“Hey, all I know is that I really liked it”, Debbie chimed in. I noticed that Sandy seemed to be biting her lower lip, as Debbie spoke. Debbie had rolled up onto an elbow, joining in the conversation. Her shiny blond hair, so short and sexy, seemed to bounce with her every move. Sandy seemed to want to say something, and I tuned my attention toward her. Debbie, also sensing this, asked Sandy if she was ok? Sandy spoke softly, placing a hand on Debbie’s well-tanned thigh. “What Scott seemed to pick up on is true”, she said. “I liked having sex with Scott”. She went on to tell how she had never felt so special, by any other man, and that she knew it had to end, but had a hard time with the idea. “No other guy, has ever made me feel so sensual”, she spoke.

“You were sensual, you little fox”, Debbie responded. “I mean, the way you made me feel when you kissed me, and then went down on me, eating my hot pussy”, Debbie continued... “That’s just it”, Sandy interrupted. “That really isn’t me”, she said. Debbie had a look of surprise on her face. Sandy felt bad, hoping not to have hurt her sister’s feelings. “Debbie, I was caught up in the moment, and I finally tried what you have been wanting me to try for so long”. “It was different and intriguing, but it just isn’t my style”, Sandy added. “I guess I’m just a guys gal, and I hope I haven’t hurt you by telling you this, but I don’t think it’s something I would do very often”, she said. “I’m just not “Bi”, Sandy concluded”.

Debbie sat up on the bed, taking Sandy’s chin in her hand. “Look Hun, I’m not hurt”. “I really enjoyed what you did, but I, myself am not as much “Bi”, as I am just plain sexual”. “I go for men or women, equally”. “I actually appreciate you telling me how you feel”, Debbie remarked.

The two sisters embraced, telling each other how grateful they were to have a good sisterly relationship. “Hey, we’ll always have our affair with Scott”, Debbie spoke, as she wiped a tear of joy from Sandy’s cheek. They both laughed, and I was somewhat relieved, as well. It seemed like we were all sharing a calm moment, when I decided to tell them my desires.

“I need to tell both of you something”, I said. The two sisters looked at me as I continued. “This whole thing has been great”. “I am not sure who stalked who, but in the end, it was fun and exciting”, I added. “I have been so caught up in my job, for the last few months, that I have really missed Meagan”. “Hell, I even spaced off my own birthday”. “Nobody does that”, I said. “This whole thing has made me realize a few things”, I said. “One, I really miss Meagan, and I want to go home to be with her”. “Two, I have felt guilty all day long for what has happened, and if those feelings are anything like Meagan felt after her affair, She’ll want to be with me as much as I want to be with her”, I finished.

I was surprised that these two lovely women understood how I felt. “AHH, your so sweet”, they both seemed to say at once. “Meagan is very lucky to have a great guy like you”, Sandy said. “I hope so”, I responded. “I plan on canceling my business here, right now, and booking a flight home”. “I am going to clear everything up with Meagan, and hopefully we can enjoy sharing the accounts of our affairs with each other”. “I hope I am not hurting your feelings here, but until I can get everything straight with my wife, I don’t think we should get together again”, I said. Both women smiled with understanding. I believe Sandy had a more difficult time with it than Debbie, but we all agreed to end it for now.

“If things go good with Meagan, I promise to have her call you and the two of you can come to visit us”, I said. “I have to be honest though”, I continued. “I have known Meagan a long time, and I just don’t know if she would be into a group sex thing”. Debbie reached out her arm, placing it on my shoulder. “I think you’re right”, she said. “The night we had our fling with the two guys, out drinking, she was totally torn with guilt”, Debbie said. “It would take a lot of preparation and work to get her to that point”, I said. I went on to say that we would all take one step at a time.

Sandy added that she too, would not really be into a group sex thing. She would feel comfortable in a one-on-one with me, but didn’t think she would make the trip if it didn’t look like she could get with me again. “I guess we will need to play it by ear”, I said.

We all took time to clean up and get dressed. I couldn’t get over how sexy both of these sisters were, as I watched them dress. Sandy just put on her jeans and pullover again. Debbie was breath-taking as I watched her straighten her stockings, and pull on her skirt. She casually squeezed her tits as she fit them into her lacy bra.

We made sure we exchanged numbers, so we could keep in touch. As they prepared to leave my hotel room, Sandy had tears in her eyes. She gave me a long hug and kissed my neck. “I meant what I said, that this has meant the world to me”, she said. Hugging me tightly, she did not want to leave. “I will miss you and I hope you will come back here, to Phoenix, to see me again”, she said, pulling away slowly. I knew what she was going through. I would really miss her too. Debbie gave me a quick kiss, telling me to be sure to keep her posted. “If it works out ok, I really would like to come and see you and Meagan”, she said. “I’ll keep in touch”, I said, as they moved to the door.

After they left, I looked at my watch. It was getting too late to do anything about my trip, until morning. I drank a beer, watched a bit of television, and then went to bed. The guilt returned again as I realized I hadn’t called Meagan today. Being an hour earlier, in Portland, I knew I was ok to call her. I made a quick call, but got the answering machine.

“Hi dear, I was just thinking about you, and I wanted to tell you how much I love you”. “Thanks for the surprise birthday present, I’m looking forward to telling you about it”. “Love ya”. “Talk to ya tomorrow”. “Bye, Bye”. I hung up the phone, relieved that I at least called and left her a message.

The next morning, it took me no time at all to clean up, check out of the hotel, and head for the airport. I was able to get a flight, and as I waited in the concourse, I called my business partners to cancel further meetings. I explained it away as an emergency at home. I had 3 hours to wait for my flight, but it would be worth it.

I sat subdued, trying to decide if I should call Meagan or not. I wondered if I should call to let her know I was coming home three days early, or if I should just surprise her.

After some thought, I opted for the surprise. As I waited for my flight departure, I couldn’t stop thinking of the events of the previous day. I had started out the day, following two gorgeous women, and here I was, a day later, smiling about having fucked and sucked both of them.

My thoughts deepened as I felt the jet being backed out onto the tarmac. Eyes closed, I fell asleep, thinking about a reunion with my wife.

I must have been totally exhausted, as the next thing I knew, we were touching down in Portland. I squinted my eyes as I tried to focus. It seemed good to be back in town, I thought.

Like a man on a mission, I made haste in getting my bags and hailing a cab. The ride home seemed to go on forever, as I planned my surprise for Meagan. She would not be expecting me for a few more days and I knew she would be shocked.

“That will be $40 sir”, the cab driver said, pulling up in front of my home. I gave him a fifty and told him to keep the change. I was excited, and I could feel my heart pounding as I walked up the walkway. The air was fresh and the sky was now dark, at 8:30pm, and I had a good feeling about things. I couldn’t wait to see the look in Meagan’s eyes when she would see me come into the house.

Just as I approached the door, Meagan burst through, coming out to meet me. She had seen the cab pull up and couldn’t believe her eyes, seeing me get out. I pretty much dropped all of my bags as she jumped up on me. Her arms flew around my neck and she just hung there as I hugged her. Our lips met instantly as I held her tight, spinning her in a circle on the front porch.

We shared a long needed kiss, clutching each other. I could smell her sweet scent and perfume as she buried her face into my neck. My darling wife is a petite gal, and squeezing her was always fun. I hugged her close, my arms around her back. Meagan is 5’5” tall, 107 lbs. I looked into her blue eyes, thankful that I was now home with her. I could feel her 34c tits pushing into me as I held her.

We finally separated our bodies, eyes never leaving each other. “Wha. . What’s up”, she asked? “Why are you home early”? “Is something wrong”, she asked with a worried look on her face? “No dear”. “Nothing is wrong, in fact, everything is right”, I responded. Meagan’s eyes sparkled but welled up with tears as I told her that I just needed to be with her. We went into the house, hand in hand, and then embraced again.

“Meagan, I have missed you terribly, and I have neglected you, placing way too much importance on my job”, I said. “Debbie played the tape for me yesterday, and your birthday present really touched me”, I continued. Meagan looked into my eyes, her short brown hair sitting just upon her ears, and her neck looking so inviting. I could tell she had questions, but she didn’t ask them.

“Where do I start”, I asked? “I love you so much, with all of my heart, and I want to tell you everything that happened”. “I just don’t know how to start, but I know I love you and I want you to know that I have made a mistake”, I said. She looked concerned and worried as to what I had to tell her, but she took my hand, squeezing it gently. We worked our way to the couch, sitting near each other so we could talk. “I have made mistakes too”, she said, looking into my eyes. “I don’t know what you’ve done, Scott, but whatever it is, I love you too, and we can work it out”.

“Debbie played the tape for me, but I wondered why you were so willing to have her strip for me”, I said. Before she could respond, I told her that I knew about what happened when Debbie came to visit. Meagan bowed her head and began to sob, as I pulled her to me. I began to tell her again that I loved her and I was looking forward to hearing all about her affair. She still seemed full of shame, but now had a surprised look on her face, as I didn’t seem angry.

“Sweetheart, I know about your guilt and I know how it has torn you apart, because I have gone through the same thing, just the last two days”, I said. “I too have had weakness, and the guilt that I felt over it has been overwhelming. “It was after Debbie told me about the night that you two went out for dinks”. “I know about the torment, you have been enduring, all this time”.

Meagan openly sobbed now, feeling shame, but also relief that it was in the open. I held her, telling her it was ok. I promised I was not mad, and I apologized for slipping up myself. As we held each other, she asked me if I had sex with Debbie? Without going into details, I told her that I did have sex with Debbie, but that I also had sex with Sandy.

She looked up at me, her sobbing turning to a few heavy sighs. She seemed to regain her composure as I stroked my fingers through her thick hair. I knew she wanted to say something, but she hesitated. I spoke first. “Meagan, I want to be completely honest with you, which is why I’m home early, too”, I said. “I did have sex with Debbie and Sandy, and I really enjoyed it, but I want you to know, it was just sex”. “It is you that I love and I have felt tremendous guilt”, I added. I told her that I was glad she now knew it, and I hoped we could get through it.

I could feel her nipples harden against my body. I backed off and looked down to see them pushing against the thin material of her nightshirt. She was clearly dressed for bed. Since I knew that we both slept in the nude, my breathing quickened, knowing she had no other clothing on underneath. Her pullover nightshirt hung to just below her waist, at upper mid-thigh length.

I realized again, what I had been missing, as I was fixed on her smooth legs. Meagan always kept her legs shaved smooth. Sitting on the couch, in this position, had made almost her entire thighs open to my view. Looking further down, I smiled as I saw her feet and toes. She knows how much I like her to have neatly trimmed, painted toenails. The polish on her toes was a shiny, bright red, matching her fingers. Her left ankle was accented with the gold chain I had given her for last Valentines Day.

I had a bulge in my pants, and I hoped we would be making love soon. She still seemed to have something on her mind, so I pressed further. “What is it”, I asked? “I see something in your gaze, and I’m wondering what you’re thinking”, I added. “I’m so glad to hear you say that you had sex”, she said, waiting for a reaction. I said nothing, just bewildered. Sensing this, she explained more. “I wanted you to get even with me, be . . be . . because when I slipped up and had the affair, I . .I really enjoyed it”, she said, looking down.

Her breathing was heavy. I could tell she was actually turned on. I cupped her chin, raising her face to look at me. I saw the passion in her loving blue eyes. I knew she wanted to talk about it. “Meagan, I want you to tell me all about your night out with Debbie”. “I want to hear all of the details of your affair”, I told her. She trembled, partly with fear, but also with sexual arousal. She had a shiver run through her and she gasped for a breath of air. “I’ll tell ya what”, I said. “Let me hit the bathroom real quick, to freshen up”. “It’s been a long day”. “Lets meet in the bedroom, and tell each other what we want to share”, I said. She grinned, somewhat relieved that this was going better than she thought it would.

Several minutes later, I entered the bedroom. Meagan was stretched out on the bed, hands interlocked behind her head. This position made it so I could see her pussy, up underneath her nightshirt. The view was intoxicating, and I was sporting a hard-on. She just watched as I undressed. I didn’t hesitate to get completely naked, and climbed onto the bed next to her.

After a brief pause, she began to tell me about her affair. I lay on my side, facing her and lightly caressing her tummy, through her shirt.

She told how Debbie had shown up, basically unexpected. It was such a surprising reunion. The two of them were so happy to see each other they went out to celebrate. Dinner and drinks were the beginning of an eventful night. They ended up at a popular dance club, mostly to hang out. It was then, that two guys hit on them. Since they were pretty loose with drinks, they ended up dancing. Meagan thought she was in control, but having missed me a lot, as I traveled, she got caught up in the sexual tension. She had a real struggle with her inner feelings, but the body won, over the heart.

I was relieved to hear that Meagan did not get involved with both guys. They each stayed with the man that they originally danced with. She described how the sexual tension escalated. They had been dancing a slow dance, when her partner reached around to cup her ass. “I was on fire, and I felt like I would scream if I didn’t get some relief”, she said. “I could feel his cock harden as we pressed together”. “I seemed to lose control when he kissed me, on the dance floor”. “I felt myself getting moist, and I was glad when Debbie asked me if we could leave”. “I didn’t realize it at first, but what she had in mind was taking the two guys with us”. “Part of me wanted to say no, and I knew it was wrong”. “Another part of me was so worked up and horny, I just went along with the idea”.

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