tagIncest/TabooTim's Grimoire Ch. 01

Tim's Grimoire Ch. 01


I startled awake at the heavy knock on my bedroom door and peered blearily at the alarm clock on the stand next to the bed. The red numerals 2:36 danced in my vision and I flopped noisily onto my back. The knock repeated itself and I wondered which of the two pests I lived with were bothering me at this time of the night. "What is it" I growled when the knocking failed to stop.

The door opened, light from the hallway adding to the glow of multiple standby LEDs from my laptop and other gadgets. Sara stepped into the room and said, "Hey Tim, your sister and I could really use your help for a minute, can you please help us?"

"You need my help at 2:30 Sunday morning? Why don't you wait until after breakfast before you guys start badgering me?"

"It needs to be dark, and after midnight for the spell to work." Sara walked further into my bedroom and approached the bed. The dim light showed her to be wearing her usual tank-top and shorts combo as she pulled her legs up to sit on her knees at the end of his bed.

"Wait, you guys woke me up way too early in the morning for one of your spells? You don't need me to play your silly games of make believe, just go do your thing and leave me out of it."

"Even if you don't believe, your sister Tiff does. I know you guys haven't really been getting along since we've moved in and that's what this spell is supposed to help with. I know you science types know about the placebo effect so if you do the spell with us it should help her mood which will make your life better, right?"

I thought for a moment before asking "how long is this going to take? I would really like to get some more sleep tonight."

Sara's eyes gleamed even in the dim light and she bounced out of the bed reaching for my hand. "It will be quick, just a minute or two. The faster you get up the sooner you can get back to sleep."

"Fine," I replied. "Let me grab a T-shirt and I'll be right there."

"Don't worry about it, your part will really only take a minute and you can go right back to bed."

Sara led me out of my room and down the short hallway to the combined kitchen/living room of the small house we shared with Tiffany. I paused, gazing at the living room. The couch had been moved to the side and in the middle of the room stood one of the bar stools from the backyard porch. A small ceramic mixing bowl sat on top of the stool that appeared to be half full of some indeterminate liquid. The floor surrounding the stool was covered in pieces of what looked like construction paper. Circles and designs of different colors all taped together filled the room.

I looked over at Sara and Tiff standing arm in arm in the kitchen. Each had on a similar outfit, tight tank-tops and shorts that they used to wear when they were playing volleyball but now seemed to be their go to lounging outfit. They had started as next door neighbors and classmates in grade school, morphed into best friends in high school, and had always been a pain in my ass.

"This seems a bit more elaborate than your usual stunts" I noted, pointing at the setup in the living room.

Tiffany pointed to what looked like an old textbook on the kitchen counter and said, "We got this great new grimoire from a used book store down town last weekend and decided to try this spell out first." She was so excited she almost looked like a puppy bouncing next to Sara.

"It took us all night to get everything perfect but all we need to do now is the final step" Sara added.

"What's this supposed to do again?" I asked.

Tiffany responded "Well, it's supposed to improve relations between men and women within the home, we think. I know mom forced you to let us live here with you since it's so close campus and much cheaper than the dorms. I also know that we have been getting on your nerves since we got here in August so we thought that this spell might help us all mellow out."

"Ok, I can get on board with that idea. I know this magic crap isn't real but I can pretend for a moment, what do you need me to do."

"The magic will work with or without your belief" Sara said while handing me a strange plastic device. "Your job is to stand here in the blue circle. Be careful getting there and don't step on any of the designs on the floor. Your sister and I will chant a little after which you need to use the lancet to put a drop of blood into the bowl at the same time that we do."

"Blood? Lancet? What the fuck?"

"That little plastic thing I just gave you. Diabetics use them to check their blood sugar. It's totally safe, just put the open end on the tip of your finger and press the button. After that hold your finger over the bowl and squeeze it until a drop falls into the bowl."

Tiffany and Sara were carefully making their way into the design on the floor of the living room. They stopped in their own circles which were red and pink respectively. I said, "You two are nuts" but tip-toed to my assigned spot. The three of us formed the corners of an equilateral triangle around the stool and bowl when we stood in the color-coded circles.

"You ready?" Tiffany asked looking back and forth between me and Sara.

"Sure!" Sara just about shouted.

"I guess."

The girls started chanting something that sounded like gibberish but it wasn't too long before each of the girls were pressing their lancets against their left ring finger.

"Oh yeah" Tiffany said, "prick your left ring finger for the blood, the spell will work better that way."

Bullshit, I thought to myself as I fumbled with the little green lancet. I managed to get the open end up against my finger and pressed the button on the other end. A quick sharp pain caused me to yelp "ow, fuck!"

"Don't be such a big baby" Sara said.

"Fuck off" I replied. I reached my hand out above the bowl and used my right hand to squeeze a drop of blood out of my finger which splashed into the liquid already there. The three red drops on the surface quickly seemed to disappear while Tiffany stirred the mixture and Sara chanted a bit more gibberish.

When Sara was done chanting she reached out and picked up the bowl, raised it to her mouth and took a large swallow. She passed the bowl over to Tiffany who also drank from the bowl. When Tiffany passed the bowl towards me I said, "no way Tiff, I'm not drinking whatever random crap you two put in there."

"Come on, please" Tiffany almost whined.

"This is seriously the last part of the spell. You saw us drink it so you know we're not trying to prank you. Can you please just drink it?"

I sighed and took the bowl and drank down the last of the mixture. It was sweet and I could tell there was some kind of alcohol in it but thankfully didn't taste any blood.

"Alright, that's done. Now will you two please keep it down until a more reasonable hour?"

"Sure Tim and thanks for this" Tiffany moved over to hug her older brother not concerned with the cut out paper she was walking on anymore.

"We really appreciate it" Sara hugged me from the other side.

I briefly returned the hugs and then backed off to head back to my room. "You're welcome" I called over my shoulder as I left. I closed the bedroom door, crawled back into bed, and closed my eyes. Bunch of crazy lunatics, I thought before quickly falling asleep.

It was already warming up for the day when I next awoke. It's already December and still shorts weather, I'm so glad I moved down here I thought. The temperature difference between winter in Columbus, Ohio where we grew up and Hilo, Hawaii where we lived now was huge and even better, I never had to shovel snow. I put a bit of butter into a small pan, set it on the stove and lit the burner to start it heating. I was in the fridge reaching for the eggs when I heard shuffling behind me. Turning around I found Sara slowly making her way down the hall.

Sara's dirty blond shoulder length hair was still wild from sleep. Her face was cute while her bright blue eyes seemed to draw me in like tiny whirlpools. I felt like I had to physical yank myself away from Sara's eyes and found my attention drawn down at the top of her chest. She was still wearing the same outfit as last night and I found the round softness of her breasts and the enticing cleavage her tank-top exposed just as captivating as her eyes were. My gaze wandered further down Sara's torso once again pausing to take in the two or so inches of slender waist between her tank-top and shorts. I was marveling at her cute little belly button or piko as the locals would call it when my reverie was broken.

"You going to fry those or just stand there?" I jumped a little when Sara spoke and quickly turned to the range.

I can't believe I got caught ogling Sara! What the fuck is going on with me? My thoughts were spinning a hundred miles per hour. I cracked three eggs into the pan and lightly dusted them with salt and pepper before turning back around. Sara was seated at the kitchen counter with her chin resting on her hands and seemed to be lost in thought, or perhaps still sleeping.

"Would you like some eggs?" Sara's eyes immediately snapped to mine when I asked but instead of answering she seemed to be trying to determine exactly what shade of brown my eyes were. I was confused for a second, why did I offer her my eggs, she can make her own damn breakfast. Oh well, too late now. "Hello, earth to Sara. Eggs?"

"Um, sure" she responded.

I turned back to the stove and deftly flipped the eggs with a spatula. After another minute, I slid the over-easy eggs on a plate and placed them in front of Sara. I sliced another bit of butter into the pan and went back to the fridge for more eggs. As the next set were frying more shuffling and a small groan announced the arrival of my sister.

"I'm making eggs this morning, you want some too?" Since I had already made some for Sara, if Tiffany didn't get some too I would never hear the end of it.

Tiffany looked back and forth between me and Sara for a second. Sara gave her a slight shrug of the shoulder before Tiffany answered, "that would be great, thank you."

"Don't mention it" I said. When I finished prepping the second set of eggs and plated them I slid them in front of Tiffany.

"We'll do the dishes when you're done" Tiffany said before cutting her first bite with her fork.

"Yeah, it's the least we could do since you did the cooking" Sara added.

"That would be great, thanks" I replied over my shoulder as I seasoned the last set of eggs. By the time I was done cooking and flipped off the burner Sara had finished eating.

"Here, take my spot" Sara said while taking her dishes to the sink.

While I sat and ate my eggs I was wondering at the strange morning I was in the middle of. Here I was sitting peacefully next to my sister which was unusual. Even more unusual I had offered to cook for the pests which had only happened once or twice before in the time they had been living with me. They had never offered to do the dishes, instead treating me like I was their servant. Tim watched as Sara put her rinsed plate into the dishwasher and started in on the pan. It wasn't difficult to rinse everything off and put it in the dishwasher but the two girls usually just left the dirty dishes in the sink and I had to clean them up.

Tiffany finished her eggs and followed Sara's example, rinsing and placing her plate and fork in their slots. I had just about finished my breakfast and Tiffany reached over the counter to collect the dirty dishes.

"Thanks Tiff! I'm going to grab my stuff and head out to tennis, I'll see you guys later." I wandered back into my room, changed into shorts and T-shirt, grabbed some socks and my tennis bag and headed towards the door next to the kitchen that led into the car port. I glanced over at the two girls sitting on the couch as I left and said "bye."

Both girls quickly turned to look at me and called back with "bye" in a chorus. I sat down on the wooden bench just outside the door and next to the shoe rack. While putting my socks and shoes on I could hear Sara and Tiffany laughing about something but couldn't make out what they were saying. I threw my bag into the passenger side of my pickup and climbed in. The old grey vinyl of the bench seat matched the grey painted exterior of the truck and squeaked a bit as I got settled. My thoughts were still focused on the strange morning I had as I drove off towards the club.

The Hilo Yacht Club doesn't have any yachts, docks or anything maritime related. It sits on the coast and the clubhouse is on a tiny peninsula and has ocean views on three sides. It does have a pool, tennis courts, and a sand volleyball court and is more of an athletic club than anything else. One of my early clients recommended it as a networking expense and over the past year it had paid off handsomely. My Sunday morning tennis group was a prime example of this as all three of the other men were now clients.

"Morning Doc!" I called out to dark skinned man with short, curly black hair filling his water jug with ice from the machine near the courts. I walked up to the other man to shake his hand as he stood back up, our heights matching at a few inches above six feet.

"Morning Tim!" Doctor Ryan Walters ran an orthopedic surgery clinic in town and was the first of my clients to use my company for web design, hosting, and general tech support. "Beautiful morning for some tennis" Doc added.

"It sure is" I said while gazing at the ocean visible from the tennis court area and the blue sky above it. A few solitary white clouds floated in the breeze and the temperature was quickly heading towards 80 degrees.

"Good morning guys" I heard Doc say behind me. I turned to see the last two members of our group walking up.

"Good morning" they each called back.

"Dave, Tom" I nodded at each man respectively.

"Hey Tim" Dave said as he reached out to shake my hand. "I wanted to talk to you about some new laptops for the office. Some of the partners are starting to complain about their computers being slow."

"You probably just need to add some anti-virus software" Doc interjected "I'm sure those other two spend more time surfing porn than collecting billable hours."

"They have security on them" I said, fishing my phone out to check my calendar. "I can come in to your office on Tuesday morning if that works for you."

"10:00?" Dave asked.

"That works." I added a note to my work schedule. "You better let me know if you're running late this time. I swear your receptionist was getting ready to jump on my lap and assault me with her tongue the last time you left me out there for thirty minutes!"

"You should have gone for it" Dave laughed. "How long has it been since Mary? You could stand a date or three with a willing girl."

"Pimping out your daughter again?" Doc asked Dave with a grin.

"He's been whining about the boys she's been seeing lately" Tom added. "To be fair, even as her uncle I can see Dave's point. She's taking online college classes while working so she doesn't really meet anyone at school so instead of dating a nice college boy it's always these guys from the beach or the bar."

"It would be nice if she went out with someone with a few more prospects or potential" Dave said while putting his arm around Tim's shoulder.

"Thanks for the compliment, dad" I grinned. "You old men ready to play some tennis instead of gossiping about my love life?"

"Old! I'll show you old" Dave sputtered while Doc and Tom laughed.

"Of course you're old" I added "you're trying to set me up with your daughter."

"Fine, me and Tom verses you and Ryan for the first set. We'll show you kids how it's done!"

"I may be 32 but my mom says I'll always be her baby" Doc sang.

Laughing, the four of us made our way onto the court and began warming up, the banter and smiles never letting up. While getting water before the first serve I noticed my phone blinking. A text from my sister on the screen read "Can we bring some friends down to play v-ball as your guest?"

I texted back "sure."

"That was weird" I remarked to the other three. "Tiff and friends are coming down to play volleyball here."

"Didn't you say they usually play at the park?" Ryan looked up questioningly.

"Yeah, they normally want nothing to do with me. Too busy being fabulous to do anything with their nerdy landlord even if he's their brother or known them since they wore diapers."

"That's probably the problem right there" Tom said "You've known them all their lives. I'm sure they're worried you will spill all the embarrassing stories you know!"

"Hmm, sounds about right" I grinned. "Anyway, spin for serve?"

We were at 4-3 in the first set and were taking a water break when I noticed my guests had made it to the club. Tiff and Sara had acquired another pair of girls and were prepping the volleyball court. Tiff comes in at about six feet and Sara an inch or so shorter, the other two seemed to be of similar height so I figured they should be fairly evenly matched. All of them were wearing bikini's and their athletic bodies were shining in the sunlight. Tiffany's black hair which matched mine was in a pony-tail high on her head while the other three had their hair gathered loosely behind their necks. I found myself comparing the four girls and decided that Sara and Tiff were prettier than their friends. Not only were their faces prettier but they carried themselves with more grace and an attractive energy.

"Apparently it has been a while for you" Tom whispered next to me "you can watch the girls later, come on, it's your serve."

I swiftly turned back to the tennis court to find the rest of my foursome laughing at me. I grinned sheepishly back at them "it has been a while I guess."

"Maybe I'll be busy next week and have Steph take my place" Dave laughed.

"You keep my niece away from here Dave, you know she crushes us every time she has to stand in for you."

"It's not my fault you guys can't keep up with a girl" Dave teased. "I guess it would be a bit unfair to Tim if he's finally starting to notice the opposite sex as more than just another person again."

I felt like blushing but responded "let's just get back to the game. It's already hot and it's only going to get hotter."

"I agree, just look at them" Doc poked my shoulder with his racquet. We all chuckled and walked back onto the court.

We played three sets, switching partners between each set and as usual Ryan won all three sets, the rest of us settling for two losses and a win. I found myself distracted by the volleyball players more than once. For some reason the bare skin covered in sunscreen and sweat on my sister and Sara was especially enticing although thankfully the guys with me couldn't tell I was fixated on only half the beauties jumping and playing in the sun. When we were finished we headed up to the clubhouse for our traditional beer and burger for lunch. Tom's wife Amy was already there sitting in the shade and drinking a blended margarita. She was head of a local accounting firm and was my business connection with Tom.

"How did it go this morning?" Amy asked after putting down her drink. We had all put in our orders, collected our beers and joined her at a table.

"We couldn't compete with Doc, again" Dave answered.

"Hey, I lose sometimes" Ryan interjected "You and Tim beat me and Tom last week!"

"True, but the real news from this morning is Tim and his "guests."" Dave looked over at me and wagged his eyebrows.

"Oh?" Amy said, pulling her sunglasses up to stare at me.

"It's just my sister and some friends playing volleyball" I stated calmly.

"That you couldn't keep your eyes off of all morning" Tom laughed.

"Waking up to the world of women again are you? It's about time!" Amy peered over my shoulder and past the lawn to the volleyball court. "I see your sister, a blond, and two brunettes. Which one finally caught your eye?"

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