tagBDSMTim's Journey Ch. 06

Tim's Journey Ch. 06


It had been almost three weeks since Tim's last orgasm when Connie decided it was time to give him another taste of his own cum. She needed him to not only accept the taste of cum, but to want it. So tonight she embarked on another adventure into his further degradation.

After dinner she summoned him to her room and ordered him to his knees. She was dressed in her usual evening attire, and she stood in front of him and removed her robe. Instantly Tim's cock jumped and started to grow. She loved the affect she had on him. He was like Pavlov's dog, just remove her clothes and he had an instant hard on. She wanted to tease him with her tits, but tonight was about her ass.

She moved in front on him and turned her body from him so her big round ass was just in front of him. She bent slightly at the waist and pulled her panties up her ass crack, displaying her full cheeks to him.

"You like my big round ass don't you?" she asked provocatively.

"Yes ma'am." He replied.

"You want to lick it?" She inquired.

"Yes ma'am." He said eagerly

"Later." She said Then she bent all the way over and pulled her panties off.

While still bending over she opened her legs, reached between them and inserted two fingers in her pussy. Then she started slowly finger fucking herself. She peered around her legs and watched as Tim just knelt there mesmerized.

"You like watching momma play with her pussy?" She asked.

Tim just nodded his head.

"Are you getting all hot? Is your little puny pecker getting real hard?"

Again he bobbed his head.

Then she stood up and placed her wet fingers under Tim's nose and wiped them on his upper lip. Now he could smell her scent and that instinctively gave him ultimate arousal. Connie had conditioned him with her smell. Every time she let him cum she also made him smell her essence. This conditioned his mind to know that something good was coming when he smelled her scent.

Connie again bent over so her ass was in his face and teased him some more, "You like momma's big ass huh?"

"Yes ma'am." he replied.

"You want to watch me play with it?"

"Yes ma'am." He answered again.

"Ask nicely." She teased, getting a rush from the power she was wielding.

"Please ma'am, may I watch you play with your ass?" Tim pleaded

Connie took her still slick fingers and inserted one deep in her dark puckered hole. She slowly moved it in and out. She loved having her ass penetrated, and her pussy was getting very wet. Tim's cock got harder as he watched. What a sight he thought to himself. He wished her finger was his cock. His cock got harder and harder as he watched her pick up her pace. Soon his cock ached from its hardness.

Connie was really enjoying herself. She inserted another finger and started moving her hand faster.

"Is Momma getting you all worked up?" She asked

Tim again answered, "Yes."

"Stand up and stroke your little penis. I want you to cum on my ass as I fuck it with my fingers."

Tim instantly stood and grabbed his shaft and immediately began stroking it hard and fast.

"Yea, that's it. I like watching you stroke you tiny little pecker. Momma wants to see it spew. Come on, cum all over my big fat ass." She encouraged him.

Tim was fast approaching orgasm. He had never seen a woman so enjoy playing with her own ass, and he came all over it as he grunted out loud. Once again he seemed to spray more cum than the time before. It was all over Connie's full round cheeks and dripped down her crack. Some got on her fingers as she continued to slide them in and out of her hole, and she used it to lube her fingers.

"Good boy." Connie sarcastically said to him. "Your little unit can really spray cum." She smiled sadistically and said, "Now, lick my ass and clean up this mess."

Tim obeyed and immediately started licking his cum off her ass. He so enjoyed licking her ass that the taste of his cum was not bad to him.

Connie started fingering her clit as he tongued her ass. Her pussy was literally dripping wet from her excitement. Faster she fingered herself as Tim plunged his tongue up her ass and all over her cheeks. She let out a scream as she came. Tim just continued his assault on her ass, until she told him to stop.

"How was the taste of your cum this time my pet?" She asked.

"It was ok." He replied.

"Perfect." She thought to herself. "He is beginning to accept its taste. It won't be long now."

Over the next couple weeks, Connie used this exercise a few more times. Having him cum all over her tits, pussy, or ass and then cleaning it off her with his tongue until one night Tim actually ask if he could lick his cum off her. That was it, she had what she needed. Her final step was at hand and she was beside herself with joy.

A few nights later, she announced she was going cock hunting. She got dressed like a she always did when she went out, but this time she ordered Tim to get dressed.

"You are coming with me tonight." She told him, "Go get some clothes on."

Tim left and returned dressed for the evening. He didn't understand why he was going so he asked, "Why am I going ma'am?"

"Because you are going to pick out the man who will fuck me tonight. Now get on your knees and get my pussy ready for some nice big cock." She replied.

Tim was even more confused, but did as he was told. He licked her pussy until it was slick with her juices. When she was satisfied she was ready, she ordered him to his feet and they left for the club.

On the way to the club Tim was driving and Connie again explained to him that it was his job to pick out the man who was going to fuck her tonight. She was stroking his inner thigh the whole time getting his cock hard while she explained things. As with every new step in his training, she was conditioning his brain with the arousal of his cock to accept all that she wanted.

"Remember, momma needs a nice big fat cock to satisfy her tonight. Keep that in mind when you survey the talent." She whispered in his ear as she continued taunting his rock hard cock.

"Yes ma'am." He answered almost in a daze from his arousal.

"Momma needs to feel it in her holes. Feel that cum shoot inside." She continued in his ear.

Tim was just driving and enjoying her hand so close to his cock. He just listened and nodded as she continued to give him instructions.

Then she reached between his legs and grabbed his package, squeezing his balls and shaft in her fist, and she spoke, "If you do well, momma will let you fuck her tits and cum all over them."

Tim's eyes lit up and a big smile came over his face. He was determined to find Connie exactly what she wanted.

They arrived at the club and found a booth in the back where Connie knew they could have a little privacy. She had some plans, and didn't want to be disturbed as she put them into action.

Tim started looking immediately for someone for Connie. The sooner she got what she wanted, the sooner he did too. He looked over the whole bar and found a few he thought might be suitable and pointed them out to Connie. She liked them all, but picked one out that was standing at the bar. She walked over to him and asked him to dance.

They danced a few songs and Connie put the moves on the whole time. She would grind her ass into his crotch as the moved and when she got the opportunity she would grab his cock. When she had his nice and ready, she invited him to the table to join her.

When they arrived, Connie introduced Tim as her boyfriend and sat between the two men. She liked making men think they were getting away with something in front of another guy, so she very discretely made advances to the other guy under the table as they all talked.

She grabbed hold of his cock and stroked it through his pants as she leaned over and whispered in Tim's ear, "His cock isn't quite big enough to fuck me, but I think I am going to take him to the bathroom and suck his cock until he cums in my mouth. Try to find a bigger cock for me while I am gone sweety"

"Yes ma'am" He answered.

Connie announced she was going to the ladies room. She got up and as she passed the other guy, she winked at him and motioned for him to follow her. He acted cool and then told Tim he was going to get another drink.

When he got to the bathrooms, Connie was standing outside the men's room. She grabbed his hand and pulled him in after her. There were a few guys in there, but she didn't care. She ushered him to a stall and closed the door behind them. She grabbed his pants, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and dropped them and his underwear to his ankles. His cock was nice size, but not what she needed for a good fucking. So she grabbed hold of it and started stroking it. He just stood and stared as this woman he just met masterbating his cock. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed its whole length. She expertly sucked his cock until his orgasm approached. He was so excited, it didn't take long. He grabbed her head and with a muffled grunt he came in her mouth. She let him fuck her face until every drop of his cum was drained from him. Connie swallowed every drop. She stood up, thanked him, dismissed herself and returned to the table where Tim was looking for her next endeavor.

When she got back to the booth, she slid in next to Tim and planted a long wet kiss on his lips. She probed his mouth with her tongue. Tim was a bit surprised by it all. He returned the favor and as he did, he tasted the remains of the deposit left in her mouth from the guy in the bathroom. He recognized the taste from the times when he had licked his own cum from Connie's body. He pulled away from her and took a drink of his drink on the table to wash out his mouth.

"What is the matter?" She asked.

"You have his cum in your mouth. I don't want to taste that." He replied disgustingly.

Connie giggled and said, "You will be doing more than tasting my lover's cum tonight."

"What does that mean?" He inquired.

Connie leaned against him and rubbed her tits up and down his arm and grabbed hold of his cock in his pants. Then she whispered in his ear, "Do you want to fuck my tits tonight?"

In a trance from his arousal as she teased him, he nodded yes.

"You will see later. Now find a big cock to fuck me." She ordered.

After a few minutes of looking around the bar, Tim found another man he felt would fill the bill and he pointed him out to Connie. She agreed and got up to go get him. She moved up to him and started a conversation as Tim watched. After a few minutes they started dancing. Connie enticed him as she had the last guy and when they had danced a few songs, they returned to the table.

Again she introduced Tim, and the guy said his name was Max. They all chatted for a while getting to know each other. Connie was sitting between them and she reached under the table and grabbed Max's cock though his pants and started rubbing it. It grew and she could tell it was a suitable size for her needs.

Max couldn't believe she was doing this in front of her boyfriend, so he decided to return the favor. He reached between her legs and ran his hand up her thigh. He was happy when she opened her legs farther to ease his access. He found her lips and parted then with his fingers and started rubbing her clit. Then after a few moments he slid his middle finger down to her hungry hole and inserted it to his second knuckle.

Connie was elated, it was going just as she planned. She let go of Max and leaned toward Tim to whisper in his ear. "He has his finger in my pussy and it is making me hot." She teased him. "My pussy is so hot for him. I am going to let him fuck me silly. I felt his cock and it is huge. Momma is gonna get a good fucking tonight."

Tim's cock was straining hard against his pants as Connie teased him with her talk and rubbed her tits against him.

Connie reached between her legs and Max moved his hand away. She inserted a finger in her pussy and got it nice and wet. Then she removed it and placed it under Tim's nose. The smell instinctively aroused him more. He breathed in deeply and savored her scent.

"Momma is all wet and ready to fuck. Clean my finger." She said to him.

Tim opened his mouth and sucked in her finger, licking all the creamy liquid off her finger. This again made him harder and more aroused.

"I am going to go get fucked good, and I will be back soon, be a good pet and wait here for me." She instructed.

Then Connie turned to Max and said, " You have a big car?"

"No, a truck, why?" He asked

"That is good enough, I wanted to make sure there was enough room." She retorted.

"Room for what?" He again asked.

"Room for you to go fuck me with this big cock." She said as she grabbed his crotch.

"What about your boyfriend"

"He doesn't have a cock like this, and I need one like this to satisfy me." She said

They exited the booth and headed for the parking lot.

They arrived at Max's truck moments later. It was a crew cab, so both hopped in the back seat. Connie immediately opened his pants and grabbed his huge thick cock. She stroked it, and is got bigger and bigger. She was getting hotter and hotter as she anticipated having it inside her. Then she opened her mouth and lowered her head to it. She wrapped her lips around it and hungrily devoured it until it hit the back of her throat.

Max grabbed a hand full of hair and started pulling and pushing her head up and down as she sucked and licked the entire length of his throbbing cock.

Connie started fingering her pussy as she expertly sucked Max off. She was so horny, she could hardly contain herself. She wanted that monster cock inside her and she wanted it now. She pushed against his hand and removed his cock from her mouth. Then she looked him in the eye and said, "I need you to fuck me with that big fat cock of your now."

Max removed his pants so he could move some more and Connie lifted one of her legs over his and straddled him so she was looking at him. She lifted up and Max guided his member into her. She lowered herself all the way down. His cock felt so good. It had been too long training Tim for this night, she was in need of this bad.

Connie rose up and down a few times, and her tits bounced in Max's face. She could feel every inch climb up and stretch her velvety pussy. Oh it felt so good. She noticed Max watching her tits and she stopped on the next down stroke. She started to grind her ass against his legs and then she seductively unbuttoned her top. When it was open she took it off and started playing with her mammoth mounds. She kneaded them together and squeezed them aggressively. Then she pinched her nipples as she let out a moan of pleasure.

Max just watched as she played with her tits and ground her pussy around his cock. He was enjoying it all, when she grabbed the back of his head and shoved it between her tits.

"Suck my tits!" She begged. "Bite them."

Max did exactly that. He took her tits out of her bra and attacked them. Sucking in the nipples and biting down on them. Every time Connie let out a little scream.

Connie again started moving up and down on his long hard shaft as he mauled her tits. She could feel the heat building inside her and she quickened her pace. Up and down, up and down, faster and faster she bounced as he pleasured her tits. She was approaching orgasm and so was Max.

Connie was recklessly humping his cock when her orgasm hit. She let out a scream as the feeling raced through her body. "I'm Cumming! Fuck me harder, bite my nipples." She pleaded.

Max couldn't hold any longer. He felt his cock erupt inside her and he let out a loud satisfying grunt. He sat back as Connie milked his balls dry. Then he was a bit surprised when without a word, Connie lifted up, got off him and exited the truck. She lowered her skirt, put her tits back in their place, buttoned her top, and headed back to the club.

She got back to the club and walked up to Tim, still sitting right where she left him. As she walked, she could feel the cum oozing out of her pussy and down her thigh. She crawled into the booth and whispered sexily into his ear, "Let's go home, I want your little penis between my tits."

They hurried to the car and drove home. The whole way home, Connie was conditioning him. She grabbed his cock in his pants and talked nasty to him. "Oh my gawd, his cock was so big. He fucked me so good, I am going to be sore for days." She kept telling him about Max and reminding him how she was going to let Tim fuck her big tits, all the time massaging his little pecker in his pants. By the time they got home, he was so aroused he couldn't walk, let alone think straight.

Connie ordered him to her room and she followed him. When they got in there, she told him to strip. After he had finished, Connie removed her clothes. Then she started teasing him with her tits. "Do you want to fuck momma's big fat titties?" she asked.

Tim just nodded. His cock was so hard from her playing with it and teasing him, he couldn't speak. He could see the bite marks Max had left and how red her nipples were from his assault on them.

Connie spoke again, "You have to do one thing for me before I let you put your little penis between these. I have a new chore for you. This is something you will have to do whenever I go get fucked. Are you willing to do this for me?" She reached down and for the first time ever, she slowly stroked his cock. She had fondled his balls before, but never actually touched his cock. She didn't move fast enough to make him cum, but she was stroking it. "Are you going to accept this chore?"

Tim couldn't believe she was actually holding his cock. He didn't care what the chore was, she was stroking him and he was going to be able to fuck her tits. He eagerly agreed.

Then Connie let go of his cock, laid back on the bed, opened her legs and commanded him to lick her dirty pussy clean of all the cum Max had left.

Tim didn't even hesitate. He attacked her pussy and started mopping up every bit of cum that oozed out of her hole. Then he licked it all off her legs. When that was all gone, He willingly plunged his tongue inside her and sucked it all out of her sloppy cunt. She couldn't have been cleaner if she had just douched.

When he had finished, he raised his head and asked if she was happy with him. Connie grabbed his head, pulled his face to her and gave him a long sensual kiss. Then she looked him in the eye, and said, "I could not be happier with you, then I am right now."

Tim just glowed with pride. He loved making her happy, and satisfying her, and he had done that better right now than he had ever in the past. He just knelt on the bed and stared at Connie's tits.

"OK my pet, you can have your reward now. Bring your little penis over here." She chided.

Tim straddled her chest and placed his cock between her tits. Connie wrapped her mounds around it and teased him again, "Look, it's so small I can make it disappear."

The humiliation just spurred him on. He started moving his pelvis back and forth. It was not going to take long. He never imagined she would let him do this. He had dreamed of this moment for as long as he had been with her and he was enjoying ever stroke.

Connie started talking to him. "Yea, fuck momma's big fat tits. Cum in my big cleavage canyon. Show me how your pathetic little pecker can shoot its cum between my big beautiful tits."

Tim felt his balls tighten and he started fucking harder. He was going to cum hard. He thrust forward one more time and the orgasm him. His cock was buried in her cleavage, so it didn't shoot out, it just puddle between her tits. He shot his load and collapsed on the bed next to Connie. She let her tits fall to her side and saw the large pool of cum on her chest. She looked at him and said, "You have a mess to clean up."

Tim rose and licked her tits clean of his cum. He savored every moment, because he did not know when would be the next time she should let him touch them. He licked all over her tits. He sucked in her nipples and fondled them. He was so satisfied with life that he just tingled.

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