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Tims Decision


It's a little difficult to know where to start this story really. Its about my demise, infidelity, unfaithfulness, a cheating wife. Call it what you will, its what I am. The trouble is, it depends on which day of the week it is, what mood I am in, whether I like it, love it, or just plain hate it, and hate myself.

If it's any other time I am delirious about it, can't get enough, I beg for it, plead for it, I need the bad, naughty, illicit feeling the grips me, the fear of being found out, discovered, unearthed. And it's at those times that I get battered from pillar to post, fucked, shagged, raided, turned upside down, literally.

I get banged day, and sometimes night, if he is away from home for his work. John has no idea of course that his beautiful forty year old wife is a whore, a slut, a cock banging lover. That I get assed fucked, face fucked and pussy fucked at will, I hated the very first time of all three, but now, well, now I just cannot get enough.

Except as I say, when remorse and guilt take over, and then Tim stays away from me. Even when John has an overnight, if I am up in the air about it. He knows my moods, he knows when he can and can't take me. And take me he does when it and me are, 'on.'

I am Toni Johnson, a forty year old long time married woman, John was my first love and he will be my last, as long as he never knows about Tim and I. I have very dark brown hair, it is short into my neck, I have a long fringe into my dark hazel eyes, with bangs down my ears, sideboards to men. The style sets my face off which I know men find more than attractive, I have big wide eyes, a pert nose, full lips, and John has told me a lot, and friends, that I have a soft face, innocence, angelic, with a creamy complexion.

And unlike a lot of women as they grow older, I liked the way I was aging, I had little lines in the corner of my eyes, and small ones at the corners of my mouth. I believed they enhanced my looks. They gave me maturity, an authority, a command of myself in my opinion, and as I was to find out soon, I was indeed, a proper first rate, full on, undocumented MILF, though I never knew what that was right then.

My downfall to another man, or in this case a boy, began a year ago last month, and I never saw it coming, well, I had had hints, looks, longing in Tim's eyes, stains on his bed sheets, and once or twice, I found used lacy panty's of mine under his pillow, and on one occasion filled with his cum. Tim of course is my son, my only son.

I love him more than life itself, which was one of the reasons I suppose that he managed to seduce me, and take me for his lover, which I now am, full on. Unknown to me, he got the idea to seduce me because his dad was involved in a road accident.

It wasn't his fault, he got shunted from behind and his back was quite severely injured. It ended up in the courts, he won, and got a large amount of compensation. But it was Tim who took it all forward, unknown to his dad, and certainly unknown to me.

John could no longer sleep properly in our bed, we tried every which way, in the end Tim went on line and found an orthopaedic one, it took a while to find the proper mattress but he did. The thing was, it was a single bed, one that lifted and moved for John's personal comfort.

Then Tim got me one with a mattress to suit me. So his dad and I ended up in the same room, 6 feet apart, and in single beds. Goodbye sex life! We did have sex of course, but it was I who had to visit him, and it was always me on top. It was great at first, dominance was mine, speed, initiation, all mine, but 3 to 4 months later I was getting fed up. The 'visits' lessened, I bought a vibrator and it went from there.

Tim was far more astute than anyone gave him credit for. I know all this now, I didn't know it then. He was paying me attention, compliments, even clandestine touches and caresses. I did like him being around me, he comforted me, he kept me feeling like the woman I am.

I love sex, and have always had a great sex life until the accident. Now I am cut off from making love, having love made to me, or I was until took it upon himself to 'take' me. I have to confess there were times when I wish I could have met a man just for sex, but I knew I would never go there. I was married, never unfaithful, and never would be, HAH!

My persona is who I am, I am relatively shy, reticent, don't look for confrontation, back off. And I suppose it was another reason Tim got me to his way of thinking, that and things I will explain later. So I came home from shopping one day, and there was a box on the table, with it was a note in Tim's handwriting.

"Same size as me mom," was all it said. It was a box about 7 or 8 inches long, and 2 or 3 inches wide and wrapped with a lovely red ribbon. John was due home in about 30 minutes so I opened it straight away and am I glad I did.

My heart almost stopped, inside was a vibrating dildo, it was see through, the batteries on show, a ridged top half, and a bulbous tip. I froze in shock, "Tim," I shouted in my head, I heard a thump from his bed room so I knew he was there. I quickly took it out, and I turned it on, it throbbed and quietly buzzed in my hand. I even touched my nipples with it and it sent me up the wall. The head turned around in smooth movements.

I hurriedly put it back in the box and took it quietly upstairs and hid it in my drawer. I should have thrown it away, I know that now, but I never, end of. Instead I hid it in my drawer, I went down and prepared dinner, and when John came home we were Mr and Mrs, the usual lovey dovey stuff, but that damn vibrator was well to the forefront of my mind. What the hell was Tim thinking about, why had he done that, did he know I was getting frustrated.

If he did he was guessing, I gave no outward show of anything amiss, even if there had been, it was my secret, no one else's. What I had not thought of yet was, Tim knew me better than I thought, he knew me, the inside me, he could and did read my moods. He knew when I would be open to an offer, if that is the right analogy.

The vibrator had turned my thoughts and mind to sex, I wanted to make love, I needed to be screwed. And that is something else I would never do, use expletives like that, I rarely even thought them until Tim got me. It was bedtime, John went up, it took him a time to get ready for bed, I followed, but not before I had a quick word with Tim.

"Tim," I said, "I think we need to talk darling," I told him.

And guess what, he was all sweetness and light.

"Yes mom, what is it?" his innocent look didn't wash with me.

"You know what it is Tim, it's what you left on that table, making me think you had bought me a present."

"That's what it is mom, it's a present, for you, from me, made in my image."

"Your image?" I gasped, "what do you mean, your image!" "Mom I know you are naive, everyone does, but I know, we all know, you are not stupid, my image, it's my image mom."

There was a thump on the floor from my bedroom, It was John letting us know he was in his bed.

"We'll talk later Tim," I said and went up.

"I love you mom, don't ever forget that," Tim called after me, I knew he did, so I whispered to myself.

'I love you too Tim.'

I fell into a deep sleep and dreamed, I remember waking up and wondering if it was real. No, I told myself, it was just a dream that seemed real. I had dreamed I was using a vibrator, then fingers fastened over my nipple, it squeezed and rolled it, then the other one. I was so excited, I was dying to orgasm but couldn't.

I awoke in a sweat, my pussy on fire, and I looked at John wondering if he had crept across and done me in my sleep. I could hear him snoring quietly, so it wasn't him, it was me. For several differing nights after that I had the same dream, and in the last one fingers entered my pussy and I had a massive orgasm that woke me totally.

I sat up shaking with climatic relief, I felt so good, so happy, I had climaxed in my sleep, my dream. I would cherish that moment forever. I looked across at John praying I had not awakened him, I hadn't. I lay back and gloried, revelled even in my supine feeling. It had been a long time since I had felt lik this, got what I had wanted.

A couple of days later my dream found me again. I was in my silk night shirt, it looks like a man's shirt but its not. It has short sleeves, and is tailored to suit. I love the feel of it, I slide around inside, it is sensuous and sexy. Tim had bought it for me for my birthday and now looking back I wonder if it was a part of some vast eternal plan he had hatched to seduce me. If it was it had worked a treat because it made me feel that I was still the sexiest woman around.

In my sleeping head I was ready for anything my mind wanted to do with me. I was up for it, I wanted another climax like before. My minds fingers got my nipples, they tortured me, I moaned gratefully, fearing that I would wake up before I got there.

My legs parted and raised, I was flat on my back, in my dream I was with my secret lover, he was doing to me what I wanted him to do. The little man his boat was attacked and sunk, I screamed, silently, the orgasm that hit me knocked me overboard. I washed out to sea. Then I found myself looking at John, had he heard me? No!

It was then I felt the fingers in me coming out and sliding away. I lifted my head to see what was going on, and there, in the semi darkness I saw Tim. My addled brain made me laugh, quietly of course. Then I saw his opened mouth say 'OH' He put a finger to his lips and shushed me.

Ridiculous I know, but I did, I shushed myself.

I could see a sort of gleam in his eyes, they frightened me, but the steely glint excited me too. I had not seen a look like that in two decades. My body became fireworks, I sizzled and banged. I took off into the night sky. Then he disappeared from view. I was still scatterbrained, and not sure what was happening. I was looking down me, and I saw my duvet rise up at my feet. The duvet came up at me, it was like seeing a wave coming in to shore. Without warning my knees were lifted, I fell back, and then I was eaten alive. I was so shocked neery a squeak peeped out of me. My head arched back, my body arched up, my feet hit the mattress and I was gobbled up. Tim, had clamped his mouth right on my pussy and had got me in one fell swoop.

My mind refocused as quickly as it could, which was not anywhere near quick enough to save me from being taken. A tongue snaked its way in, suction turned me inside out. My head came up, my back arched the other way forcing me up into Tim. Unbelievably my fingers grabbed his hairy head and held him there. I stuffed the duvet into my mouth so I never screamed out when I came.

Now I knew everything, I was as awake as awake could be, and I was being treated to a mind blowing, heart stopping, magnificent plating, from which there would be no escape until I smashed a climax at him. This I did about 10 seconds later. And while I was flying over the moon, Tim slid further up to me. Out of what seemed like nowhere, cock was nudging at my door, which I automatically threw as wide open as I could. I came to, my eyes took in the shape above me. Knowing my husband, my sons dad was mere feet away stunned me into making sure not a sound was made.

I saw a smiling Tim, and he was powering in and out of me at a rate of knots. But it was his silence, the sheer silence of him, and of the moment, that was palpable. Now we both had to be on silent running, my husband was snoring less than 6 feet away.

I came again, I had no option, I had my hand in my mouth now. Tim was leading the way and I was following, this was his show. He gripped me, and he came. I felt hot burning steaming sperm fill me, it seemed to sear me, It made me climax again. I disappeared into myself, awake yet unconscious. When I came round, after the marbles had stopped spinning, he was gone. I lay there as if I had been shot, whatever that feels like. I dare not move, but my insides were moving, they were quivering, rumbling, the aftermath of several I think, climaxes.

It must have been 15 or 20 minutes before I was confident in shifting myself. My ass was resting in a sticky pool of cum, his and definitely mine. I listened to my husband happily snoring quietly lying there unaware that his wife had just been sexually obliterated, taken to the cleaners, topped and tailed, and all by our loving son.

I had to go and see him, talk to him, but my mind asked me, "Talk to him, what about? Your son," my mind said in my head, "has just given you, unasked for yes, the most thrilling sex you have ever had, ever!" I sat on the edge of my bed and mulled my thoughts over. My body was telling me one thing, my mind another.

I was in shock and I knew it, but I could not deny what had happened had really blown my mind. I staggered out and into Tim's room, he had a side light on, he was sat on his bed, pillows plumped up behind him, and he had his tablet in his hand.

"Hi mom, what took you so long?" Was all he said.

"What took me so long Tim," I said whisperingly, but pointedly, "was finding out what you did to me, in front of your father, and while I was asleep.

"That's a rape right there, mother, son or not."

"Give over mom," he told me, "it was brilliant, you loved it, I loved it, we loved it, and I love you too mom." I realised I was now sat on the edge of his bed, his tablet in his lap.

"Tim, don't you realise what you have done?"

"Of course I do mom, I found a way to make love and seduce the most beautiful woman I know. It was the only way. I wanted you mom, and I got you. And if you are anywhere near honest, you will agree too."

His confidence floored me, he was so sure of himself, he wasn't being bigheaded, he was just stating facts.

"Tim I never knew what you were up to, I was asleep, you fooled me." I protested, I knew my innocence was fraying.

"You knew in your mind it was me mom," he retorted softly "who else could it have been, Hmmm?"

Somehow he had drawn me to him, and I had my head on his shoulder, his arm was around me. I was staring at the screen on his lap top. And that was when he punched me right out of the ring. He moved the tablet and his cock popped up from underneath it. It was hard, it was threatening, it was red, it was steaming, it glistened, it looked oh so good, and it challenged me.

I stared wild eyed at it, it mesmerised me, it lassoed me, it drew me to it. My husband, his dad was forgotten as it grew in my eye line, it got bigger as I got closer. Tim put the tablet down, he took a hold of it and he waved it at me. I felt his hand in my hair and I was being guided, hypnotically, laser beamed to the bright red luminescent light bulb.

There was something else on his side, and against me, my silk night shirt. The weight of my body lying on his helped the gravitational pull, making me slip down him and towards his cock, my sons cock. It was waiting for me and I couldn't stop myself. I knew it was wrong, so badly wrong, but there was nothing I could do. I was out of control. Tim wasn't forcing me to do this, but he was making me.

His cock seemed to grow as I slipped nearer and nearer, I forgot myself for a brief moment and found myself admiring it, comparing it to his dad's. It seemed bigger, stronger, more potent, harder hitting, more in urgent need than his dad's. I knew I shouldn't do this, I knew I didn't want to do it, liar! Wanting not to, and knowing, were not the same as being where I was, mesmerised.

And I heard myself in my head saying.

"Who am I to deny my own sons desperate needs?"

"Tim, please," I said to me in my head. "Tim please don't make me do this, you can't, please darling don't."

No one heard me but me, because I never actually spoke. My lips pursed, they kissed the top, my tongue poked and licked it, my head bowed and I sank over it. The head filled my mouth, it was gloriously smooth. I had to breathe through my nose because there was no room for air around him in my now, locked on mouth.

The power that emanated from it just about split me in half. I sucked him. I sucked my son's cock hard, my hand sunk underneath him. I cupped him, my nails raked him. I was sinking further and further in to him. I was becoming my own son's willing lover. Now my own protests, my begging, my guilt were forgotten. I made love to my son's cock with my lips, my mouth, my tongue and in my head. And all I had on my mind was to make him cum, to make him spit his hot, searing sweet cum right into my mouth and down my throat where I knew savouring it would free me from innocence.

I would, and I was about to become my own sons confirmed lover, and if he wanted me to be, then I would be his slut, his whore, because I knew I would never ever say no to him again. My own husband was in the next room and I was slavering over and around his son's cock. Tim, was taking me away from him, even though I would always be there, I would now belong to Tim.

Tim exploded into me, my lips fastened in an instant and I sucked and swallowed while my boy jettisoned his heavy load into me. I never wasted one drop, and I never would. He hit me with so much I swear my nose filled with it too, until I got him all down me.

Eventually I reluctantly slipped up and off him, but not before I kissed and loved his sliding sperm and slaver covered cock, I took everything with me, all I left was wetness. We both lay there panting heavily. I lifted my head and Tim kissed me, it was our first kiss, the first of millions we would share.

"Mom, Toni, you had better go back, we don't want him to know you are missing, or even walk in here and find us, do we?"

"No darling," I said quietly. I stood on very wobbly legs and started to leave, I turned to look at him, and I raced back in to his arms, more passionate kisses were shared then I left. I crept back into bed. John never moved and I think I fell instantly to sleep. The next morning I overslept, John had to waken me. I hurried down, and happened to look in the mirror, there on my shirt were stains, not cum stains I laughed to myself, "I got all of that," I grinned.

But I did do a quick change, Tim never came down, I wonder why?. In between breakfast I spent a little time prettying myself up. I looked good, John never noticed or commented. So as soon as I had seen his dad off to work I was upstairs as if I had been fire from a gun. There was only one thing on my mind, cock, Tim, my sons cock, and there was only one thing I wanted, I wanted it in me where it now belonged.

I almost ran into his room, and lo and behold, there he was, but not how I had imagined. He was standing by his bed, magnificently naked, his cock pointing at me, and him pointing at his bed. My bits of clothes were off before I got to it and jumped in.

"Now," I nearly shouted. "Tim Johnson, you get here and get this in me, right now or you are dead!" I told him, I already had a hold of it. The power in my hand was almost frightening.

I was already his wanton slut, craving, begging to be made love to, fucked, screwed, banged I didn't care, all I wanted was him in me. Last night had changed me forever.

Tim dove on me and his cock hit its mark head on. I fell back, lifted my legs around him, clasped my arms around him, and I got what I wanted. My son fucked the living daylights out of me. I had never openly used bad language but it seemed to fit in my thoughts. "Fuck me Tim," I screeched through my clamped together teeth. "Oh God please fuck me, fuck your mommy baby, Oh baby please love me, hurt me, hit me, I will never care ever."

And Tim did, he was in me that morning for a lifetime, I can't get pregnant now, that is why Tim is an only child. So him blowing me up like a sex doll filled with sperm didn't matter. I came and came and came again, two years of sexual frustration were smashed away from me by my loving son.

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