tagBDSMTim's Journey Ch. 07

Tim's Journey Ch. 07


It has been just over a year since we last saw Tim and Connie. After about six months of loyal servitude. Connie realized she would never find anyone to love her or serve her any better than Tim. Sticking to her word that she would take care of Tim, she one night proposed to him. He enthusiastically accepted and they soon began to prepare for their nuptials. The wedding is two weeks for now and it is the day of the bachelorette party as the story continues………

"My pet, is all the food prepared?" Connie asked Tim.

"Yes Ma'am." He answered.

"Are all the goodies in the living room?"

"Yes ma'am." Tim replied, remembering all the assorted sex toys he had been told to buy and set out for display on the coffee table.

"And my special guest has confirmed for later this evening?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am he will be here around midnight."

Connie's special guest was Chris, one of her most recent finds on one of her cock hunts. She had called him yesterday to ask if he would come back tonight after her party to take care of her needs. Connie had told Tim that his wedding present was going to be her pussy. She was actually going to let him fuck her once and only once as a reward for his loyalty and love. She knew she would have to not have sex for a few weeks before the wedding if she was even going to feel Tim's little penis, so Chris was going to be her last good fuck before the wedding.

"You have done well my pet now go upstairs and shower so you are ready for this evening." She told him.

"What do you mean ma'am?" he said with a puzzled look.

"I mean go take a shower and get down here so you can serve my guests, besides, you are the main entertainment."

Tim knew what that meant. He was in for a long night of taking care of all the needs of her guests. He hustled upstairs and took his shower. When he was done, he called for Connie and she went up to be bathed and readied for the evening. After showering and applying lotion as always, Tim helped Connie put on her sexiest lingerie. However, when he asked what she would be wearing over it, she laughed.

"My pet, it is a sexy pajama party. No one will be wearing clothes."

Tim's already hard penis jumped. Oh he would be in heaven. Tim found most of Connie's friends to be attractive, and the thought of all of them in sexy lingerie was almost too much to take.

"Alright my pet, come here and get momma ready for the party." Connie said.

Tim dropped to his knees and began to eagerly lick Connie's shaved pussy. He spread her lips with his tongue and licked the length of her slit until he found her clit. He licked it with the tip of his tongue and then sucked it into his mouth. He flicked it with his tongue as he sucked it. Then spreading her legs a bit with his hands, he positioned his body between her thighs and drove his tongue deep inside her. He relished her taste as he happily devoured her juices. Connie grabbed his head and pressed it hard into her warm cunt.

"Yes my pet, make momma all wet. You service my pussy so well."

When Connie felt she was sufficiently lubed. She pulled Tim's face from between her legs.

"That's good my love. We need to go greet our guests." She told him.

Tim looked up at her, his face covered in her fluids and just smiled.

He retrieved her long black satin robe, and helped her on with it and they went downstairs to greet her guests.

Soon after they arrived downstairs, the guests began to arrive. Tim, naked of course, answered the door. By now all of Connie's closest friends knew of Connie and Tim's relationship.

Many of them liked to play along. As Tim removed their coats, revealing their sexy lingerie, they would tease him.

"Well, someone is glad to see me." Nancy said as she slowly stroked his little pecker.

"Nice to see you too." Beverly teased as she pushed his penis down causing it to spring back up and bounce in the wind.

When everyone had arrived, Tim began to serve them all. Again they prodded him and teased his body unmercifully. They pinched his ass, stroked his unit, pinched his nipples and much more. All this attention and humiliation just made him more aroused. Being humiliated by one woman was good, but having it done by five was heaven for Tim.

Tim finished cleaning the dishes as the women chatted and giggled in the other room. As he was wiping down the counter, Connie called for him.

My pet, come here we are ready for the entertainment. Tim put the towel down and walked to the other room. As he entered the room, all five women stood shoulder to shoulder staring at him. What a sight. They were all shapes and sizes. All wore sexy lingerie. There were tits and ass for days. Then as he looked over their bodies he noticed every one of them was sporting a strap-on dildo. He looked up and all were smiling at him.

"We all need our cocks sucked my pet." Connie told him.

Tim began to walk toward them. He didn't know where to start. What he did know was it was going to be a long evening.

"Me first!" Terri said

"No, me first." Said Nancy.

"I wanted to be first." Said Beverly.

"Now, now, ladies, there is plenty of time for all of you to get some." Connie chastised them.

"Sarah, you have had the pleasure of his talents before, so you can wait a while. So, Beverly you can be first. Then Nancy and then Terri."

Connie said taking control of the situation.

Tim dropped to his knees in front of Beverly and sucked her long rubber dick into his mouth. Like a talented whore, he expertly sucked and stoked her fake cock.

Beverly was very turned on by the sight.

"Connie you taught him well." She said as she grabbed his head and guided him up and down.

"I didn't teach him anything. He learned that all on his own." Connie replied. "He loves it too, look at his little penis. It is rock hard."

After a few more minutes, Connie decided to change things up a bit. She told Sarah to suck her cock and get it wet. After her dildo was nice and wet, she told Nancy to sit on the chair. Then she told Tim it was her turn. Tim crawled to the chair and began to suck in Nancy's bumpy rubber phallus. Then Connie approached him from behind and lifted his ass in the air.

"If you think he likes sucking cock, watch this." Connie said proudly. Then she grabbed her fake dick and placed it at Tim's ass and slowly pushed it all the way in.

By now Tim's ass had been fucked many times by Connie, and occasionally Sarah, so it was no longer too tight. He just moaned out with pleasure while not stopping his oral mastery on Nancy. Connie started to fuck his ass slow and deep. Nancy was in awe at the extent of servitude Connie had Tim in. She screamed out with pleasure at the sight.

"Yea, fuck his little ass Con."

Connie started fucking harder and faster. She was approaching orgasm from the dildo's stimulation on her. She grabbed his hips and continued to fuck him silly.

"Terri, come over here. Look at his little prick. Look how hard it is." Connie informed her. "Get that bowl off the table. I want to show you something."

Terri retrieved the bowl and returned.

"Hold it under him right below his little pecker. He is so turned on; you can make him cum without even touching his cock. Now just gently fondle his balls. He will cum in seconds." " Won't you my pet? You want to cum for momma and her friends??" She said now directing her questions to Tim. "Mmmmm hmmmmm." Tim just moaned as he continued to suck on the hard rubber member in his mouth.

Terri reached under Tim and began to molest his rock hard nuts. She held the bowl just beyond Tim's cock. After only about ten seconds, his dick began to spill his seed into the bowl. Spurt after spurt until it was all out. Terri smiled at Connie as she raised the bowl to show Connie her handy work.

"Put that down, I have plans for that." Connie told Terri.

Connie was close to her own orgasm and she started fucking harder and faster until finally she let out a groan and her orgasm ripped through her body. She pounded his ass hard the whole time her climax was happening. After her pleasure subsided, she again took control.

"O.K. your turn Terri. My pet eats pussy as well as he sucks cock. Take off your toy and sit down. " She said.

After she removed her strap-on, Terri traded places with Nancy. Tim eagerly dove between her legs and started licking her moist slit. Nancy was so turned on by watching Connie, that she decided she needed to try that. She raced behind Tim and mounted him. She grabbed his hips and started drilling his ass. Tim just took it like always. He really enjoyed the feeling of a woman violating his ass. It turned him on and he really got into it. His cock soon began to fill with blood again. Connie lay back on the couch and watched for a while as Nancy really got into the roll. She sped up her pace and began to talk to Tim.

"You like that bitch? You like my big fake cock in your ass?" She asked.

Tim again moaned his approval.

"You going to cum like a good little slut if I keep it up?" She hissed.

He just grunted.

Nancy was fast approaching her own climax. Her big tits jiggled back and forth as she fucked Tim harder and faster. She soon began to scream out as her orgasm hit.

"Oh yea, I am cumming you little bitch. You are making me cum." She screamed.

She continued to scream out with delight as her rush continued. Tim continued to moan with pleasure as Nancy humiliated him verbally. He was eating Terri's pussy with abandon. He sucked in her clit and nibbled it. He plunged his tongue deep in her juicy cunt. She began to feel her orgasm coming. She grabbed his head and forcibly ground her snatch into his face. She started to scream, announcing its arrival, "Yes, Yes, I'm cuuuuuuuuummmming!" Her body quaked and trembled. Tim as always, rode her pussy the whole time. When it was over, she pushed him from between her legs.

Connie again took charge. "Terri, grab that bowl of cum."

Terri reached over the arm of the chair, grabbed the bowl and handed it to Connie. Nancy had removed her rubber cock from Tim's ass and was recovering from her explosive orgasm as well. She just watched as Connie led Tim's every move.

"My pet loves to lick ass too. However, there is only one way I let him lick my ass anymore, that's when it is covered in cum." Connie said with a grin.

Connie had removed her strap-on and her panties. She bent over in front of Tim and proceeded to pour the still warm bowl of fluid all over her big round ass. It spilled over her cheeks and down her crack. Connie used her hand to smear it all over her skin and between her cheeks. Then she spread her cheeks wide and moved it inches from Tim's nose.

"OK my pet. Show these ladies how good you can clean momma's ass with your tongue." She instructed.

Tim gleefully dove right in, starting from her dark puckered hole he plunged his tongue deep inside. He could taste his seed and the bitterness of her anal passage. It only aided in his arousal. Hungrily he devoured every drop of his juices, taking pleasure in every lick.

Connie was of course enjoying his oral servitude. She continued to encourage him as all the women just watched in awe at the sight.

"Yes baby, lick momma's ass clean. Take all your cum, eat it up. Show these ladies how much you love worshipping my ass."

Tim just kept licking and licking as Connie told him what to do.

Beverly was tired of watching from the sidelines. She had just been watching since Connie told her to let Nancy have a go. The scene in front of her was more than she could take anymore. She was so hot, she needed some release. Tim was bent over licking Connie's ass when Beverly walked up behind Tim, and without saying a word grabbed his hips and drove her strap-on all the way in his accepting ass. Tim let out a pleasurable moan and just kept cleaning Connie's asshole. Beverly was really enjoying the domination aspect of it all and she gave it a try. "How does that feel in your ass sweetie? You like Auntie Beverly's cock buried in your little ass?" She asked.

Tim just moaned an approval.

"Oh yeah sweetie, lick your momma's ass while I fuck yours. Auntie Bev loves watching you. You are a great ass licker." She teased.

Beverly was starting to pick up her pace. She was a large woman like Connie, and every thrust of her body against Tim's, forced his tongue deep in Connie's puckered hole.

Connie again took over. She pushed Tim from her behind and ordered Sarah to the floor on her back. Then she told Tim to eat her pussy. All the while Beverly continued her anal assault. Sarah lay down on the floor and Tim dove in. He devoured her pussy as Beverly fucked him furiously from behind. Sarah of course enjoyed the domination of Tim too. She began to demean him.

"That's my good ass licker. Eat my pussy you little wimp. Make me cum all over your face. I love the way you eat my pussy. Make me cum."

Connie wasn't done either. She looked down on Sarah and spoke, "What a nasty little mouth you have. I have a better use for that than talking that way." Then she straddled Sarah's face and lowered her dripping pussy to Sarah's mouth.

"Eat Mistress's pussy. It has been some time since I have enjoyed your tongue. Make me cum my pet." Sarah willingly lapped up her juices as Connie ground her flowing pussy into Sarah's face.

As all this was going on, Nancy and Terri had recovered from there earlier climaxes, and were taking in the whole scene. They were sitting next to each other on the couch and were getting very excited. Nancy glanced at Terri and gave her a knowing grin. Terri smiled back and they simultaneously began to run their hands over each others bodies. Nancy reached inside Terri's teddy and fondled her breast. She found her erect nipple and gently squeezed it between her fingers. Terri let out a small squeal. Terri's hands had begun to explore Nancy's pussy. Nancy had removed the dildo and her soaked panties, leaving her glistening pussy open to the air. Terri slowly split her lips with her finger, and found Nancy's clit. She stroked it softly as Nancy sighed out loud. The manual stimulation along with the visual in front of them had the two women moaning loudly in no time.

Beverly had noticed the two women on the couch and was watching them as well as the others in front of her. Her strap-on was pleasing her as she pounded Tim's ass repeatedly. She could feel her orgasm building and again started talking to Tim.

"Auntie Bev is getting close sweetie. Fucking you like a dog is turning me on. I'm going to cum soon. You want Auntie Bev to cum for you, don't you sweetie?"

Tim lifted his face from Sarah's soaking slit and spoke," Yes, Auntie Bev, I want to hear you cum. Fuck my ass harder please. I love pleasing you. Cum in my ass please."

Beverly loved hearing him beg her to fuck him. She sped up a bit more and Tim's body was thrashing away under her force as he tried desperately to continue his oral service of Sarah. Beverly let out a primal scream and her thundering orgasm raced inside her as she pumped his ass until she collapsed on the floor behind him in a glowing sea of pleasure.

With the cock removed from his ass, Tim could now concentrate on pleasing Sarah. He plunged three fingers into Sarah's sloppy cunt as he massaged her clit with his mouth. As he always did with Sarah, he sucked in her clit and bit down on it. His hand was feverishly slamming her love hole and he continued to suck her nub. Sarah began to scream with pleasure as her orgasm hit. Connie wouldn't let her stop her service. Whenever Sarah tried to move her face from Connie's pussy to scream, Connie would lower herself to muffle the noises, establishing further that Sarah was still there for Connie's pleasure. Connie started rocking back and forth against Sarah's exploring tongue. As Sarah recovered from her climax she too could better service her mistress and she was pleasing her well. Once again Connie moaned out with pleasure from her orgasm.

Not long after, Terri and Nancy came together. Connie looked over because of the noises and saw that the two women were on a sixty-nine position, and were zealously eating each other's pussy.

All of the women had collapsed on the furniture and were recovering. Connie ordered Tim to pour everyone a drink. Tim got up and retrieved the drinks. As he returned Connie noticed his cock was hard as could be and bouncing with each step. When all had been served, she ordered Tim to come to her.

"Look at his puny little pecker girls. It is hard as a rock from all the excitement tonight."

They all looked at him and giggled.

"Would you like to cum my pet?" she teased as she began to massage is little balls.

"Yes Ma'am." He answered.

"Which one of you ladies would like my pet to lick his cum off your body? She asked

"I would!" Beverly yelled out.

"OK Bev, come on over."

Beverly got up and walked over. She too had very large breasts and Tim watch with every step as they swayed back and forth in her lingerie.

Connie knew just what to do. She told Beverly to remove the rest of her clothing and lie down. As she lowered her top, Tim almost lost his load. They were almost as big as Connie's, but they had more sag to them. Beverly lay down and waited to see what was next.

"I have the perfect thing. You want to see something g funny Bev?" Connie said to her.

"Sure what?"

"If I let him fuck your big titties, his little penis will disappear in your cleavage because his pecker is so small." Connie told her.

"Really? I would like to see that." Bev said with a giggle. "Come here sweetie and fuck Auntie Bev's big titties."

Tim straddled Beverly and lowered himself onto her chest. His cock was as hard as always when he was near large tits and being humiliated. He placed his rock hard member between her tits and wrapped her mammoth mounds around it.

"You are right Con, his little prick is totally gone you can't even see it. How pathetic is that? That's as big as your cock gets sweetie?" She was almost laughing.

Tim just started pumping her boob flesh. He didn't care that she was embarrassing him in front of all these women.

He loved the degradation.

All he knew was, he was fucking some huge tits and he was going to cum soon.

One by one the girls all came around to see the evidence. They couldn't believe his dick was so small that it didn't even poke out the top of her cleavage when he pushed forward. They all took turns making fun of the pathetic size of his cock. This only proved to turn him on more. Soon he was pumping her canyon with fervor. Beverly took another opportunity to tease him a bit.

"That's a good boy; fuck Auntie Bev's big soft titties with that tiny little cock."

Connie corrected her. "No Bev, it is not big enough to be called a cock. We call it his penis or his pecker."

"Oh how delightful. That is so cute." Beverly chuckled. "Are you going to cum sweetie? Is your little penis going to shoot your wad all over my tits? Come on, shoot it now. I want to feel it on my flesh."

Tim could take it no longer. He let out a grunt and proceeded to launch his seed all into her cleavage. Pump after pump he grunted and groaned. The fluid began to run out from between her tits. Before he could even finish his orgasm, Connie barked at Tim.

"Clean up your mess my pet. Aunt Beverly doesn't want that mess running all over her body."

Tim immediately leaned down and began to lick his gooey mess from her chest. He took the opportunity to fondle and lick Beverly's tits at the same time. Beverly just laid there and enjoyed all the attention.

When Tim was done, he again was ordered to get all of the ladies a drink. He did, and they were all sitting around recovering when the door bell rang. Connie looked at the clock. 12:15am.

"Get the door my pet. That is my cock for the night." She told him.

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